This is what I think about Jin Hwan’s height.


Firstly, Kiana is 100% cuter than those dogs which is like A LOT, second, Bex’s laugh at the end there like??? Why you so cute and happy???

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*whispers* ok but chim looking at himself in the bathroom mirror, turning to the side and lifting up his big shirt, putting his hand on his belly in wonder that this little bump is a kid that is half him and half his kookie.


omg :((( this is so cute n precious, ugh jimin’s heart just squeezing in his chest because he’s so happy and so in love;;; all he’s ever wanted was to have a family and now he gets to have one with the love of his life :(((

bet Harry really likes coming home to you. bet he’s sad the nights you don’t feel like joining him and his friends, but he loves having the thought of you in his mind while he’s out; the one where you’re all cozy in his bed, reading or painting or watching that show you like but he still has no idea what it’s really all about. it’s hard for him to listen to you talk about it and actually pay attention because your mouth moves like its the one he’s been waiting to meet, your voice rings sweetly to his ears, your expressions he finds so cute. that’s why you find him burying his face in your neck when you’re mid-sentence sometimes, his teeth grazing against your skin, and you don’t know what to do with your hands so he takes them in his, intertwines them as he leans back up to your mouth, back to those lips that he finds himself dreaming about, writing about, singing about… so even when he’s out he just closes his eyes and he swears he remembers so strongly the softness of your lips against his, it’s like he can feel them even when you’re not with him, because you leave such an impression on him, something he’s never found in anyone else. he loves the way you kiss on him, the way you are when you’ve not seen him for hours and the second you get him back your lips trace over all of him, repeating to his body that he’s yours. “I’m yours, I am yours,” he’ll tell you when he comes home at night, floating in the attention you give him, loving the way you love on him. he likes coming home to you because he loves being yours