trans boy Kiku who loves cute and feminine things - but always hides away this feminine side of him, so whenever Alfred comes around to hang out, Kiku hides away anything that could be considered “girly” or “girlish”

until one time, Alfred shows up unannounced and sees the Hello Kitty plush on the other’s bed, Kiku’s near in tears and is freaking out because he thinks Al’s going to laugh at him or make fun of him or question him or -

but Alfred’s eyes start shining and he’s not even listening to Kiku trying to explain himself because “oh my god she’s so cute” anddude why didn’t you tell me you liked this stuff?”

and Kiku’s just so shocked cause that wasn’t the reaction he was expecting and he’s just left speechless until Alfred moves onto a different topic like nothing ever happened

Kiku and Alfred painting each other’s nails and going into cute shops together and Alfred just reassuring his boyfriend that he’s still manly in his own way cause “fuck gender rolls” and just I need trans boy Kiku and Alfred in a cute and loving relationship like please

When He Accidentally Says He Loves You

It’s fun to make the boys a little bit flustered XD

Mark: “There’s no way a baby Yak could beat a full-grown Elephant in a fight.”

You: “Hey, I’m telling you, those things are feisty!” *laughs*

Mark: *mumbles under his breath* “This is why I love you.”

You: “M-Mark, did you just say-”

Mark: “Um, I-I… love Yaks! Aren’t they so cute?” *nervous laugh*

JB: “Why do you hold your chopsticks like that?” *laughs*

You: “I don’t know, why do you hold yours like that?” *points to his chopsticks*

JB: *scoffs* “You know what, nevermind. I love you and the way you hold your chopsticks!“

You: “…” *stares at him with wide eyes*

JB: *clears his throat* “Sister… I love you like a sister…”

Jackson: *on the phone* “… and then he was all like-”

You: “Look, Jackson, I’d love to chat some more, but I have to get ready for a date, right now.”

Jackson: “Oh, a date? That’s… cool? Anyway, good luck. Bye, love you!” *awkward silence* “IswhatIwouldsayifIhadaninterestinyou butIdon’t.” *more awkward silence* *hangs up* *high fives himself* “Nailed it.”

Jr.: *drunk Jr. leans on your shoulder*

You: *helps him stumble to the kitchen* “You’re drunk, big time.” *sits him down in a chair*

Jr.: *slurring* “No I’m not!”

You: *hands him cold water* “Yes. You are. Now drink this.”

Jr.: *grabs your hand as you walk away* *giggles and hiccups* “I love you, (Y/N)-ah!”

You: *laughs* “Definitely, absolutely wasted.”


Jr.: “Did I tell her I loved her?! What have I done?!”

Youngjae: ‘This is stupid, but she looks so happy!’

You: “But Santa is real. Who else eats all the cookies, Mr. SmartJae?”

Youngjae: *dreamy eyes towards you* “I love your childish heart…”

You: *confused* “Thanks?”

Youngjae: “Look at this cool thing I can do with my hands!” *distracts you from what he just said*

BamBam: “What’s your favorite type of ice-cream? Like vanilla, chocolate, or a swirl?“

You: “Probably swirled, but it depends on the flavors.”

BamBam: “Hey! My hair has a blonde streak/swirl in it! So, that means you love me, and I love you!”

You: “Bam, that’s not how it works…”

BamBam: *nervous laugh* “Let’s spin together! Are you dizzy, yet? Have you forgotten what happened exactly 2 minutes ago?”

Yugyeom: *checks phone* “I have practice in 10 minutes, yes!”

You: “You must really love dancing!”

Yugyeom: *mumbles under breath* “Not as much as I love you…”

You: “What? You need to speak up, man.”

Yugyeom: “I said… not as much as I love this new move! It’s called ‘The Stylist’. I’ll show you, right now!” *makes up a hair-related dance move*

Madtown Reaction: When you wear their sweater because you miss them.

*Your welcome and thank you for loving my blog.* -X

Moos: “Jagiya did you really miss me that much?”

Geon: “Oh my god Y/N you look so cute wearing my clothes!”

Daewon: “Is that my sweater Jagi?” 

*Starts teasing you about wearing his clothes.*

Jota: *He loves seeing you wear his clothes but he’s too embarrassed to tell you.*

“It looks good on you Jagi.”

Buffy: “You look hot in it, but I think you’d look better without anything on.”

Heojun: “Did you run out of clothes to wear, what are you doing with my mine?”

*When you tell him why you’re wearing his sweater.*

“Babe you’re so cute, I missed you too.”

H.O.: “Tell me how much you missed me. Tell me how much you can’t live without me. Tell me that I’m the only one for you.”

Y/N: “This is the last time I’m wearing your clothes.”

H.O.: “I was kidding jagi, come back.”


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ugh why are you so adorable and cute and skilled at making things ughhhh :)

I’m not adorable trust me.

and I am SOOOO not skilled at making stuff! There are so many blogs that are better than me. But thank you :D

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You're cute af. Why do you have to live so far away from the UK💔

I have a British accent if that counts for anything