pas-cal said: I’m like 99% sure tumblr does this stupid thing where it tracks partial tags as well?? If it popped up in the regular Vivienne tag I’m thinking that’s why so many people jumped on it \o/ like “#viv discourse” will show up in “#viv” and “#discourse” otherwise people are just dumb

if that’s the case, I am sorry for it showing up in the regular vivienne tag, because that was not my intent.  It is a critical post, it is meant to only be in that tag.  NOT in the regular tag.  But the fandom’s reasoning is apparently I’m racist and misogynistic, because you can’t criticize a character based on their merits as a character, and not based on their skin color or gender.  *rolls eyes*

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Dave x karkat (home stuck)
Levi x eren (attack on Titan)
Makoto x haru (free!)
Rin x haru (free!)
Akashi x kuroko (kuro bas)
Aomine x kuroko (kuro bas)
Kagami x kuroko (kuro bas)
All x kuroko (kuro bas)
Sebastian x ciel (black butler)
Jack x Elsa (frozen/ rotg)
Rei x nagisa (free!)

Ryouma x Izumi (love stage)

I am soo happy how these photos turned out. RWBY photoshoot from Saturday Otakuthon. Fricken loved this group of coolie cosplayers :D and all hail king NEPTUNE!!! 

Neptune - Myself aka Round2 cosplay :D ( https://www.facebook.com/JDo1001 )

Sun - karlmoose ( https://www.facebook.com/KarlMooseCosplay )

Nora - pridem

Yang - Samantha White

Photographer - Tenebra Photography ( https://www.facebook.com/tenebraphotography)