• some girl on facebook jst trying to make a cute status: my bf is such a jerk! he ate all my leftover chinese food! THANKS A LOT, steve :P
  • a dreaded nice guy, who has been lurking online all night in hopes he would see something like this: FOR THE RECORD, if you were my gf, i would never eat your leftover chinese food. I would treat u like a queen and buy u the whole restaurant. it's amusing to me... how little this "man" respects you. perhaps that's why he is simply your boyfriend and not your... Manfriend
Ask me numbers and get to know me ^-^

1. How are you, really?
2. Pizza or chicken nuggets?
3. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?
4. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
5. What are you looking forward to?
6. Do you like chocolate?
7. What’s your favourite joke?
8. Are you a religious person?
9. If you had a magical pet snail what would you call it?
10. How do you like your steak cooked? (if you eat it)
11. If you were a type of animal, what would you be and why?
12. What phone do you have?
13. Have you ever got blackout drunk?
14. What do you think people think of you?
15. If you could learn one random skill, what would you learn?
16. What’s something you want right now?
17. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
18. In general what do you think about art?
19. What are some of the first things you do in the morning?
20. Marvel or DC?
21. Do you like to talk on the phone?
22. What’s your favourite song?
23. What would you do if you won the lottery?
24. What’s your middle name?
25. Do you have any pets?
26. What was the last dream you can remember about?
27. Are you single?
28. Do you like scary movies?
29. What were you thinking about before you come on tumblr?
30. Favourite flavour of ice cream?
31. What’s your last text message say?
32. What are some things you are scared of?
33. Do you like travelling?
34. If you could ask your future self one question what would it be?
35. What kind of people are you attracted to?
36. What do you do?
37. Do you feel uncomfortable if someone who you don’t know is physically close to you?
38. What has been your worst haircut/style?
39. Can you play poker?
40. Where were you when you had your last kiss?
41. What’s your favourite flower?
42. Do you buy from charity shops?
43. Are you ticklish?
44. What do you do for fun?
45. What was the last thing you ate?
46. If you met a genie who offered you three wishes, what would you wish for? (more wishes doesn’t count)
47. Favourite band?
48. Do you have any tattoos? If so what are they?
49. Have you ever been fishing?
50. What was the last present you received?

why do people say ‘welcome to the real world’, or ‘this is real life’. like when you are finishing school when ur 18 the rhetoric is now its over, the real life is beginning”
but then its 30s and ur expected to settle down and live a ‘real life’ because in your 20′s supposedly you were not in a real world 
then in ur  40s something different is expected of you and thats when people usually say ‘well this is life’, like it didnt exist before, like we dont think life actually exists til we have certain things or know certain things. but i am wondering this cause im watching my daughter live life, in an enchanting and inspiring way, exploring and laughing and playing with everything and eating everything, that is pure life… that is the experience of life in its most pure and beautiful, actual form, why would anybody want to lose that magic touch, but apparently this isnt a real world, none of its real until you have this mundane job and a semblance of a relationship and you pay taxes, thats the real life,  so it will have to be disciplined out of her so they say, so she won’t believe delirious things like the world is magical or that people are good, the real world is scary and everybody is against you, i dont think that is real life, those are motions without spirit, in all your living you forget to live

signs as posts i've seen on tumblr

Aries: *removes one earbud* fuck you want

Taurus: eats when im sad, sad when i eat

Gemini: *is punk rock but is also really into pink, pastel colours, and really fluffy things*

Cancer: for my final trick, i shall turn into a disappointment

Leo: I’m so fucking tired of not being a multimillionaire

Virgo: *sigh* why am i better than everyone

Libra: I would be a morning person, if morning happened around 1pm

Scorpio: today i feel very… mmmm whats the word… bad

Saggitarius: do you ever say something so bitchy that you’re like damn u need to chill lol

Capricorn: reblog if ur kinda cold and pretty tired

Aquarius: *sees moon* *remembers outer space* nice

Pisces: lets play a game of: did i reall do this or did i just think about doing it so hard that i constructed a false memory of it

“There were so many things that I wanted to tell you but didn’t know how. Like how, when you would smile, your eyes would light up. When you laughed, it was music to my ears. When you were upset about something, you wouldn’t speak, eat, or sleep; but I knew how to cheer you up. I always did.

I loved you more than anything, Sherlock. I understand why you did it. Really, I do. It’s okay.

Eventually, I’ll move on, but for now you are still my everything. You will always have my heart; even if you don’t know it.

When I was a kid, my mom always told me that I would know when I found the love of my life.

She was right.

I found you. Now I just wish that I had told you sooner.

There’s a quote I once heard, that I didn’t understand until now: “Ever has it been that love knows not its depth until the hour of separation.” It was said by Kahlil Gibran. I don’t know who he is, but he’s right.

It hurts, you know - not having you here. I know you’re okay now, but I’m not, and I know that I said I understand, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder why.

Why you couldn’t have come to me. Why you couldn’t have gone for help.

I know you liked to do things your own way, but I just wish that you would have let me be there for you. I would have done anything you asked of me.

Well, almost anything. Had you asked me to let you do this on your own, I would have tried to slap some sense into you.

I have to go now. Please know that, no matter what, you will always be my number one. You will always be my person. Always. I love you, Sherlock, and I always will. Goodbye.”

With that, John turned and made his way back to the taxi that brought him to Sherlock’s grave.

Sherlock, who stood hidden behind a nearby tree, let his tears fall freely.

He had to do this. He had to. For John. Because he loves him, too.

Tags are undercut. If you would like to be tagged in future Johnlock stuff I do (writings, videos, etc.) please let me know so that I can add you to my list! xx

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BTS Reaction to realising that they are in love

Remember, as of now requests are open. Please check my Request Guide to know what I write and for who I write! :)

Seokjin- He’d turn so stupid, he would be trying his hardest to make you laugh all the time. Still he would try to make to not obvious he likes you, I feel like he would kinda fail at it though ‘’Why don’t teddy bears ever really eat at their picnics?’’, since whenever he made you laugh he would be laughing with you ‘’Because they’re already stuffed’’. He’d also become even more nice to you, he’d always ask if something is bothering you or not.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Yoongi- With Yoongi, I feel like he wouldn’t change, the most out of everyone. Since he isn’t the best at showing his emotions towards people he cares about. He would still be the same, maybe he would be making jokes more often than before, but no one would notice it. Sometimes if one of the BTS members is lucky they can see him staring at you with the most adoring gaze ever, but you wouldn’t see the look, since at those times he wouldn’t be close enough to you, for you to see.

Originally posted by andrea-samantha

Hoseok- Oh, he would definitely show he cares about you, since Hoseok is quite nice to everyone already, he would change a bit, he would become even more affectionate towards you, no one would really notice it though, since he is already affectionate towards a lot of people. I’m pretty sure 90% of the time you’re with him, you’d be dying from laughter as well.

(You’re Yoongi)

Originally posted by syubprince

Namjoon- I feel like Namjoon would be similar to Seokjin, he would kinda turn stupid, making stupid jokes and stuff just to make you happy ‘’Hey, Y/N! Remember this?’’, since he would like for you to always be happy. When he would realise that he loves he would completely accept it, he won’t show it though. Since he isn’t sure if you like him in that way. So at first he would not do much, but when he for sure know that you like him in that way as well, prepare yourself.

Originally posted by bangtanshityeondan

Jimin- As soon as he knows his feelings for you, he will be so shy. He would still try to make you laugh, but when he does make you laugh he would get all fluffy and stuff. He would try not to show his feeling for you ‘’Do you see how perfect she is Taehyung?’’, but I’m guaranteed he would fail. He would be so sweet though, he would always try to help you with stuff, but while he would help you with it he would just be smiling 25/8.

Originally posted by bwipsul

Taehyung- I feel like Tae would be the most composed out of everyone, he’d also be the best at not being obvious. He would be the same, but he would get more affectionate and talkative. Tae would always be trying to make you laugh or at least smile, he would find anything you do cute and adorable. ‘‘How can a person be this adorable?’‘, he’d be so awestruck every time he sees you.

Originally posted by suga-com

Jungkook- I think Kookie would become a bit distant, he wouldn’t really know what to do or how to react to his new feelings, at first he tried to ignore them but it didn’t work. So now he would be a bit awkward around you ‘‘What do you think of this dress, Jungkook? How does it look?’‘, mainly because every time he saw you ‘‘It……it looks…….nice..?…..’‘, his feelings came crashing back.

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GOT7 Reaction To You Not Eating Much



(A/N: This could be triggering to some people who may have some sort of eating disorder. Not eating is one of the worst things you can do to your body and it is incredibly unhealthy but I know how hard it can be sometimes so if you ever need to talk feel free to message me.


Originally posted by marktuon

I feel like Mark would notice your eating habits almost straight away and would try to help in anyway he could. He would try his best to cook your favourite meals and buy you your favourite food just to make sure you ate and stayed healthy.


Originally posted by imjaeboms

I think Jaebum would be angry with you when he first realises your eating habits, he wouldn’t  understand why you would do something like that to yourself. After he got over his anger he would be like Mark and would do anything to make sure you were healthy and ate.


Originally posted by j-miki

We all know what Jackson is like when it comes to health so when he realises how unhealthy you looked, or how little you ate he would become extremely worried. He would do anything to make sure you were healthy and eating well again.


Originally posted by jypnior

Jinyoung would notice your eating habits quite quickly and would confront you about it straight away as he would be worried about your health and would try and get you help just to make sure you would be healthy again.


Originally posted by jiminthebun

Youngjae would be devastated when he found out about your eating habits, he would do literally try anything and everything to make sure you ate a healthy amount. I feel like he would also feel guilty for not realising how unhealthy you were getting.


Originally posted by jackseunie

I feel like Bambam would become extremely worried when he found out about your unhealthy eating habits but he would be very reluctant to confront you about it as he didn’t want to upset you, but when he finally talked to you about it he would almost beg you to eat more and eat healthily.


Originally posted by j-miki

I don’t think Yugyeom would know what to do when he found out about your eating habits. he would be incredibly emotional about it though. 

Bloated Tummies || Bangtan Reaction

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

Jin / Seokjin

The two of you would be going about your normal routine when you noticed your stomach was a little bit bigger than usual. It wasn’t usually a problem for you, but with the mix of hormones running throughout your body, you couldn’t help it.

Jin would quickly take notice and make it his goal to help you feel better and treat you like a princess for the rest of the day. (He’d probably make you all your favourite foods and when you complained he’d tell you to shut up and eat) (why do I always associate food with Jin)

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Suga / Yoongi

Yoongi and you would be comfortable enough that when you were on your period you let him know. He would come home and you’d say something about it and the two of you would just spend the rest of the day lounging around.

Sometimes, if you were lucky and he was being really nice, he would let you come and sit in his office with him and he would allow you to help him write. It would take your mind off of the non-stop pain and it was like a special privilege you only got once in a while.

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I kinda have this headcanon that Hiccup and Astrid didn’t tell their kids how  Hiccup lost his leg for the first few years, but instead would use it as a potential future consequence for misbehaving.  

Like, “Eat your vegetables.”


“I didn’t either when I was your age. Guess what happened?”


My leg fell off.”

*kid gasps, shovels veggies into mouth*

Or something like that. Gobber makes it even worse. “Gobber, did you not eat your vegetables?” “I did eat my veggies, why?” “Then how did your leg fall off? And your arm?” And then Gobber leans in really close and whispers,

“I refused to take a bath. If you don’t wash them, they get so dirty they fall off.” 

Everyone gets in on it. It’s the unwritten parenting rule: you back up each other’s silly imaginary consequences. Hiccup’s leg becomes the toddler terrifying shorthand for a while. Want your kid to stop doing something? Tell them that’s how Chief Hiccup lost his leg. Want them to do something? Tell them if they don’t their leg will fall off and that’s what happened to Chief Hiccup. Go ask him, he’ll tell you. It falls apart after a few years and the kids start getting old enough to question these things, but while they are little? Don’t talk back to your mother, or your leg will fall off.

BTS Reaction to you cooking something they like, but you can’t eat it

This was requested by an anonymous user. I wasn’t sure exactly what you meant by they can’t eat it, so I assumed either an allergy or they didn’t like it. Y’all can interpret however you want.


He would eat it, and make sure to make something for you the next time.

Originally posted by jeonsshi


Wouldn’t think that you not being able to eat the food mattered at all.

Originally posted by choazy


Would probably refuse to eat anything you couldn’t eat, being his over dramatic self

Originally posted by tbhobi


Would learn why you couldn’t eat it (see reasons listed above) and figure out an alternative so you both could enjoy it.

Originally posted by pretending2bme


Wouldn’t want to eat unless you could too (flashbacks to BTS Run ep. 10 when Jimin brought over a crab shell to yoonseok because he couldn’t stand to not see them eat) so he would find something for you so you could eat together

Originally posted by jiminslips


Probably wouldn’t even notice you hadn’t eaten anything until after he finished.

Originally posted by redvelvet-daredevil


Wouldn’t want to eat at first, but wouldn’t want to make you upset, so he would eat anyway, feeling guilty that you had nothing

Originally posted by sotaehyung

I love seeing them eat so much, so I had a lot of fun finding gifs for this ^_^

“Jagi, I made your favorite!”

Exo Reacting To You Making Them Their Favorite Food:


bitch bye *leaves everything to eat with you*

Originally posted by xiundeer


“Why don’t we eat in bed?”

Originally posted by wooyoung


Originally posted by lil-unicorn-yixing


He would honestly be so touched that you thought of him.

Originally posted by wooyoung


“Let’s skip to desert.”

Originally posted by lullabyun


*Runs to you like in the gif while professing his undying love*

Originally posted by kkaebsong33


The fact that you made him something and it was his favorite thing would mean so much to Jongdae. He would forever try to find ways to let you know how much you mean to him.

Originally posted by oh-prankster


He would be super touched that you put the effort out to make his favorite meal. He would be totally tickled.

Originally posted by porkdo-bi


“Really? For me?”

Kyungsoo would be the one that usually cooked for you, so you making him his favorite would truly get to him. It would be something he would never forget. Ever.

Originally posted by kyunseu


He would eat it deliciously. 

Originally posted by ztaohs


He probably wouldn’t know what to say but would be a grinning fit. Repeat this gif for hours, because he will not be able to stop smiling.

Originally posted by drawien


Originally posted by purpleuhan

EXO Reaction - Eating Something Slippery And Can’t Eat Their Food

Hey thanks for the request and I hope you like it! <3


Xiumin - *He’d be determined to get his food to his mouth and would calmly try again and again until he got there*

Lay - *He’d calmly stare at the food on his plate and wonder what he was doing wrong and why the food didn’t want to be eaten*

Kai - *He’d be so sad he couldn’t eat his beloved food and would want to cry but realizing how bad that would be he’d power through it and try to eat*

Suho - *He’d stay calm and would keep trying but in the end he’d just pick it up and throw it in his mouth not caring about his image at all*

Kyungsoo - *He’d get really frustrated and would end up furiously stabbing it to get a grip on it*

Tao - *He’d feel offended by the food and would think he’s not good enough to eat it and would stare at it wondering what he did wrong*

Chen - *He’d keep laughing everytime it slipped out of his grasp and would find it so funny how it fell and the noise it made*

Kris - *He’d be the most frustrated about this and would repeatedly yell everytime the food slipped*

Chanyeol - *He’d keep laughing at the way it just slipped off his chopsticks but  would slowly start to get frustrated the more hungry he got*

Baekhyun - *He’d look around at everyone having no trouble eating and would try to find out how they were doing it and would attempt to copy them*

Sehun - *He’d hopelessly look at the piece of food that fell lifelessly to his plate*

Luhan - *He’d be low key annoyed over it and would be yelling at his food in his head while he gripped his cutlery with a great force*


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ESFJ tidying around friends
  • INTP & INTJ: *watching ESFJ tidying around her friends"
  • INTJ: "Look at her- she just brought out a potted plant!"
  • INTP: "I don't know why she bothers."
  • ESFJ: *pours chips into a bowl*
  • INTJ: "She's so aware of her surroundings! Would you pour chips into a bowl?"
  • INTP: "Nah, I'd just eat them out of the pack."
  • INTJ: "Me too! Oh my goodness-"
  • INTP: "What?"
  • INTJ: "She just opened the blinds and- she's putting a tablecloth onto the table! I swear the FeSi is something else."

Anyone else get into that situation where someone’s like “sometimes I just forget to eat lol, I’m so anorexic” and you get the urge to set them straight with the full definition and symptoms of actual anorexia and explain that even if they did have an eating disorder it would probably be EDNOS is something else but have to stop yourself. So they don’t get suspicious… about how and why you know so much about eating disorders

Humans are Weird: Spices

Alien: Today in my “Human Studies” book, I’m reading about human foods.

Human: Ooh, cool.

Alien: But I’m not sure this is accurate. It says here that humans purposely ingest a plant high in a pain-causing chemical, capsaicin.

Human: Oh, peppers? Yeah. Spicy.

Alien: But why would you want to eat something that causes you pain?

Human: Some people like the burn. I think it causes the same sort of reaction as drinking alcohol…?

Alien: That activity doesn’t make sense to me either. Can we discuss it after?

Human: Sure.

Alien: So, these “peppers.” Do you enjoy eating them?

Human: Me? Well, not by themselves. But I do like somewhat spicy foods. My brother, though, he likes them much hotter. He’s eaten some really spicy peppers, even ate a ghost pepper by itself.

Alien: Ghost pepper.

Human: Yeah, it’s the spiciest natural pepper. His face got pretty red, and he got the hiccups.

Alien: That… doesn’t sound like a healthy reaction.

Human: It just means that it’s a really spicy pepper. I mean, if I ate one of those, it might kill me, but he was fine.

Alien. Why would it kill you?

Human: Too spicy. You have to have a tolerance for capsaicin or it can literally kill you. And the ghost pepper is so hot that to handle it, you gotta wear gloves.

Alien: Your planet has plants that can KILL people, and which you can’t handle directly, and your brother ATE ONE, by ITSELF??

Human: Yeah.

Alien: …

Human: He says that when he gets desensitized to ghost pepper, he wants a Carolina Reaper.

Alien: I’m almost afraid to ask.

Human: …

Alien: What’s a Carolina Reaper?

Human: A pepper scientifically engineered for spiciness. It’s currently the world’s hottest pepper.

Alien: *stares at human in disbelief*

Alien: *stares at human studies book*

Alien: *stares at human again*

Alien: *whispers to self* How… how are humans real?

White String of Fate || Peter Parker x Reader

I swear I get the inspiration to write for Peter at the most random moments. Why do I love this dude so much w h y

warnings: none; although lets be real Peter would do something like this bc he’s such a nerd (/ω\)

**i apologize for any errors, since I wrote this all on my phone. I’ll fix any mistakes later once I post this**

**dont plagiarize/repost this story lmao it’s not all that great anyways


It was late at night, and you had just completed your evening classes when you began your trek back to your dorm. Feeling too tired to eat anything, you figured you could just treat yourself to a hearty breakfast in the morning.

All you wanted to do was sleep now.

While you were walking, you didn’t think your left ring finger would get caught in a spider’s web, momentarily catching you off guard. You groan and try to free your finger, only to fail miserably. You couldn’t deny the resistance you felt when you tried to pull your finger out of the white material, “What on earth, how??”

Looking down at your left hand, you watch as the durable webbing remained stuck against the back of your finger, already knowing who it was that caught you. With a sigh, you follow the long trail of synthetic webbing and look up to see Peter Parker, your boyfriend of 5 years, settled on top of a tree.

He whistles, tugging at the webbing that connected your ring finger to the webshooter on his wrist, “Would you look at that, the white string of fate has brought us together. We’re soulmates, [Name].”

You smile at your boyfriend’s antics, lovingly caressing at the makeshift string before responding, “You goof, it’s called the red string of fate, not white.”

Peter rolls his eyes and shrugs, “Eh, same difference.” Peter drops down in front of you, jostling the web that still remained on your ring finger. “Regardless, the fact that we’re connected by this string of fate means that we belong together.”

“Peter, you’re so silly.” You ruffle his messy locks of hair with a look of complete adoration in your eyes, “I don’t need a silly string of fate to know that I’m yours. I’m yours because I love you.”

Peter sighs, and you notice the blush that paints his cheeks when he tears his thin web off of your finger, “Then I guess I’ll just need to put something else on your finger that shows that you belong to me.”

You open your mouth, about to question him when you saw Peter get down on one knee. All of the words you wanted to say dies against your throat as a gasp escaped from your lips when Peter tells you, “[Full Name], you are the kindest and most beautiful woman I had ever met. My life with you in it has been made so much better, and I feel like I can do anything as long as you are here beside me.”

You watch with happy tears welling within your eyes when Peter pulls out a black velvet box, showing you the simple yet elegant diamond ring settled within it, “I want to love and protect you for the rest of my life, so [Name], will you marry me?”

“Oh, God- Peter! Yes! Of course I’ll marry you, you lovable nerd!” Your boyfriend (now fiancé) stands up, taking the ring out of the confines of its box before sliding it on your ring finger.

It was the perfect fit.

“Thank you so much, [Name]. You’ve made me the happiest man in the world.” Peter places a gentle kiss against the finger that wore his ring, making your heart swell with even more love for the man standing in front of you.

You laugh as the tears streamed from your eyes, hanging on to Peter when he suddenly picked you up to twirl you around. After a few cycles, Peter stops spinning you around and keeps holding you in his arms bridal style. You felt the droplet of your tears land against his sweater before resting your head against his forehead, absolutely adoring the gentle shade of his brown eyes, “And you have made me the happiest girl in the world.”

Peter kisses the tip of your nose before murmuring the words that made you tremble with immense joy. “Let’s get you home, Mrs. Parker.”


Things my family members have said RP sentence starters
  • "Honey, put the sword down and come eat dinner."
  • "I will be the sexiest fucking ghost."
  • "Boo! I'm a pirate."
  • "Thank the meme gods."
  • "I'm a cool dad!"
  • "We all already know I'm the disappointment of the family."
  • "I don't get it."
  • "What's a "doge meme?"
  • "Do you want the sexy cloak or the not sexy cloak?"
  • "I did NOT say that."
  • "I wasn't technically SCAMMING him..."
  • "Why would you say something like that?"
  • "Go away."
  • "You're a nerd."
A Hidden Flame - 3

[Gif unrelated]

Sins POV

I woke up early the next morning, before everyone else. I went to go grab something small to eat, hoping nobody else would be up there. I smiled when it was empty. I grabbed a slice of toast and a couple eggs, only to be interrupted before I could eat.

“You should just drop out now Stiff. I won’t go so easy on you next time.” I looked up to see Craig.

“It was a good fight. You would have won if you didn’t hesitate when you broke my wrist.” I shrugged.

“A stiff doesn’t belong here, and they never will. No one likes you. Why don’t you go home crying to Mommy and Daddy, or what do they not like you either?”

I tensed up, I know my brother doesn’t want me here, but I also know Dad doesn’t want me either. They both blame me for Moms passing and Four blames me for our father hitting us. I stood up from my seat and turned to leave.

“Wow, guess I was right. You really aren’t wanted after all.” He laughed as I left.

I made my way to the training room, which I knew would be empty for a couple hours. I sat in the corner, thinking about everything. I know I deserved everything that happened to me, I just wish I could move past it. I didn’t realize it, but I had started crying.

“Initiate, who said you could be in here.” Great, it had to be him.

“Sorry, Four, won’t happen again.” I looked up at him, wiping my tears. For a second, I thought I saw concern cross his eyes, but just as quickly as it was there, it was gone again.

“Good. Now go get some rest before today.”

“Got it.” I said, getting up and leaving. I wandered around for a little bit, and made my way back to the training hall. Turns out, I was the last to arrive.

“Sin, you’re late.” Eric said, as I walked in. “I want 15 laps.”

“Got it.” I started my laps, as the other kids laughed at me. Eric quickly got them calmed down and started todays training, knife throwing.

As I finished up, I made my way to where everyone was throwing their knives, some were doing great, others not so great. I picked one up, and it was almost as light as a feather. Should be easy enough. I threw my first one, hitting the target in what would have been the center of their forehead.

“Pathetic Sin.” Eric said stepping over to me. “You see that black circle? That’s where you want to hit it.”

“Yes, but I’m sure a knife right here,” I poked his forehead as I spoke, “would still kill you.”

“Excuse me, Initiate?” Eric said, looking pissed. I ignored him and my next throw went just a little left of where he wanted me to aim.

“Do it right, initiate.”

I was having trouble aiming, the wrist Craig broke was my good one, but I doubt Eric could tell that I didn’t listen to him because my wrist was covered by my jacket.

After a few more minutes of me failing, Four finally spoke up.

“In front of the target Sin.”

“What?” I looked at him. I know I wasn’t getting the hang of this, but that was just cruel.

“You heard me.” Everyone stopped throwing their knives, watching us. I moved in front of my target, hoping they go easy on me.

“Alright Initiate,” Eric started. “If you flinch, you’re done.” Eric threw his first knife as he spoke, nearly grazing the side of my cheek. I stayed still, remembering what happened with Dad if I moved or cried when he was hurting me. The next one cut into my left side a little bit, hurting the irritation that was already there. Eric handed the last knife to Four, and when he threw it, he caused more pain than imaginable. He hit my right wrist, almost piercing it with the knife. I felt the blood start to wet my jacket, and I just hoped there wasn’t too much damage. I have to keep fighting.

“Alright, everyone’s dismissed.” Four said, as he turned to leave.

“Sin, stay.” Eric said, as everyone else was already leaving.

“What now, Eric.” I was so pissed off at him and Four. Both of them had cut me.

“Let me see your side, I just want to make sure I didn’t cut you too deep.”

“No.” I stepped back away from him.

“Sin, come here.”

“No.” I didn’t want to go near him. I didn’t want to hurt anymore.

He stepped forward and pulled me to him, unzipping my jacket in the process. He looked at my side, s his fingers grazed over the bruises.

“Did you hurt your side this bad in yesterday’s fight?” Eric asked, looking concerned.

“No. It happened… Never mind. Don’t worry about it. I’m fine.” I stepped away, and zipped my jacket up.

“Okay, on the mat. I’m going to help you.” Eric said as he made his way over. I followed him, knowing not to disobey his orders.

“I’m your opponent. If you can manage to take me down, all disrespect will be forgiven. If not, well, you don’t want to find out.”

I took hit after hit, trying to stay on my feet. I also managed to land a few hits in myself, one that would most definitely leave a mark on his pretty boy face. But finally, he knocked me down, and I held my hands up.

“I’m done. I can’t fight anymore Eric.” I really couldn’t. It felt like someone kept twisting a knife in my side and my wrist. Something somewhere was definitely broken.

“You’re giving up?” Eric said, simply.


“Come with me.” He helped me to my feet, and led me out of the hall. I knew right where we were headed, and as we got to the chasm, he grabbed my wrists and knocked me back. “Five minutes, grab the edge, or don’t. Your choice really.” He let go of me and leaned on the railing as I hung there.

“You really are an ass, you know that.” I was using all the strength I had, even though my wrist was screaming out in pain. I knew if I let go with my injured one, I might not be able to hold my weight up with my only one left.

“You have potential Sin, there’s a reason your ranked so high.” He watched as I hung there. “Two more minutes.”

I had to take the chance, I needed to get the pressure off my wrist. I let go with my bad wrist and forced my weight onto my left one, hoping I could support myself. However, nothing eased up the pain. Black spots danced round the edge of my vision.

I felt myself slipping, and everything around me become black.

I had no idea where I was when I opened my eyes. I was on a comfy bed, but I was in my bra and leggings. My wrist and side were wrapped tight, and I wondered who could have done that. I sat up, and looked at my surroundings. On the table next to me were a couple books, an unusual sight for Dauntless. I made my way out of the room, and found the bathroom. I looked in the mirror to find a few bruises on my face and my side was almost completely purple. I can’t believe that this was happening. Whoever brought me here, they know how weak I am, and Eric… I’m most likely out of the ranks now.

I combed through my long black hair with my fingers, straightening it out as much as possible. When that looked fine, I explored my surroundings a little more. On a table in a kitchen area, there was a t-shirt and a note.

“Nice right hook. We need to talk later. – Eric”

I put the shirt on, and left what I guess was his apartment.

As I got to the dining hall, a lot of the other initiates were staring at me.

“Congrats Sin,” A guy said to me. He appeared to be a little bit older. “I’m Zeke by the way.”

“Thanks, but congrats for what?” I was genuinely confused. I figured I was out of the running and going to be made factionless.

“She doesn’t know yet, idiot.” Four came over and leaned onto his shoulder.

“Know what, Four.”

“You’re top of your class. You’re well on your way to becoming a leader here.” Four smiled at me.

“Get ready Sin, tonight is the night. It’s a night off, but still a lot of fun.” Zeke smiled.

“What’s tonight?”

“Capture the flag.” Four said. “So, come sit with us. Let’s eats so you can get your strength built back up.”