It’s quite possible that the reason she’s
whispering flirtatious words in another
boy’s ear is to get the attention of the
other who is watching her with careful
eyes. It’s her way of testing them.

Especially when she walks off hand in
hand with said boy, making eye contact
with the other to see what they’ll do.

I was almost late to work today because there was a tiny new born baby deer across the creek next to my house and I spent 10 minutes watching it until the mom came to get it. It kept making little baby noises and I almost died. It could only have been like 7 inches tall.  

cagedlittlecreatures replied to your post:“Serinaty! Guess what happened?!” Ryuu jumped up…

“I saved a little bird from falling out of a tree~ It was so cute! It kept chirping and moving it’s little wings!” Ryuu couldn’t help himself around cute things. They were his weakness and he always turned into a different person.

“I see. Aren’t the little hero” pushing off the tree she got up the young princess wrapped her arms around Ryuu’s torso. “I’m proud of you!” why was he so darn cute? Serinaty had to hug him to hide her face so he couldn’t see the bright blush on her face.