The Puppy Monkey Baby haunts us in our sleep.

Why Every Super Bowl Commercial Was A Nightmare


Nah, I redrew Hoka’s photo of me and Kate in Dipper and Bill cosplays. Of course I could just edit photo, BUT I SUCK AT THIS. I don’t regret ~
ANYWAY, I was drawing this in the past 15 hours without a break, listening Bo Burnham and I have to say - why I’m able to move my hand still.
Also - I shouldn’t like Dipper face so much, this is my face, brain wtf.

I would swallow every sea,
If it would bring you closer to me.
I would take the colour from the skies,
If I could only gaze into your eyes.
I would kill every man,
If only you could take my hand.
—  A.P. (2.9.16)

catchmeimfallingforgood asked:

Okay but i made myself sad because I though about R dying and: -Enjolras waking up in the morning and turning over to tell R about his dream, only to realise that R doesn’t sleep in his bed anymore -Enj getting distracted while he's setting the table and accidentally setting a place for R -Enj picking up the phone to call R and then putting the phone down again when he realizes -Enj grabbing a cushion whilst he watches a horror movie because he needs R's hand to hold (1/2)

-Enj walking down a supermarket aisle and having to close his eyes because otherwise he’ll burst into tears at the sight of R’s favorite chocolate bar  -Enj spending hours sitting and looking through photo albums, carefully stroking R’s face with his thumb, because they know that he can never touch him again  -Enj not wanting to tidy up the house because R helped make that mess and he doesn’t want to forget about him