No one told me this… When you join the Phandom your sleep schedule gets messed up. 1am and you’re watching pinof then 2am you’re reading Phan smut. Then 6am when you finally fall asleep for a hour only to be woken up at 7am by your mum saying, “Morning -name-. Are you okay? What time did you go to bed at?” Then you lie and say, “10 I think? Maybe 9:30 I kinda forgot.”

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Being overly-familiar with a series is such a weird burden sometimes because like

you’ll see some theory being passed around that you instantly know is wrong. Like it’s surprising to see people supporting it because the flaws in its logic are so glaringly obvious. Until it hits you that, yeah it’s wrong, but only because you were able to immediately remember the 5 second conversation between two background characters 17 minutes through s2e13 that definitively disproves it. And no casual fan would have any reason to remember that off the top of their head and it’s you who’s the weird human encyclopedia with a shot-for-shot memory the entire damn series.

Like at that point you don’t even know anymore whether to argue your point or just…maybe go outside for a little bit.

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Dave x karkat (home stuck)
Levi x eren (attack on Titan)
Makoto x haru (free!)
Rin x haru (free!)
Akashi x kuroko (kuro bas)
Aomine x kuroko (kuro bas)
Kagami x kuroko (kuro bas)
All x kuroko (kuro bas)
Sebastian x ciel (black butler)
Jack x Elsa (frozen/ rotg)
Rei x nagisa (free!)

Ryouma x Izumi (love stage)

I am soo happy how these photos turned out. RWBY photoshoot from Saturday Otakuthon. Fricken loved this group of coolie cosplayers :D and all hail king NEPTUNE!!! 

Neptune - Myself aka Round2 cosplay :D ( https://www.facebook.com/JDo1001 )

Sun - karlmoose ( https://www.facebook.com/KarlMooseCosplay )

Nora - pridem

Yang - Samantha White

Photographer - Tenebra Photography ( https://www.facebook.com/tenebraphotography)