Random doodles!~

The first picture is just a pun, second picture is a delirious design where he played as a spooky jack-o-latter guy. And the last two pictures are left 4 dead inspired, with mini being the witch, tyler as the tank. While Evan is the smoker and delirious is the hunter. Mini and Tyler have a “forget me not” flower, remembering each other while delirious and vanoss are just hanging out as infected boyfriends.

first picture: video around 8:07

second picture: video

I love people who send me pics and videos of their cats on Snapchat like yes I very much love seeing these cute fluffy things send me all the pics and videos. Send me your cats.


“There you went you little dickens!”

Ladies and gents, may I present you what may be Disney’s first quite openly gay character featuring in a long-length animated movie.

Shit why is he so adorable…


and there is nothing i can do… every day i love these brats more and more and more
[D-523] waiting for my ☾[D-525] waiting for my ☼