From design to costume: The auctioneer’s makeup and hat

  1. Andrey Schkoldychenko, Moscow,
  2. Greg Mills, Broadway,
  3. Mike Huff, Johannesburg/World Tour,
  4. Michael Lackey, Las Vegas,
  5. Maria Bjørnson’s costume design (detail),
  6. John Kuether, Hamburg,
  7. Philip Griffiths, West End,
  8. Simon Shorten, West End, 
  9. Michael Harris, US Tour. 
  • Catholic Asexual:*makes post about personal worries in regards to church doctrine's position on celibate marriages*
  • Tumblr:lol look at these straight people thinking the Spanish Inquisition's gonna come down on their heads for all the sex they're not having they're so OPPRESSED!!!11!
  • People Who Understand Context:That's not what the post says at all.
  • Tumblr:I can't read suddenly I don't know

foreshadowing or…?

The Break

I just realized that with the Italian Newsies, there officially has been a break in the Jack Kelly Actor’s Name Chain:
Jeremy Jordan
Corey Cott
Dan DeLuca
Flavio Gismondi

There’s finally a break in this pattern and I’m not sure how I feel about it…