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People are saying that we shouldn’t care about it because it’s probably just her abusing drug. And ?

Why should we stop caring then ? She has hundrerds of thousands of suscribers on youtube, most of which are young influencable girls and teenagers. They could take her as an exemple, they could think her behaviour is cute or quirky and mimic it (worrying their parents).

Her life could be in danger from abuse. If she is actually on drugs, she’s not just smoking pot or anything. She’s taking strong drugs, like speed or hallucinogens. Those are super fucking dangerous. We can not let her alone on this as a community

Conservatives in a nutshell

Conservatives: I hate Muslim people. Look at what that Muslim person did at that Orlando LGBT bar.

LGBT people: So, does that mean you care about LGBT people?

Conservatives: No! Gay people are pedophiles, and transgender women are just men who want to invade women’s restrooms and harass women! WE NEED TO PROTECT WOMEN!

Women: So, does that mean you care about women?

Conservatives: Shut up, feminazi! Women in the United States are not oppressed! If you want to talk about women’s oppression, you should be focusing on how women in other countries are treated!

Refugees: So, does that mean you care about people from other countries?

Conservatives: Stay out of our country! Why should we care about refugees when we have people here who need help?

Homeless People: So, does that mean you care about people who need help?

Conservatives: No! Get a job, freeloader!

Guys, I’ve been throwing out almost nonstop rants and opinions on the recent drama, but I need to address this final problem before I can really move on.

All the blogs who have announced they might be deleting their accounts; please no. I know that Calvin made some asshole remarks towards his fans, and that some Twitter fucknuts have been starting massive shit with us. But is it all worth it? Why should we care so much what Twitter thinks about our blogs?

I dont think Calvin wants to be as big of a piece of shit towards us as he has been. We all know and love him as the savage shit king, and thats exactly who he is. I think that maybe we should all just reconsider breaking down this community because we are finally being exposed and roasted because it is the least logical course of action to take. We are Tumblr, we are the embodiment of sin ourselves. I love all of you guys and I would never want you to leave. ♡

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Oh for #2 I found a lot of youtube videos against BLM movement and one of them included a white man talking about how certain BLM supporters were like fuck the France attack they were quiet about the shootings so why should we care about the attack?

Yeah sometimes I wonder about the legitimacy of those tweets, if they come from trolls, if they were photoshopped. But all in all a lot of these people against BLM will take the most extreme comments from black people, trolls or photoshop them, call them BLM supporters regardless of its true or not and spin it to their agenda.

Like I remember last year during the Paris attacks, a photo of a Black Lives Matter group in front of the Eiffel Tower was going around and the narrative was that BLM is upset that their not in the headlines so they went to France and blah blah blah, when actually the photo was from the previous year 2014, I believe.


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thoughts on eliza trashing bellarke?

who cares lol

obviously Eliza is entitled to her opinion and I hope she doesn’t get hate for it. It was kinda rude that she called it “shit” or whatever she said, but why should we care?

When has an actors preference ever influenced the writers decisions and storylines. If they did, then half of the crap that happened in S3 wouldn’t have happened.

She’s always been very pro c/exa and they deserve to hear something nice about their ship from her bc that’s pretty much all they have left.

We have atleast two more seasons of story to go and 3 seasons of canon bellarke built up before that.

Who knows why she said it/thinks that, and who cares.

Now I’m gonna go back to being excited for the next season and not freak out every time someone says something bad about bellarke bc it has no influence on what happens on the show and I hope the rest of you do the same

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why should we care that Turkey's military/police are going to get punished? cops and soldiers are bad everywhere, right? i mean, if they had succeeded they would definitly use their new powers to benefit themselves anyway.

Purging and killing dissenting elements of the military-civil service is generally a thing that doesn’t bode well bub idk what to tell you

This DNC is an absolute fucking mess. First they spend an hour on “the woes of addiction” by having randoms come up and tell their stories that no one really cares about, only to conclude that “hillary cares!!” Like, ok? Does she really? Is alcoholism really a pillar of the clinton tenants?

Demi Lovato starts talking about her addiction to cocaine… Ok? But why should we care that you could afford to become addicted to cocaine at 19 and use it every 30 minutes? What does that have to do with Hillary? Then she fucking breaks out in song and dance, like…

Then in perhaps the most tone-deaf move of the night, they have two randoms up there talking about irish immigration? Huh? Why? I mean, yeah, it happened, of course, but why would you have not only one but two different people talking about “how hard” it was to be an irish immigrant, considering the whole build a fucking wall thing.

Is anything in this convention going to be about policies? So far it’s been “I have sad stories! Hillary said she kind of listens to them! Trump is bad! So we kinda HAVE to vote for her!”

Hey guys! I’m setting up a recording session with @nikkilovesqueen22 and @kingspeed51 as we talk while gaming for the first episode of Game Night on my YouTube channel.

“But AsianChiq23 why should we care?” Well to answer that question, the first episode gets to be a special livestream! You can jump in and watch us play (or chat) while we game. After the livestream, there’s gonna be a highlights video of our favorite moments of the pilot episode of the new installment on my channel!