sometimes when your eyes are glazing over the ice, it can be hard to tell what blues players are out there on the ice because literally half their fucking roster has a number in the 20s:

  • 20 - Alexander Steen
  • 21 - Patrik Berglund
  • 22 - Chris Thorburn
  • 23 - Dmitrij Jaskin
  • 26 - Paul Stastny
  • 27 - Alex Pietrangelo
  • 28 - Kyle Brodziak
  • 29 - Vince Dunn
Why Write?

Why? Because we write to tell the world what we think, what we believe, what we love, and what we stand for. The real stories that we live can be recorded. The dreams that we seek can be found. The places we want to travel can become our destination.

We write to momentarily blind our selves of the horrors that the world faces, or to write about horrors of the world to unblind those who are ignorant of them.

We write to amuse,
To encourage,
To inspire,
To teach,
To unblind,
To learn,
To rise awareness,
We can even write to save…
or destroy.

Write wisely.
Only publish what is truly worth it.
And take care to be careful.

Write love, life, hope, and encouragement.

Write with your heart.

I should be finishing chapter 20 of Quenta Narquelion.  Am I finishing chapter 20?  No, I am not.  I am writing about Bilbo and Elrond discussing the Statute of Finwë and Míriel, for some reason.