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Have you ever thought about making a blog for each AU and just then make AU Inside that AU and then make blogs for those I think it would be a lot like multiverse theory, I don't expect you to make a blog for all of the AU's but just a cool thought.

I have thought of it for a few aus since I get a lot of asks for those instead of the M!A or the main story. But I feel like if I were to make another side blog that’s in parallel of this- I would definitely have to make one for a Pirate’s OTP since I get a lot of asks for this au everyday

all though I don’t know about making blogs for ever single little au I take on- i feel like that might be a lot to handle

why ur fuckign rad and i should have the right to call you cute

garnets-amethysts-pearls submitted:

ok so one day I saw this lovely blog in my recommended blogs section back when it still had the Tadashi logo. i noticed you like game grumps so i said “FUCK YES” and followed you; however, since that fateful day i have realized i have many more reasons to call you an amazing blog. today i am writing to explain why you’re a fuckign cutie and why i should have the right to call you that.

so like first off your face is like really pretty? it’s truly stunning i love it. your eyes are a really pretty shape and they’re so cute, like i could stare at them for days and never lose interest. but that’d be creepy so I’m not going to do that unless you’re ok with that. you’ve taught me that everyone is super pretty in their own individual ways and that it’s okay to be on the bigger side. your hair is as black as my soul but it looks really soft and silky and hhhh you’re just excruciatingly pretty ok

like i mentioned earlier you’ve also taught me a few things since i followed you a few months ago which is like “THIS IS RAD: QUALITY CONTENT AND EDUCATION AT THE SAME TIME I LOVE IT”. you’ve told us that it it’s alright if you’re on the larger side, kt doesn’t mean you can’t be ridiculously hot. your beauty might not live up to some people’s standards but as long as they live up to yours why should you give a shit? I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I’m pretty fucked up, depressed and with terrible trust and self confidence issues, but it’s alright to seek help, there’s no shame in it.

I’m also absolutely enthralled by your art too honestly. you’re probably one of my favorite artists on tumblr. I’m in love with your art style, it looks like it came from a cartoon but not in a bad way, like you know how the art in steven universe is super pretty, or old disney movies? i mean like that. you could definitely pursue art as a passion and bless other people with your artistic ability.

tl;dr honestly you’re a beautiful, wonderful, talented human being who captivates me as i scroll down your blog. apparently I’m not the only one either; many other people are reassuring you that you’re fucking rad. which you are! it saddens me that you don’t see yourself as quite the same fantastic person that the rest of us do. i hope that you have a great rest of your week! sincerely yours, a very anxious gay nerd with a blog ❤

IM CRYING omg thank you so much i just oh my gosh this is so sweet and i just have no words this makes so too happy you are too sweet omg thankk you

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