I get this question once every week : “why are you single?” Answer : Im a lil complicated & I tend to get hoes that want the d*ck 🙊more than someone actually getting to know me . But yea it would be nice to find someone special . 👀#SingleProblems #WhyAmISingle

I ask myself this #daily and so do other people. The truth is I don’t know the answer. I guess it all comes down to me only accepting the #best . Because I honestly deserve the very best and so do all #ladies , so don’t settle keep doing great things and it will all work out #Love #LelaV #WhyAmISingle #single

I turned 19 this year and I’ve never been in a relationship. 

And as much as I would love a boyfriend, like idk how to be in a relationship?

Like is it just like normal life but you have someone to text you all the time?

Do I get cuddles?

This is a completely foreign subject for me and all I know about relationships I have learned from TV shows and High School Musical… I don’t think they’re completely accurate.

Can someone please explain?

last night i was itching like crazy and i was utterly bored and not ready to sleep so i covered myself in body lotion and pretended i was a slug.

i stopped itching