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Words: 978

Genre: Full on smut, do not read if you are pure, dom!Jungkook, teacher!Jungkook, student!reader

Summary: Y/N gets caught talking in class

Request: anonymous

A/N: The 2nd smut I’ve written that was requested rather than me just adding it in because I felt like it! I hope you enjoy, and don’t hesitate to tell me if I need to fix anything! ~Admin Unnie

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“Why is he so attractive?” I turn to look at my best friend who was looking at our college professor. Now he wasn’t the typical, old professor. He’s working part time with the school while he goes through grad school, so he’s very close to our age. So it’s not weird that she’s ogling him.

“Why aren’t you paying attention in class?” I ask her. “Is your plan to fail this class so you have to take it again next semester?”

“Yes.” She says, no hint of a joke on her face.

“What if he’s not teaching this class next semester?”

“Ms. Y/L/N! Why are you talking during my class?” I look up and meet Mr. Jeon’s gaze. “Well, according to the clock, it’s time for you guys to go anyway. Ms. Y/L/N, if you could stay after class so I can speak with you.”

I took my time putting my books away as my classmates rushed to leave. “You are so lucky to get to stay after with him. I’m so envious.” My best friend says as she left the room.

“Care to explain why you were talking during my class?” Mr. Jeon asks as I walked up to his desk.

“I was answering y/bf/n’s question, sir.” I answer as I lean against the wooden surface.

“And may I ask what was so important that you had to answer it right then?”

“She wanted to know why you were so attractive.” I say, not bothering to lie or beat around the bush.

“And what did you tell her?” He asks while smirking at me, leaning closer.

“Well I definitely didn’t tell her why I find you attractive.” I look up at him innocently.

He smirks again and walks over to the door. “It’s a very good thing neither you nor I have a class right now.”

“And why is that?” I ask just as he turns the lock.

“Because I believe a punishment is in order.” That’s right, I’m fucking my professor.

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And then, just a point. Where is the gentlemen, asking the question before to Valtteri? What was your name again? I’d recommend you to travel to Finland and then you will find out that people… the culture is different, so I think he looks full of joy today! I’ve been there many times. It’s definitely worth a trip. It’s a beautiful country, very nice people.

Sebastian Vettel, when Patrick Wedes from Otomotif asked Valtteri why doesn’t he look happy.

Like I said, let’s make him the ambassador of Finland

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We all give Kara grief for being so obvious with her identity, but Alex is definitely worse, at least at the DEO, because you know she's got a clamshell picture frame on her desk, Kara dressed up for her first day at CatCo on one side, early Supergirl victory pose on the other, and whenever J'onn tries to say something, Alex just gives him a look like "Am I not allowed to be proud of my sister now?" and he walks away, because he keeps pictures of the both of them in his wallet.

because he keeps pictures of both of them in his wallet.

i paused the video at this moment and it’s amazing so i’ll break it down for you because why not:

at first we have j-hope and jin looking like those aunts at family reunions who are waiting for you to spill the tea but once you do, they’ll be judging you hardcore


then we have namjoon proving once more he’s born to be a leader as he talks English as if it was his native language and his kids tae and kookie looking at him suspiciously because he uses words like “contemporary characteristic” and “transcend”

and last but not least there’s my love yoongi being.. yoongi aka asleep and adorable af

Kink: Oversensitivity

Request:  4. Him being either sensitised due to the serum or a virgin or just more sensitive because he hasn’t ‘gotten any’ in 70+

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

A/N: You know the drill guys, this is complete filth. NSFW.

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I wish I had a better excuse as to why I’m standing outside Bucky’s bedroom at 10 o’clock at night other than I need a sleeping partner because I’m a coward, that and I just had a nightmare. I wasn’t expecting to see Bucky standing, completely naked, leaning against his bedroom wall, a shear layer of sweat covering his incredibly beautiful, naked body. He just recently got a make over, as to help him let go of his Hydra past. He shaved and cut his hair, almost like it was back before the war. He looks like a reborn man, and let me tell you he’s fucking gorgeous. His back is pressed against the wall, his head craned back, his eyes squeezed shut, lip pulled between his teeth. His cock in his metal hand, a slow rhythm, stroking up and down, his other hand holding the base. I don’t know why I’m standing here,  watching a very intimate, private moment. But I can’t look away. I want to watch more.. 

I guess I should have known better than to try to sneak up on him, he WAS the Winter Soldier after all.

“You just gonna stand there and watch me jack off, doll? Or are you gonna help me get there?” My breath hitches in my throat, I should have known he would know I was there.

Slowly coming out of the shadows, and fiddling with my fingers. Embarrassed for having gotten caught spying on him. He chuckles.

“Don’t be embarrassed, doll.” I walk over to him, a sly smirk making its way to my face. Still stroking himself, slowly, he brings his other hand up and cups my face, bringing my mouth to his. He moans as he pulls away from my mouth.

“Fuck you taste good doll…I wonder if your cunt tastes just as good.” His dirty words trigger something in my brain, and confidence takes over my brain. I kiss this time, tangling my hands in his hair, while listening to the sound of him stroking his cock. Soon after, he stops and gently pushes me down on my knees.

“It’s not gonna suck itself, doll.” I bite my lip and stroke him a few times before spitting on his cock, lubricating it just a little more. The second my lips make contact with his cock, he jerks off the wall, grabbing my head with both his hands and gasps. Pulling away, I look up into his eyes, scared I’d hurt him, and I hadn’t even done anything.

“Are you okay, Buck?” He groans, biting his lip.

“Y-Yeah, doll. It’s just been so long since I’ve had a woman on her knees in front of me. Be easy, I don’t want to cum all over that pretty little face too soon.” He drags his thumb down my cheek.

Going easy on him, just sucking the tip into my mouth, flipping my tongue back and forth around his cock. He groans, pulling my hair and me away from his cock.

“I need to be inside you, doll.” I stand up, and he strips me of my clothes, except my panties, pulling them to the side. He rubs himself up and down my soaked cunt.

“Are you ready for me, doll?” I just nod, biting my lip. Too turned on to speak.

He runs his thumbs around my hips.

“Words, doll. I need to hear you speak.”

“Y-Yes, Bucky..please, I need you..please fuck me.” He makes a deep groan sound in his throat before gently sliding himself inside me.

“Fuuuuuuck, (Y/N).” He slides all the way in, until he’s buried to the hilt. Stilling, he gives me time to adjust to his size, or to keep himself from cuming, I’m not sure. Maybe both.

He gets a rough, fast pace once he gets ahold of himself, grunting, groaning, moaning and gasping in my ear, reaching around me and grasping my breast.

“Fuck fuck FUCK. God your cunt is so fucking tight. Unnngh I-I’m gonna cum…”

“M-Me too, Buck…” After bringing me to my orgasm, he rubs my clit furiously to help me ride it out. Dropping to my knees, he strokes his cock furiously , pushing himself to his orgasm. Grabbing my face in his right hand, he hold my head still as he spills his cum all over my face.

“Fuuuck, dollface…you look so beautiful covered in my hot cum.”

After the evening’s festivities, we lay in his bed, under the covers. Wrapped in his arms, he presses a kiss to my forehead.

“I’m sorry, doll. I know it wasn’t the greatest, it’s just been so long and I’m way over sensitive right now…” I press a kiss to his jawline.

“Don’t be sorry, Bucky. To be honest, it was the best I’ve ever had…and I’m not kidding.” He chuckles again.

“Don’t get too comfortable doll, it may have been a while, but the serum gives me higher stamina, and I’m not done with you yet..” My my, I’ll be sore for quite sometime…

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What do you think that Touka and Kaneki's plot line will lead up to?

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…Or so we can hope ;)

But in all seriousness, Kaneki did promise to talk with Touka after the Lab Raid, and I get the feeling this is going to happen in Chapter 120, with 118 and 119 dealing with events in the CCG and Akiramon. Why 120? Well, we just had a parallel to the original series’ Kanou’s Lab arc, and a second Anteiku raid has been set up with Takeomi - what major moment between Kaneki and Touka happened between those two arcs in the first manga? 

The confrontation on the bridge in Chapter 120. So mark the 8th April on your calendars, everyone.

Now that they’re both roughly in the same place on the Ghoul/Human spectrum, effective communication between the two of them is looking more and more likely. Kaneki has never been a very open person - Hide was about the only person he opened up to, and that stopped completely when he became a Ghoul. But that’s a trait he and Touka share. She hated for people to see her insecurities and weaknesses, so she covered it up with aggression in an overt display of strength. 

But given how they’ve both matured, I think this conversation will go very differently from the last one. The Amon/Touka conversation we had last chapter hints through Amon at the reason for Kaneki’s own reluctance to talk, but when the talk happens he might be finally convinced to open up about all of the fear, guilt and self-doubt he’s been harbouring. As for Touka, she’ll talk about being left behind by Arata and Ayato and express her will to fight alongside him instead of being protected all the time. Romantic or not, (and given all the sudden canonisations of ships in the latest arc, I’m actually pretty confident in the former), Kaneki and Touka will leave the encounter closer and with clearer consciences. The last encounter ended dramatically with a fight - to mirror that, I think this time around we might get a hug at the very least.

But themes and characters aside, how does this tie into the main plot? Because in the upcoming CCG raid on :re, Touka will be placed in severe danger. Kaneki failed to save the old manager, but will he be able to save the new one? Having finally reached a mutual understanding with her, just like he did with Yoshimura by hearing his story, the stakes will be all the higher. Kaneki and Touka themselves make a nice little parallel for Kuzen and Ukina too - a ghoul and a human who met at a coffee shop and became entangled in each other’s worlds.

The raid on :re will be a delicious opportunity for tragedy for Ishida, and that art with Touka in funereal clothes with Kaneki’s mask leaves me more than a little wary for our main’s safety. However, I see :re as Kaneki being given a chance by the author to do his story again, and to make sure that it’s not a tragedy this time around - a :rewrite, if you will. He’s already made a lot of mistakes on the way but I think we ought to have faith, as Touka did, that he will always be able to return to Anteiku.


This is exactly why Betta fish NEED a minimum of 2.5 gallons that is filtered and heated to 77-82 degrees. On the left is a Betta I fell in love with and came back 3 weeks later to find him still sitting on the shelf in his small cup. I bought him only to find out that he is a Half Moon Dragonscale. On the right is a picture of what he is supposed to look like. Prolonged exposure to 1/3 gallon confinements, unfiltered water, and unheated water will do this to your Betta. Fin rot this severe is extremely painful for them and inables them to swim properly. It would be as if someone cut off your legs and shoved you in a small room with no ventilation. Bettas cannot replicate their natural habitats themselves and it is up to us as responsible owners to do it for them. Please research your Bettas before putting them in unfit conditions, because letting your captive fish sit in their own ammonia for weeks at a time is cruel and unnatural.

I feel so attacked rn. The kid I’m babysitting just called me a ‘dead person’ because I have to dye things for my art project and it has stained my nails and hands blue and hes just being so savage to me. Like I made him his dinner and he just said 'i can’t accept food from a DEAD PERSON!’ and it was all banter and I said “I’ve always been dead Mathew” and he just said “I figured since you have to make yourself look alive every morning by painting your face” and i just sat opposite him so shook from this 6 year old boy saying these things to me like??? I was never this savage?? Why are you so horrible to me Mathew, why.

It started when, in his distress and desire to escape the Manor, his mother, and everything magical, Draco had started taking frequent, and increasingly random trips into Muggle London. At first, it was absolutely terrifying. He could write a comedy of errors on all his mishaps and faux pas.  But then, it became a thing that he did, just for his enjoyment. He’s never spoken to anyone about it, not even Greg.

On Friday nights he goes to the same gay club he practically stumbled into once when he was bored and looking for something to do. The first time he was there, he was overwhelmed. He didn’t know places existed where men like him could simply get drunk and fuck each other. He didn’t know about strobe lights, or DJs. He didn’t know how easy it was to get fucked. But he learned pretty fast.

On Wednesdays he goes to IKEA. He has no idea why, just that the place fascinates him. On Sundays he goes to the park. Any park. He wanders. He sits. He looks. Muggles still fascinate him. Occasionally they still frighten him. Not that he’d admit that to anyone.’
—  Just One of Those Things by Kedavranox

What I say: I’m fine

What I mean: how are they gonna introduce Lloyd’s new VA??? Are they just gonna like… He wakes up one day and his voice has dropped two octaves or something??? Why did they all of a sudden decide to do it??? I thought Tommy said they were ageless??? Is Jillian gonna be able to have anything else to do with the show??? Are they gonna change how Lloyd looks too??? Does he finally get to deal with his emotional trauma??? Does this mean the other ninja will get older too??? Will he attain more leadership qualities???

No Happy Endings | Wonho [M]

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Warnings: Strong language, sexual suggestiveness. (no actual smut scene yet)

word count: 2,489

 “I don’t think I have ever been so graphically threatened a day in my life,” Hoseok says clutching his heart.                                   

Part 2: Eating out, and eating out. Because apparently there’s a difference.

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Garcia’s Helper (SR)


Hi! I was wondering if it’s not to much trouble if I could get a imagine involving SpencerXReader. Idea: she works with Garcia and has a friendship like morgan and her but with Reid and they have nicknames and they are very very close and live together. And everyone hopes they’ll get together because they are so close and are the babies of the group. You can decide to keep it a friendship or make it more(: Thank You💗

Warnings: None (Not edited)

your pov:

“Hey doll face.” I heard Spencer say from across the room. I smiled and walked towards him giving him a small hug. “Why did you leave without me this morning?” He asked looking slightly offended. “Spence I’ve been here all night. I didn’t leave without you.” I said giggling. “What? Why not, I could’ve sworn you came in.” He said walking with me to the coffee machine. I smiled and shook my head. “Penelope needed help last night, I stayed.” I told him pouring some half and half in my coffee. “I need to talk to that women, she keeps you here too much.” He told me strutting off to her office. “Garcia, you have been keeping her here too late.” He said complaining to his co-worker. “Sorry sugar plum, she offered.” She said tapping Reid on the nose with her feathery pen. He turned around and stared at me with his hand over his heart. “I’m hurt, you didn’t want to come home and see me.” He said fake wiping away tears. I giggled and opened the door, “Spence you have work to be doing and so do I, I’ll come home tonight and see you.” I told him escorting him out. 

“You guys are so cute. I hope you guys get together.” The one and only miss Garcia stated, twirling a piece of hair around. “Come on Pen, you know we are just friends.” I told her pulling a chair up to my desk. “I know what just friends looks like. Just friends doesn’t look like that.” She said wiggling her eyebrows. “Then what do you call yours and Derek’s relationship then? Married?” I said snorting. “Ha-ha very funny.” She said whipping back to her monitor. “Our relationship is different.” She stated pursing her lips. “How so?” I asked back. “We don’t live together.” She said giving me a wicked smile. I rolled my eyes turing back to my screen to get the mountain of paper work done. 

By the end of the day I was tired and almost done with the paper work. My body ached and my mind was shut down completely. I laid my head on my desk closing my eyes. I sighed and yawned feeling my body relax. “Hey Garcia.” I heard Spencer say as he entered the room. “Hey lover boy.” Garcia answered back. “Lover boy?” He asked, “Yeah, you and Y/N love each other it’s obvious.” She told him. “What no we don’t.” He said in a high hushed voice. “Yeah okay lover boy.” She said laughing. “How long has she been asleep?” He asked. I felt him come closer to my side. He placed a hand on my back, rubbing his thumb in circles over the fabric. “Only a few minutes.” She answered him. I felt him poke my side and lift up my hand dropping it back down on the desk. “Y/N wake up.” He said shaking my shoulder. I groaned and pushed him away from my body. “I’m too lazy to move.” I said resting my head on my hand making me stay up. “Come on, I’ll drive us home. You can get your car tomorrow.” He told me, taking my upper arm and pushing me up on my feet. “Okay, okay. Let me grab my purse.” He held it up in his hands placing a hand on my back. “I already got it.” He said quietly in my ear. I shivered feeling the warm breath on my neck. 

I climbed into the passenger seat buckling myself in. I closed my eyes trying to get some sleep. The feelings swirling in my head gave me a headache. Do I love him? Do I want to be with him? I mean we live together but we’ve never talked about getting romantically involved with each other. I curled my hands around myself making myself feel secure. 

“Hey Y/N, we’re home.” I heard Spencer say. I groaned and stretched out my arms and yawned. “Will you carry me. I’m too tired.” I said pouting looking over at him. His tired eyes softened. “Alright angel face.” He said getting out of the car coming around to my side. He opened my door and held my waist as I wrapped my legs around his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and snuggled into his neck breathing in his scent. “You’re such a baby.” He said laughing. I shrugged my shoulders, “Eh. I’m not complaining. You’re carrying me.” I said smiling into his neck. His chest vibrated as he laughed. “I guess that’s true.” He unlocked the front door and placed me on the floor. “I didn’t want to be put down.” I said whining. He playfully rolled his eyes and set his keys and shoulder bag down. “Come on sleepy head.” He said lifting my knees up in one arm holding onto my back with the other. I hooked my arms around his neck. “Spencer I like you.” I said snuggling into his neck. He laughed, “I’d hope so, we’re living together.” I laughed and shook my head as he sat me down on my bed. “No Spencer, I mean I like like you.” I told him fiddling with my hands. The blush flushed over my cheeks making me hot. He pushed me back on the bed and kissed my lips gently, but passionately. “God I’ve been waiting to do that.” 

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If Sony/Syco was never going to let Louis promote JHO on his social media, why then did they even allow him to record it with Steve?

Maybe because that’s not something they had control over?  To me it looks as though the restriction on his social media is very specific, something like “artist shall not promote or endorse by direct mention any unapproved artist or work including, but not limited to, his own or other Sony client.”

Or maybe that’s connected to Triple Strings. Instead of “artist” the language reads “no Syco affiliate label owner shall directly promote or endorse…”

So he can like things or indirectly promote (like a retweet), but not do anything directly. But whatever the contract is, it’s not preventing him from collaborating with other artists.

It’s just a guess, but I suspect it’s along those lines.

no but do you ever think that Will falls asleep on Mike’s arm while watching a movie together

and Mike’s arm is all tingly and numb and he wants to move it so damn badly because it’s so uncomfortable

but then he just looks over at Will, fast asleep and peaceful for the first time in ages, still smelling like peppermint toothpaste and his pajamas having the faintest hint of cigarette smoke from Joyce’s smoking habit, his hair falling slightly in his eyes, his chest rising and falling gently with the waves of sleep, and Mike can’t do it. He can’t move, because why would he ever risk disturbing such a beautiful sight as this?

so he turns a bit and hugs Will to his chest very carefully, and it’s a win-win for them both. Mike, because his arm is no longer asleep as badly and he gets to hold Will, and Will doesn’t suffer any nightmares that night for the first time in /months/.


yes you

are you a keen fanfiction writer or role-player in the yuri on ice community???

are you looking for somewhere to manifest your complete obsession over gay skate boys???

do you enjoy watching world-class figure skaters make fools of themselves while katsuki yuuri looks into the camera like he’s on the office??????


set after the barcelona gpf, the detroit sports academy is a closed RP group where yoi enthusiasts can come together to RP and write as their favourite characters from the series in all sorts of adventures

you want drama??? sure thing. debauchery??? why not. dogs???


with full rein over your character you’ll have the opportunity to shape them however you want - from their chances of success during in-house skating competitions to their relationships with others

who knows you might even get your otp canon

a whole host of your FAVE characters are still available, including:

Phichit Chulanont
Leo de la Inglesia
Guang-Hong Ji
Georgi Popovich
Sara & Michele Crispino


rules, audition process, character listings, event announcements and other goodness is all available on our lovely tumblr blog for you to peruse at your leisure - but if you have any other questions our admins are READY TO TAKE YOUR CALL

(i mean message we don’t have phones i’m sorry)

come on you know you want to

you know you want to you beautiful disaster