“You could have anyone” - Bruce Wayne x Chubby!Reader

Annnnnnnd I’m back with a new story after almost a week off (and evidently  I forgot how to fucking write…meh). I hope you guys will like it, as usual, feedbacks and such are welcome :-) : 

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You’re still unsure how you got the job. 

Someone like you, so unfashionable and plain (with quite a bit of extra pounds on…) shouldn’t be the famous Bruce Wayne’s assistant. 

Sometimes, when he received important and rich people in his office, you were almost ashamed to show them the way…Not ashamed of yourself. Not at all. To be honest, you had been teased on your weight and such enough in school to not care anymore. 

No, you weren’t ashamed of yourself in front of such fancy people…you were ashamed for Mr. Wayne. 

How could he let someone like you be the first thing his clients and partners would see ? Surely, it gave them the wrong idea about the man, like he wasn’t classy enough or something, if his assistant was…You. 

Or maybe he chose you because he thought people would think he was nice to give you such a great job, you, a nobody from the Narrows, the poor little orphan. Maybe they thought he was charitable to give you, a bland and simple person, a taste of the lavish and fancy lifestyle they all lived ?

You didn’t really know how it happened. But one thing for sure…you were definitely his assistant. 

Little did you know that, on the day he gave you the job interview, you made quite an impression on him. 


Two years ago : 

Stress. You were nothing but stress. It was your fourth interview of the week to get a new job, and definitely the one you were the most stressed about. I mean, so far, you had an interview to work in a supermarket, two to work in a fast-food, and one to be a waitress in a shitty diner…Oh my God why did you even apply to this job ? It was so out of your league ! 

You felt underdressed just sitting in this more than fancy waiting rooms. Like for real, the seats were covered in wonderful red velvets, and you were pretty sure there were real Picasso and Monet paintings on the walls…

Besides, you weren’t the only one waiting to get an interview with the famous Bruce Wayne, and the other candidates were…Well. 

They were out of this World. 

They were some of the most beautiful women you ever seen. 

…What were you doing here ? It was clear you wouldn’t get the job.

But damn the way they were looking at you, you and your used woman suit you bought in a thrift shop, made you want to slap them, and just to spite them, and though it was quite obvious you didn’t stand a chance, you didn’t leave. 

Of course, you were the last one to be called by the very handsome Mr. Wayne (seriously though, why did he have to look that good ? He was one of the best thing that ever happened to Gotham and it’s disadvantages inhabitants, such as you. He was smart, a genius. Billionaire. And the most handsome man you ever met). So when you entered his huge office, with windows showing you the best side of Gotham, and not the dirty gutters you were coming from, you were more stressed than ever, and afraid to simply throw up on him because of it…

He was such a gentleman. He didn’t make any comment about how different you looked compared to the other candidates. He didn’t even seem slightly surprised. He just smiled at you, of his extremely charming smile, and gestured for you to sit down. 

-Well hello Miss…(Y/L/N) is that it ? 

-Hum…Yes. Helluuw. 

Why ? WHYYYY ?! Why did you have to say “hello” in such a weird way ? You were ready to run out of his office, when you noticed his smile widening, and becoming almost genuine. There was a small silence, and strangely, it wasn’t an awkward one at all. He breaks it with his deep and soothing voice :

-So. Miss (Y/L/N), I have just one question for you…Why did you even bother to apply to be my personal assistant ? 

You stiffened. Oh. Maybe not so much of a gentleman. You narrowed your eyes at him a bit, not able to control yourself. Years of bullying in school had turn you into a “come back master”. 

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00:10 - before singing Here Today Paul asks John “Are you listening, babe?”

@a-l-ias Thank you for the inspiration. Snotlout walking in on Hiccstrid making out would be absolutely hilarious, and I couldn’t help but drabble it. ^-^ 

Hiccstrid on the Edge

A week. A week since the volcanoes eruption, and five days since things had returned to normal living.

…for the most part anyways.

Now that “Hiccstrid” (pfft, who needs it anyways?) was a “thing”, life had definitely changed. Those two would disappear for long lengths at a time, Hiccup would daze out periodically if Astrid so much as looked at him funny, night flights were a daily occurrence…

It had gotten better- only slightly. Snotlout hated to admit it, but those two were getting pretty darned good at flirting. Like… really good.

Especially that Haddock. Good Thor, since when did he know how to talk like that!? What happened to that clumsy oaf who tripped over his own feet when Astrid gave him a funny look?

And Astrid. Goodness, did she seriously have to swing her hips even more dramatically? She did it on purpose, to drive Hiccup mad, because even though he thought she didn’t see him looking, Snotlout could tell she noticed, and just to tease the guy she dramatized her movements.

They were both crazy for each other.

But why… just why, in the entire archipelago, did they have to do it where HE COULD SEE.

Where they could all see!?

I mean, thank the gods they didn’t get all kissy kissy in front of them- just occasional and casual pecks on the cheeks or something, but… like… just why?

Snotlout was beginning to grow annoyed by it all- none of the others were, or seemed to be. He was the only one. But that was beside the point, he wanted things to return to normal, where he could still hit on Astrid without suffering a sprained nose from that maniacal Hiccup’s fist. He’d gotten hit once, and he didn’t wish to relive that experience.

But, after one stern look from Heather, he kept his trap shut. He’d rather be on Heather’s good side then have no view of the Hiccstrid’s fluff, so he kept quiet.

But… he wasn’t expecting… that.

Snotlout whistled lightly as he strode along the Edge’s outpost ledge, heading to Hiccup’s hut to complain about how the twins racket was disturbing his nap. Upon reaching Hiccup’s odd door, he hesitated, seeing that Toothless was snoozing lightly outside, entirely relaxed and unfocused.

With a shrug, he swung the door open and waltzed inside, not bothering to voice his presense.

“Hey, Hic-!” his voice cut short as his jaw dropped and his eyes popped, staring in absolute horror and disgust at Hiccup, who had Astrid backed against the wall as the two kissed… as in… KISSED. Not just that light fluff, but as in… mouth to mouth kissing.

Snotlout felt himself gag. Oh Thor… why him, oh why oh whyyyy…

The two love birds noticed him then, and with a squeak, Hiccup stumbled back and crashed into his wall of Toothless’s tailfins, sending a couple crashing to the floor. Astrid blinked and scurried away, ducking under Hiccup’s arm to stand awkwardly by the table.

“Thor, what are you two doing!?” Snotlout exploded, arms waving frantically. “You two are sick, you know that?”

Hiccup was blushing beat red, as he wiped his mouth and go shakily to his feet. He dusted himself off, shaking his head in embarrassment. “We were just kissing, Snotlout.”

“I saw!” He exclaimed bewailing. “But that… that wasn’t kissing. That was kissing.”

“Well, this is my hut…” Hiccup grated, voice extremely nasally. “You should’ve at least knocked.”

Astrid coughed, causing Snotlout to swing his head around to her, glaring when he noticed she was smiling behind her hand.

“You find this funny!?” He said, “Do you know- that just scarred me for life. I repeat. FOR LIFE.” He huffed in irritation, crossing his arms.

“Snot, we were just kiss-ing.” Hiccup drew out the last word, prolonging Snotlout’s agony. “So shut up and get out of here, would you?”

“Gladly!” With that, Snotlout swung on his heal and marched out of the room, leaving the two blushing teens to themselves. He paused outside the door, staring at a now awake Toothless scoldingly.

“Get in there and chaperone them, T.” Snotlout ordered, pointing through the doorway. “I’m ashamed you let them get so far!” He sniffed.

The dragon blinked, then growled and got to his feet and walked to the door while crooning in amusement, tail flicking the door closed.

Where are you?

I want someone.
I want someone that I can just collapse on.
Whether it in laughter or sobs.
I want someone I can tell all my secrets to.
The dark and the light.
I want someone who I can stay up with and just talk.
All day or all night.
I want someone who knows when I need them
And knows when I need space.
I want someone who’s laugh can get me drunk.
On love or happiness.
I want someone who understands I need to unleash
And just explode.
I want someone who can read me like an open book.
Even when I’ve locked myself in a cage.
I want someone to cuddle with.
On rainy days and late mornings.
I want someone who I can make me forget who I am.
And only exist with them.
I want someone who I can loose track of time with.
If I’m with them, I’m never late.
I want someone who I can love.
Unconditionally and always.
I want someone.

Alright I got some thoughts and feelings about this goddamn episode

FIRST: When did Waverly and Nicole find time to brush their hair and get dressed all stylish like??

SECOND: Mercedes is givin me major Daenerys Targaryen vibes with that whole evolving shit

THIRD: Why Rosita whyyyy????

FOURTH: The fact they gave Alice away made me cry but also slightly relieved at the fact it wouldn’t have to deal with demons

FIFTH: I totally forgot about Gus, also where tf even is she??