Why so serious?

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  • Tyler x Sibling reader featuring Chica
  • Summary: Tyler and Sibling were house sitting/dog watching for Mark while he was away for the week at a convention. Sibling receives some bad news and Tyler will not let it slide.
  • Warnings: Light mention of organ failure, nothing too bad, frustration
  • Non Gender Specific pronouns for reader

You sat with your knees to your chest as you stared at the email on your laptop screen as if it were another language.

“Whats this?” A curious Tyler noticed as he walked past your bedroom door. He crouched down next to you and skimmed over the email.

after the interview…. we regret to inform… thank you for your time..

“Oh I’m sorry Y/N.. which job was that? The retail or?” Tyler asked

“Nope. The one that mattered. The one I’ve been on about for two weeks.” You turned to smile at him.

 He saw straight through it. He didn’t smile back, he just looked into your eyes and pulled you into a hug. As much as you wanted to just sob, you couldn’t let him see you like that. He never cried in front of you, he was always strong, he would admit to emotions and feelings, but he never cried. You didn’t want to let your brother down. Not getting a job was nothing compared to what he had been through. You closed the email tab and stood up.

“I’m gonna get some snacks. How was your day?” You ask Tyler, bubbling with joy. If only it wasn’t forced.

“You’re allowed to feel sad about this, Y/N. You don’t have to act like this didn’t happen and that you aren’t upset.” He looks at you, straight faced.

Why so serious? Its just a job, Ty. There’s plenty more out there, its no big deal. I’m gonna make some pasta!” You gleam a smile as you push past him and unhook your hoodie from the back of the door and pull it over your head.

“I know how badly you wanted that job. You said you ‘didn’t know what you would do if you did’t make it’.” He was right. You break eye contact.

“Well, just gonna have to figure it out aren’t I. Everything happens for a reason.”

You walk to the kitchen with a lump in your throat. You were not going to let this break you. You will be okay. There’s nothing that some cheesy spaghetti and a re-watch of your favourite Netflix series can’t fix. You. Will. Be. Okay. You find a saucepan and close the cupboard, turning round to bump into Tyler, again.

“You want some pasta? I don’t think I’ve seen you eat anything in a while.” You ask as you boil some water, remaining happy and bubbly as ever.

“You don’t need to be looking out for me Y/N, I’m here to make sure that you are okay. There’s no way you aren’t hurt, you were so excited.” he was pushing it.

“Maybe I am hurt, but maybe, I’m trying to just deal with it and carry on, which is very difficult with you bugging me constantly. I’m making you pasta, so why don’t you go play fetch with Chica, she hasn’t been out in hours.” You say sternly while still forcing the corners of your mouth to make a smile. You set a timer on your phone after pouring the spaghetti into the water.

“I can see it in you’re expression that you just want to get it out so why are you trying so hard to hide it?” Tyler stepped closer.

“Maybe its hard to feel okay about having emotions when you are so strong through everything. You literally had your organs fail and I never once saw you cry, and I want to over something as pathetic as not getting the job I wanted? Maybe I just want to be strong and not disappoint you! 

and I guess ill take Chica out as you clearly won’t.” You stormed past him sliding the door to the back yard open and following the dog as she bounded outside.

You felt the cold floor against your bare feet, and noticed heavy grey clouds in the sky to match your mood very well. You heard the door slide open again and you kept your back to it.

“You really think I would be disappointed in you for crying? You think I haven’t had those days?” He stood beside you and spoke, you refused to look at him.

“You forget I don’t have an older sibling. I didn’t have a family member my age that I could talk to about school drama, and I definitely was not gonna tell mom or she’d have just called the school and made it worse. But I want to be here for you, I want you to trust me to be there without doing anything to make it worse. What kind of a brother am I if I cant dry your tears and make you smile?”

Tears welled up your eyes as you turned to him, before they spilled down your cheeks and you buried your face into his chest. You felt his arms wrap around you and he placed a kiss upon your curly hair as you sobbed.

You felt a drip on your ear and quickly looked up, worried you had upset him. But Tyler looked up too as you realised it had started to rain. 

“Damn. You made the sky cry, too. You should be a motivational speaker.” You giggled to yourself at the same time noticing Chica racing around and slipping on the grass, trying to catch each individual raindrop in her mouth.

You heard a laugh as you noticed your brother smiling. As serious as he made himself out to be, he was a child at heart. You smiled as you looked back to the crazy canine.

“Ooh! Pasta’s ready!”