!!!! SO I DREW THOMAS DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME ( yes ive never done anything digitally before) AND IM SO PROUD OF IT SO I WANT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU!!

Hey I gotta comment, this is INCREDIBLE!!! 

so I refreshed tumblr and it just showered confetti everywhere, didn’t explain why, and then when I refreshed again it didn’t do it

wth just happened

I went to Ikea today to get some shelves for craft shows. It’s about 2 hours away, so I ate while I was there. This family of 3, a mom, grandma, and young boy (under 10) all sit down at the same table as me. Not too odd since it’s cafeteria style seat.

Once they get settled, the grandma turns to the boy and says, “Okay, what do we do before we eat animals, “ and the boy responds, “Pray for them!”

The grandma bows her head over their food and says, “Please, Jesus, let this duck be in a better place now.” She says this OVER A PLATE OF CHICKEN TENDERS.

And the little boy pipes up and says, “In my belly is a better place,” and the mom looks super angry and almost yells, “No. Heaven. Now say it.” So the boy says, “Heaven.” The mom says, “Amen.” And then they ate their plate of “duck.”

I just want to know why the fuck did they think this would be a good idea like??? making a whole fucking awful and fake series just to?? prove they’re that clever??? couldn’t they like? have made a good series 4??? and involve an arg in the promos?? if that was their plan??? I have ??? so many ??? questions ??????

Breakfast in the 20s, I Guess

Male spirit:  *pretentious sigh*  ..here i am.

Me:  Hi!  Hi!  You’re from the 20s?  I love your suit!  Tell me something about you, I want to learn more about your time from someone who was there.  What can I learn from you?

Spirit:  Well once I got breakfast at this restaurant but the selection was really limited. 

Me:  …..is that it?

Spirit:   Yeah.