Aaron Burr
  • Me: You can't sing.
  • Dad: I don't need to sing to be Burr.
  • Me: Yeah you do.
  • Dad: I'll just rap it.
  • Me: You can't rap Wait For It.
  • Dad: I'll just lip-sync.
  • Me: You can't lip-sync on Broadway
  • Dad: Mariah Carey did it.
  • Mom: Mariah Carey was never on Broadway dear.
  • Dad: Well how about this, I'll do everything else, you'll sing that song.
  • Me: You can't just have a random person come in.
  • Dad: It wouldn't be random, you'd just come from nowhere.
  • Mom: Literally the definition of random dear.
  • Me: How are we even gonna explain that.
  • Dad: We'll give someone a sign to hold in the background that says "Burr had a sex change" temporarily temporary.
  • Me: Okay.
Non hanno importanza la nazionalità o il colore della pelle, che venga dall'est o dal Nord Europa, qualunque lingua parli, un giorno, mentre non te lo aspetti e senza alcuna ragione, la tua lei ti chiederà cosa faresti se lei morisse e no, non potrai semplicemente rispondere “verrei al funerale”. Fai prevenzione, pensaci.
—  Girl Power

That awkward moment when the pretentious staff of your school’s literary magazine completely destroys everything you were doing in your poem to make it look more like their poems, so you have to try to hold back your sass in your email and gently threaten them with the information that your professors say that you are right and they are wrong without seeming too Machiavellian…