My brother’s really lame. But Hermione’s pretty cool. I guess I kinda see why she would marry him. Also, if anyone has seen my hoodie I lost it, thanks.
—  Ginny Weasley [giving her Maid of Honor speech at Ron and Hermione’s wedding]

“In ‘78, I was an instructor at an acting academy. It helped me earn some pocket money, but the girl I was dating at the time said she would only date and not marry me. When I asked her why, she said it’s because I was poor. Later, I found out she was the daughter of the owner of a big theater. Her family was wealthy. Back then, whenever theaters put on shows, they made a truckload of money. So that’s why she wouldn’t marry me. Around that time, someone set up a blind date for me. Those days, even the slightest mention of being an actor meant immediate rejection, because it meant I didn’t make any money. Because I was still dating my girlfriend at the time, I went on the blind date, flat out told her that I was an actor, and just went home. But the next day, the matchmaker scolded me, saying there was no such girl like her. Apparently, the girl went back to the matchmaker after meeting me and said, ‘Money is just something that comes and goes, so what’s so important about it? Sincerity is what’s important.’ After hearing that, I asked her to meet me again at a place called Ssun Coffee House on 5th Toegye Street. After talking with her, I found out that she really meant what she said. And then, one month after our blind date, I got married. With my Flower.”

“Now she’s really beautiful, but truthfully, I didn’t realize all of my Flower’s beauty back then. But just sitting in that coffee house and listening to her speak, I remember thinking, ‘This woman is my wife.’”

“78년도 그때 나는 연기 학원 강사를 하고 있었어. 그걸로 용돈을 벌어 썼는데 그때 만나던 여친이 나랑 연애만 하고 시집은 안 온대. 아니 왜 안오냐 그랬더니 가난해서 싫대. 나중에 알고 봤더니 큰 극장의 사장 딸이더라고. 집에 돈이 많은 거야. 그때는 쇼 같은거 한 번 하면 돈을 가마니에 담았거든. 그래서 나랑 결혼 안한다는 거지. 그러던 중에 중매가 들어왔어. 그때 당시 연극한다고 하면 돈을 못 버니까 그냥 바로 딱지맞는 시대였거든? 나도 여자친구가 있으니까 중매 가서 ‘저 연극합니다.’ 하고 그냥 돌아왔지. 근데 다음날 중매해준 사람이 ‘너 그런 여자 요즘 세상에 있는 줄 아냐’면서 나한테 뭐라 그러는거야. 그 여자가 중매 끝나고 돌아와서는 ‘사람이 돈이라는 게 있다가도 없고 없다가도 있는데, 돈이 뭐 중요해요. 성실한게 중요하지.’ 그랬다는 거야. 그 말 듣고는 그때 퇴계로 5가에 ‘썬 다방’이라고 있었는데 거기로 그 여자보고 나오라 그랬어. 얘기를 해보니 정말 자기는 그렇게 생각한대. 그러고 선 본지 한 달 만에 결혼했어. 우리 꽃님이랑.”

“지금이야 너무 예쁜데, 사실 그때는 꽃님이가 막 예쁜 줄 몰랐어. 근데 그냥 그 다방에 앉아서 얘길 듣는데 ‘이 여자는 내 마누라다.’라는 생각이 딱 들더라고.”

Bat Boys on their Wedding Day (Headcanon)

Anon: “can you do a headcano for the batboys and Bruce in there wedding day !”

Schninner: I’m actually REALLY happy on how this turned out, I hope you like it Anon!

Jason Todd

  • He’d probably be a mixture of nervous as hell and a cocky SOB
  • For example, “Uh, of course they’re marrying me, have you seen how I look?”
  • And “Oh my gods, why is she marrying me?! I’m a freaking mess!”
  • He’d constantly be nervously moving or fidgeting
  • But all that nervous energy fades away when he sees you walking down the isle

Dick Grayson

  • He’s a nervous rambler
  • He just keeps going on and on to his brothers about his paranoid thoughts of how this day could go wrong
  • He is told on several occasions to shut up
  • He’s be the one that would try to sneak away to see you before the ceremony
  • Only to be dragged back to his room by an angry Barbara and Stephanie.
  • He’d write his own vows slipping some sort of cartoon reference or quote that you both think is hilarious

Tim Drake

  • He’d have a timer set of his phone for when the ceremony will start
  • He barely sleeps at all (shocker) he’s just can’t seem to take his eyes off that timer.
  • Spends his waking hours pacing and practicing his vows.
  • Coffee, lots and lots of coffee
  • He can hardly stay awake when he’s standing alone at the alter
  • But he perks up immediately when you begin to make your way toward him
  • He does end up tripping over his words during the vows (and he had practiced so hard to)
  • But a reassuring smile from you melted his worries away

Damian Wayne

  • He has a mask of calm and cool
  • But really, he’d be internally freaking out.
  • His brothers would keep asking him if he’s okay.
  • “TT, Of course I’m okay, I am the son of batman!”
  • Lots and lots of sparring to relieve stress
  • He would also get a lot moodier towards his brothers
  • Translation: Non-stop name calling
  • He gets finicky with his appearance
  • As in lots of tie straightening and hair fixing
  • When its time to feed each other cake, you make sure to smear it ALL over his perfect hair

Bruce Wayne

  • Out of everyone, he would probably be the most nervous
  • He does have 4 rambunctious sons that end to cause trouble
  • He puts most of his nervous energy t good use by making sure his children don’t kill each other
  • Literally
  • He would be freaking out trying to make sure everything would go to plan.
  • Of course, things won’t go smoothly.
  • Tim and Damian got into a fight causing them to lose the rings.
  • He was devastated, terrified
  • But you managed to save the day by using ring pops instead
sugar ❖ sehun (3)

❝I’m not sure what the Boss does, probably nothing, but he’s always the first to come in here and the last to leave. He’s at the last floor and that’s where you’re going❞

admin : - velvet
genre : fluff, smut (in the next chap), pretty huge age gap, kinda daddyish, ceo!sehun, angst

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue

The next morning Mina was at your door, just like any other Saturdays and took with her some pastries and two cups of chocolate with cream. That was usual for the two of you, she always came to your home to spent the weekend, so you gained a little bit of bravery and asked what was pricking in your brain since last night.

Is Sehun really your father?

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Things we need answering before Wynnona Earp Finishes.

 - Who is Waverly Earp - who are her parents - what are her genetics - is she a revenant?

- Who is the baby Daddy of Wynnona’s baby? - is it a revenant or Doc?

- Will Wynnona be with Doc or Dolls? - mean we need to know who she loves and wants to be with most. 

- Nicoles side of the story on Shay - why did she marry her - why did she not tell Waverly - is she getting a divorce - when will she be divorced 

- Nicole on her family - we need to know more on her back story and why she decided to come to purgatory. 

- Waverly saying i love you to Nicole - I mean she has confessed she loves her to her sister and even to the iron witch. She needs to tell this to her. 

- Bobo Del Ray - is he Waves Dad or simply her saviour? - How come he is so fucked up now when he was one of Wyatt Earps BFF’s and now hates everyone?

- Constance Clootie - Is she coming back? Is her husband coming to life?- WHAT.

- The third seal - What the fuck is going to happen with this? Will everywhere be effected by the third seal opening?

- Will the witches die and who the fuck is their husband - i mean the fuck????

anonymous asked:

is it at all possible you could write something where Lily and Petunia DON'T hate each other? Petunia never went bitter about being a Muggle. Sister power! Sister love! Yes? Because the good-Petunia was so brilliant and actually believable!

I don’t think I’ve yet written a Lily who hated Petunia, actually. I’m not sure she understood her, or trusted her, but Lily always loved her sister.

I like to think of Lily Evans Potter as a person who had immense faith in other people– not faith that people were good, but that they could be. I think she believed in change– it’s why she married James, when he grew up and got his head out of his ass. I don’t think she ever could have loved him if she didn’t believe in transformation.

I like that about Lily. It’s a certain type of bravery, to be able to stand up to your friends, to turn your back on people you love when they have crossed too many lines. It’s another kind of strength entirely to be willing to let people close to you again, to believe them when they say they have changed.

I think she loved her friend Severus, really, truly, always. I think she was waiting for him to get over being a dickwad. I think she would have waited forever, but I also like to think she wouldn’t have shed any tears over it, no matter how long the years of her life.

We don’t know much about Lily Potter, when you really get down to it. She was friends with a greasy git who loved her, until he hurt her. She shouted down bullies, and then she married one of them. She fought in a war, and she died at home in front of her son.

But my Lily, the one I write, she loved hard, and she didn’t stop– even when she backed up and put up boundaries and forswore friendships. She didn’t ignore ugly things in people–bitterness and bigotry–but she was twenty one years old and I think she believed people could make themselves better than they had been.

She thought they could burn it out of them– the way Petunia wouldn’t listen, the way she grew more brittle with every year; the way Severus couldn’t share, couldn’t trust, the way he needed someone to hate more than he hated himself.

She believed that, one day, they could be kinder, if they just tried. Severus would grow up, would pass her randomly in Diagon Alley and sweep his hair out of his eyes and ask if she had time for some tea, there were things they should talk about, he was sorry, and he’d been tutoring Muggleborns up at Hogwarts because he knew what it was like to feel out of place. Maybe Petunia would call on her birthday and wish her well. They’d meet halfway in a park and Harry and Dudley would get mud and grass everywhere, trying to walk but mostly falling, and laughing.

Lily kept her heart close to her chest, because those things can break, but she never hated any of them. She loved them. She was waiting.

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Hi! I'm wondering why you ship Draco/Astoria? Is it because of Cursed Child? I haven't read it (sounds terrible tbh) but if that's why you like them, maybe I'll do it. :D

No it’s not because of Cursed Child. I ship Draco and Astoria since 2011 in the moment I started to write a fanfiction about them. I was inspired by a fanart where Astoria is laughing and Draco is laughing with her - a soft and quite gentle smile (I can’t find it anymore but I have this fanart in my mind until this day). The idea of a random woman making Draco Malfoy smile was really incredible to me - and very inspiring. I also love the fact we knew nothing about her and yet she had enough personality to marry a Malfoy. This is why I ship Drastoria. Because Astoria is a woman the fandom know nothing about. Many people were expecting Draco to marry someone we knew from the books, but JK Rowling came up with this character - and it’s irresistible to me, as a fanartist and ficwriter, to think about her.

It makes perfect sense to me that he didn’t marry a character from the books. Astoria is someone different that make us wonder - wow why Draco married her? – She must be something. They must be something. I really love them together and I didn’t show this enough through my art - but I hope I will =)

A.D. Theory

So, here’s my theory on who is A.D. and what is his story.

Ezra is A.D.

Here’s why.

Ezra was in love with Bethany a long time before the first episode of PLL starts. When Bethany went missing or died, he came to Rosewood (like we know from the first episode) to look for her. He became A and started to blackmail the girls so he can find out what happened to her. While he was at it, he met CeCe/Charles/Charlotte, who was friends with Bethany from a long time ago. He asked CeCe to help him find out what happened to Bethany that night, so CeCe became his helper (thus why we were shown two As for a long time, drinking together and making plans). 

But, Bethany was pulled out of her grave. We saw someone pulling her out. Therefore, Bethany is alive. Ezra finds her but after a really long time.

I believe Nicole is in fact Bethany.

After having CeCe confess instead of him, he finds Bethany/Nicole and gets her back. Then he stops for 5 years.

After 5 years, CeCe got murdered and after he was thinking he was back with his sweetheart Bethany/Nicole, he loses her, too. So, he loses the last person close to him (CeCe) and he seeks revenge on CeCe’s killer.

That night after leaving Aria, he went to see CeCe on the bell tower. While leaving her, someone got up and pushed her. Ezra saw her falling, so he took her and took care of her and the body we saw in the casket wasn’t hers. It was someone else with a mask on. So, CeCe is alive. And she is probably living inside the dollhouse.

But Ezra wants to know who killed her cause he never saw him/her. Plus, why would Ezra show up in the trial if he didn’t have any connection to CeCe since he had broken up with Aria?

But, before he starts searching for the killer, Mary, Elliot and Spencer’s twin catch up to him. Spencer does have a twin and her goal is the same to Ezra’s, but they don’t work together. Ezra was just CeCe’s friend and Mary and Spencer’s twin are just her family. But, Ezra is the real A.D, not CeCe’s family.

Now it’s time to tell you something else. I believe that Mona killed CeCe and that’s why Mona is going to die. Cause A.D. is looking for CeCe’s killer and he wants to kill her. When he finds out it was Mona, he will kill her and that’s why in the Australian promo for 7x20 we see Mona saying “Are you here to kill me?”. And she is alone there. Maybe cause A.D. found out that it was her who killed CeCe and went to avenge her death by killing her. 

Now, about the second comic book Arcturus. Lucas specifically said “it’s not a comic book, it’s a GRAPHIC NOVEL”. That smells like Ezra’s work. On the same episode we learned that Ezra was presenting his new book and was answering questions. But at the same time Ezra was there, Alison and Emily went to catch A.D. while delivering something A.D. asked them. Then someone bumps into Alison causing her to fall.

We later learn that this was actually Mona and not A.D.

Well of course it wasn’t A.D. cause A.D. was busy presenting his new book.

Ezra simply learned about the first comic book from CeCe when they were working together. After learning about the second unfinished book, he decided to end it and make it a major graphic novel cause, well, it will be based on true events (the things he is going to do to the girls). The book is going to be probably about Ezra (A.D.) protecting CeCe in the process.

Also, A.D. wanted Aria specifically to join him. Why would A.D. make an offer specifically to Aria? Well, cause either he is someone who cares about her or someone related to her. Or both (when the time comes). So, Ezra being A.D. wants Aria to join him so that she can understand in the end why he did all those things (otherwise why would she get married to him in the end?). He also has to persuade her to join him somehow and that’s why he is blackmailing her with the file (in which I believe whatever is in there, he understands why she had to do it and he doesn’t even care at all).

And finally, my biggest concern was the fact that every time A.D. asks something from the girls through the game or outside the game, all the times he wants them to put it/them in a locker in the school. Now, who would have so much access to a school (and so much secret places like opening a locker from behind and steal whatever is in the locker or put whatever he wants in the locker)? 

The answer is: someone who works there for a long long time. 

A teacher. 


So, that was my theory. I don’t know if it’s going to be it, but it certainly fills a lot of holes. 

anonymous asked:

so what was your favourite part of wonder woman? Mine was No Mans Land and when they danced in the snow!!!!!!!

I have five favorite parts of WW. 

1) No Man’s Land. It was everything.

2) The parallell of Antiope screaming “Shield!” on the beach with the amazons and Steve screaming “Shield!” to Diana on that square is important to me. For several reasons. Steve watched and learned on that beach, he learned of the amazon’s fighting style and just how powerful and skilled the amazons actually are. He also recognized the moment on that square as a moment where he and his fellow men can’t do anything, that the woman amongst them is more important. That they should lift her up and help her achieve her goal – so the men in the scene literally do just that. They let her use them, step on them, so she can be great. I can go into more detail about this but I just… THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ME. I am going to need all the gifsets to show this parallell. 

3) Every single scene where Diana smiles: on the boat when she is curious about why mankind marries, when she sees the real baby on the street, when she meets Etta, when she tastes ice cream, when she sees snowfall, when she tells Charlie “But then who would sing for us?” and he starts singing right then and there. I love all of these moments because they remind us how kind and loving and curious she is, this movie takes time to show us how soft Diana can be too. And I am so grateful to the writers and to Patty and to Gal for that. 

4) The entire beach scene with the amazons. Seriously. As soon as this movie is out I am going to be re-watching this scene to eternity. ESPECIALLY THE TWO AMAZONS WHERE ONE OF THEM COMES RIDING AND TAKES THE OTHER ONE’S HAND WHO IS STANDING ON THE BEACH AND SWINGS HER UP INTO THE AIR WHERE SHE THROWS TWO KINVES AT TWO SOLDIERS. Like. Damn. 

5) The moment Steve’s plane explodes and Diana is on the ground screaming NO! The emotion was delicious. 


Lyanna studied the sculpted feature of Cregan Stark. There were no statues of his wives, any of his wives, accompanying him. Winterfell’s crypt was only meant for kings and lords, not for their consorts.

“He looks … lonely,” Lyanna remarked.

Benjen laughed. “He’s dead, Lya. The dead can’t be lonely.”

Couldn’t they? Then why did she often dream of her mother being lonely?

“Wasn’t he the one with three wives?” Benjen asked.

Lyanna nodded.

“Imagine that. Three wives!”

Lyanna scoffed. “Not three wives at the same time, silly. We are Starks, not Targaryens, remember? He was married to three different women at different times, and he outlived them all.”

“Which one do you think he missed the most?”

“Missed the most? So the dead can’t be lonely, but they can miss their wives? What are the rules for the dead, Ben?” Lyanna teased her brother. “Can they be angry, or sad, or hungry? Can they miss riding a horse, or beating their brother at swordplay?”

“Now you’re being silly, Lya. You know what I mean. On his deathbed, say. Which wife do you think he thought of the most, when he was dying?”

“All three of them equally, I should hope,” Lyanna said.

“He must have a favorite. The wife he loved the most. The Blackwood one, probably. That was a love match, wasn’t it?”

“On his side. Who knows what she really thought of the matter,” Lyanna replied. “Alysanne. Her name was Alysanne,” she added, her voice almost a whisper. “Why do you think she did it, Ben? Why do you think she offered herself to him in marriage?”

“She? Who?”

“Who else? Black Aly. Alysanne Blackwood. Cregan Stark’s second wife. Corlys Velaryon was not her grandfather. Corlys Velaryon had granddaughters of his own. Corlys Velaryon was a stranger to her. Why would she marry The Old Man of the North so Corlys Velaryon could keep his pardon and his offices and his honors?”

Benjen shrugged. “Maybe she just wanted to be the Lady of Winterfell.”

“And that is a good enough reason?”

“It is a great honor, to be the Lady of Winterfell,” Benjen said, solemnly.

It is a great honor, to be the Lady of Storm’s End, her father had said, even more solemnly, and insistently.

Benjen was staring at her, looking very uneasy. “No one made her do it, Lya. She wasn’t forced to marry him. She wasn’t dragged to Winterfell in chains.”

Oh Ben, there are many ways of forcing that do not involve any kind of chains or shackles or fetters, Lyanna thought, but could not bear to say to her younger brother. And some chains could not be seen with the naked eyes, but we feel them nonetheless, and cannot escape them all the same.

“She didn’t even have a father to tell her who to marry. Her nephew was Lord Blackwood at the time, and wasn’t he only a young boy? Could you see him forcing his aunt to marry a man she didn’t want to marry?” Benjen continued.

She chose. Black Aly chose to wed Cregan Stark. Whatever her reasons and motivations were, she at least had the chance to choose; Lyanna so desperately wanted to believe this.

Momma Hale AU

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Word Count: 1844

Warnings: None

Request:  @tanovic54321  SAID:
Can you do a momma hale au imagine where like everyone is a kid or baby, like everyone who is a teen now is a baby or toddler & they are all Derke & her’s bio or adopted werewolf/supernatural being babies & it’s just a bunch of fluffy scenarios with like baby Erica scaring baby Stiles, ext

A/N: I try to make it to where my imagines don’t state gender, but the way I wrote this is a female reader. I apologize to any non-female readers.

Also, I wrote the s1 & s2 teens instead of like THEM ALL

It’s not specifically stated, but the ages go from oldest to youngest in this order: Boyd, Scott, Allison, Erica, Jackson, Lydia, Isaac, Stiles. The ages run from 4 y/o - 9 y/o

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A Virgin Forever

I met Julie at a party given by a mutual friend. I was captivated from the moment I saw her, as were many of the other men there as well, I’m sure. Julie is a brunette with flowing hair that extends past her shoulders, an hour glass figure, and exquisitely long legs that were sheathed in black stockings. At 5'9", she’s tall for a woman, and on the night I met her, she was wearing heels. Although for much of the party I had been admiring her legs and figure from afar as she talked and flirted with the other guests. I hadn’t been able to muster the courage to talk to her. Talking to women has always been a problem for me. I never had anything clever to say, and I didn’t know how to be aggressive without turning girls off. Yes, I was the ultimate shy, wimpy, nice guy. Since my first date in high school, you could count the number of dates I had been on among your fingers. Needless to say, I had never had a serious girlfriend and at twenty-eight, I was still a virgin.

You can imagine my shock therefore when someone tapped me on the shoulder and I turned to find myself staring into Julie’s chest, which her low-cut dress provocatively exposed. She towered over my 5'6" frame and when she spoke I had to look up at her.

“Hi,” she said. “I’m Julie. I don’t believe we’ve met.”

“No,” I managed to stammer. “Mine’s Eric.”

We stood and talked for several minutes before sitting together on a couch, where we continued our conversation. I found Julie very easy to talk with. She took control of the conversation and effortlessly kept it going. I had never had such a good conversation with a woman before. I learned that she had just completed all of her medical training and was now a surgeon at one of the city’s hospitals. I told her about my job too, assistant manager at a book store paled in comparison to her career, but Julie was so sweet about it and asked me intelligent questions about the book trade.

A couple other guys came over to talk and before long I was completely nudged out of the conversation. I left to drink another beer, relishing the memory of Julie. I didn’t speak to Julie again until the end of the party. As I was about to leave she rushed over to me and asked for my phone number. Somehow, despite my shock, I managed to remember it and not make a total fool of myself.

Julie called me a few days later and we started dating. Two years later, Julie suggested that we get married. We never did have sex while we were dating, we made out often though, and on several occasions I sucked on her breasts and massaged her pussy. I’ve always been very self-conscious about my penis and was afraid to let her see it. I have a very small penis, just under four inches when erect and only around two inches flaccid. I could masturbate using my index finger alone.

When I asked Julie why she would want to marry someone like me, she said rather candidly that she enjoyed being in control in our relationship. She had to deal with a lot of egotistical jerks at work and my simpering adoration was a welcome change. Before our wedding, I explained to Julie that I was still a virgin. She wasn’t surprised and assured me that her experience would be enough for both of us.

Our wedding night was a sexual disaster. Julie looked like a dream as she reclined on our bed in her white teddy with her soft breasts begging to be set free. My little prick grew to its full three and three-quarter inches. As I stood next to the bed, I lowered my briefs and for the first time, exposed my penis to Julie.

“It’s so small,” she said with obvious surprise. “I’ve never seen one this small. Is that really all the bigger it gets?”

“Yes,” I stammered. “I told you it wasn’t very big.”

“And your balls aren’t much bigger either?”

Julie reached out and felt it between her fingers. The sensation of finally having a woman touching my penis was overwhelming and I immediately ejaculated into her hand.

“And sensitive too,” she said with a giggle.

Julie got up to wash off her hand so I laid down on the bed. My dick had now shrunk to its flaccid length of about two inches. Julie was completely naked when she emerged from the bathroom.

“Well stud,” said Julie as she approached the bed. “Are you and pee-wee ready for a good time?”

I wasn’t sure if she was laughing at me or just being affectionate, but ever since that night she has referred to my penis as pee-wee. We rolled around the bed for quite awhile kissing and groping one another. Julie has a very sexy ass and firm breasts with very sensitive nipples. She loves to have her breasts massaged and I apparently do a good job of it. When pee-wee became hard again, Julie rolled onto her back, spread her legs, and motioned for me to mount her. I had no idea what I was doing and couldn’t figure out how to enter her. Julie reached down to help guide me in but once again the moment she touched my penis, it spasmed and ejaculated. I tried several more times that evening with an equal lack of success. We even tried it with Julie on top, but nothing we did seemed to make any difference as I always came or worse yet grew soft just before entry. We finally gave up, deciding I was just nervous and that things would work out better the next evening.

Things however did not work out better the next evening or for the following one. Julie was very cool about the whole situation. I was fearful she would leave me, and who would blame her? But apart from my sexual failures, we had a wonderful time together and I doubt anyone would have thought our marriage anything other than normal.

After returning from our honeymoon, we settled into the routine of our daily lives. Since Julie made so much as a doctor, she talked me into quitting my job and staying home to look after decorating the house we had recently purchased and all the other daily homemaker chores. “I have such a hectic and chaotic schedule,” she explained. “I won’t have time to take care of our new house. You saw what a mess my apartment was. Besides, when we have a chance to spend some quality time together. I don’t want you to spoil it by having to go to work.” I had to agree that her arguments made sense. Julie was not at all much of a homemaker (I often helped her clean her apartment when we were dating) and I didn’t like my job that much anyway.

Our sexual frustrations continued. One night while we were in lying together in bed six and a half sexless months after our wedding, Julie for the first time became openly angry about my little problem. “Something has got change Eric. We can not go on like this forever. I haven’t had sex in over a year and I can’t stand it anymore. I’m horny Eric.”

I quickly did the math. We’d been together for 2 and a half years and she hadn’t had sex in a year? “You had sex with someone else while we were going out? How could you?”

“Oh Eric. I ran into an old boyfriend from college. We only got together a couple times until I told him we had to stop since I was getting serious with you.”

“I can’t believe you would do that. You’re not the person I thought you were.”

“We weren’t having sex Eric. I have needs you know.”

I held my head in my hands on the verge of tears. “It’s all ruined,” I wined. “How could you sleep with someone else.”

“At least he has a real dick and knows how to use it.”

Her words cut to the marrow. All I could do was look at her with quivering lips.

“I’m sorry Eric. I didn’t mean that. I love you. I really do.”

When she reached for me I jerked away, grabbed my pillow and headed downstairs to the couch. She called after me but I kept going. The next day we barely spoke. I think I told her her coffee was ready and she said thank you. The silence continued for several hours after she got home. She confronted me when I was pulling down the sheets (the couch just wasn’t very comfortable). “Eric,” she said. “Perhaps we should get a divorce.”

“But Julie I love you. I’m not that mad. I’ll get over it.”

“I know darling and I love you too. But I don’t see a solution to our problem.”

“I’ll get better,” I insisted. “We’ll do it eventually.”

“Even if you could I don’t know what good it would do. Your pee-wee’s so small I probably wouldn’t be able to feel it. It’s practically useless.”

I didn’t have a response, but deep down I know she was right. All my fears were about to come true. She was going to leave me and I would never find anyone else like her.

“I’ve been thinking about taking a lover. I was going to ask you about it but I can see by your reaction to my confession last night that you wouldn’t stand for it.”

“Could we stay together if you got sex from someone else? You wouldn’t leave me?” I couldn’t believe what I was saying. What kind of a sissy was I? Allowing other men to fuck my lovely wife because I wasn’t man enough to do her myself?

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes.” I didn’t want to say yes but knew I had to if I wanted to keep Julie.

Julie still wasn’t convinced that I was ready for this and suggested that we both think it over some more. We discussed it several more times over the next two weeks, with me assuring her that it would be okay and she assuring me that she would always love me, but she needed some sex. A week later Julie called from the hospital to say that she would be late, there was an emergency. I wasn’t surprised. This had happened numerous times before.

Julie arrived home about six hours later. Her hair was a mess but her face was absolutely glowing. I was sitting in the living room as she approached. “I assume you’ve guessed,” she began. “There wasn’t an emergency surgery. I’ve been with another man.” She looked me in the eyes, waiting for my reaction.


“It doesn’t matter.”

“Was it good?”

“It was incredible,” she cooed. “Absolutely incredible. I’ve never been so thoroughly ravished. Are you jealous?”

“A bit, but I guess I’ll get over it.”

“Oh honey, I love you so much.” Julie sat on my lap and hugged me. “I can’t believe how wonderful and understanding you are.”

>From that day on, Julie started getting it at least twice a week. She managed to acquire two lovers, both single doctors with whom she worked. At first Julie would simply call me to say that she would be late, then head off with her lover to his place for what Julie described as awesome sex. Eventually, however, she started going out on full-fledged dates, even having them pick her up at our house and bring her back the next morning. I would lay in bed at night, fondling my little penis and imagining her with her lover, dancing then going back to his place to be reamed by his manly cock.

Although I got a vicarious thrill from Julie’s escapades, the idea of sharing her was eating away at me. I became angry easily. Yelled at Julie for no reason and even tried to foil one of her dates by following Julie and her lover in our car. Fortunately I never caught up with them and lost them in the traffic.

“I can’t go on like this,” I told Julie.

“And I can’t go back to not having sex.”

“But it’s been over a month since we last tried. Maybe I’ll be able to do it now.”

“Oh Eric. Even if you could it wouldn’t matter. You’re so small, so tiny. I probably wouldn’t even be able to feel you.”

“So what should we do? And don’t say we should get a divorce. I never want to leave you, but at the same time I can’t stand you having sex with these other men.”

Julie was silent for a few moments. “I have an idea. I don’t think you’ll like it, but let’s sit down and discuss it.” We nestled together on the couch and Julie crossed her nylon clad legs so that her skirt road up her thigh.

“I believe,” she began, “that your sex drive is at the base of our problem. You want to have sex with me, but your equipment is faulty, practically useless. Your frustration makes you angry, and further, it makes you jealous of the men who are able to please me in a way that you can’t. Am I right?”

“Well, yes, but what are we going to do about it?”

“I’m getting to that. The first step is agreeing on what the problem is. Now, if we could somehow lower your sex drive, much of your frustration and anger would dissipate, maybe even disappear completely.”

I nodded. What she was saying was making sense.

“I was wondering what you thought about being gelded.”


“Castrated. If we had your testicles removed you wouldn’t have all that testosterone flowing through you and your sex drive would diminish. You would be less angry as well. More docile.”

“You would do that to me?”

“Yes, I really don’t see any other alternative.”

After some more discussion, I agreed to think about it. I knew Julie had the surgical skills to perform the operation, but this would be permanent, and I hadn’t had sex yet.

A few days later, we discussed it again. Julie assured me that many men are still able to get erections after being castrated. “This will just reduced your sex drive,” she said, “not completely destroy it.”

I let Julie make all the arrangements. Since this was more or less an out-patient procedure, she said we could use the facilities at her office rather than the hospital, and on a Sunday, no one would be there. Julie arranged for a short vacation. On the night before, Julie was very attentive to me and jerked me off several times. “Okay Mr. pee-wee, this is your last time to shoot sperm,” she teased me. For some reason, I was beginning to find the thought of being castrated arousing and my little penis performed better than ever. We even took another try at having sex. I guess I hoped I might actually do it with her. Maybe then she wouldn’t need to geld me. I failed both times. “This really will be for the best,” Julie concluded.

Before leaving for her office the next morning, Julie used a depilatory to remove the hair from around my pubic region. I felt so soft and smooth when she had finished and the thought of what was about to happen gave me another embarrassing hard-on. “Looks like someone’s excited,” Julie commented.

With me in the passenger seat, as was usually the case, Julie drove us to her office. Inside, we proceeded directly to the small operating/examining room. Julie told me to strip and lie on the table while she made the final preparations. The table was icy at first, but eventually warmed next to my skin. Julie returned wearing a surgical smock and wheeling a small cart. Among the items on the cart, I noticed a syringe, several scalpels, a coil of plastic tubing, and a jar. Julie held up the jar. “For posterity,” she said with a giggle. I was beginning to get a little worried about her attitude, but maybe she was just trying to calm me with some humor.

Julie told me to spread my legs and then secured my feet in the stirrups. Next she secured my hands to the head of table, then secured my abdomen to the table with a wide band that passed over my navel. I was now tied down, with my knees in the air and legs spread wide. My genitals at her mercy and I was completely unable to move.

“I don’t want you jerking around she said.”

“I thought there wouldn’t be any pain?”

“There won’t be.” Julie then got to work. She first doused my groin, thighs, and lower abdomen with some type of disinfectant. She then gave me several injections. My penis and balls began to go numb. “It will all be over soon,” she said as she fingered my penis with her gloved hands. When she was convinced that I could no longer feel anything, she taped my penis away from my testicles and reached for a scalpel.

I closed my eyes and turned my head to the side. Occasionally, I felt her arms brush against my legs as she worked. “There’s one,” I heard her say. “And there’s two.”

“Want to take a look?” I opened my eyes to find Julie standing beside me holding a jar containing my two little testicles. “These weren’t very big either,” she said. I was speechless. Julie giggled then headed back down to between my legs. “I was wondering,” she said. “If I should go ahead and remove your penis too while we’re at it.”

“Why?! You said you were just castrating me.”

“It’s so small Eric. And without your testicles it’s going to shrink. In a year it will be completely useless. Besides, now that you don’t have any testicles, you won’t have much of a sex drive and you won’t even care about masturbating.”

“No, Julie.”

“Julie looked at me, then my penis, which she held between her fingers, then back at me. She smiled wickedly. "I truly believe it will be for the best Eric.”

Julie began inserting the plastic tube I had noticed earlier into my pee hole. She had planned this all along. I felt betrayed, angry. But as I was tied down, there was nothing I could do. Eventually I felt the catheter enter my bladder. I closed my eyes tightly, but couldn’t resist wanting to see what she was doing. I saw her put a clamp at the base of my penis. I saw start to cut, and then I saw her slide my penis off the catheter. She placed it in the jar with my testicles. “There now,” she said. “As soon as all this heals, you’ll be as smooth as a girl. You’ll have to learn to pee sitting down,” she said.

I didn’t respond. I guess she knew I was angry, because she didn’t talk anymore. It took her some time to finish whatever she had to do and bandage me. I thought about my new condition. I was now a complete eunuch. I would never have sex. I would be a virgin forever.

When she was done, Julie helped me up and got me into a wheelchair. She took me out to the car and put me to bed in the guest room when we got home. She also gave me some more injections for pain and to help me sleep. I pretty much stayed in bed for several days. Julie was very sweet in taking care of me and told me I was healing nicely. After a week, she removed the catheter and bandages. I was still black and blue, but for the first time I saw what my new body would look like. My groin was smooth and hairless. Julie had done a wonderful job, such that you couldn’t really tell that once there had been a tiny penis between my legs. Further down was a small hole opening, my new pee hole. Yes, Julie was right. I would be sitting down from now on. Strangely though, I didn’t feel very angry, nor was I very concerned anymore about not having sex.

I continued to heal, and was getting used to sitting down to pee. Julie also bought me some new underwear, panties. “No need for all that extra material in front anymore,” she said. I had to agree, and the silky material felt so good against my skin. Eventually she bought more women’s clothes for me, and I now wear skirts and pantyhose on a regular basis.

As soon as I had recovered, Julie resumed her relationships with her lovers. Just as she had predicted, I didn’t really mind anymore, even when she brought them home to spend the night. They fucked in our bed, while I drifted off to sleep in the guest room, listening to the sound of Julie’s moans and the creaking bed springs.

I want It.

In movies Tonks doesn’t exist and when she’s present she’s not Tonks at all…Where the fuck are her Pink short hair? And her intelligent and ironic jokes? Why is she dressed as a trash bag? And why is she married to Remus in the sixth movie?? God, give me a TV series about HP where characters are equal to the books! (I want a solemnly cool thirtyfive-years-old Sirius, a sweet, scarred, complicated and with gray hair Remus and a grunge, iconic, strong, young and pretty Tonks).