This is by far the best quality Cherick I’ve drawn. Originally it goes well with this song, but I’m open to suggestions :D

And don’t even ask me why….. i don’t know, it just happened


I’m Caedyn I’m a 19 year old queer kid from Lawrence, Kansas. Sometimes I put on a wig and makeup because I look cute af in drag.
My favorite band is my chemical romance (yeah I know… Never outgrew the emo.) I have an undying love for Frank Iero. I’m a twin. I love getting piercings and tattoos. I’ve been vegetarian since 2011. I study French and German (really slacking in the French department lately, though). My German friend introduced me to sparkling water and now it’s all I drink please send help.
I also love pentatonix a little too much. I have friends who like PTX and/or superfruit but I don’t have any friends within the fanbase here on tumblr and I’d like to change that. 🍒

Why are ppl NOT talking about Trump ’s use of his campaign to drum up business?

Why are ppl NOT talking about Trump’s constant and unashamed racism and sexism?

Why are ppl NOT talking about Trump’s foreign policy agenda as the national humiliation that it is?

Why are ppl NOT talking about Trump’s almost complete lack of serious domestic policy ideas?

Why are ppl NOT talking about how Trump isn’t receiving the same scrutiny for wanting power as Hillary because he’s not a woman?

Why ARE ppl acting like Hillary’s e-mails are the worst thing in American politics ever?

Why ARE ppl acting like Hillary wanting the presidency for ‘personal gain’ isn’t something every candidate ever runs for?

Why ARE ppl acting like if Hillary doesn’t win the left won’t become bogged down in remaking progress they’ll have allowed to be voted out?

Why ARE ppl acting like a Trump presidency doesn’t produce REAL FUCKING DANGER to unprivileged groups?

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you done

like u haven’t even listened to it yet linn


okay here are my 8 favs from the shoot! please pick 2 or 3 favs and let me know??? i put little yellow numbers in the corners for convenience, haha. THANK YOU DEARS!

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Hey are you ever going to do the mom swap again

my god, yeah i’ve realized those have been slightly popular recently. which is funny because they’re almost a year old! (actually the first one i did IS over a year old, i wonder who dug em’ up?)  basically what happened was my old computer overheated and broke, ironically, while i was working on the next installment, and i was left with no way to get to it and no way to make a new one for such a long time i sort of drifted away from it, they took a lot of time and effort (especially back then, when i also lost my tablet) and over time i made more and more content for different fandoms and got invested in more and more aus that became highly requested, i guess i didn’t really have the time or fans for it anymore? not to mention how much lapis and peridot have been developed since then (@cn where’s the cheeto) i would have to develop/ change the universe a lot to make every episode work.

HOWEVER! since the summer of steven is happening and getting me in a su mood (don’t worry other fandoms i’m still here with you) i’m totally up to do one or two new ones, i mean, i don’t know exactly how many of my followers would still be into that, but hey i’m sure there are at least 3 or so out there haha! so here’s my offer: suggest one episode you really want to see momswapped in the replies (or anon me if you’d prefer) i’ll pick the most popular one or two and make it in time for summer of steven! with updated designs and all! a special one-year anniversary thing if you will! good luck out there, all 3 of you su followers haha 

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Why are you so unprofessional?? Because you hate somebody? Well news check, life is filled with disappointment and you just can't quit your job because you hate somebody who works there. If you quit that would be called unprofessional... But I guess to you that is actually consider "professional" in your head~ Haha yeah bitch I am one of Chris's "minions" and I bet you can guess who but don't give a fuck!!!

i wish this was an anon i sent in myself or something, but nope i legit got this piece of art in my askbox

you are making a fool out of yourself