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yoooooo do you have any hcs for the student council?? truly i think the cutest of those cuties is kinshiro (must be why he's the president right). thanks omg bc i loved the akoya/arima fic even though i dont ship it much.

yes yes ofc I have headcanons for the Student Council, precious babies ;w; <3

Ahhh, thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it regardless!! Q.Q

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and the moment she saw me w/ my HTTYD2 costume, she started screaming like a fire truck hahaha! Can’t miss the chance so I immediately took a selfie with her. I’m so happy I made her believe that I am Hiccup, even just for a day… She’s so adorable I feel like crying! haha 

-Liui Aquino (x)

adorkable canon hiccup right here