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Could I please request some Hanamiya angst? When his s/o is leaving to move to America and has to say goodbye to him forever or something along those lines.

Although Admin Fyre has been writing all the angst so far, I volunteered to write this one cuz I was rather in the mood. I really enjoyed writing this, so much that I almost felt sorry for our bad boy. T_T Enjoy! -Admin Red

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He told himself not to get too attached.

He knew that there was no such thing as a perfect relationship in life.

He knew, that one day, his life would crumble and he would lose everything.

So why was he here? 

Why wasn’t he at the airport, saying goodbye to you, begging you to stay?

Why was he at the pub, waving for yet another drink?

Why was Hanamiya Makoto, the Bad Boy of the Uncrowned Kings, drowning himself in alcohol to try and forget the nagging pain in his chest?

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I played 'Sabor A Mi' for my bestie, she is from Mexico, and I didn't tell, or show, her who it was, and she asked who was singing so beautifully. No questions about accent for Kyungsoo, and barely for the rest, and when she realized...her face XD

kyungsoo fucked me up the first moment he sang “tanto tiempo disfrutamos de este amor” i remember clearly how i wanted to scream but i couldn’t… then i remember when he sang “pasarán más de mil años, muchos más, yo no sé si tenga amor la eternidad” and i legit stopped breathing and wanted to cry so bad because how could they be so perfect? i was amazed by the whole production, it was beautiful to be part of it, to sit my ass there wondering why did i do well in life to deserve to be there in that precise moment after it ended!

  • You know what really bothers me? The fact that people see you on social media and will sit there and say "OMG you're goals", "you're perfect", "you look so happy","you and your girl are relationship goals", "you look like a bitch", "you post too much. You're annoying".... Stop it. You don't know me. You don't know what my life is like. You don't know my relationships, my mind, my issues. You have no fucking idea. You see what I want you to see. What I ALLOW you to see. You sit there and judge me, good or bad, by what I post.... Why? Trust me when I say, you don't want to be me. You don't want what's going on in my head. I'm so far from perfect it's ridiculous. I'm so far from your goals, it's literally insane. My relationship is sooooo far from perfect. We should not be your goals. Nor should anyone else, be your "goals". Be whoever the hell YOU are. Be YOU. DON'T JUDGE SOMEONE OFF OF THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA. No one is their social media. DON'T aspire to be someone else. Ever.
  • I am not your goal. We are not your goal. It's flattering. But please don't assume you want what I have. I can assure you, you don't.

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I followed b/c I saw LawLu and DoflaCroc and said "sign me up". Plus, One Piece is life

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do you have a post on what happened to you so i could be aware of what happened?

I have so many posts, so I’m just gonna list them here. So you can have an idea of HOW I’ve been feeling since January. Warning: It isn’t nice at all and if you get triggered easily you should just avoid them.

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All i feel was hatred. I just wanna kill myself but I cant. I fucking hate my family. It’s just a one fucking mistake and they judged me.One fucking mistake. they didn’t even notice good things that I’ve done to them. They only need me when they need something for me. I fucking hate it. Fucking hate my life. Why life can be just easy, I mean why it can be easy like Kylie Jenner’s life, Kardashian’s life, or One Direction’s life. I feel like my life is a whole shit and a fucking joke. My mom, she hated me. I know that even tho she wont say it. My dad, huh, i dont even know who he really is. And my sister well she’s the “oh-so-perfect” in my family eyes. She’s the good one and Im the bad one. She has all of it, she has the intelligence, the beauty, and the humour. My whole family loves her so much. Why when you’re always the middle child, life’s always like this? Like you should always competing your older brother or sister. Everyone is different. We’re not the same. Why my parents always think that I should be my sister? Well I’m not like her and I dont wanna be like her. I wanna be different. I dont wanna be like her. I want to be the girl that’s different from the others and has besfriends that’s real and just live life until she dies.I just wanna be that person but I cant because my life is shit and yeah. That’s all from now. 

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I follow you bc you have a beautiful blog and I think you're a precious person ;u;

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Comments: aw laura my baby thank you so much. you are honestly so sweet and ugh your edits, i fucking die over them each time. i hope life is treating you well. i miss chatting with you but i hope your summer is going good :D.

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6. Favorite genre?

Given my favorite video games are all jrpgs, I’d say yeah, jrpg are my favorite genre! 

7. Video game character you’ve had a crush on?

Oh god um so many honestly??? My first video game crush when I was a kid was Sora (Kingdom Hearts). I also super love Zack Fair (Compilation of Final Fantasy VII) … Yeah… Definitely omg he’s so??? Perfect?? idk but i love him and he makes me cry and why do bad things happen to good people zack did nothing wrong and his life was… not fair ahh

8. First video game you remember playing?

Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo I think!!!

9. Age you started gaming?

Since I was so young… I can’t even remember tbh.. I’m go out on a limb and say 4? 5? As long as I can remember tbh.

10. Hardest video game you’ve played?

Pfftt… Most games that I’ve played I’ve finished… but I do have a hard time with New Super Mario Bros on the Wii… Yeah I’m stuck on like world 5 or some shit and always die…

I miss Taylor so much! Wear my shirt today. Directly I felt closer to her and was happy. I’m so proud to have her in my life. She helps me with her music in many situation, to get through bad times, to feel better about yourself, to be who you are. Tay is a wonderful beautifully human. Her smile leads our hearts to shine. And when she speaks to us, her voice sounds like an angel to keep us calm, that we don’t have to feel alone, we have be proud of ourself and so much more. She is so a perfect role model. And that’s why I love Tay so so sooo much! ❤ #1989tour #1989 #1989tourcologne #1989worldtour #cologne #lanxessarena #memories #taylorswift #ts1989 #smile #beautiful #loveher #perfectrolemodel #swiftie #swiftie4ever #proudswiftie

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I HATE her!

I hate her. I hate that she is so perfect. She has the perfect body, perfect hair, perfect relationship. When I do something she is always do much better then me. Even at this point in my life my mother thinks this girl is better then me. I try so hard to reassure myself that I am perfect. I have gotten so good at it I am not intimidated by anyone but her. She reminds me every time someone talks about her why I had such an awful life. I saw the way she looked at me and tried to make me feel bad when she tried to make herself fell better and some how she always is able to do that. I talk to anyone about this because they say just forget about it that is in your past, but it is not. The her I am referring to is me 3 years ago.

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All 'em vowels!

Lol okay

A: if I am in love?
Nope, but I want to be. I’ve never been in love but I want to be so bad.

E: how many piercings do I have?
Just my ears.

I: the last time I felt jealous, and why?
Ugh today. So there’s this girl go goes to UT and she’s my friend and all but she legit looks like she has the perfect life. Perfect body, perfect hot baseball bf, she’s beyond gorgeous, good sorority, everyone likes her, wealthy/loving fam, and real smart. Ugh idk I’m just kinda envois of her and I know it’s wrong :/

O: where would I like to travel?
To Paris or Greece. I just belong there.

U: favorite time of the year and why?
I love fall. The leaves changing, Halloween, the smell of cinnamon in the air, not too cold but not hot anymore, ugh I love it.

And if we’re getting technical here, Y: 3 turn ons
-neck kisses
-booty grabs
-pulling me in close and holding me tight

Smoking gives everyone a different kind of feeling.. that feeling that we cannot find anywhere else. It kinda gives us the power to fly.. to escape this vicious kind of world. It hurts so bad why does it feel so good? The feeling of that cigar molded by your soft perfect lips.. you inhale that smoke like you’re taking everything in.. everything that’s hurting you. Once you release it, you also release the pain that’s hurting you.. I mean everything. It sucks that it doesn’t last that long though. Because once you’re done, you’re back to the normal life. It’s funny how all of them are always saying that smoking kills you because I’m pretty sure life in general is already killing each and everyone of us.


I don’t understand why the universe is doing this to me. Why me. Why us. Why two people that want to be with eachother as badly as we do cant. Why. Why is everything tearing us apart. Why are we so different. Why did this happen to us. I just want to be happy. I want you to be happy. I want to protect you. I want to be your perfect person. I want you to be my perfect person. But we simply can’t. Why is this the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my entire life. Why can’t I have something I want so bad. Why why why

Exactly how I’m feeling at the moment. We are not perfect, we make mistakes. Why?? Because we are HUMAN! If we had a guidebook to life how much easier (yet boring) our lives would be. So if your having a bad day, it’s okay to sulk for a moment but you better pick yourself back up the next morning and start completely fresh with a whole new positive outlook on life and keep growing each and every day. ❤ #StayInspired #InspireOthers
With so much love, good night 🌙 by larisadoll http://ift.tt/1FCABxm

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Why can't people understand you don't have to ship bethyl to hate C@rol. I hate D@ryl and C@rol so I couldn't ship bethyl. C@rol is just a bad character to me. Sorrynotsorry! 💁

Exactly people believe that Luci and I hate Carol so much we must love Beth and Bethyl but we don’t. For me my main squeeze in TWD is Glenn. He’s perfect, he always does right by the group and the group always came first for him ever since season 1. He risks his life day in and day out for the sake of the group. So they just need to realize not everything in the fandom revolves around the Bethyl/Caryl ships.


Love is Just a WORD.....UNTIL

Searching for an unmatchable presence…….Time holds in place memories fond and dear………Smiles showcase emotions beyond words…..tears show the agony of hurt but the emotion of caring all in 1…….nights of uneasy sleep complement those of the best rest…..mornings face to face chest to chest …….Laughs fill our ears but kisses I Love You and your everything to me fills our hearts…..Bad can’t be erased but Good overshadows the mistakes….Nobody is perfect but in our eyes perfection is what we are…..fairytales are unreal and never happen……That’s why this word has so much work behind it coming to life…..days are so dim with pain……weeks filled with agony and tears……..years can be looming of imperfections…..but until you find THEE ONE…..Love is just a WORD until you know their NAME

Revised HQ Audio and Video It was not until 1975's One of These Nights that the Eagles became arguably America's biggest band. The album included three top 1...

I was lied to today.

At some point in life, everyone is the victim of a lie. Whether it’s dealt a lie with a sibling, a friend, a lover, a spouse or Partner, the horrible feeling of disgust is the same. Faith gets shattered and trusting the next time around is so hard.

Making this deliberate choice of fabricating the truth and not letting others know about it is just an impressive ability.  I can’t help but wonder why a friend or family member would treat you so poorly?

Today, I was lied to again.

My curse? As bad as I can get at fabricating a perfect one, I could tell a lie from miles away. But wait, that is not my curse. The curse is that instead of facing people with their shameless lies, I’d rather hear them say and then repeat these lies over an over. I like to hear the weakness that hides behind the fake confidence in the tone of their voices. I like to look them in the eye knowing how shaken the ground they stand on when we are only foot steps away. My pain? Living alone with the truth about that lie until it reveals someday or never. My satisfaction? The unspoken shame in their eyes every time we stare.

Soundless screams.

When the pain spreads from your head to your heart and then throughout your body, that’s when things seem questionable. Will I make it to morning? Will he text me again? Will she tell people? Will they keep their promise? Who will die next? Who will I next shed tears over? When will these tears stop? Where will I end up? Why the fuck is life so hArd? Why didn’t I inherit the naturally perfect gene? Why can’t I even look good with make up on? Why do people lie? Why are drugs so much fun if they’re so bad for you? Why can’t I seem to stay happy for more than 3 hours? How are things going to end? Will I ever find that person? Will anyone ever love me for me? Why do the best people die? Why the fuck does everything hurt so much and when is it going to stop hurting? Why why why why why why why why why why why

I’ve always known this, but today it just really stood out to me.

I often times go into depression and say I hate my life when I really don’t.

I am so grateful that I have two, not perfect, but loving parents. Two parents who support me, who provide me with all necessities and even more. They just try their best. A family.. siblings to share the good and the bad times. My pets.. my babies Luna, Kimahri, and Chimis.

So yes, I have a home, a family, a comfy bed, food, clothing, etc. So why feel this way?

I’m only 21 and I feel like time is running out. I feel as if I’m falling behind. I thought I’d be graduating from college, have a decent job/career, a stable independent life. Life has certainly put some obstacles in my path and further delaying my goals.

I’ve come to a point where I’m questioning all that I am. What do I want? What makes me special? What makes me different and valuable? What talents/skills do I possess? What can I do to make a difference in my life or others’ lives? What do I have to offer to the world?

All I know is.. I want to be happy.