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@Chris Oh wow! You're a city dweller? Isn't it difficult to live in the city? I mean, not even including it being hard to find fresh berries, isn't all the human electrical stuff kind of blinding?

Chris: It’s really different from living on a mountain, but, a good kind of different. I’m fine wherever I am, just as long as I get to help other pokemon.

Chris: Plus, being in the Black City means I get to stay with Paragon, and that makes the city even more worth it.

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What are Arborean weddings like? And cute dress I can see why you are so excited!

It, definitely, varies per culture.

  • Amani couples, at the “alter”, trade their armor to one another as they say their promises. This is a gift to the other to say that they will always be there for them, and that they are one another’s armor.
  • For Barakas, it’s all a spiritual journey. Most do not celebrate what ‘marriage’ is, but have life long partners without the need of celebration. Such is more meant to happen on it’s own, like soul mates.
  • Castanic couples have a handfasting tradition where they exchange vows and have a part of their palm (or finger) cut open. The two embrace hands and the hands are tied with a ribbon. This is a form of ‘blood and spirit’ being connected.
  • Elin and Popori don’t have actual traditions for weddings and rituals. None that aren’t strictly personal. This would vary by 'tribe’ and their upbringing.
  • High Elves will have different traditions based on where they live. The higher classes will have full, extravagant weddings. Those in lower classes celebrate with family. Family/Household trinkets are exchanged as a welcoming of the two families coming together as one. This could range from dining sets to heirlooms.
  • Humans have festivity times where mass weddings are done between couples. They keep together as a community if able. Though, it’s not rare to know a couple ever gets married. Simple rings and a home together is all they care to have.

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Never thought Haikyuu would ever remind me of kpop……but danggg, Karasuno boys were quite the eye candy this chapter lol

And although I will dearly sorely miss my Nekoma and owl team, this chapter was a good reminder on why Karasuno is so lovable as well (cuz you know, they’re like the protagonists and all….y’know).

Ehehehe….Acchan, why u so cute?? :3 But why you look so familiar…..?


But I digress. Hello, earth to Hinata? You’re not the only one who can do the creepy-wild-crow-eye anymore…..Seriously, this is probably what Tsukishima will look like when he’s snapped and ready to wreck anyone who messes with his girlfriend…….or Yamaguchi……….or his brother………;;;

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Well basically, we spent all of that time trying to get into space to see u, and then u weren't there and we were like omg well now what so yeah basically we have just returned from our journey. Tho we did run Into these dinosaur people?? They weren't very nice. Idk tho it might've been a dream -anons

So that’s why you were gone for so long huh Sweet Anons? That is so cute hahahaha! Did you at least have fun up there? The stars are so pretty up close!

The Triceratons? Yeaaaaah let’s hope that was a dream. Those guys are awful.