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✧ Name: Valentina.

✧ Nickname: My friends call me val, so there’s that.

✧ Zodiac sign: Virgo.

✧ Height: 163 cm - 5.3 ft.

✧ Orientation: Bisexual.

✧ Nationality: Colombian.

✧ Favorite fruit: Green apples (?

✧ Favorite season: Summer, because I get to travel!

✧ Favorite flower: Sunflowers.

✧ Favorite scent: Coconut.

✧ Favorite color: Yellow!!!

✧ Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: 100% Iced Tea.

✧ Average hours of sleep: 5-6 during the week and 8 on the weekend.

✧ Number of blankets you sleep with: four and sometimes more because it gets too cold.

✧ Dream trip: Traveling is my strongest desire so there are many. But right now it’s mainly: New York, Vienna and Dubai just because of the Wingsuit Flying Destination.

✧ Blog created: Like 4 weeks ago, I think.

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Special shout out to the kids doing the morning announcements in Spider-Man: Homecoming for the most accurate portrayal of how terrible and awkward announcements are that I have ever seen.


Who expected me posting more Pet AU stuff? YES I wanted to do the pocky game collab with @ask-protoheroes but I havn’t had a nice idea yet SO HERE WE GO PLAYING WITH THIS WHILE KEEP THINKING ON IT. Bunny Yami with an in love owner Katsuki and a cute dorky pup Katsuki with a flustered owner Yami ♥

Katsuyami pet AU gives me life ~~

Second digital portrait turned out to be WAAAY HARDER  to paint than the first one. It took me three days and my nervous system died a painful death, so… please love me xD

Happy Birthday nerd.

I had a thought that to get Ink away from him Error jokingly said he’d hug Ink on his birthday if he left Error alone for the next month or so expecting Ink to forget. Surprisingly Ink agrees and leaves.
Come Ink’s birthday….he shows up and reminds Error of the little promise and Error doesn’t back down. Because from what I gathered he takes promises/truces very seriously.
I also like to think Ink remembered only for the purpose of making Error suffer 💖. 

Ink belongs to @comyet
Error belongs to @loverofpiggies

maybe [ch. 1] (newt scamander x reader)

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chapters: 1 2 3

x notes: each segment of this series is going to be short so i can update the story more often and (hopefully) keep a few of you engaged ;u; 

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Sunlight swirls into sparkling glasses, sinks into champagne, paints passerby's gold. Jazz music clouds the air; couples spin and spiral across the shining floor, heels clicking, cheeks pink, faces grinning.

Y/N leans against the wall, embellished gold columns reaching across skyscraping cream, mind elsewhere as she gazes up- mesmerized by the winking chandelier. She takes a lazy sip of her champagne, savoring the bubbles on her tongue as she shifts her attention to the dancing couples. Watches the ladies’ dresses as they bloom into crystal sewn flowers.

The last of the evening sunlight pours itself across her collar bones, outlines the edges of her hair,  illuminates her delicate necklace and skims across her gown. She takes no notice though, entranced with every turn, every spin, dip, and waltz. A familiar voice steals her attention.

“Y/N,” Queenie says, looking unfairly beautiful in her peach-colored gown, “There’s someone we’d like to introduce to you.” She grins, Jacob on her arm as she leads Y/N across the room.

The music swells as Queenie reaches out to tap a man on the shoulder. 

“Oh, sorry-,” The man says as he hastily turns around, “Queenie, hi, I- um, sorry I seemed to have lost you both before.”

“It’s fine sugar!” She smiles reassuringly, “Newt, this is my old friend Y/N, moved here not too long ago from upstate.”

The man eyes flick from the floor to some place behind Y/N, briefly to her eyes, then back down. He puts his hand out in front of him, nervously clenching and unclenching his jaw.

Y/N smiles slightly, confusion mixed with curiosity as she shakes his hand. “Y/N L/N,” She says, attempting to meet his darting eyes.

“Newt, uh, Newt Scamander,” He says, head ducked still. He looks up momentarily and Y/N is overwhelmed with freckles and the gentleness of his foggy green eyes. Newt blinks and awkwardly lets go of her hand, turning to whisper something to Queenie, “Is she, by chance, well, um-”

“Yes,” Queenie laughs, “She went to Ilvermorny with me.” 

Newt nods, a smile flickering from his cheeks as he nods sharply, awkwardly. He contemplates asking her house but it dissolves at the end of his tongue, instead, he tries, “W-Well, uh,” Queenie gives Newt a look, he ducks his head slightly and continues, “Would you, well, ahem, like to dance?”

Y/N’s cheeks flush in surprise, but she nods nonetheless, carefully placing her hand in his, “I’d love to, thank you.” She says politely, a small smile pulling at the edge of her lips.

p2 comes out tomorrow :o

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[its been a while since ive written a fic ;u; hope its going alrighthdhdhdfhfhg]

dating daveed headcanons

daveed is definitely the reserved kinda guy right but with you he’s the opposite

  • he tells you everything like is ideas, his problems, about his days etc
  • which helps a lot with the relationship ig cause you guys are really close because of it 
  • basically he would trust you with his life

he gets flustered very easily alright its adorable

  • usually when you compliment him on something
  • like “you look great today” or “that was adorable” or something like that
  • and he blushes and laughs and its so cute i could go on


  • listen he’s ok with you talking to guy friends if he knows them
  • ie he doesnt mind if you talk to anthony, oak, lin, etc
  • but as soon as he sees you talking to someone he doesnt know his ass goes on jealous mode in a sec
  • and he goes to stand at your side and introduces himself bc he’s lowkey extra
  • and he’s like “i’m daveed, (Y/N)’s boyfriend.” and seeing him jealous is actually kinda funny

which brings me to the fact that he would fight someone for you

  • listen if a guy ((or girl)) was making you uncomfortable or making you upset/scared etc he would punch them without a doubt
  • once he punched a guy who put something in your drink
  • but its all because he loves you and wants to keep you safe

“i love you” 

  • alright he would tell u he loves literally once every ten minutes
  • he just wants you to know alright 
  • and you would jokingly roll your eyes and tell him something like “you’ve told me that three times already”
  • but in reality you love it when he tells you