And as that last syllable escaped from her lips, a cloud of giggles, chuckles and chortles would form from those around her. She didn’t demand attention, but with the qualities she possessed, it’s almost as if she she earned it. Tempting it, luring the attention of another to be prey to her charm. Eyes were brightened, frowns were overturned, and laughter filled the air in her presence, and that’s what made her so engaging. You would be deemed distasteful if you didn’t look forward to her company, yet the truly heartbreaking truth was the only person who thought otherwise was herself.

She didn’t see herself as any of the adjectives others associated with her. She was aware that she was considered fascinating and appealing, but to her, those qualities were a façade, a mask she wore to disguise all the unappealing self-loathing she harboured. A mask she donned to veil the displeasing attributes she had retained. She rather not make her problems obvious to the unassuming eye, instead she had created a battle between herself and the universe: A play that never ends, an actress that never sleeps. When all was dark and the birds didn’t chirp, she quietly wished to crawl out of her own skin, and to exhibit the soul of another. She wasn’t dazzling, fascinating or any other synonym. She was confused, empty, insignificant, and nothing but herself could save her from the hopelessness that had consumed her mind and rotted her soul.