why. oh why

Me: There’s no way the world can disappoint me anymore.

Deadline:  Zach McGowan to star as Ben Kanahele in film, Ni’ihau–based on a true story. x

The resemblance is uncanny. 

This part of the article…

Petrie notes that as with any true story, “there is a weight to be shouldered, and the material requires the utmost care and authenticity.”

Dark in my imagination (Superbat, Clark’s POV)
Completely out of character. I don’t know why I made this vid. I was planning to make in from Bruce’s point of view, but nope, didn’t happen. So it’s Clark now and I disagree with that interpretation, so let’s consider this au (maybe some red kryptonite au? who knows. not me). Really hot, wonderful au ;)


It’s a privilege to watch the finest minds debate the big issues in such a subtle, nuanced way. What a time to be alive.