why he is like this?!?

yes Jackson you are a lot of people bias 

and many loves you including me 

don’t say things like this …

tbh when i watched the clip it felt like isak realized that even might hurt himself and thats why he suddenly rushed to get to him and in this gif you can literally feel the sigh of relief and the strength in that hug and tarjeis face just looks so filled with underlying emotion and fuck this clip was so powerful i love it


Goryeo’s Best Dressed: 13th Prince, Baek Ah

She would compare his eyes to the ocean,
and I never understood why,
his eyes weren’t blue when I loved him.

They were miniature galaxies,
I saw his soul, his hurt, his happiness, his fears -
Everything he tried to hide would come out through his eyes,
light beams that would hit me - and with one gaze at each other
there was no doubt, with one look, our love hit each other like a shooting star,
stardust was illuminating our veins, our hearts beating in sync.
If we ever got lost, we would just look into each other’s stars - always finding our way back home.

You say his eyes are blue like the sea?
Endless possibilities?
His eyes are blue because he looks at you and misses me.

Dean and Cas are having a lover’s spat of some sort

What is going on between Dean and Cas the past couple of episodes? Dean seemed okay when he found out that Cas had hooked up with Crowley in 12.04. The phone call was cordial enough and the two of them seem in constant contact this time unlike the past few times Cas has disappeared on his own thing. (warning: Long post with plenty of gifs)  

By 12.07 though, something seems to have happened. Dean’s being unnecessarily and uncharacteristically picky about Cas’s clothes, and that was the first thing he said. (below gifs credit to @mishasminions)

Not even a hello or anything. Cas doesn’t seem to get why Dean’s pissed as he’s clearly surprised for a second (and even looks around) before responding while Sam’s trying to defend him.

This has elements of an argument over another argument feel for me. Like for example when my husband grumbles about me leaving a cupboard door half-open when he actually means something quite different. So we keep fighting over the superficial things but we both know that’s not exactly what we’re fighting about.

Even later, there’s some tension between them, like here for example.  

Dean’s changed into fancy new clothes after Cas’s criticism of them, Cas notices in the first gif but says nothing. His expression on gif 3 is also quite pissed. Sure he’s disappointed that his lead didn’t work out, but there’s something more than that in that interaction.

Anyway, this seems to have continued over to this episode. They just can’t seem to stop sniping at each other.

Dean’s unnecessarily annoyance at Cas and Crowley being at the mortuary. Cas registers Dean’s reaction and he’s not confused by it, he’s just angry. Even Sam seems to know something’s up, judging by his exasperated Dean! face. (below gifs credit to @yourfavoritedirector)

And throughout the episode there are these little verbal volleys-

But whatever be the underlying argument, the deep care and love is still there.

(above gifs credit to @constiellation and @codestielckles)

I mean at the car Dean didn’t need to do that. Cas can’t be hurt, but he still has a hand out trying to keep him behind.

I think they had some sort of disagreement between 12x04 and 12x07 and it’s just been ongoing because they haven’t had the time to fuck talk to each other and resolve it yet. Oh well, a dramatic rescue from Mom and Husband next episode will do the trick.

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How do u feel about kageyama tobio???

To properly answer this question, let me first list some Kageyama Facts:

  • bad tempered
  • expresses emotions poorly
  • what is smiling? he doesn’t know
  • angry eyebrows
  • looks cool and aloof
  • is actually uncool and zoning out
  • frightens small children/animals
  • he is the King of the Court
  • never laughs at people’s jokes
  • setter soul
  • thinks sunglasses + hat = incognito
  • troubled, angsty past
  • terrible at giving compliments
  • probably likes the color blue
  • a real goody two shoes
  • who is cutting this kid’s hair
  • why does he love milk so much
  • tells ppl he will make them “invincible” ??? lol ok buddy
  • awkward high five giver
  • possibly Too Into the sport of volleyball
  • limited insult vocabulary
  • sleeps through class
  • head shape is excessively round
  • very little concept of Indoor Voice
  • needs to chill
  • tall
  • is a perennial flowering plant with indigo-colored berries from the section Cyanococcus within the genus Vaccinium
  • in love with tiny red-haired similarly volleyball obsessed partner

Conclusion: 11/10, would highly recommend to friends, family, entire world

The new Spider-man trailer was actually pretty boring to me, with way to much Tony Stark in it. And it left me wanting Miles Morales. 

Think about it, we have a legitimate new spin on Spider-man by presenting Miles over Peter. We could bring back Nick Fury into the fold by him mentoring Miles over forcibly inserting Tony into yet another film franchise. They could have just cast Zendaya as Kate Bishop. We’d have a full realized people of color centric cast instead of what’s becoming a pattern of having a white hero surrounded by a cast of color. 

For me, personally, it’d be more interesting and relevant to have Miles as the lead here over Peter. The only thing really “different” about this Peter is he actually looks like a teenager (which is why the shirtless scene felt really weird to me) where Andrew and Tobey didn’t. But Andrew already had the nerd/awkward and snarky humor attitude down. We’ve already gotten that interpretation in a Spider-man/Peter Parker adaption. So it didn’t stick out to me as anything “new”. 

Lots of generic shots that are typical of other Marvel films, with dry, some-what witty humor, and of course Tony Stark. 

I’m just bored. I’m not a huge fan of the Guardians film but at least that trailer was cute with Baby Groot and the original film was different from the MCU’s other offerings. Right now, Black Panther is shaping up to be the only really intriguing and different MCU film. I’m so excited for that film. Which makes Spider-man’s lackluster trailer that much more frustrating. We could have gotten a Black Panther trailer instead right about now. 

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Mulder's answer that he didn't have a significant other in the widely understood definition made me sad actually but it sounds like you liked it. Hoping you can explain why as it may allow me to reframe that line and its meaning.

I loved it! I can’t understand why it would make you sad. (That’s not meant to be a criticism, it just seems that we’re looking at it very differently.) You mean because he doesn’t acknowledge Scully as his significant other?

You have to remember that, despite the “season of secret sex” fan theories that we enjoy talking about after the fact, in real time Mulder and Scully were definitely not canonically “together” at this time. We had had the Millennium kiss, and the season before the Triangle kiss, and of course FTF, but that was it. And this was before all things (actually – it looks like Chimera was the WEEK before all things), where we get a concrete indication that they may have spent the night together. (And also it was well before the stuff that in Season 8 they tried to retroactively pretend had been going on during Season 7 – IVF, brain disease – but there is no indication that they were thinking about any of that then and I don’t want to talk about it because it makes me angry. Ahem. Anyway, that’s where we were at that point. 

So obviously WE knew that Mulder and Scully loved each other, and THEY (Mulder and Scully, I mean) knew, but it was pretty unspoken and officially they were just work partners and friends. Who had kind of kissed once or twice because of extraordinary circumstances, but, you know. 

So this is the first time anyone had ever DEFINED it. And that was a BIG deal. Yes, it’s subtle and slyly worded, but that’s part of its charm. It is very very in character, I feel, for the show and for Mulder and Scully. Mulder is backed into a corner by this lady who is (understandably) lightly hitting on him. She asks him if he’s got a significant other…and, if I may presume to read Mulder’s mind, which is what a well-acted scene allows you to do (and this is – DD delivers it absolutely perfectly), he thinks immediately of Scully (obviously!) before realizing that, well, TECHNICALLY, she’s not his significant other. I mean, she is extremely significant to HIM, and she is the only “other” he has or wants, and they love each other in all the ways that count, and if only she were here right now he would totally give her a highly amused look and she would probably raise her eyebrow, because they both know what they are to each other even if they don’t say it. But…he can’t really say “yes, I do” to this lady, because she’ll start asking about his “girlfriend” and Scully isn’t that and he’s not going to reduce her to that for the sake of social politeness with this random lady. But he’s also not going to say “nope” because…that’s not right at all! He’s not “free,” he’s not interested in anyone else. He’s got Scully. She’s not really his significant other, but she’s…his Scully. 

So he says “Not…in the widely understood definition of that term,” and he kind of nods, and smiles, and it’s a secret smile for him and Scully. And she is a little confused and he’s not trying to be mean or exclusionary, but…it’s not for her. 

I love that moment so much. So so much. And, you guys, I know we watch the gifsets of them kissing over and over again and see people’s edits with sappy song lyrics and whatnot, but…watching the actual show in real time…we did not get very much. And every little bit that we got was like a thunderbolt. And this wasn’t just a loaded glance or a hand touch, it was Mulder ACKNOWLEDGING IT TO A STRANGER. Oh lord. It was beautiful. I think I rewound this about 85 times. On my VCR. 

I know that these days I complain A LOT about the show and how they never gave us anything we wanted. But once upon a time, for a while, the formula DID work – the sexual tension WAS amazing and it was like a soap bubble that you never wanted to pop at the same time that you couldn’t stand it one more second. It was exquisite agony. It just went on about 16 years too long. The reason we’re still so crazy for Mulder and Scully IS because of their beautiful slow burn. By this point we all knew they loved each other, like I said, but to hear Mulder basically say out loud, to a stranger, “Significant other? …Well, I don’t NOT have one”…it was pretty squee-worthy.

Oddly, Milagro kind of built an entire episode around trying to do this very thing, but Milagro has always mostly just annoyed me. Something about the throwaway nature of the line in this otherwise unmemorable (to me) episode (except for the “…and how I’d like to KILL you”/“I’m sorry, who is this?” exchange, which also fills me with the same kind of sappy heart-fluttering love) just had a lot of impact. 

In conclusion, my favorite thing is when Mulder and Scully manage to have chemistry with each other when the other one isn’t there and it’s still the most electric part of the scene. See also: the end of Requiem.

Oh boy, why do I always write so much. tl;dr: Mulder doesn’t quite say he and Scully are together, but he doesn’t quite say they’re NOT together, and he smiles all cutely and happily and privately while doing it. BECAUSE THEY LOOOOOOOVE EACH OTHER.

Just wanted to talk about this underappreciated scene.

I think the morning scene of Viktor looking at his ring by the ocean is a really significant one, and provides a deeper insight into his psyche.

First off, we have Viktor contemplating his ring. He seems almost… pensive. But why? 

It can’t be that he doesn’t want to be with Yuuri. As other posts have pointed out, it’s likely that Viktor had also intended to give a ring to Yuuri, and he had prepared his ring ahead of Yuuri’s little display at the church.

Then… Why does he seem so unsure?

He finally smiles a little, but immediately loses his smile when Yurio kicks him. Even so, the look on his face is one of indulgent exasperation at his friend / son / little brother. He’s not angry, he’s just like, “Now, why is Yurio mad at me again?”

Viktor is no longer amused. 

It is obvious that this hit a chord in him. He looks somber, somewhat nettled, even a little shocked and, dare I say it, worried or scared. 

Crap, Viktor’s hand is actually shaking.  Calm, laid-back, nothing-can-ruffle-my-feathers Viktor is actually so worked up, he’s shaking.

If this isn’t the face of a man who is barely suppressing his rage, I don’t know what is.

So, this is how I see it. Viktor has been neglecting other parts of his life except his skating for the past 20 years. Even Chris once said, that Viktor lived for a life on the ice. After centering his life around skating for most of his life, I do not believe for a moment that he has not wondered.

If you take skating away from him, is he worthless?

That’s why, when Yurio said that Viktor Nikiforov had died… It was like Yurio was vocalizing his deepest insecurities and fears. THEN, when Yurio insulted Yuuri, the one whom he had uprooted his entire life and identity for… It was as though Yurio had rejected his entire being. That’s why he was so pissed off. It was an anger born from fear.


When he stares out at the ocean that reminds him so much of his and Yuuri’s home, the anger, the doubt, the insecurity fade clean away from Viktor’s face. He looks wry, but content.

Change IS scary, and it’s also highly possible that Viktor had to sacrifice the rest of his career (one year out of competition + his age = difficult to get back into competition). 

But, I think this is the moment that blows away any doubt in Viktor’s mind that he was glad that he took that crazy leap of faith, to chase his heart and become Yuuri’s coach / lover. 

Yuuri wasn’t the only one transformed by love in their time together. 

Viktor was, too.

On second viewing:

I’d caught the line Maui said about how his parents took one look at him and threw him in the sea, but it didn’t really occur to me why he would say that. I mean… it’s Maui. The dude’s fucking ripped. But there’s so few characters and so many of them are women that you don’t notice that Maui isn’t just stylized with extreme dimorphism… he’s like 90% torso… but he’s also the only one who is. 

Chief Tui, for instance… you can see his waist about levels with his wife’s. It’s about half his height, or approximately where people draw a waist on a proportional model.

Maui’s waist is much lower than Moana’s and sits about 2/3 of the way down his body. He literally has half the amount of leg he should. He’s disproportionate in other ways too- his face is very centered and his features squished together even though his head is large. 

TLDR: Maui, demigod of the wind and sea, hero to men and women, both, ALL… was born with birth defects of some manner and so, though it’s only implied through character design and a throwaway line about being a throwaway child, does that qualify him as being a disabled hero? If so, that’s another form of representation that Disney managed to incorporate into this beautiful movie.

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I was considering Wymack's go to threat for the foxes being 'signing them up for a marathon' what if after Baltimore and championships, Neil is just like "why not" so he decides to train for and run a marathon also because it serves as a big fuck you to anyone who has ever hurt him because here he is running for the sake of running. I would appreciate it if you could come up with a short story about this idea

“You know, studies show that long distance running is actually really bad for your health.”

Neil hadn’t noticed Andrew leaning against the dorm when he started stretching, but he doesn’t let his surprise show. He switches quads and flicks an unimpressed look towards Andrew.

“Andrew, I fully expected I’d be dead by now,” Neil says. “I don’t give a fuck if this messes with my knees when I’m 50 or whatever.”

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Maybe 2016 got cursed when that guy made captain America a nazi

I have legit feelings about this, though. 

It actually speaks as an indication of the culture that has given stage to white supremacy. Whenever I heard someone say why they support Dump Truck, it was almost invariably because he wasn’t afraid to offend someone. This attitude of being ‘anti-PC culture’ has been around for a long while. Even before Obama was president, being against political correctness (known to me, personally, as ‘not being a fucking douchebag’) was a thing. But it REALLY gained speed in the past eight years because people didn’t like a black man in the Oval Office. 

Content creators are always looking to turn heads with their art because that’s how you make a buck. That is where Nick Spencer’s head was probably at when he wrote this arc. Being anti-PC, being 2edgy4u, and being purposely offensive (even if you don’t REALLY believe in what you’re saying) is how you make it into the news. 

Its clickbait, is what it is. 

And this appeals to a lot of White Supremecists. A lot of Neo-Nazis. A lot of people who feel like they’ve been given the rough rub because they’re not on top anymore like they were in the ‘good old days.’ A Catch-22 we have to deal with is that sometimes when people get called out on their racism, they don’t actually reflect on their racism. Sometimes, they have a community behind them which emboldens them in their racism. 

But there’s an underlying culture here of people just fucking ignoring the existence of actual real people. 

“Ah, the Holocaust was DECADES ago. No one REALLY would care if this beloved character invented by two Jewish dudes as a commentary against antisemitism turned out to actually be a Nazi.”

“The AIDS crisis is long over- no one would mind if we took away the abortion clinics that do free HIV testing in low-income areas.”

“The world is so much BETTER now! There’s no reason for the Voting Rights Act!”

There are no consequences for people who feel like their personal existence is not affected by the work of progressives of the past. 

So you get your clickbait ‘Cap is a Nazi’ comic book and Jack Kirby and Joe Simon roll around in their graves because ‘this doesn’t affect me.’ HIV epidemics spread because free testing and needle exchange programs are shut down because ‘this doesn’t affect me.’ Overturn the Voting Rights Act because ‘this doesn’t affect me’ and what do we get in return?

The Cubs win the World Series. Biff is President. 

maybe the reason tony wants peter to stay low for now, and is telling him not to go out there and fight crime is because when he got hurt in civil war, he got scared and realized that perhaps peter wasn’t as ready as he thought he was and is just trying to protect him bcos deep down he cares for the guy :)))))))