“It’s Story Time, come on, grab your friends! We’ll got to very distant lands! With Vine the App and Thomas the Human, the fun will never end, it’s Story Time!”

Yay for Thomas! He is literally one of the nicest people I know of, and hopefully one day I can meet him! He is like the real-life Denny Lachance of us all (if we were all Gordie), so I thought ‘hey why not, I haven’t drawn anything Adventure Time in awhile and I haven’t really drawn anything TS’ so here ya go! Honestly super proud of that header, too

Also to kinda make up for that horrid Saved By The Bell thing I put up yesterday hahaaaaaaaa

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Andrew wearing Neil's clothes :3 Please

  • the first time it happens no one notices
  • andrew buys most of neil’s clothes anyway, most of neil’s wardrobe looks suspiciously like andrew’s as it is
  • he’s still in his signature all-black, and if it’s slighter closer-cut and a bit long then no one notices
  • (that’s why andrew likes neil’s clothes better, anyway. the fit is better, and he occasionally gets a whiff of whatever sickly sweet shampoo neil is using that week)
  • (his favourite is the strawberry)
  • neil starts to notice after it happens a few times, but doesn’t deem it worth commenting on
  • he’s used to living in the same seven shirts anyway, what’s it to him to have a few shirts go missing?
  • it only becomes a Thing to neil when it starts to inconvenience them
  • one day, too early, someone comes into the dorm room and demands their presence for practice, or something else ridiculous
  • andrew rolls out of bed first and grabs neil’s shirt off the floor, glowering at anyone stupid enough to meet his gaze
  • neil gets out of bed next
  • and he doesn’t have clothes
  • “andrew-” but he’s gone
  • fine. he’ll go get out a new shirt. whatever.
  • (at practice, he launches a ball square at andrew’s chest in reprimand. andrew lets it hit just so neil will give up on it)
  • (neil does not give up on it. he files the issue for later.)
  • the team don’t notice that andrew is sharing neil’s closet until he turns up wearing a josten jersey instead of a minyard one
  • “we weren’t invited to the wedding?” dan says wryly
  • “no,” andrew says back
  • “his boxers have my name in the label too,” neil responds, patting nicky on the shoulder before he has an aneurism
  • “leaving your name in the label would be too sensible for you, neil,” matt calls
  • and that’s about the extent of their response
  • neil wants to get pissy about losing his clothes but as soon as he tries to bring it up, andrew throws a sweater at him
  • it’s andrew’s, and it’s loose if a little short
  • it’s also worn to the point of almost being threadbare, and clearly it’s not quite dark enough to suit andrew’s “all black” rule
  • neil fucking loves it
  • it’s clearly in his better interests to just steal andrew’s clothes back
  • (he does start writing his name in the label of his boxers though)
  • (but that’s just because it’s funny)
  • (he swears)

OC spotlight on Rylen Masuda! And Batman cameo! (sort of)

Anyway, Rylen is Kai’s best friend and former partner. He looks much younger than his age which gives him a bit of grief (“They still card me for R-rated movies!”). Loves games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. He and Kai also have an ongoing competition on who is better at what video games; so far, Kai excels at first-person shooters and Rylen slays in fighting games. Rylen’s actually a pretty intuitive guy which is probably why Kai feels so comfortable around him.

ok. lets talk about THAT.

first of all: I´m sorry for putting this on your dash

now that the initial nausea after watching this little scene has passed, lets see our scenarios:

case scenario #1:

The cop dude. in the scene it looks like a police station interrogation room. So that could be a hint. this is our worst case scenario. why? bc this could mean the boyfriend storyline is gonna be a little bit longer than anticipated… mainly bc this is a brand new character.

case scenario #2:

this hottie over here is gonna play Human Target. as we know his character will be Mayor Queen´s bodyguard in episode 5 (*caugh, Olicity episode,  caugh*). fortunately for us and the theory´s sake every male in Star City wear the same fucking jacket. Lets not forget this guy can take other´s ppl form. So I´m pretty sure he will look like Oliver at some point.

what about the Police Station? well… I don´t know… some shit is going down that episode so “Mayor Queen” aka Human Target might need to go to the police or something. So it can be absolutely possible that Felicity kiss him thinking is Oliver.

what about the loft scene in the premiere? well the kiss we just saw is clearly not from episode 1 bc that is not the loft.

so call me crazy motherfucker but I still think we know Felicity´s bf.

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(also putting that kiss that is not from the premiere is genious if they wanna mislead us about who is with her in the loft in episode 1.)

Random headcanon

Joker doesn’t like giving Harley his coat because she always leaves a bunch of empty candy wrappers in the pockets (but he always gives it to her anyway because she looks all pathetic when she’s cold)

BTS reaction: you looking at gifs of them and smiling

Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin:

He would probably smile at you when you aren’t looking. He would just be so happy that simply seeing him on the screen of your phone could make you so happy. But as soon as you turn to look at him, he will just go “of course you would smile when looking at me. I mean, who wouldn’t? I’m gorgeous.”. But then he will probably give you a quick peck on the cheek and tell you how cute you are.

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Suga/Min Yoongi:

He would have no clue on how to react. Like, he would be so happy and feel very loved in that moment, and he just wouldn’t quite know what to do with all of those emotions. So, he would probably do or say something a bit sassy. Like, “jagi, why are you looking at me on your phone, when you can look at the real deal right in front of you?”. But, once he gets the chance, he will walk of and try to turn some of his feelings into a few lyrics for future songs.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:

He would probably come up and hug you from behind, both as a reminder that you’ve got the real thing right there and also because he would get hit of one of those intense waves of affection where he just has to hug and/or kiss you.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

He would smile at you, but not make his presence known. Like, he would stop in his tracks for a few seconds, and just smile at you and feel very appreciated. But then he would continue with whatever he was doing and not let on that he had seen it. Simply because he wouldn’t want you to feel embarrassed, and maybe stop doing small things like that. Because he really liked seeing it.

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

He’d be like Namjoon in the sense that he wouldn’t really want you to know that he had seen you do that, just in case you would get embarrassed. But, he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself like Nams. So he would just end up giggling and go and hug you. But afterwards he’d try to cover it up by acting slightly cocky, like “I know I’m cute, but believe me, my cuteness is even better irl.”.

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V/Kim Taehyung:

He would so try to get your attention. Why look at gifs when you’ve got the real him right in front of you? And he’d probably do it by being clingy and whiny. “Jagi~~~~Look at me instead. I’m here right now. You can look at those gifs and smile and be cute when I’m on tour. But now I want you to smile and be cute at the real me.”.

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Plz ignore Yoongz

Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk:

He’d also low-key (high-key) want you to pay attention to the real him. Mainly because he wants to see that smile directed at him. Technically, it’s directed at him anyways, but it’s not the same. So he will probably try and look at the gif that was making you smile, and then try to somewhat imitate it. Like, if you were looking at a gif of him acting cute, he would sit down next to you and try his best to look cuter than ever before.

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A World Without Color: McSpirk Soul Mates AU

For as long as I could remember, I saw the world in shades of gray. While everyone else saw different colors and hues, I guess I had accepted that I just never would. 

My whole life had been in black and white, yet when I met him I saw colors for the first time. It scared the hell out of me and intrigued me all the same. I couldn’t stop looking at his eyes. So that was what blue looked like.

Who was he to come in and change everything I knew? Just who the hell did he think he was? Yet when I got frustrated, he’d just smile and I often wondered how he saw me through those blue eyes…I quite liked that color.

Then another one came along and I could see him just as the first. Such colors amongst the sea of gray. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and yet he was like a breath of fresh air.

Who were they and why in a world without color and after all this time, could I see them clearly? Them and only them.

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Okay but we all know after cartman sees Heidi’s vagina he’s going to come to terms with his gayness because until now he hasn’t really had any experience with girls at all (but he’s had plenty with boys).
Like imagine it “what the fuck there’s no balls that’s so disturbing and unnatural. Why does it look like a pugs slobbering mouth what the fuck why were all the boys loosing their shit when they got dumped like I would be relieved Jesus fucking Christ.”

Zen x MC : Say Cheese

You sit in the comfortable chair watching Zen pose over and over. A smile to a flat stare to a flamboyant stride; he was so flexible. His grin was luminous; even more so with the bright lights dancing off his dazzling skin and his stunning teeth. His muscles gleamed under the heavy lighting. Working out every day had really paid off. You were awestruck.

A flash and then another for two hours. You were blinded by his beauty and the constant pictures. You didn’t notice him walking to you until his scent wafted into your face almost knocking you back dizzy.

“Hey,” he grins that beautiful smile,“did you like the shoot?” He gripped your shoulders kissing your forehead. You turn and hand him a water smiling back at him.

“Of course I did! I was amazed at how easy you made it look.“A sheepish grin seared a hot blush across your cheeks. Zen kissed your cheek and laughed.

“Why don’t you try?” His earnest smile made your heart skip a beat.

“I..I couldn’t..” you stutter through a rejection,“I wouldn’t be as wonderful as you.” Flustered and heated you look at the floor.

Stern and determined Zen lifted your chin and looked straight into your eyes. “You’re beautiful. These cameras would be so fortunate to be gracee with your image.” He jumped with an idea. “C'mon.” He pulled you out of your seat walking you up to the photographer.

Before you could protest he squeezed your hand and spoke. “Excuse me, I would like to take some of the shots with her.” He nods to you. “If not, just a few of her would be fine.”

The photographer looked you up and down and glanced back at Zen. “Ahm…okay. None of these shots are official and you will have to pay for them.”

Zen didn’t hesitate to say of course and brandish his badge of being the best boyfriend, but you couldn’t let him buy this. “Zen, it’s fine. Really. I get it.”

He turns to you and almost irritated. “No you don’t see how gorgeous you are and I want you to see. Don’t worry about me paying for it.” His smile melted your heart and you missed it when he turned away to continue talking to the photographer. Within moments, you could feel the air grow lighter with Zen’s happiness.

The people in charge of clothes and makeup were beckoned swooping in and whisking you away from the smiling Zen. You stutter a wait reaching out to him, but he simply waves grinning ear to ear.

A blur of bustling bodies and fabric raced kn front of you. Sitting still and allowing them to dress you like a doll, you couldn’t help but smile to yourself thinking of his smile and the way he will look at you when this iz done. You didn’t need blush. Your face was already aglow with a red hue.


They posed you in front of the green screen commanding your body to lift here and stretch there. Beyond the brightness behind the camera, you could see the faint outline of Zen watching you. Embarassed, you turn your head and drop your shoulder exposing the smooth curve of your shoulder. The photographer snapped several shots as if applauding your choice.

Zen walked through the haze and stood beside you and whispered in your ear. “Stand up straight.” He squared his shoulders, lifted his chin and gazed straight into the camera. No longer was he Zen; he was a prince. He rested his palm on your shoulder. The camera snapped again several times.

“Now smile.” You blare your brightest smile with Zen hoping you were just as beautiful. He laughed watching you try so hard.

“Be yourself.” You didn’t know how to pose for that. He turned you around placing one hand on your hip and the other on your cheek. He cradles your face as though it were precious melting away your surroundings. You didn’t hear the camera snap lost in the sound of your heartbeat in your head and the blood in your ears. You didn’t see the photographer put away his camera done with the shoot. You didn’t feel the warm glow of the lights dimming to normal. Every sense you had was dedicated to Zen.

“Thank you.” A tear slid down your cheek as Zen pulled you in for a tender kiss that stole all of your air and revived you all the same. This must be what love feels like.


I made fluff instead of smut but I hope you guys still like it. I’m working really hard on requests. I’m sorry.

Listen to your heart?

Why, my soul, are you downcast?
   Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
   for I will yet praise him,
   my Savior and my God. (Psalm 43: 5)

I know you’ve heard it before, in every Disney movie but to a Christian this isn’t often very good advice. Our hearts are small and stoney; they’re not reliable like God is. On a good day listening to your heart doesn’t sound so bad but on a bad day listening to your heart just might break it. Just look at the Psalms. There are many Psalms where David is down in the dumps because he is listening to his heart rather than listening to God. Above is a powerful passage from Psalm 43 where David listened to his heart rather than God and all he heard was the measure of his heart, how he felt because of his actions, all he heard from his heart was: unworthy, alone, abandoned, sinful, how could God not reject you? 

 David begins to believe his guilt-ridden heart and his soul becomes downcast yet still something in David says No! It isn’t true! You’ve probably felt that voice too, on those dark nights when your heart cruelly reminds you of all your failures and shortcomings. A small voice screaming from within: Why is my soul forlorn? Why does my being cry out when I am so adored by the Most High? When I have been lifted up by the Holy of Holies? When I have been saved by the One True King? Why are you cast low my soul when you have been bought with the blood of Christ? 

Stop listening to your heart. Start listening to the Truth. Put your hope in God not your heart because regardless of how you feel God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He loves you the exact same incalculable amount He did on that day when you were amazing and did everything right on the days were you can’t win for losing and your heart has nothing but shame. Unlike our stone hearts God never changes His mind, His heart is pure and always true. Listen to His heart for you and find the truth. 

19 This is how we know that we belong to the truth and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence: 20 If our hearts condemn us, we know that God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything. (1 John 3: 19-20)

-31 Women (Nan)

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Harry taking your innocence on your honeymoon and you're all shy the next day and that little puce of shit he will tease you about it then would say something like 'you know you enjoyed as much as I did' you can't help but blush even more.........

You don’t know why you’re blushing. He is, after all, your husband; he’s allowed to see you naked. Plus, beyond that, he’s also Harry and he’s the person you’ve been in love with and trusted for the past three years of your life.

But you’re blushing.

It was the look he gave you when you walked into the kitchen dressed in only panties and one of Harry’s shirts. He was making breakfast at the counter in a low-riding pair of sweats and you could see some of the evidence of last night’s activities on his back.

When he saw you though, he dropped everything and gave you a grin.

“Mornin’, missus.”

He strode over to give you a kiss, and held it a bit longer than he normally would have. It was still hard to believe that you were married; the wedding itself was a blur but the wedding night definitely was not.

Harry had been every inch a gentlemen because he knew how important that night was for you. He was the first - and hopefully only - man to see you in such an intimate and vulnerable state and he didn’t take that lightly.

The night was all about you; how good could he make you feel? 

You had nothing to compare it to, of course, but you were fairly certain that Harry was the best lover on the planet.

“Like you in that shirt,” Harry purred, snapping you out of your trance as he ran his fingers underneath the hem, skimming the skin of your belly, “How are you feelin’?”

“A little sore,” you admitted, “but I’m okay.”

“Enjoyed yourself though?”

You immediately ducked your head as the blush spread across your face once again. The smirk he was giving you wasn’t helping.

“Yeah,” you replied, shyly.

“Hey,” Harry said, lifting your chin to meet his gaze, “you don’t have to be embarrassed, love. You’re supposed to enjoy it, that’s the point. ‘Sides, the way you were clawing at my back, I’d say you enjoyed it just as much as I did, if not more.”

You playfully hit his stomach and he laughed, turning back to the counter.

“Now, what would my beautiful wife like for breakfast?”

You could get used to this.

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Okay but zayn always looks like he's been photoshopped into the photos with Gigi. Like they look like they have had different filters on both. Also why would you make a tropical paradise photo black and white unless you had something to hide

Zayn’s body is missing under gigi’s arm 👀

Honestly I was trying to figure out how exactly I felt about this photo, and the only emotion I could muster was true joy for the Kraft mac & cheese I was eating. Other than that, the photo came across my dash and this was pretty much me:

Two things I’m 3.74%  curious about here:

1) Why is this photo in black and white? I’m not saying that automatically means it was photoshopped (but it probably means it was photoshopped). 

2) Why was the caption changed by the SMM twice? First time read:

gigihadid: take us back 🌴🌴🌴

And now, it’s:

gigihadid: 🌴🌴🌴

I guess the intern determined it would look more RayL™ and Authentic™ to have just palm tree emojis convey the true longing for their island promotional opportunity vacation. For whatever as yet to be revealed reason, Zigi needs to look like a cohesive brand and a Real Life Couple™. It’s about 6 months too late for that since the media pretty much dragged and exposed them immediately, but now we’re at a place where Zigi needs to look as real as possible (still only when it’s promotionally advantageous though!), and I’m guessing there’s some kind of business deal behind that, whether it be a brand campaign or capsule collection.

Zigi is a bearding, but it’s also meant to be a business, so just be ready with whatever accompanying snacks you need when the reason behind getting trout slapped with Zigi reveals itself. It’s worth reminding you guys that Tommy Hilfiger is announcing a new phase of TommyxGigith in a few weeks (October).  

highwarlok replied to your post “it’s funny how everybody complains about alec’s eyes not being blue…”

he’s gotta be a carbon copy of will for magnus to love him that’s why

lmao now i hope we see will in some flashback or something and he doesn’t have the whole blue eyes/black hair combo just to piss everyone off. sure, i guess he could look like alec, but i’m totally cool with him having blonde hair and green eyes. just take this whole thing a step further. 

Munakata: “Damn. This kid is so smol.” “No. I have no interest in men.””He probably wouldn’t be interested since I basically tried to kill him this entire time.”

Makoto: “Why is Munakata-san looking at me like that?” “Is he okay?” “I never really noticed it much, but he’s kind of handsome up close.”

Munakata: “Fuck. Don’t look at me like that!” “You’re making me question things.”

Me: “I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can sense some shipping potential right here.”

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Oh god SexClub!Tom is about to find his way into the Chem universe.  Can you say Oh Shit with me?

“Tell me first, why did you choose me?  Of all the pretty young boys we have out there…”

“You remind me of someone.”

He grinned, though it was closer to a smirk and the predatory edge seemed almost shark like as he tilted his head, his curiosity piqued.

“Oh?  Who would that be?”

The woman looked at him, at his handsome face, weathered with adulthood and etched with memories that were probably better left in the dark, and wondered if Tommy would look like this when he was older.  "The grown up version of a boy I once knew.“

This looks like Greg is gonna save the day by playing some sick tunes on a flute, which honestly would be pretty cool.

Oh, so he can actually activate the transportalizer with that thing? That seems like a much better use and now I understand why the gems might have that thing around.

It’s nice that Greg will probably save the day though, so at least there’s that.