For the anon who asked for Spamano c: I think they meant this morph thing, but I also drew an individual piece, which I’m uploading separately ^_^  I hope this is what you looked for, anon! Lots of love! 

And I have no idea what’s wrong with the eye ._. I morphed multiple pictures with different proportions and the right eye always got smudged, weird :D

Gerita, Lietpol and Usuk

Prucan, Rochu and Dennor

anonymous asked:

I don’t understand when people turn their noses up at newer or smaller posts and blogs? Like you had 0 followers once, why don’t you follow that cutie that just messaged you in your ask? And if someone posts a selfie, why don’t you go and like it and maybe even give someone a confidence boost? They’re just little things, but they can improve someone’s day. You wouldn’t be anywhere without your followers, so why not give them something back and act like it??

what’s going on?? what did i do?????

why the signs are cuties!! disclaimer: this isn't the only reason!! you're all amazing
  • aries:you have the cutest and most contagious laugh, and you make people smile all the time, you're loving and protective and when you're happy you glow with perfection!!
  • taurus:you're incredibly smart, wheather you know it or not, and people look to you for advice and you make people want to trust you because you're so genuine, and your eyes are mesmerizing!!
  • gemini:you're sweet and friendly understanding and easy to relate to, you're the kind of person who can get to know someone quick, and you've got a hella cute smile!!
  • cancer:you love hard and are amazing at making people feel wanted, and you have a charisma that makes people always want to be around you, and beautiful eyes!!
  • leo:being around you is like being around a celebrity, your charisma makes everyone love you and want to be your friend, and you're very fair and just, also you're super cute!!
  • virgo:your entire face is perfect! when you smile you absolutely shine and your eyes crinkle up and its adorable, and you're super smart and everyone admires your intelligence!!
  • libra:you make everyone feel comfortable and at home right away, you're like the human equivalent of a really special meaningful stuffed animal, you're always willing to hear other opinions and your smile is so cute!!
  • scorpio:you're super intelligent and easy to become friends with, you're the kind of person who has thousands of inside jokes even with people that you aren't that close to because you're so relatable!! also gorgeous eyes!!
  • sagittarius:i've talked about charisma before but seriously, you have the most, and you draw people to you like bees to honey, and you sort of know everything and make amazing jokes!! also BEAUTIFUL smile!!
  • capricorn:the way your laugh starts as a little giggle and gets louder and happier is super adorable, and you have very good morals and make others happy quite easily, which you use to make friends!!
  • aquarius:you're pretty much the zodiac equivalent of that "favorite cousin" -- everyone admires you for everything you do, and every moment with you is meaningful to whoever you're with. you also always look happy and its cute af!!
  • pisces:you're fiercely protective of friends and family, and will sacrifice yourself for them because you form such extremely tight bonds with everyone. you're also cute af all around, like what a beautiful face!!