why. oh why


i kno it’s two in the morning but i was thinking of that weird radio interview where a woman didn’t know who dan and phil were and they showed her a picture and she was like ‘who is who’ and they said ‘dan is the cute one’ and she thought phil was dan for a moment because of that


But what If she is just thanking him because he brought her her locket??¿?¿

And, aren’t this like, REALLY TOO MUCH SPOILERS? XDD

I mean…Weapo were freakin raw out there with emotions. They’re on the podium in my heart for that performance.

and we have P/C re-breaking WR…

Still in the percentile of people who don’t quite “get it” but 🤷🏻‍♀️

Moments like these when I wish I wasn’t so invested tbh but I love my favorites for the reasons I do and well it’s not all over yet.

…2 more weeks till GPF.

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Thaaank you @seoulofakwonjiyong for tagging me! I loved this!

S – Still Alive by BIGBANG
U  Untitled, 2014 by G-Dragon
S Stupid Liar by BIGBANG
H Haru Haru by BIGBANG
I – I Know by Seungri
H High High by GD&TOP
A Amazin’ by Taeyang
R R.O.D. by G-Dragon
J –  Just A Feeling by Taeyang
I – I Love It by G-Dragon ft. Zion.T & Boys Noize
Y – You Hoooo!!! by Seungri
O Oh Ma Baby by BIGBANG
N Niliria by G-Dragon ft. Missy Elliott
GGotta Talk To U by Seungri

idk who to tag, so i’m just going to go to my dashboard and tag the first five people i see!

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why can’t we accept that chan is a minor. why do people feel the need to fight that fact


“They said go to LA and the Duffer brothers would want to meet you so I went and there was two other boys. There was Finn and there was this other boy. And you know, I had a great connection with the other boy but I really felt something with Finn. I think Finn and I have a fantastic bond that you really can’t find anywhere else. I’m grateful that we have a great relationship because I mean, I don’t want to be kissing someone that I don’t really like. I think Finn and I have a great bond and I’m really thankful for that.”