why. am. i. not. there

My INTJ best friend: super talented, has spent her whole life honing her skills to perfection. Plays the piano, cello, guitar, sings like an angel, digital art goddess and is writing the final draft of her trilogy.

Me, an INTP: “you can make a soap bar float in water by microwaving it for a minute”

anonymous asked:

Could you post a sexy picture of you ? I'm so in love with your hair, and your personality, and your writing...Please be sexy for us !

Awwww ! Well first, thank you very much, that’s…sweet ? And of course I can totally post a sexy picture, here’s me, with my sexiest face on, just for you :


Lucien and Jean in Season 5
5.01 - “A Lethal Combination”

Hey remember me? I’m gonna be inactive aGAiN ugh
I think I just need time to re-collect myself, I’m so lost ehe (being insecure about everything you know)

I may be scrolling down but I really don’t feel like posting (I’m so sorry)

Don’t forget that you’re amazing and beautiful and everything good, your life is worth living and please be happy and healthy. I love you.


“You think I’m a fool?”

“…Yes. Yes I do” 

Loki I love you you little shit