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Medieval English Monarchs Rated by How Dead Inside They Look:

Henry II: 3/10 Varying expressions but seems to have a healthy dose of life in him, very prepared for this I’m sure. 

Richard I: 6/10 seems sleepy. Not sure if outright dead inside, but he could use a nap and/or a vacation.

John: 2/10 his expressions range from ‘stop the world I want to get off’ to ‘I have never given less of a fuck, ever, in my life’ but in terms of inner deadness, no.

Henry III: 7/10 he did not sign up for this shit.

Edward I: 4/10 idk he mostly looks like he’s either going to go kill someone or sneak away to go crusade.

Edward II: 5/10 there aren’t any good pictures of him so I’m just going to give him a standard rating and hope for the best.

Edward III: 8/10 this guy hates everything. Especially French wars and having a third of Europe killed by rats.

Richard II: 10/10 help him

Henry IV: 7/10 fucks were given, yes, but only 25, 30 fucks at most. 

Henry V: 2/10 he’s entirely not interested in you right now. Who the hell even are you, anyway?

Henry VI: 0/10 a sweet and alert good king and yes he’s going to get so fucked over by the end of everything but heck if he’s not here to have a good time.

Edward IV: 9/10 this is a man who longs for the sweet embrace of death. Or he just really hates the artist.

Edward V: 11/10 HOLY FUCK WHO HURT THIS CHILD (hint: see below) but honestly, this kid is at a level of dead that only a kid who got illegitimized and then murdered by his own uncle can achieve.

Richard III: 9/10 killed his nephews but at what cost

Henry VII: -1/10 okay he’s not actually medieval but look at him. That is the face of a man who knows exactly what he did and could not give less of a shit about it. 


Trini definitely sucker punch him for that later


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