ArsMagna Special Live Chronos Senior High School (23/?).

JUST (3/3)

The 2-A Combination is just too cute for me. They’re not good for my kokoro bzzzt;; along with the Night Sky Team and 2-A Trio.

I can die in peace after watching this.

All screenshots are mine.

Boyd is so pure trying to cook for Hsin I can die happy now

Reaction (Cosmic Girls) When they get a back hug from their crush

Seola: “Well this is a pleasant surprise!”

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Xuan Yi: “Hey there cutie.”

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Bona:” *Can’t stop smiling*

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Exy: “That has to be the highlight of my week!”

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Soobin: “I……………….Um…….you’re…….you’re cute!”

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Luda: “I want to be wrapped up in your arms all day.”

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Dawon: “You should back hug me more often.”

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Eunseo: “Now its my turn to hug you.”

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Cheng Xiao: “Oh I was not expecting this but I like it!”

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Mei qi:  “aaah, you’re so warm~”

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Yeoreum: “Wow! You are very good at giving back hugs.”

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Dayoung: “You are so cute! Why have you not back hugged me before?”

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Chen! We so rarely get to see your face straight on! You're such a blessing to this poisoned earth and you don't deserve all these creepy entitled anons. Have a good weekend, here's some flowers 💐

LMAOOO that’s because no one should have to endure that omg i have like ONE angle…. but thank you so much oh my god no no dont worry about them! everything is fine ♥ thank you so much angel slkdnflkl why are youu so cute i hope your saturday (or sunday) has been fantastic ;~~; ♥

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Your makeup is hot af!!! How do u do dat why r u so cute!!??! 😍😍

omg thank you!!!! you’re so sweet!! my friend sarah did it for me, so she should get all the credit!!! she’s so fucking good at makeup it’s ridiculous !!!!! 😍😍😍😍