Don't Be Sorry

by clarkexblake

“We hated each other at first, really. Ask anyone. We would never date.” The words came out too fast, as did the slightly too loud laughed that escaped her lips. Maya raised her eyebrows as Clarke attempted to collect herself, wondering why on earth she was suddenly acting so awkward.

Words: 1536, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of tumblr prompts and drabbles

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The signs as (more) embarrassing things I've done

Aries: Having your best friends scare your crush, he jumped, by shouting happy birthday at you while he walked pass.

Taurus: Scrolling down someone’s twitter and accidently favouriting a post from 2011 (it was the start of this year)

Gemini: Admiting to my friend I was distracted during my final exam because I was trying to figure out if the examiner was a boy or a girl and having 3 people join in with the convo and having my subject teacher, who taught me the exam subject, listen to the convo the whole time.

Cancer: Getting really excited in toys are us by a teddybear and begging my dad to get me it while some 5 year old little girl stares at me like I’m mad and beneath her.

Leo: Having your worst picture ever (as in it looks hideous) printed on the local newspaper and put up on their website.

Virgo :Playing this game in lesson and having some random guy sit on me instead of the chair and everyone stopped playing and the teacher stared at us and laughed for like 5 minutes on end.

Libra: Walking through an ally with your younger brother and having him come in the way of some drunk (smelly and not such a nice person… I’m not going into details) therefore making that person bump into me so I get squashed into the wall

Scorpio :Having to share a book with the guy next to me and me forgetting so I put it in my lap and then the guy next to me coughed and was all red and told me it was awkward to read the book like that…

Sagittarius : arguing with my crush while he was leaning back in his chair and having everyone on the table telling me to stop hating him. Then he falls back and drags the table with him just to have me suddenly grabbing the table so he wouldn’t fall and eveyone on the table looking at my worried face and started laughing.

Capricorn: Having your crush get completely annoyed with your best friend so that he comes up to her and shouts at her, while completely ignoring the fact that I’m standing right there, and walking away.

Aquarius : Literally ranting about why my friends keep saying I’m pregnant (they were joking so we were messing about) just to have my crush and a bunch of his friends walk by and start hooting and laughing.

Pisces: Having a guy lean on my side of the table so I was awkwardly leaning away and some random person in the class shouted across the room to him to give me some space and he got all awkward and went red and looked at me like he was supper sorry.

I still have more of these moments to tell…. :/

anonymous asked:

What does Franker-Erik sound like?

hehe franker? But AHA! Yes! This I can answer! I have poor haltherobot’s ask in my inbox asking about voices for all the characters and I haven’t been able to respond because I am the worst about this sort of thing. The worst.

 But yeah, you guys are gonna think I’m totally crazy/lame/whatever–but for SOME reason (read: listening to Les Mis + reading Frankenstein for the 1st time)–I always imagined The Creature (therefore FrankenErik) to sound/sing like Terrence Mann?? He’s a broadway performer, been in a lot of stuff–super versatile/talented guy. I grew up listening to him as Javert and although he isn’t my fav Javert–I really enjoy that version. The song “Stars”  (once you take it completely out of context, of course) is one that I can see The Creature singing–esp. the whole works-righteousness/allusions to the fall of Lucifer/etc…wonderment + rage + with a hint of unhinged desperation… 

There are not a lot of his songs that match The Creature exactly but I’ll link the ones that come close. If you want to hear clearer vocals, there’s this rage-y song of angst (dat “coooold” tho)! And this one too (does not really match character or story AT ALL until maybe the last bit, but still). Oh, and this I can see TC singing–Beauty and the Beast, ya know! He was doing his “beast” voice for the whole performance which is why he sounds a little more shaky/etc..

The hilarious thing is that Mann has done such a variety of roles that occasionally I’ll stumble upon him singing a random comedic song and it gives the funniest mental images. I mean if this isn’t Daroga and Erik, I dunno what is.

Anyway, LONG ANSWER, sorry! Not sure how that translates to just voice acting and not singing…but imagine that voice but a soft-spoken, articulate talking version (maybe with a dignified accent) and that’s kind of what I envision?? *jazz hands* 

I was tagged by the awesome magical-arendelle to list 15 things that make me happy. Thank you for tagging me!

15 Things That Make Me Happy:

1. The sound of my cat purring.
2. The way Ella’s ballgown catches the light and shimmers.
3. The feeling of possibility and wonder I get when reading about something new and exciting, like quantem mechanics.
4. The feel of the rain on my skin.
5. Opening a brand new notebook that’s just waiting to be filled.
6. The feeling I get when my code finally comes together.
7. Mastering tough key changes in a song.
8. Cool, foggy mornings when the rest of the world is still asleep.
9. The look on my dog’s face when I arrive back home.
10. Twirling in a dress, and having the skirt spin out around me.
11. Staring up at the Disneyland castle and snapping a picture.
12. Applying cat-eye eyeliner perfectly.
13. Seeing the first few raindrops before the storm truly starts.
14. The feeling of awe at Disney’s new fireworks because they combine spatial augmented reality and Disney music and I don’t know which to get more excited about.
15. Staring up at the stars and feeling like anything’s possible.

I tag: falling-for-flynns-smolder christinedaae rapunzel-stole-a-nightfury guardianoftimespaceanddisney siphroseflame waltdisneysanimationstudio & any of my mutuals who would like to spread the positivity.