anime overload is almost upon us

well guys as the title states ao is just around the corner so here is what I have

the pedalo(off)
kanaya(homestuck for the panel then I have a miniskirt for later)

then for other cosplays I don’t know i kinda want to bring one or maybe 2 more so y’all can choose
dualscar (armor or formal)
Eridan(booty shorts or pants or fem if y'all want fem)
pyramid head
or if y’all want something different suggest it maybe I can do it

so this just happened
  • me:*walks in looks down sees giant ass garden spider* OH MY FUQQIN GAWD RYAN BRINGA SHOE
  • Ryan:*from his room* WHAT?
  • me:come quick there is a giant-ass spider! Bring a shoe!
  • spider:*scurries under the sofa*
  • Ryan:*comes to me* what kind of spider?
  • me:giant *picks up the couch* kill it!
  • Ryan:*moves like a fricken turtle*
  • spider:*laughs and runs away*
  • Ryan:oh that's a fast spider.