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You know that feeling when you’re so upset, and exhausted from everything, all you can do is sit against a wall and be silent, the type of silence that screams through you, and echoes through every end of you, yeah, that happens a lot, right now, it’s happening. Happy weekend everyone

What the hell Bay

I believe many of us already watched the new movie from Michael Bay ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’. And to be honest I LOVED IT. But no. That’s not what disappointed me. What really disappointed me was the fact that there’s about 40 FREAKING MINUTES REMOVED OF THE ACTUAL FOOTAGE. You may ask 'but why would he do that?’ From what I heard and read, someone from Paramount said that the movie will be about 3 hours long. So many fans and others started to hate on Bay for making another long movie, he got worried and removed 40 minutes of the actual footage. Yesterday I watched the movie and wondered 'where’s the rest of the fight between Prime and Megatron?’ Even the freaking fight between Prime and Bee was cut short. The whole movie seemed rushed and poorly edited. The first 30min were OK. But it really saddened me, would he really be that worried about something like that? I believe I’m not the only one who wishes to see THE ACTUAL 'FULL MOVIE’ With no cut-out scenes.

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You know that scene in sleeping beauty where the the fairy godmothers are fighting over what color the dress should be?

Shipping is a lot like that but instead of make it blue and pink it’s

“Make it straight,”

“Make it gay,”