I read an article this girl wrote about how offended she was that Harley isn’t going to be played by a plus sized actress in the Suicide Squad movie. Like, she genuinely had her hopes up for a plus sized Harley Quinn and I just – My brain still hurts from reading her stupidity.

Hannigram and Queerbaiting.

I’m sick of people saying that Hannigram is a queerbaiting ship. People who say this seem to equate queerness with sex, and nothing else. Here’s a tip: You don’t have to be having sex with your partner to be in a queer relationship. To assume so is harmful for so many reasons, not least to asexuals.

If any of you had cared to have listened, NBC Hannibal’s Hannibal Lecter is omni/pansexual. Confirmed, by Mads and Bryan alike. Hannibal is queer sexually. Will Graham, on the other hand is a confirmed heterosexual. Does this make their relationship any less queer? No. Here’s why:

Both of them are romantically inclined to one another. Confirmed. Canon. Could not be made more obvious on the show, in my opinion. Romantic and sexual orientation are seperate: Hannibal is most likely omni/panromantic, and Will as at the least biromantic. That makes Will queer too. That means they are in a queer, romantic relationship.

If people could stop assuming that no sex = queerbaiting 100% of the time now, that would be nice.

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Considering all that has happened between Shizuo and Izaya in the novels, you still ship them?

Of course! For me, Shizuo, Izaya and the Shizaya ship have never been a matter of whether or not they will be or can be considered ‘canon’. Canonically I am well aware that the relationship between the two is nothing but pure, unadulterated, and mutual hatred which is why I think to try and claim differently in an effort to prove how canon they are would be canonically inaccurate. 

For me, Shizaya has and will never be a question of whether or not I can prove the ship as ‘legitimate’ in the same manner that I might argue how Shinra/Celty is a legitimate ship because they are so ~in love~. Shizaya aren’t meant to be a representation of a ‘twisted love’ canonically because they don’t love each other.

But they are obsessed with each other. And I think it is very important to define those differences when you talk about Shizaya in canon. 

Their lives are entangled deeply together. Whether it is by accident or due to some unseen force Shizuo and Izaya’s lives are constantly drawn together again and again. It’s like no matter how far one goes, no matter how much one of them changes (be it for the better or the worse) the other is always there - reminding them of what they once were and the way people view them.

And you can’t honestly tell me that for people whose lives have been drawn together so repeatedly and for people who are CONSTANTLY thinking about the other without intending to that there isn’t something there worth exploring. I’m not saying it’s love. I’m not even saying it’s like. But there’s something there, a reaction, a feeling, a relationship between them even if it’s not love. Without intending to they have made each other a nucleus for the other’s life and that is why Shizaya as a ship is so intriguing to me. 

Cause they hate each other. They really, truly, and HONESTLY hate each other. Yet they can’t stay away from each other. Like magnets they are opposites that continue to be attracted to one another despite a struggle to stay apart. And it’s interesting to me. It’s so fucking interesting to me how HARD they try to stay apart and how USELESS it is. Even now, knowing what I do about Izaya’s novel, I have no doubt in my mind that he and Shizuo will meet again. I know it, Shizuo knows it, even Izaya suspects it given his reaction to that one guy’s strength. We are all fully aware that they will meet again because whatever this relationship between them is, it hasn’t been dissolved yet. 

In short that is why I ship Shizaya. Because it’s interesting. It’s so damn interesting to postulate and theorize the reasons behind this obsessive nature to their lingering relationship. What would happen had Shizuo never hated Izaya right off the bat? Could they have gotten along? Could they have even grown to love the things they hate about each other? What about Izaya? If Shizuo hadn’t reacted in such an extreme manner would Izaya had immediately labeled him a monster? When did Izaya start considering him a monster? Did he really view Shizuo as a monster from the start or was that just an insult he used that eventually developed into some deeper strain of thought? Is there no saving their relationship now? Are they doomed to this life of unremorsed hatred for one another? Could the right variables, if placed before Shizuo and Izaya at just the right moment, alter their relationship to move from this obsessive hatred to an obsessive love? If love and hate are really just two emotions that can be merged on a mobius strip until there is no differentiating between the two what does it take to cause this merging? How can they grow? How will they change? Will it be for the better or will it be for worse?

I ship Shizaya because for me, as a shipper, there is nothing more fascinating than to take these crumbs - however small and broken - that Narita leaves in canon and to develop them into something more. And when I say crumbs I don’t mean bullshit like the ‘official art’ that comes out as a clear attempt to rile up the fans of the ship. (I use ‘official art’ hesitatingly because unless it’s drawn by Yasuda I consider most ‘official art’ as not canon or not as something that can influence my opinion of Shizaya in canon. Yes, anime or the mangaka’s official art is fun to play with in regards to roleplay or fanfiction or cosplay but it’s only Yasuda art like his sketch of Shizuo and Izaya in his art book that I might consider as something to consider when thinking about their canonical interactions.) When I say crumbs I mean those implications in canon, those ‘hints’ that provide me ammunition to muse over their ‘obsession’ with each other. 

So my tl;dr is the REASON i ship Shizaya is because of what happened between them at both the beginning AND the end of the novels. Because what happened between them is only more proof of this obsession they have with each other and that obsession is what makes the ship worth delving into for me.

How Holmes survived the fall.

Since I’ve seen AGOS for the first time, I tried to figure out how on earth Holmes survived such a fall. I mean look at this waterfall, it’s huge.

I always wondered why they chosed to show the fall/let Watson see it, when this is not happening in ‘The Final Problem’.
Why would you put yourself in such a difficult position, when the canon makes it so easy for you and already has a solution.
And today it hit me.
What if they did not change the canon?
What if Holmes never really fell?

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Had another dream that destiel became canon. This time it was a lot more subtle. They were in a sleeping bag together and it wasnt for gay reasons (I think they were hiding?), but suddenly they were being attacked and cas was about to get up but he stole a kiss from dean first. Cue dean freaking out.

The reason why i say it was like watching destiel go canon was cause, again, it was like watching an episode of supernatural and then i freaked out when it happened and woke up.

crowglossed replied to your post:(brief psa: headcanoning someone as alcoholic…

Its not funny but its an actual problem that exists in people and I understand why people do it. Granted Im sure youre talking about characters that arent canonically, but I feel like ocs that are alcoholic are a thing that need to be.

I wasn’t saying people shouldn’t include it in their stories/headcanons, just that it’s not a funny thing.

ive gotten comments on my miss pauling post (where ive edited her black+ that have stated “how come making her black is okay but making a black character white isnt okay” 

i mean the answer should be RIGHT in front of you, but if not, thats understandable if youre white. if not then i’m embarrassed. 

but white people are overly represented. in most books, tv shows, movies and screenplays everyone is white and its rare that there is a MAIN character (a GOOD main character) who is a poc

 the problem with making a character of colour white is that youre changing a represented minority into a majority which isnt okay. this is why people get mad at others over making canon lesbian/gay characters straight. its not okay. turning a minority into a majority isnt okay. 

matter of fact, of course there is slightly more characters of colour as of recent (2013-2015) but there isnt  alot of media and games where the main character is canonically brown and just as good as the white sidekick. and thats the problem. 

i really dont see how you can see this if you are a minority (like me) and under represented (like me). turning a under represented character into an over represented person is awful and i dont want to see that shit, and i will continue to turn white characters into black characters until black people can get full coverage in the media, properly. and get paid as much and not have to worry about getting shot dead in the street by racists and/or police. 

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I like wincest but I'm afraid of haters do you any advice? (you're the only shipper I know sorry to bother you)

You’re not bothering me :)

I ship people loving each other. that’s what this is all about to me. And the love Sam and Dean have for each other can NOT be greater/bigger in fanon than it is in canon. Sam and Dean can not love each other more in fiction than on the show. And isn’t that amazing? I don’t need a dick to go in a hole, that’s not what love is, pretty far from it.

 That’s why I don’t give a crap about haters. Because wincest is gloriously canon. If you see things that way too, then you shouldn’t fear haters, because the only thing their words can bring is a smile on your face. 

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seblec or saphael?

As a choice? Saphael. I flat out refuse to ship anyone with Sebastian. He’s not even a romantic villain like the Darkling. He’s a monster. Not just a murderer but a gleeful murderer with no problem using mind control to get what he wants. Major AUs are a different matter (undemonblooded Sebastian for example) but from canon? No. No. No. Why is this a thing in this fandom? I don’t really like Saphael either. I headcanon Raphael as ace so completely it feels weird to even consider it. (That’s Simon/Raphael right?)

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are you disappointed that EOH dio isnt wearing lipstick?

Repeat after me, unless he’s High Dio, Dio does not wear lipstick:

Not in the manga, not in the anime.  Only in fan art.

Unless he’s High Dio.  Then he does. 

That’s it.

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I’M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR ROAD TRIP FICS (but here’s some headcanons bc you’re so perfect, mari)

  • It’s the summer after the war, and Percy and Annabeth had originally planned the trip out to New Rome for just the two of them since they were starting college, but somehow everyone else seemed to find out about it (”Percy, I told you that Piper wasn’t coming with us” “Annabeth, how the hell am I supposed to practice skateboarding???” “How the hell are you going to skateboard while we’re in the car, anyway?” “See?? This is why I have to bring Piper. She believes in me”)
  • (Percy and Piper are totally best friends, fight me)
  • okay so when Percy invites Piper, Piper invites Jason, and even though they’re not as close as they were before the end of the war, Jason isn’t going on a road trip without Leo so all three of them show up on top of Half-Blood Hill with one bag each tossed over their shoulders
  • (Even though Annabeth and Percy were looking forward to some alone time on the road, they can’t help but grin at the sight of their friends looking so excited about hitting the road for two weeks)
  • Naturally, Frank and Hazel join them. After a quick Iris-message from Annabeth the day before, they shadow traveled over from Camp Jupiter to spend some time with their homies.
  • Percy and Piper toss their skateboard into the back of the van on top of everyone’s bags, and Annabeth and Jason throw their helmets in their too bc they always forget to wear them.
  • Percy slides behind the steering wheel first, cranking up the radio to the Fall Out Boy playlist that Piper made.
  • Annabeth calls shotgun, pulling out the road maps and a nail file and turning the radio down just a bit when she decides it’s too loud
  • Frank and Hazel are sitting on the first row of seats, talking quietly with each other and smiling softly. Hazel had a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, and Frank can’t stop thinking about how cute she looks like that.
  • But it’s a party in the back row: Piper, Jason, and Leo are all squished together in the seats, singing too loudly and too off key along with the music that’s coming through the speakers. Percy shouts along with them, and Annabeth yells for him to concentrate every few minutes when they get too wild
  • Their first stop is at a gas station right off of the interstate about two hours in when Leo starts shouting that he has to pee (“thank god, I thought all of you guys had bladders of steel or something” “what are you talking about, Percy?” “I’ve had to pee since we LEFT CAMP DAMMIT.”)
  • Annabeth times them when they do stop, and the look on the cashiers face is enough to break anyone down into hysterics when he sees these kids rushing into the station and grabbing some candy before hurrying to throw some cash at him
  • Jason almost misses the van (Frank was too scared that he would take too long so he didn’t even get out) but everyone is safe and sound when Annabeth pulls away from the gas station
  • They make it two miles down the interstate before they realize that Percy isn’t in the van
  • Annabeth jerks the steering wheel so hard that the van fishtails around, and everyone else is screaming as she cuts through the grass of the median and floors it to get back to the gas station.
  • Percy’s standing outside on the sidewalk with his hands tucked into his back pockets, casually chatting with an older man when the van comes to a screeching halt right in front of him.
  • The older man just laughs warmly when Annabeth rolls down the window and shouts for Percy Jackson to get his butt in the van right now and to never do that again, goddammit.
  • He slides into the passenger seat and leans over the console to press a kiss to her cheek before he grins and says, “Knew you’d come back for me, Wise Girl.”
  • Piper and Hazel don’t even try to smother the Awwwwwws that come out of their mouths. Jason, Leo, and Frank can’t stop laughing, and Annabeth grumbles to herself about stupid Seaweed Brain being sweet all the time as she pulls back out onto the highway with everyone this time.
  • They make it a lot farther this time before they have to stop. Annabeth’s eyes are drooping a bit when she pulls into a McDonald’s but everyone else is still asleep (except Frank, who’s sitting shotgun now, helping Annabeth find the turns they need to take) so they hit the Drive-thru for some caffeine bc the hotel where they’re going to stay the night is barely 60 miles away
  • Percy wakes up just as they pull into the hotel parking lot, claiming he has to pee. Annabeth laughs and helps him out of the van since he’s still half asleep so he can find a bathroom while she gets them checked in.
  • Frank hauls the rest of the crew out of the van, grabbing their bags under his arms while they stumble behind him, rubbing sleep out of their eyes and muttering at the sun (Frank leaves the skateboards though; he just doesn’t think they’re safe, okay?)
  • They have two adjoining rooms, leaving them four beds. Percy and Annabeth take one, Jason and Piper take another, and Leo crawls in between Frank and Hazel that night.
  • Annabeth is the first up the next morning, followed closely by Jason and Frank. The other four sleep in while the three of them go for a breakfast run, and Percy and Piper are the only ones still asleep when they get back. Annabeth dumps half of her water bottle on him to wake him up, but Jason presses kisses to Piper’s shoulder until she smiles up at him sleepily (”Why couldn’t you wake me up that way, Annabeth?” “Because you snored all night, Seaweed Brain. Now please eat your breakfast so we can go.”)
  • They hit the road soon after everyone is ready to go.
  • Jason, Annabeth, Frank, and Percy take turns driving every few hundred miles. The radio tends to be louder when Percy is driving, and Jason likes to drive when everyone else is asleep.
  • Piper, Leo, and Hazel are major fans of car games. They like to curl up in the extra blankets they have together in the back seat and play iSpy for hours while they cruise down the interstate.
  • Percy and Piper insist that they stop at a skatepark right outside of Denver.
  • Annabeth sighs loudly, but she’s fighting a smile as she pulls into the parking lot.
  • Jason and Frank tried to tell them not to, but after a few ridiculous stunts, Percy and Piper both have scraps on their knees and elbows. Annabeth and Hazel press kisses to their cheeks, and they’re both smiles for the rest of the day.
  • They make it a few more hundred miles over the next few days, stopping at different restaurants and hotels to stay the night.
  • (Hazel, Frank, and Leo don’t cuddle and watch movies.)
  • (Jason and Piper don’t tickle each other until they fall asleep.)
  • (Percy and Annabeth definitely don’t sneak away to the hot spring a few miles down the trail through the woods.)
  • They stop at a few different places over the next few days, just hanging out and looking around in a few popular cities.
  • Mostly having fun with each other.
  • The trip ends too soon for all of them, and when they pull into Camp Jupiter, Reyna is waiting on them with her arms crossed and an eyebrow raised, staring at them amused look on her face as they all tumble out of the van, moaning and groaning about being happy to finally be out of the car (but they’re all still smiling and holding on tight to each other).
  • (Reyna joins them on their next road trip a few months later.)