Little Ham Man (Small!Hamisquad x Reader) 2

Welcome folks, to another installment of “The Adventures of Little Ham Man”! In this episode, the reader desperately tries to finish her essay! When she arrives at the library, what will happen? Will she finally be able to finish? Or will the little hamlisquad get in her way? Stay tuned! @sin-cake-finished-and-baked

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“Hey! Why not me? I’m mature, I’m nice!” Mulligan said, moving in front of his friend. “And Lafayette was in charge last  I’m the next in line!” He complained. You rolled your eyes at him, throwing your bag over your shoulder.

“The last time you were in charge, Laurens had a broken leg and Hamilton was digging through my underwear drawer,” Hamilton yelled at your response.

“Hey! That wasn’t on purpose, I was just looking for more blankets!”

“Yea, sure. But anyway, Laf is in charge. I got to type up these papers, and my laptop is fried. So, again, see you later!” You heard complaining but continued walking.

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Can I request something? RFA + V & Saeran finding out MC has feelings for them.. but they don't feel the same way? ToT.



- You admitted it after a cute movie the two of you had watched. Little movie hang outs being a well-welcomed habit between the two of you

- But, as the words started pouring out, his expression turned so sad.

- “Mc… I really appreciate it, I do! I just… I don’t think we’d be good together.”

- Mr. Never-Had-A-Girlfriend was rejecting you, even after such flirting from before?

- When you asked him about that, he rubbed the back of his neck, unable to look you in the eyes.

- “Well… I think I was just confusing my feelings for you. I realized I just really admired you instead, and it was never anything more than that.”

- He was still sweet enough to try cheering you up when you started crying a bit. He even went on to tell you that just because he didn’t return your feelings, that it didn’t mean no one liked you at all.

- (In fact Zen had been making some hints towards you)

- But even after all his kind words, the two of you slowly stopped hanging out. It was hard talking to each other, and sometimes difficult even being in the same room.

- You kept it simple in the chat, but after every time you met in person, it was hard not to have the tears well up again.


- You decided to mail him a cute romantic letter. That way when he picked up his fan mail, he’d have a nice surprise from you!

- It was so worrying writing the letter. You wrote it over about five times before you finally sent it- With a stamp and card that reminded you of him.

- So you waited a day or two, and then you finally received a call from him.

- “Heyyy, Mc,”

- You giggled and greeted him back. “Did you get my letter?”

- “I did, I did. That’s, uh. Why I called…

- His tone wasn’t what you were expecting, and you frowned while waiting for him to continue.

- “It’s a sweet letter, it really is, and it’s so thoughtful, but… Mc, I think you don’t really like me for me.”

- “…What do you mean?”

- “All this stuff you wrote- It’s exactly what my fans write about the characters I portray. It isn’t anything about the real me. Just the me up on stage. I’m sorry, Mc. I… I don’t think it would be good for us to go out together. I think you’d just be disappointed.

- Your heart snapped. You couldn’t help it- The sniffles coming from your end as he bounced around from trying to cheer you up, to explaining how it was for the best.

- But you couldn’t do it. You hung up on him.

- He didn’t even try calling back.

- From then on, any time he popped in while you were on the chat, you instantly logged off. Any time Jaehee got a bit too excited about his new plays, you popped off. Hell, even when Jumin let out a small complaint about Zen you found your chest constricting and needing to go cry privately.

- The parties were hard, but at least he was always swarmed by fans.


- To see him, you had to work within his schedule. His busy, hectic, schedule.

- When you walked in after thanking Jaehee, you fumbled with your hands.

- “What were you needed to discuss? Was it about the next party? Any funds that are needed I’ll be willing to cover.”

- “No, no, it’s not about that.”

- He finally brought his head up from his paperwork, giving you a curious look.

- “Jumin, lately I’ve realized my feelings-”

- “I’m sorry, Mc, but no.”

- He… he didn’t give you a chance to even finish.

- “I’ve noticed for a while you had started acting like most women towards me, so I knew this day was coming, but no. Don’t worry, I’ll still talk to you. The RFA needs to continue the parties, anyway.”

- You stood awkwardly for a moment before nodding a bit and excusing yourself.

- You didn’t get on the chat for a few days, or even open up the app. When you did, you were greeted with so many texts.

- Of course Jumin had nonchalantly mentioned it! You felt so stupid, so childish.

- You couldn’t even look him in the eyes anymore.


- He knew it as soon as you started bouncing jokes right back at him

- He knew it the moment you didn’t care he was pushing you away, the moment you promised to help him find his brother.

- He knew it, and it hurt so much.

- After the commotion died down, you had tied a note around the little cat robot he made for you, and had it surprise him one day. You thought it would be cute!

- You thought he liked you back.

- But suddenly you were spammed with on onslaught of messages.

- “I’m sorry, Mc, I’m so so sorry.”

- That was the basic summary of the messages. He felt so bad, you could tell from his texts, but he still couldn’t afford someone getting close to him. Not with his past.

- Not with his brother still having issues.

- “I love you, I do, just not like that. I won’t be able to ever love anyone like that.”

- You ended up getting rid of the stuff he had made for you, but you still kept the cat.

- At least it was able to cheer you up.


- While it was true she was into girls… She couldn’t bring herself to actually date one.

- The worries of being openly together, the worries of being attacked or yelled at… She couldn’t live that life, much less could she do that to you.

- When you admitted your feelings to her, with a cute cookie set that spelled it out, she felt her heart drop as she rejected you.

- It was for the best, you both knew it, but god that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt.

- She tried cheering you up, but what could she do?

- Everytime she was on the chat, you tried your best to converse with her, but it was clear to everyone you were still hurting

- She was still hurting


- You had made him such a cute and sweet letter in brail. He had recently fully learned it, something he was so proud of.

- So you mentioned you had a surprise and handed him your special letter.

- He was smiling at first, but as his fingers ran through the letter, his smile quickly faded.

- He ended up putting the letter to the side halfway through.

- “Mc… You know I still love her.”

- You were suddenly thankful he couldn’t see you that well. Your fists clenched, your eyes watered, and you even felt that familiar hot buildup of saliva in your mouth.

- You wanted to puke.

- “I know…I know feelings are so easy to catch, I know your feelings are most likely sincere. But I’m sorry. I can’t let go of her. I don’t think I ever can.”

- You put on a fake voice, smiling and trying to act like you understood.

- But how could he still be so blindly in love with someone who caused him so much pain?

- You didn’t visit him again after that. Jumin was a bit concerned, but after meeting with V again he knew.

- RFA parties were really awkward after that.


- How could you have feelings for someone like him? How could you like someone who had killed people with his bare hands?

- The moment you handed him such a cutesy pink letter, he didn’t want to read it. You could see the apprehension etched on his face.

- When he crumpled up the letter, you realised maybe he wasn’t as recovered as he seemed.

- “You can’t handle me, mc, don’t even pretend that you can.”

- You tried to explain yourself a bit, not expecting him to get so upset, but that just made the issue worse.

- “I can’t trust you! You don’t know me! You don’t know anything about me, expect I’m the ‘poor person’ with a horrible childhood and I was taken in by some cult. Hell, my own brother doesn’t even know me yet. Why the hell do you think you know me?”

- You couldn’t talk, you just bit your lip and tried not to make your tears too obvious, but that failed when he threw your letter at you.

- “Get out of my sight.”

- Later on, when you finally managed to look at your phone, you saw so many texts from Seven, apologizing for Saeran’s behavior, but honestly… You knew he was right.

- You didn’t know him.

Dating Bellamy Blake would include:


-Being in charge of camp when both he and Clarke are out

-Being really good friends with Octavia

-Feeling like you don’t deserve each other

-Telling him you don’t feel worthy of his love at the same time he tells you that you’re too good for him

-Both of you being super confused about why one person feels like they don’t desrve the other 

-”Why would you not deserve me, you’re perfect?”

-”Well why the hell do you not deserve me? You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met.”

-Him calling you things like sweetheart, baby, or sometimes even ‘My Queen’

-You calling him ‘My King’

-Did I mention sex?

-Calming him down when he gets stressed about Grounders

-Being the first to volunteer for the search party when Octavia gets captured by the Grounders

-Supporting her relationship with Lincoln, but only after you get to know him

-Being dorks together, but only in the privacy of your shared tent

-Too many inside jokes to count

-Making funny faces at him when he’s giving a speech to the camp so he’ll laugh

-Him trying and failing to not laugh

-Him tickling you until you apologize afterwards

-Being the cutest couple in the camp, and being shipped by everyone

-Never actually saying ‘I love you’ but instead saying things like ‘I need you’ or ‘I would do absolutely anything for you’

-Also sex

Not My Jersey (Auston Matthews)

Anonymous said:

Can I request an Austin Matthews imagine when you are taller than most of your friends with being 5'7 and you go to one of his games wearing heels and you start to feel self conscious with you being so tall? (Ps wearing his jersey would be a plus ;) )

Word count: 1897

Author’s note: I love Mitch, so if you ever wanna send anything in for him, you’re more than welcome too…

Part 2

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All throughout your childhood, these were just a few of the names that your classmates would call you in order to make fun of your height. It’s not like you were even that tall; you just liked to wear heels, which pushed your height right up to about six feet even. Of course, you learned to laugh when people would tease you as you walked down the hall. By the time you got to high school, the majority of the ‘name-calling’ came from your best friend Mitch.

But eventually, childhood comes to an end, and so, too, does childish teasing…

Unless your best friend gets drafted by the hometown NHL team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and you get accepted to your dream college which is conveniently located in Toronto.

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Travelin’ Soldier Part 5

Summary: Reader is currently deployed in the army to an undisclosed combat area. She has been deployed for nearly two years. Anxiously awaiting her return is her husband and brother as they film for Supernatural. Letter comes informing the family that she may not be heard from for awhile and soon devastating news comes. In italic bold in the story is lyrics.

Characters: husband!Jensen x reader, Jared x Reader (twins), Gen, Shepherd, Thomas, Baby Padalecki, and Misha

Words: 2550

Disclaimer: I do not own the title of the song Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks at all even with the minor change of lyrics to fit the story. I simply thought it could be a little fighting. Not hate towards Danneel either, as this is simply fiction and not real. I do not own any songs in this either.

Warnings: possible swearing, war, mention of death, mention of torture, a lot of angst as usual, and fluff

Author: Caitsy

Tagging a few at the end. Send an ask to be tagged, or request something.

A/N:  Once more Ash and I want to thank you for supporting us. Also I was going to write this on Friday night but I was involved in a minor car accident so by the time I got home I was exhausted.

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The box sat in the drawer most of the time awaiting for the time it would come out. It was huge decision that in his opinion was more heavier than asking someone not in her career. He lost count of how long the box was there but he knew it would be empty soon. He loved her, that’s for sure but it’s a huge commitment to ask someone who’s life is always at risk. She would find it if it was in their apartment so he kept it in his trailer in Canada. He held it in his hand playing with the box.

“Hey Jensen! They need you!” Jared exclaimed opening the door to his trailer. Jensen shoved the box back into the back of the drawer as a shocked Jared stood there, “Is that what I think it was?”

“Pfft no.” Jensen waved the question off, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh? Well that diamond must be something.” Jared raised one eyebrow. He crossed his arms leaning against the wall beside the open door. The cool breeze came into the trailer.

“Shut up.” Jensen muttered, “I haven’t asked your dad for his blessing.”

“Wow. You do know he’s been nervously waiting for when you’ll propose?” Jared asked, “My parents love you J. I swear they love you more than they love me!”

“Not possible.” Jensen mumbled picking at a loose thread on his character’s plaid shirt.

“I’m serious. You’re the first of my sister’s boyfriends that gained the entire trust of my family.” Jared sighed, “Since she first got news of deployment her boyfriend dumped her fast. They were dating for six months I think and he wouldn’t accept that she was more willingly to get her hands dirty than him.”

“I never knew that.”

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Back to the Past (Hamilton x Reader) 6

Words: 3000+

Warnings: none

A/N: the tags are now at the end of the story because they’ve gotten hefty (HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY) okay anywho enjoy i guess. OH YEA FYI i gave your best friend a name so have fun with that yall

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part 5 Part 7

Tu te fous de ma gueule! (You’re kidding me)” Lafayette said, widening his eyes.

“She’s my best friend, Lafayette. I know her.” You grew furious, tightening your hands. Laurens looked at your stance, and stood in front of you blocking your view. You tried looking around him, but he followed your movements. “Laurens, move. We have to make sure she doesn’t do anything to him.”

“You’re too angry right now. I think we should bring you back to the camp.” Laurens said, still standing there. You sighed in frustration, shaking your head. Your best friend was the witch. She’s the one that sent you here, that cursed your friends, Hamilton. But, why?

This is making less and less sense.

“Laurens, I need to confront her, I need to find out what’s going on.” You began walking to them, but you felt an arm grab your wrist. You turned back quickly, glaring. Mulligan held your arm, preventing you from going further. “Herc, let me go. Now.”

“No, I cannot do that. I cannot let you risk your life.” He said, looking at his friends. They all nodded, turning to you. “Like you said before, we have to watch and see. Do not make any more commotion than we already have.” He tilted his head, making your gaze look around. The men and women were looking at the four of you, questioning in your eyes. You frowned.

“But Herc, she’s my friend. I need to know.”

“Not now. Let’s go to the table and just watch.” You bit your lip, but nodded, letting them guide you back. You kept your eyes on her, watching her talk to Hamilton. He was giving her a polite smile, looking even more uneasy than before. You tapped your foot on the floor, glaring at her. She did not even glance at you, enjoying herself. Laurens placed his hand on your shoulder, smiling at you sadly.

You wanted to go over there and kill her yourself. But the three men around you would stop you before you could even stand. So you continued to stare, at least until their gazes turned to your table. Hamilton was the first to look, raising his eyebrow at your stare. You glanced down at your empty plate.

Mon amis, they are coming here.”

They walked toward us, Hamilton wearing a hesitant look on his face. Your best friend held her arm in his, her eyes only focused on you. You were about to get up, but Herc gave you a warning look, making you sit down.

“Lads, this is Miss Erin Greenwood. She requested that I showed her my friends.” He glanced over at you once, then looked back at his friends.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Greenwood.” Lafayette said, the first to stand. She held out her hand, and he froze. Usually, he would not hesitate to kiss a woman’s hand, but the situation called for a different tactic. He pretended to not see her outstretched hand at all, bowing to her once. Laurens and Mulligan greeted her, their calm demeanor confusing you. How could they just act this way towards the woman who erased their memories?

“And who is she?” She said innocently, looking at you. You glared at her, causing a nudge from Laurens. You were still sitting down, refusing to be polite to this woman.

“Ahh, this is Y/N Y/L/N. She is not from around here, but it seems like she cannot leave.” You frowned at his passive-aggressive behavior. Again, you had to remind yourself that this was not him.

Erin greeted you, curtsied once. You did nothing, staring at her. She smirked at your lack of common courtesy. “Hmm, Y/N. You are a very interesting woman.”

“That’s what everyone seems to say these days.” You replied.

“Would you like to talk? The men here seem like they have something to discuss.” You glanced at the four of them, and they all looked at you. Herc seemed the most worried, shaking his head at the suggestion. You gave him a sympathetic look, turning back to Erin.

“Sure.” You replied, and walked away with her. You could hear the four of them arguing as you walked away with Erin. It was quiet for a little, until you finally spoke up. “Why the hell did you do this? Why would you bring me back in time? What is going on and why shouldn’t I just punch you right now?” You hissed, following her to the refreshments table. She offered you a drink, buy you refused. You did not need more curses in your life.

“Y/N, I only did this because you did the same to me.”

“You keep on saying that, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She laughed, sitting at a table nearby, you sat across from her, waiting for her to say something, anything. Instead, she just sipped on her drink. “Come on now, Erin! Say something!”

“You cannot force me to say anything, Y/N. Remember the one who is in control here.” She said, an edge to her voice. “Besides, Hamilton seems to have taken a liking to me. It’s entertaining to see him hate the love of his life.” She giggled, placing her drink to the side.

What was she talking about?

“You see, Y/N, we have gone through this, multiple times. You and I like Alexander, there’s some sort of love square instead of a triangle, and he always picks you. Every. Single. Time.” She held on to her glass tightly, and you noticed cracks appearing.

“You’re not making any sense, what are you even saying?”

She shrugged, looking over at Hamilton. The boys were talking casually now, glancing at the two of you ever so often. You saw Mulligan looking at you, concern in his eyes. You smiled, not wanting him to worry.

“I don’t even know anymore. It’s tiresome that I am the only one who remembers everything. Why can’t you just wake up in another life, knowing that you are going to meet me soon enough? And that you’re going to take Alexander from me again.” She sighed, stirring her drink with her finger.

“Are you talking about reincarnation?” You asked, and she nodded.


“For fucks sake, Erin, just-“ She stopped stirring, looking up at you. There was an evil gleam in her eyes, so you decided to rephrase your words. “Erin, we were best friends. Can you just tell me what’s going on?”

“You see, you and I were friends in Athens,” you widened your eyes, “Yes, stop staring at me like that, it is in fact Ancient Greece. Can I continue?” You nodded.

“We were servants, maids of some man who I care not to talk about now. We grew to be friends, agreeing that we should escape from the job. It was not easy, you, see, we were to pleasure the man. He had a wife, of course, but sometimes he wanted to mix it up a little.” You saw the fear in Erin’s eyes, and you grew sympathetic towards her. “We ran out, one day, and stumbled across a group of men. I knew you were terrified, since it was my idea to run away in the first place. They noticed that we were dirty and barely had on any clothing, so they brought us to their home.”

“Long story short, they were the boys; Lafayette, Mulligan, Hamilton and Laurens. Although that wasn’t their names back then. I liked Alexander, and you knew, so you avoided him. He was a flirt, but he seemed to gravitate towards you, always talking about how amazing Y/N was. It was frustrating, and I appreciated how you ignored his advances. Mulligan liked you, though, and you never noticed, taking his flirts as just kindness. It was really sad seeing him like you and you not like him. Eventually, though, he asked for you to be his bride. You agreed.”

“Why would I agree to marrying someone I wasn’t in love with?”

“That’s how it was back then, Y/N. You were glad to be with a man of his stature. Hamilton was furious, but of course he didn’t tell his friend that.”

“It was horrible. Alexander ignored me the whole time, and if he did talk, he would ask about you. He crashed the wedding, by the way. Drama and more drama, and by the end, it was the two of you who were married. It’s funny, how things ended. I wanted to be with him, I deserved to be with him. I talked to a local priestess and she convinced me to learn magic. I thought I put on a curse to separate the two of you. I didn’t think this would happen, I didn’t know we would be stuck in this loop. I was being a stupid girl, in love with a man who would never love me. I still love him,” She said, now playing with her fingers, “All of us. The boys, me and you, we’ll be stuck in this loop forever, until you figure out how to break it.”

You were quiet, absorbing all the information. Alexander and you, you were supposed to be together, you were meant to be together. You looked at the table of friends, smiling at the laughing Hamilton. He looked towards you, and his smile dropped, he looked away. You looked back at Erin.

“Why did you make him hate me? You were never a bad friend to me. But you made him hate even looking at me. Why did you even send me here?” You were indeed hurt. She made this whole curse happen, and now, she made the one person who would make this bearable despise you. She was not as much of a villain that you made her out to be, but she still made this happen.

Erin sighed. “I did it because I hated just standing in the background the whole time. You don’t know how it feels to see the one you love, love someone else. I wanted you to see him hate you, Y/N. I needed to see you hate him too.”

“You do realize that I don’t love him, right?” You said, and she laughed, rolling her eyes.

“Right. You don’t, but you will. If you haven’t already been lying to yourself. I’ve seen this dozens of times, Y/N, trust me.”

She was frustrating. It hurt for Hamilton to hate you without any reason, but you only liked him. You took another look at him, noticing that your friends were gone. You stood up quickly, looking around frantically. Then you noticed something.

Everyone was gone. You looked back at Erin, and she smiled, putting her legs on a chair next to her.

“What are you doing-”

“I don’t need anyone overhearing our conversations. Especially those friends of yours,” She scoffed, “but then again, they were mine too, on multiple occasions.” She nodded her head to herself, pursing her lips.

“Why did you send me here?” You asked, and she laughed.

“Actually, you did that to yourself.”


“Remember when I told you about the musical?” You nodded, and she continued, “Well, you were researching about Alexander Hamilton, you clicked on some link. I have no idea how that sent you back here, but it did. And it sent me as well.”

“If we’re reincarnated, then what happened to us? Our selves in this time?”

“Well, your name was Margarita Schuyler van Rensselaer, the sister of Hamilton’s future wife. You died in this timeline early, and you weren’t supposed to, by the way. Since you died, I ended up dying as well. My name was, hmm, it doesn’t really matter. I’m not important.” You heard the tang of sadness in her voice. “This is probably why Alexander dies early as well.”

“He dies?” Your heart dropped. She raised her eyebrows.

“Wow, you really are an uncultured swine. You were much more interesting in London, by the way. Being a spy and all,” You raised your eyebrows, “Did you not listen to the soundtrack? Aaron Burr shot Hamilton? His friend turned enemy? Wow, you really don’t know.” You thought of Alexander being killed, and your felt your heart jump.

It’s funny, you did not love the man, and it’s already hurting because of him. You tried not to worry about it.

Emphasis on tried.

“How do I get the curse taken off Hamilton?” You asked her, and she smiled. You were thinking that this woman was more like infatuated with Hamilton instead of being in love with him. Talking about someone you love dying is not an easy subject, and no one would want the person they loved to be manipulated like this.

“I knew I was forgetting something! You must fall in love with him, or, the other way around. Either way, it does not really matter. It will work, you just have to make him like you. The curse will wear off each time you play one of his heartstrings, until it completely goes away. ” She glanced at the nonexistent watch on her wrist. “Oh, look at the time! Have fun, Y/N! I’ll see you on the other side!" 

“Wait, Erin, how do I get back-”

She snapped her fingers, and you blinked.

The music was no longer playing, and the place was completely empty. Erin was gone, and you were sitting alone at the table. You felt a hand on your shoulder, and turned to see Lafayette standing there. He smiled down at you.

Mon ami, are you alright?“ You nodded. "We were looking for you, the witch that calls herself Erin and yourself were gone. It is, how you say, worrisome. Mulligan is outside, and Laurens is checking the room with water bowls.”

“The restroom, Lafayette?”

“Ahh, yes, mon ami. I apologize for my English.” He said, blushing. He took his arm off your shoulder, and you stood up. “Hamilton is looking as well, Y/N. He seemed very nervous.” You bit your lip.

Hamilton was nervous? Why was he nervous? Shouldn’t he hate you?

“Thanks for telling me.” He nodded, smiling at you once. The two of you decided to wait for them to come back to the room instead of chasing after them. Hamilton was the first to come in, and you saw relief in his eyes. That emotion quickly turned to annoyance, and he bothered you on his much chaos you caused. Laurens came after, a smile almost breaking his freckled cheeks. He touched you hand, squeezing it.

Mulligan came in last, desperation on his face. His eyes met yours, and he walked over to you quickly. You were surprised that he pulled you in his arms, hugging you tightly. You haven’t had the comfort of a hug in a while, so it was refreshing, you wrapping your arms around him. You heard someone clear their throat, and Mulligan let go, smiling down at you. “I’m glad you are safe.” He said, a small blush on his cheeks.

“Thank you. Thank you all for looking out for me. But I need to speak to Hamilton.” They all looked at Hamilton, and he had the most shocked look on his face. They waited for you to continue, and you looked at them expectantly. “Alone.” Lafayette and Laurens nodded, walking away. Mulligan stayed behind, refusing to move from his spot. “Herc…”

“Is this about the curse? Shouldn’t we all listen?” You rubbed your head. You were going to tell them, but you needed to speak to Alexander first. He was the one most involved in it.

“Yes, and I’ll tell you, but just give me a few minutes.”


“Go, Mulligan.” You replied sternly, and he was taken aback by your change of tone. He turned around and walked away, closing the door behind him. You turned to Hamilton, and his mouth was in a line, showing no emotions. He stood tall, his arms behind his back. His stance was very unwelcoming, but you could deal with it for now. You sat at a nearby table, gesturing for him to sit as well. He hesitated, but sat, saying nothing.

You began explaining the whole situation to him, and he was unpredictably calm, at least until you got to the part about how you needed to break the curse. He snickered, leaning back in the chair. “I do not even like you, how would I fall in love with you? The way of ridding of this curse makes no sense. There is no slither of hope.”

“I know, trust me, I know.” You did not want to argue with him, it was too exasperating. Instead, you touched his hand. He flinched, moving away quickly.

“Do not touch me.” He stated, and you nodded.

“Fine, Hamilton. I’m just stunned that you fear a woman’s touch.” 

He sneered, and before he could reply with a snide remark, you stood up, opening the door for the three musketeers to come in. “You can come in now.” The three of them walked through the door, nervous.

You told them the predicament as well, and they all nodded. Hercules was the most distraught though, you could see it written on his face. Since your impromptu visit here, you noticed that he rarely showed how he felt. But the veins swelling on his hands and the tightening of his jaw showed you that he did not like this one bit. “So, you and Hamilton are meant to be together, no matter what may happen?” You nodded, and Hamilton laughed behind you.

“I know, it’s quite preposterous. Can you imagine Y/N and I together? That will be the day.” You rolled your eyes at him, and Mulligan could not help but notice the interaction between the two of you.

You and Hamilton did not realize it yet, but there was no more tension in the room. Hamilton still disliked Y/N, but not as much as before. He could stand next to you without frowning in distaste. And you were smiling. Mulligan saw the potential when the two of your first met, and he could still see it now. He hoped that you would come to like him instead, but you told him you could not. And now he knew why.

“Mulligan? Are you ready to go?” Laurens asked, touching his friend’s shoulder. Mulligan nodded, giving him a tight smile.

He knew that he would get the short end of the stick. It always seemed to end that way.

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How To Have a Positive Fandom Experience (it is possible)

1. Not every post requires a reaction. Seriously. I see people exhausting themselves writing responses to a post they don’t agree with when in reality the ONE nice thing about tumblr is if you don’t agree with an opinion you can scroll…. right…. past it. You can hide it from appearing on your dash again. You can blacklist its tags, block the person, etc. Take advantages of the positives of this website and it will already be a much better experience for you.

2. Not every comment requires a reaction. Same thing above goes for all those comments people put on your posts JUST TO GET A REACTION OUT OF YOU. Do you know how many times a post of mine has made it’s way to a different fandom. I look through my notifs and suddenly just see “BELLAMY BLAKE SUX DIK.” Just. Block them.

3. Not every message requires a response. Again, no ones holding a gun to your head saying “you need to respond to every anon sent to you.” I see people responding to anon hate and I just think why the hell would you do that? You’ll NEVER see me respond to anon hate. I can’t think of anything funnier then knowing someone out there got heated enough just over my presence on the internet to type up an angry message, hide behind anon, and now is sitting there waiting for my response. Meanwhile i’ll have read all of 3 words in their message before blocking their IP from ever messaging me again. And they’ll just keep sitting there and checking back waiting for a response they’ll never get while I keep posting shit like “BLARKE IS GONNA FUCK”

4. Unfollow, break mutuals, block people. You’re ALLOWED to do that. I break mutuals all the time and I unfollow people really easily. There’s a reason I’m never following over 90 blogs. I’m not saying that to be cocky, I’m telling yall to drop the mentality that “oh I can’t unfollow this person because we used to talk and they’re kinda big in the fandom and I don’t wanna start shit” and that ever since I dropped that, I do not see drama on my dash. I see my other mutuals referring to the drama, but I never see it because I’ll have already unfollowed the person. IF THEY WERE PROBLEMATIC ONCE,,, THEY’LL BE PROBLEMATIC AGAIN. 

5. This “Discourse” Trend. isn’t. cute. Take it from someone who used to constantly get involved in that shit. You think it makes you “one of the blarke fam.” It doesn’t okay, it makes you one of the assholes. No one wants to be friends with that person who’s constantly angry about something. I understand calling out problematic things (that absolutely should happen) but when every single one of your posts is just you being angry, you making a problem out of every little thing, you bringing down others with you, you getting involved where you shouldn’t be, you fighting people, you writing posts shading someone else’s post, you bringing up old and DEAD shipwars (seriously why are yall still posting l.exa hate, LET IT GO)… you’re not only ruining the experience for yourself but for every single person who follows you and who sees those posts. YOU are contributing to the “fandom drama” and YOU are the reason so many of the newbies in the fandom get involved in discoursing so fast. And guess what? no one feels fucking sorry for you when you’re the one taking a break from tumblr every week because we all know you bring it on yourself.

**To the newbies in the fandom: I know you see it a lot, I know you think this is the only way to be involved in the blarke fam, I know you think it’ll get you a lot of followers and more known in the fandom. Trust me when I say you do not wanna go down that path. It’s not at all fun and there’s a reason the blogs who do this are the ones who want to quit the show, the fandom, tumblr. TRUST ME, I ALMOST QUIT LAST SUMMER, I WAS THAT BITCH. You wanna be more involved? message people, write positive posts, get involved with shit like bellarke fam selfie night. Stay away from the discoursing.

*Doesn’t apply to social justice issues, those should very much be talked about. But stfu about it if you’re straight and white please. And stop speaking over the lgbt poc in the fandom,,,in attempt to get notes and followers*

6. Stop being bullies. You might think you’re “edgy” and a badass bitch for writing a post shading someone, or for being part of a group that gangs up on that one person in the fandom. You’re not edgy, you’re not That Bitch, you’re just A Bitch. You’re the bully that you never got to be in highschool. That’s really all I have to say about that,,,just don’t be a dick ??

7. And finally. Be the positive presence. Be that blog people can come to for a laugh when they’re having a bad day (making people laugh feels a lot nicer then getting people angry, down, etc.) Be the person people feel comfortable enough messaging you. Be the person who drops KIND anons in the ask box of someone you feel maybe doesn’t always receive a lot of love. ***Reach out when someone makes a post about having a terrible day/being in a down mood/struggling with life or mental illnesses.*** Comment and reblog peoples selfies and hype eachother up. Be the person who points out positives of an episode and who can make someone feel better when they’re feeling disappointed. IGNORE THE NEGATIVE ANONS (seriously no one wants to see “bellarke is never gonna happen” on their dash. If we did, we’d be following people from a different fandom.) Ignore the drama, ignore the discourse, ignore the downers in the fandom.

You never know what someones going through outside of tumblr. For a lot of people logging on here is the only distraction they get from what’s going on in their real life. Think about that before putting something negative on someone dash, or before sending a mean anon, or before joining a group to shade That One Person.

Here you go my love, hope you enjoy!💋

“I could have walked away years ago!”

“No you wouldn’t!”

“I could have—”



That shit started coming back to you and it had you packing your things faster than he would have liked. Joshua stood by the bedroom door watching the way you fumbled with throwing in anything you could find into that same small duffle bag you’ve had for years now. He wondered what your next move was going to be seeing as it couldn’t hold much, had you plan to come back home the next day?

He felt his heart becoming heavier and heavier. His breathing was irregular, he wanted to just collapse. “Where are you going?” He asked this while pulling his sweater over his hands and gripping onto the material tightly.

You sighed harshly, “I don’t know.”

“When are you coming back?”

Too many damn questions. “I don’t know.” You snapped at him, staring at him with mean eyes before going back to collecting some of your things. You were finally done, you put your toothbrush in and zipped the bag, and threw it over your shoulder. “I’ll text you when I reach.”

You didn’t know why you left the apartment quite frankly, but it staying in that house right now with him would be toxic. You had to admit, the argument broke your heart, as you could see the hurt in him. Isn’t a mug such a trivial thing to argue over? It had little importance and it could easily be replaced. Who would have thought that a mug would have you revealing some heavy things to him.

You vaguely remember the day he told you he was accepted to become a trainee at some stupid place in another country. You were proud of him, you had been the one who gave him the push to audition after all, but you couldn’t help but think of your own needs and wants from him. You wanted him to be there with you, to hold you, kiss you, to have the relationship with him that you’ve always had. So when he made a plan to take you with him and all he needed was for you to say yes, and you did.

Love did that to a person, it made them blind and vulnerable. It made you feel like you owed the person because they had completely changed your life. You thought that you owed him because he made you love him so much that it hurt at times. You could have said no, you could have walked away, but how could you leave the one person who gave you a reason to want to wake up?

You shut the door and slid the chain on the door to keep some creepy fuckers from making their way into your space. Sitting on the bed made you realize that you needed sleep. It wasn’t as comfortable as the one at home but it would have to do for tonight. You desperately wanted to forget about him just for a few hours but you couldn’t. Your mind was on him rather than sleep, and you hated it.

“I am absolutely in love with you, and I love it.”

“I’m in love with you too.”

“I’m going to marry you one day, you’ll have the most beautiful ring, we’ll have a house and kids. Anything you want.”

“I just want us to be happy.”

You opened your eyes and sighed deeply getting rid of all the stress that was piling into you. You wanted to go to sleep but your beautiful mind had other plans.

“Nothing has ever scared me more than being with you.”

“Why? What the hell do you mean?”

“You make me go crazy, I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

“Okay, that’s fine, call me when you stop being a pussy.”

You laid in the bed staring up at the ceiling, the last message you received was from Joshua telling you to come back home soon. Why did the universe make you love him so much? You closed your eyes and thought about his cat eyes and the way he covered his mouth whenever he laughed at your jokes. How he loves to hold your hand even when there was no reason to. He wasn’t anywhere near perfect, but he was all that you needed.

It was three in the morning when Joshua rouse out of bed upping hearing the sound of the door opening. He crept around the corner and watched as you lazily took off your shoes and jacket and threw them onto the floor. You couldn’t sleep in that room alone, especially after having an argument with Josh, it didn’t feel right so you took a bus home. The couch looked about right—climbing into bed at this hour would be awkward to explain—so you here you were convincing yourself that the couch was fine.

“Y/N?” He emerged from the dark hallway and stood feet away from you with nothing but a shirt and boxer briefs on. “You okay, what happened?”

“I’m sorry that I woke you.”

“It’s okay I couldn’t sleep too.” He was a man who was soft with his words, he spoke in whispers when you both weren’t trying to kill one another. “I-I’m sorry. I never knew you resented me. I should have known, I should have accepted it. I’m just so scared for us, because I do love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you but if you don’t feel the same way then I won’t hold you here.”

Seeing him break down in tears was the most excruciating thing ever. Joshua was never one to show his vulnerable side, he preferred if people not learn all the ways to kill him slowly. But here you were in front of him, your face showing too much worry for your age, your eyes started to become ridden with sadness, and fear plagued your heart of where your relationship with him would end up.

“I don’t resent you…anymore.” Your voice croaked a bit, but you found strength to continue. “I love you, I want to be with you, but there has to be things we need to discuss.”

You sighed and rubbed your face, “we can do this, we’ve been together for what? Four or five years, we can make it to a decade. And Joshie?”

He perked up at your sudden tone, your nickname for him making him smile. “Yes?”

“Your not holding me here, and you’re right I wouldn’t have walked away and I didn’t mean to say that I would have, I just wanted to hurt you. I want to support you, your happiness is my happiness. That’s all that matters.”

“Can I say something cheesy?”

“No our happiness matters.”

Laughing you rolled your eyes at your boyfriend, “come kiss me loser.” You pulled him closer to you and pressed your lips against his, his arms tightly kept you close to his body. The two of you weren’t done speaking about the matter, there was a lot more to discuss about how to move forward with each other in life. There were lots of times you’ve questioned reality, but goddamn you loved the kid, and you weren’t leaving him for a long time.

—Tee 👑

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Can you do 1 and 36 with TFW and the Winchesters youngest sister

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You were a curious and adventurous girl with two overprotective brothers and one angel breathing down your neck. Let’s just say that this lead to some disagreements every now and then.

On the latest hunt, you oh-my-god went against their orders. To you, it wasn’t a big deal, but the same didn’t go for Sam and Dean. What happened was that they along with the angel had given you a small, easy, mission to complete as your part of the hunt while they did the heavy lifting. Well, things went south for your brothers and you rushed to their aid, risking your life for theirs. Because, that’s what siblings did for each other, right? And everything turned out fine, Cas just had to heal you. But, Sam and Dean were not happy.

So now you were on a time out, and had been told to wait in the car while they went inside to talk to the bartender. Unsurprisingly, you were annoyed and bored like nothing else, so you soon decided to join them, because, what’s the fun in doing what you’re told?

Inside the bar, you could just tell how sarcastic the bartender was with your brothers. 

“So, I suggest you just tell us what really happened.” You heard Dean say before you interrupted.

Slamming on of your hands on top of the bar in between where your brothers and Cas - who were just staring at you - you glared at the bartender.

“You heard the guy. Spit. It. Out.”

And that’s how you annoyed them for the second time within the week. Outside again, the questioning began.

“Okay, what are you doing, Y/N?” Sam asked, and Dean quickly agreed.

“Yeah, why the hell are you acting up now?”

“Why the hell do you keep benching me? I want to be as much part of this as you are!” 

“Because we don’t want you to get hurt!” Sam retorted.

“Well I don’t want you to get hurt. Look in know I haven’t been following orders  and I get it, you don’t trust me anymore. But I can be useful! I’m a pretty good hunter actually, and I think it would be better for everyone if you stopped treating me like a kid!”

Once you were finished you just stared at Sam and then at Dean. Both of them looked at each other and then back to you.

“Have we really been treating you like a kid?” He asked, and you nodded determinately. 

“I agree with Y/N,” Castiel chimed in. “You two have been treating her like a child.”

“I’m - we’re - sorry.” Sam apologized.

Dean nodded in agreement. “I guess we can could give you a little more trust, and let you hunt more.”

You let out a relieved, happy sigh. Finally they understood. “Thanks.”



a/n: Logan!AU for InuKag Week Day 1. 3100 words. Rated M for language. 


“Inuyasha, there’s another one.”

“There’s no more,” Inuyasha repeated for what felt like the thousandth time. He blinked his eyes into the hazy nothingness of their little corner of a worn-out warehouse and coughed the dust from his lungs. “You delusional hag.”

“Watch your language.” Kaede swiped at him, but her bones were weak with age and it had been a very long time since her hits ever landed any damage. “There is one. I can feel it. I feel it, Inuyasha. I’ve spoken-”

“Shut up,” he breathed, more out of pure exhaustion than out of sheer frustration. “I’m the last half-demon. Shippo’s the last demon. You’re the last useless priestess. There. Are. No. More.”

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“KIM NAMJOON WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! Oh my God I think I’m gonna be sick” you screech as you walk into see your best friend straddling your boyfriend and his hands around he shoulders. Tears slowly start to rise up in your eyes, you clench your jaw refusing to let these tears spill. “Y/N! This isn’t what it seems like baby” he says quickly shoving off the traitorous swine off his lap “Not another word I do not want to hear a single word from you.” You spat at him with tears stinging your eyes threatening to fall.

You walk over and squat in front of the girl sprawled on the floor from being shoved down. “WHO the hell do you think you are? I trusted you. You are truely aweful. You are nothing to me at this point. Seeing as much I should probably let you know a few things. You are an AWEFUL person. You are ugly inside and out. None of your many boyfriends liked you in all honestly you were just easy. A toy to them to get a load off. “What the fuck do I know?” You must be thinking to yourself. Alot more than you think you pathetic wench. They told me everything. You are disgusting, to think I ever trusted you. You are trash. Get the fuck out” you spill out all the things you’ve bottled up. She looks at you with a smirk. “Whatever y/n. Your boyfriend wanted me he didn’t push me off right away. He was dozing off waiting for your ugly ass to get out of the shower. I just so happened to come in. You’re boyfriend is hot you know? So of course I wanted him I just went over sat on his lap and started kissing up his neck. He obviously wole up because he pulled me up to kiss him instead and up he went. You think he only wants you? Then how can he get his dick up so easy over me? Hm?” SHE gets up and brushes the dust over her butt before strutting out stopping at the door turning back to look at Namjoon “text later if you want some fun” she winks and walks out.

You turn your head over to where namjoon was sitting his face in his hands. You finally let the tears fall streaming down your still damn cheeks “why? What did I do wrong? Tell me please… why would you do that.after 5 years why the hell are you doing this. Are you bored of me” You fall onto your knees putting your face in your hands your wet hair falling around you as you begin to sob. “Y/N I thought she was you.. you’re the only one I want you know? I don’t want anyone else. You’re my baby girl. I’m sorry please baby girl” he says sliding off the couch to sit in front of you wrapping his strong arms around you. You push him off and stare at him your eyes filled with heartbreak as a tears stain your cheeks. “Why?” You whisper as a new set of tears start falling.

Namjoon gets up and screams “FUCK! I AM SO SORRY. JUST LET ME KNOW WHAT I CAN DO! ANYTHING PLEASE TELL ME I’M DESPERATE” He walks over to your couch and slams himself down putting his hands in his hands. It is quiet no sound in the room except for your quiet sobbing you look over to see Namjoons strong frame shaking. You crawl over and put a hand on his knee and he raises his face from his hands and you see his eyes filled with tears. “Y/n this just ruined everything…” he sobs gently throwing his arms around your shoulders. He falls forward until his head is resting in your neck. You rest your arms around his chest kissing his head. Despite how aweful you feel the site of him crying hurts even more. “Stop crying please my love” you whisper quietly he looks up at you and says softly “just please listen to me for even just one minute.” You sigh deeply and shake your head in agreement. He pulls away taking your small hands in his large warm hands. “You are the love of my life. You have been since I first layed eyes on you. I never would do anything to purposely ruin this. You are the best thing to have ever happened to me. This has been the best 5 years of me life. Meeting the boys could not have even brought me this much joy. Y/n you are like an angel the world sent down just for me. I have never wanted anything more.” You look at him and say bluntly “then what the heck did I walk in and see?” His eyes widen “I didn’t want any of that. I thought she was you. I was dreaming of you and feeling that suddenly made me think it was you. I never wanted your friend. She ruined everything today. I wanted to make today special..” he says to you. You sigh and sat there in silence until you see namjoon sitting up rummaging around in his pocket pulling out a set of rings “Today I was going to ask you if one day you promise to marry me. I was gonna say we can even still pretend were married until then. I got us these promise rings because I wanted to tell you I swear to love no one else but you for as long as I live. And until I can get you the best ring to finally propose with I was hoping you’d settle with a promise ring for now..” he says softly with his deep voice cracking. New tears fill your eyes and your head drops onto his chest you begin shaking your head “what is it? Do you actually agree?” He says wrapping his arms around you. “Yes” you reply in a small voice.

You feel him lift you up and scream happily. “I WAS SO AFRAID YOU’D SAY NO NOW Y/N.” He screams triumphantly. You laugh and replied quickly “but another fuck up like that and I’m gonna smack the dimples off your cheeks. So hurry up and put the ring on me before I change my mind. He sets you down on the couch and puts the ring on your small finger. You lace your fingers through his as you put the other ring on his finger.

–low key slutty stuff so stop reading if you a baby child–

He leans forward and kisses you deeply you kiss him back happily. He takes one of his hands and puts it on the small of your back sliding it down your body. You moans softly opening your mouth. He slides is warm tongue in your mouth greeting your tongue with his. Your tongues wrestle for dominance as you slide yourself into his lap curling your fingers in his hair. You feel a slight buldge jump beneath your clothed body. You bite his lip making a hungry growl come from deep within his chest causing him to fully harden under you. “Baby girl I love you so much” he states as he begins to kiss and nip at your neck slowly laying you down on the couch. His warm body on top of yours making sure there is no space between you. You start to his his adams apple licking and biting softly on the spot as you start trailing love bite all down his neck and exposed collarbone. He lets out a soft moan “Im the only one who makes you feel like this right?” You pur into his ear sliding your hand down his waist. He grunts letting you know your answer. He starts grinding against you when you hear a small gasp.
“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. YOURE DISGUSTING!” You pull away and look around to see his cellphone screen with your best friends video chat open and her lookong disgusted. Little to your knowing during that moment Namjoon pulled out his phone a starts a video chat with your best friend just to let her know that he is yours and showcasing the ring that’s on clearly on your finger in the screen. Namjoon chuckles “Well obviously I’m sharing a passionate moment with Y/N, my fiancée to be as you can tell by the ring and these marks all over my neck” showing your hands and turning his head so she can clearly see the marks you had left him. “Fine whatever I get it. You don’t want me. Jesus no need to show me that” she begins to say as namjoon brings your face up to his enveloping you in a loving kiss as your best friend hangs up. “Y/N I’m sorry about that I just had to set the record strait to her” “it’s ok good now she knows your mine” you say smiling pulling him back down to the kiss taking his phone and throwing it on the floor so you guys can finish what you started.

  • Husband: "The guy that plays Carisi is probably a big nerd."
  • Me: "He likes to do woodworking things."
  • Husband: ....
  • Me: "Don't act like that's not cute, I told you how Raúl Esparza compared himself to a penguin and you laughed- how is Peter playing with his wood not funny?"
  • Husband: "Why the Hell do you know these things?"
  • Me: ...... "Reasons. Science"

Shane Walsh X Sara Grimes
Setting: Season 1, episode 6 - At the CDC.
Word Count: 3.1k
Rating: E for explicit / Mature audiences only.
Notes: Because I loved Shane, everything he did was to survive. If he made it to season 7, everything he did for the group then would be reasonable now. (Except the whole Lori nonsense, tsk tsk Shane.)
Summary: Shane is drunk, he interrupts reader’s late night shower to help sober himself up, clearly needing a helping hand getting back to bed.
Song: Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

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Request: Could could you do a Scott McCall x Reader where they are roommates and it starts out love/hate but then they fall in love but don’t admit it. Then one night the reader brings home a date (because shes trying to move on because she thinks Scott won’t ever want her) and Scott gets jealous and scares him off. Then they finally admit their feelings? Thanks!! X                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Warning:None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                         None:I’s sorry if this imagine is crappy but It was just hard to imagine Scott as being rude but I hope that you’re going to like it so if you do let me know..:))                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        It was hard day at college and all l wanted was to get to my college house and relax,but there was just another problem.My roommate Scott,he seemed like a nice guy at first but as the time went by he started giving me a hard time..I won’t lie I liked him a lot but there’s no point at telling him.I entered in my house and went straight to my room and before I had the time to put down my stuff he came out from the bathroom with just a towel on his body and I felt my cheeks turning red.’Enjoying the view Y/N?’I pulled myself together and let out an annoying sigh ‘Get out McCall.’He let out the chuckle and left my room.Jerk..I fall on the bed Oh who I’m fooling clearly that I let myself fall for the bad guy beside that he was a freakin’ werewolf.Oh great,just great.                                                                                                                                           I was in class when suddenly my phone beeped and I had a text from Simon ‘Do you want to go on a date with me?Later?’I looked over were he was and he was already smiling at me and I smiled back ‘What do you think about that we skip the next class?’I looked at him and he was smiling ‘l think that it’s a great idea.’                                                                                                            ‘Good!’                                                                                                                  ‘Okay Simon you can wait for me here,I’ll just go and change so we can go.’     ‘Go,take your time.’I smiled and kissed him on the cheek.                                 I was almost ready when I heard something crush downstairs and I instantly runned down.I saw Scott pin Simon against the wall and he was in his wolf form.’Scott let him go.’But he didn’t listen ‘SCOTT,NOW.’He let go of him and Simon run out obviously scared as hell.’ I looked angry at Scott and he was looking back at ‘Why the hell did you do that.’He passed next to me and replied coldly ‘I didn’t like him.’ And that’s when I snap it ‘WHAT DID i EVER DO TO YOU TO HATE ME SO MUCH HUH,BECAUSE i JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU.WE USED TO BE GOOD FRIENDS AND NOW YOU’RE TREATING ME LIKE A CRAP.YOU’RE RUINING MY LIFE.’By now l was crying,I didn’t understand him really all of this was hard for me.Then suddenly he hugged me and I broke down even more ‘Shhh Y/N I’m sorry.I treated you like that because I was starting to fall in love,but l just make it worse.’ I looked at him tears running down my cheeks ‘You love me?’ He smiled and wiped my tears ‘I love you and I’m sorry.’ l smiled softly ‘God McCall l’m going to kill you.’ He smiled ‘And I won’t stop you.’      

Closing Time

Prompt: (from imagine @imagine-marvelous-things) Imagine having the power to block out oall telepathic people while being able to get inside their head and therefore fascinating Charles.

Warning: anger, swearing,/language, little bit of angst,

Word Count: 2295

Note: this is for @girl-next-door-writes challenge. Song: Closing Time - Semisonic  and this gif

Originally posted by randomimaginesx


For fuck’s sakes,” you muttered internally as you wandered to a local pub. Everyone was here tonight. “Shit, it is a Friday,” you remembered. Your eyes scanned the bar, finding nothing but drunken fellow college students. But unlike most of these students, you were a graduate student, not a sophomore that was sucking off of Daddy’s money. Scoffing and rolling your eyes, you pulled off your scarf and sat it on the bar as you chose the one end in a dark corner where no one was at.

The bald bartender asked for your order and you told him a Rob Roy. Sighing, you weren’t sure why you even left your apartment if you were just going to sit in a room full of drunken idiots. The only reasonable explanation was that your dissertation was starting to make your eyes cross and your head ache as you studied and examined schizophrenia for days upon days. Hitting a wall, you decided to come to the local watering hole to maybe drown some of your sorrows in the bottom of a glass or ten….

Little did you know, Charles Xavier was there blowing off steam as well. He was working on his Ph. D in psychology just as you were. Using his powers, he was going around the room, scoping out the most obvious prey with a pretty blonde girl who chastised him occasionally. So far though, surprisingly, he had struck out quite a bit. Some of the girls thought he was actually too flashy, too…handsome…too smart. Yes, they were actually put off by the fact that he was wealthy, educated, and handsome. Probably too intimidating.

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Axl freaks out when he sees you giving birth.

(thanks anony for the idea) 

Oh. My. God! This is disgusting. – Axl says as he reads the book and you look at him curiously.

– What? 

– You know the baby will come out of you through your vagina, don’t you? –  he looks at you with a face of disgust and you smile at him.

– Did you listen to science classes at school? – Izzy asks as if he is mocking. 

You’re pregnant for nine months and the child can come out at any time but the funny part about it is Axl reading books and watching videos about childbirth and about pregnancy since you told him you were pregnant, it’s amazing how scared he is with what he sees. 

– OH GOD! – he screams in surprise.

– What now? – Izzy asks.

– Have a photo here! – he throws the book away and makes the face of disgust again. 

– Oh shit! – you say when you feel you legs wet. 

– What? – Axl gets up looking at you worried. He cares so much that you want to laugh, the books scared him.

– Her water broke genius, your books have not talked about this? – Izzy answers.

– I don’t know, she may be just peeing!

– At the couch? 

– She is pregnant Izzy! – they start to argue and you start to feel a sharp pain in the belly.

– Hey ladies! I need to go the hospital! – you scream at them and their attettion comes back to you. 

– Izzy, I want you to go get my coat and Axl help me! 

– GUYS! IS NOW! – Izzy screams as he runs through the house.

– OK! – Axl tries to get you up. – (y/n) what have you been eating? – he asks.

– THERE IS A PERSON INSIDE OF ME! – you scream when you feel the pain again.

– OK WE ARE HERE! – Slash and Duff go to you and get you on their lap together. 

– IZZY LET’S GO! – Steven screams while he follows you out the house and Axl runs right behind you.  

And as you scream in the car and shake his hand he thinks its crazy, Steven drives as fast as he can to the hospital and when you scream in pain everyone screams together. Totally crazy.


– I HATE YOU! – you screams at Axl.

– ME TOO! – he can’t bear to see that, as the baby comes out and you squeeze his hand he thinks that’s a lot for him. – I CAN’T TO THIS! OH MY GOD! I CAN’T! – he screams at the doctor, he looks at you and you are sweating and it feels like hell.

– WHY DID YOU DO THAT WITH ME? – you screams and he totally freaks out.

– (y/n) THE THING IS COMING OUT! HIS HEARD!!!!!!!! –he almost vomits when he sees. – HE IS SO UGLY! 


– AAAAAAAAAAAAAA OK! – he looks at you scared and does not even realize that you’re leaving his hand with purple marks. 


– AXL! – he shuts up when you calls him. – I DON’T CARE! 

– STRONGER! – the doctor screams and Axl looks at him.


Then you make it even hader and then he goes out and starts crying, your head falls on the pillow and you let go of Axl’s hand, then your breathing returns to normal.

– It’s a girl. – the doctor says, he puts the baby by your side and you see her crying, and you starts to crying.So he gives the baby to the nurse and she goes to the other side.

– A g-girl? – Axl stutters. – what they are doing with her? 

– They are just bathing her, Axl. 

Another nurse helps you to be more comfortable while Axl keeps his eyes on the door. After a few minutes the nurse gives the baby to you, she is wrapped up in a punk blanket. You start to breastfeed her and realize that she is redheaded. 

– Here is your daughter, – you whisper at Axl and he smiles, he starts to cry while he sits next to you and looks at her.

– She is perfect… – he kisses you. – thank you…

–This was terribly painful. – you whisper with you mounth nex to his and he smiles.

– Really? I’m already thinking about the attack that Ill have with the next baby, the books says…

– Fuck off Axl! 

Never meant anything (Part 2)

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Jace Wayland/Herondale/Lightwood x Sister!Reader 

Warnings : mention of blood 

Part 1 

     The alcohol was burning your neck and it made you forget about your brother and all that he said to you . You felt good dancing next to all those downworlders , you was happy for a few hours even if you was drunk and you didn’t remembered your own name . It was fun to forget about all the matters and about Jace’s behavior . Some strong arms wrapped around your waist and you turned around to see Magnus holding you tight .

    “ Hi , Magnus ! Do you want to join us ?” you asked letting your hands to rest on his shoulders for a while .

    “ No , I’m here to sent you home . Alec said that you’ll be somewhere drinking and he asked me to take you back to the Institute .” Magnus affirmed as he took you in his arms and exited the bar .

    “ No .” you whined as you didn’t wanted to go back and see your big brother being all over Clary and protecting her little friend . “ I don’t want to go there .” you affirmed and jumped from Magnus arms .

    “ (Y/N) I know that you’re angry but you need to go back there , it’s safer for you .” Magnus tried to make you do things in his way but you started to run and he wasn’t able to stop what happened .

    A car hit you in full speed . Your body flew a few meters from the car , hitting a building and collapsing next to it . Magnus came to your side really fast and stopped time . He made the other ones forget what happened , he made you two invisible for the mundanes and turned time on again . He made a portal out of nothing and in a few seconds he was inside of the Institute screaming for help .

    Alec and Izzy were the first ones to arrive there and they brought you to the infirmary and called the Silent Brothers . They were all in the hallway waiting when Simon smelled your blood . He ran to your room and he was unable to control himself as his fangs dig into your skin . When the Silent Brothers , Izzy and Alec entered in the room and saw Simon like that they instantly took him off of you . Izzy dragged Simon out and Alec went to Jace’s room to talk to him while the Silent Brothers were trying to fix you .

    “ Jace …” Alec said when he opened the door to his room . Alec saw Jace and Clary making out on the bed . He groaned and Jace pulled apart .

    “ What do you want ?” Jace asked angry and frustrated as he didn’t wanted to be interrupted in that moment .

    “ It’s about (Y/N) .” Alec affirmed and Jace looked even more angry .

    “ Why the hell do you bother me for her ? She doesn’t means anything for me and she never did .” Jace yelled making Clary flinch . Alec got really angry when he heard his parabatai’s words .

    “ Your sister is almost dying right now and you are making out with Clary ! What type of a brother are you ? How do you dare reject your own family when she went trough so much things ?” Alec yelled back . Jace got up from the bed , his face painted with fear and regret .

    “ Where is she ?” He instantly asked .

    “ She’s at the infirmary , the Silent Brothers are trying to fix her but Magnus said that there’s nothing to much that anyone can do .” Alec filled Jace in and he couldn’t help but feel terrible after what he said to his sister .

    “ What happened to her ?” Jace asked as he got out of his room and ran to the infirmary , Alec and Clary right behind him .

    “ She was hit by a car and she flew into a building then she collapsed , he brought her here and we lest her alone for one minute when Simon went over and bit her . She anyways lost a lot of blood until Magnus arrived here with her and Simon drank a lot to . If (Y/N) doesn’t dies this means that she’s really lucky .” Alec informed both of the shadowhunters .

    Jace saw Simon and went straight to him pressing a seraph blade on his neck .

    “ If my sister dies I’m going to kill you .” Jace threatened and slammed Simon into the wall .

    They arrived to the infirmary and one Silent Brother was waiting outside .

    “ We are sorry .” One of them said as he entered in Jace’s mind “ You may go say your good-byes before we take her to Idris .” He said and Jace ran in . He collapsed on the ground next to his body holding your hand . Tears ran down his face as he was feeling so miserable . He was the worst brother on Earth .

    “ I’m so sorry ! You know that I didn’t meant a thing from all that I said . I’m so sorry (Y/N) ! I love you little sis ! I’m sorry !” Jace sobbed as he pulled you in his arms and kissed your forehead .

    “ Ave atque vale .” a chorus said after your body burst in fire . Jace stood there looking at your body burning , blaming and hating himself for what he did . He wished that he never said those words . He wanted to go back in time and to stop you , to stop himself from losing the last member of his family but he can’t and now all that he can do is to watch his little sisters body while it’s burning . While all those dreams go away . While he loses his only family .