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hey! i was wondering if you had any tips on how to draw hands? i'm about to give up and start including pockets/convenient obstacles concealing their hands on all my drawings why are they so hard to draw??

Well for one thing, hands are so friggin hard to draw because 1) they actually have a complex structure that can look drastically different depending on the angle you view them from, and 2) we see them ALL THE TIME so we have a real good idea of what they look like and if they look off.

There’s not one magic bullet for drawing hands, although I’ve found that it helps to divide the hand into three parts: the palm, the top four fingers, and the thumb. The best thing to do is use a bunch of reference, practice from many different angles, and study the structure so you can picture in your head how hands are put together. Muscle memory will eventually kick in for you the more you practice hands. Avoiding drawing them altogether definitely won’t help you get better with them! It just takes time is all. 

Heres a messy self portrait i did, i noticed its always been hard or near impossible to draw myself, because of dysphoria. I always get upset whenever i draw self portraits and always end up so uncomfortable that i cant do it unless i do it in some random color palletes ( i can never really finish self portraits either maybe because that way i wont be able to easily identify it as me, maybe thats why?) who knows though,  i wanted a break from commissions so i did this. 

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Hey Astrid, sorry for stupid question, but how would the suitors react if MC confesses she cheated on them but cheating made her realize that her suitor is the one she loves and she would never cheat on him again? Would any of them forgive her? Thanks!!!

Lol.. it’s not a stupid question, but oh boi … cheating is something that gets my blood boiling… I am not forgiving… so this is hard for me … heh..

Louis - god, I dunno why by I feel like he would forgive her… he’s so much better than that, but he would depending on circumstances… although if things went a different way he’d go full yandere…

Giles - I almost think someone cheated on Giles and he put up with it for a long time… he wouldn’t anymore.

Leo - he’s all flirty, but in a committed relationship there are places he draws the line- that sh*t doesn’t fly here.

Nico - he’d forgive her, bless his little innocent soul…. I think he would take a long time to trust her again though. Maybe never fully?

Sid - I know he doesn’t have the best record and I’m not trying to make excuses, but his circumstances seemed like he was blackmailed in his relationship (in his route) -so, I think he’d leave her.

Rayvis- nope, get out.

Byron - only death awaits her.

Robert - pains me to say he’d probably let it slide… gah.

Albert - I think he’d work stay with her, especially if they have kids or something, but he’d never treat her the same or trust her.

Alyn - he’d take a lot of sh*t, but not being loyal is a biiiig deal… he might …? Depends on if he has kids too.

Faaaaack. That sucked.

I have begun a charcoal sketch of a little village scene. I think this might be a Scottish village or maybe Germany closer to the French border? I’m not sure. If you look earlier in my posting history, you’ll see the photograph I’m using for reference. Keep in mind that this drawing is in early stages. I have a lot to adjust. I have to add deeper values and sharpen things up. I also have to add all the architecture textures like bricks and stones. That’s all going to take about a week, I think. So if it doesn’t look great now, it will look better and better as the days progress. I have a very hard time with straight lines and overall perspective because I draw with the pencils in my mouth due to disability. I’m much closer to the paper than people who draw with their hands, so I have trouble seeing the overall perspective. That’s why my lines can be crooked until I get deeper into the shadows and light. I hope you can see where I’m going with this piece. Also this piece has so much detail that I probably need to be wearing my reading glasses. I already have a headache from trying to see what I’m doing here. Getting old is a chore.

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I love Android 18 so much . And the way you draw her, she always looks so pretty in your drawings. I wish I could draw her, but for me her eyes always stump me though, so hard to get right! . How do you do it T_____________T. Also curious, what is the hardest part for you to draw her?

As for me, I have ALWAYS struggled so much with HER HAIR, of all things….It took me SO frikking LONG to finally get right, it’s ridiculous. Her eyes can be tricky, trust me you’re not the only one. Even the Toei animators can’t draw them consistent all the time LMAO.


“He believes that by forming people into relationships, the world can be healed, and a better society created. But, when necessary, he will fight to protect the innocent, be they omnic or human.“

FAPuary Day2 - a bit late because of my wrist giving up halfway through the page. Got myself a wrist support today, on to todays page then :3 .. which will probably also end up being uploaded a day late omg. Why am I always late??


AU where Yuuri opens up a quaint little patisserie in Russia that Victor walks past all the time on his way to the ice skating rink he practices at.

I just wanted an excuse to make a chubby Yuuri AU tbh XD

There may or may not be a fanfic in the works for this~ > w >