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I head canon that the reason why Nagisa tells Makoto and Haru that he loves them so easily but not Rei is because Nagisa's love Rei is very different than his love for everybody else in his life. He doesn't want to admit it yet. Hint: He is in love with Rei and everybody but Rei realizes it.

Yeeees same reason he hugs anyone but Rei! They have a ~special~ relationship.

I wonder how Rei would react if Nagisa slipped it, casually, one day. Just an “I love you, Rei-chan!” after he helps him crack a hard pre-calc problem. Even though he hears him say it to Haru and Makoto all the time, he’d probably still blush profusely and stammer. And he’d mentally curse himself for reading into it, blaming it on his irrational crush…

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This is the person who asked the gender binary question and I didn't mean to make a big thing about it. I was going to try to say something about the fact that Bioware is heteronormative and cisnormative is why they do in canon, but I am bad with wording things and my brain stuff makes it even worse. I don't even know why I sent the ask. I'm sorry.

It’s not your fault. please don’t blame yourself. It was a good ask that got taken out of context by someone who clearly didn’t like that my view on how the Dalish culture would be clashed with theirs. 

Your question was a good one, and something that helps flesh out the elvhen culture, since I’m coming at the issue from an anthropological and sociological view, not based upon my own opinions. 

So please don’t blame yourself. You are not responsible for the actions of others. 


Nothing pisses me off more than the fact that in the 2003 version of Teen Titans, they did not take to heart the fact that RAVEN AND BEAST BOY ARE CANON AS FUCK IN THE ORIGINAL COMICS. CANON. C-A-N-O-N. WHY YOU CHOOSE TERRA AS LOVE INTEREST WHEN SHE IS A LOVE INTEREST IN THE COMIC CALLED THE RAVAGER, WHERE BEAST BOY IS RED??? BRUH.

I want a reboot now. Don’t cheat me out of my BB Raven romance.

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Hi, I have a question. First of all, I love top!Jensen (I can't read top!Jared at all). But you know that post with the j2 t-shirt and how it says JensenxJared? Why did you put in the tags that it means Jensen is a top? I'm just confused why it shows he's a top and excited if it means Jensen is canonically the top! :)


Okay, so. I’m REALLY weird. And in my head, the person’s name that is first is the top. I’ve been that way since, like, I was 12 (because I’ve literally read gay fanfiction since I was 12), so generally when a fic says ‘Jared/Jensen, in my head Jared is topping so I avoid it, unless they specify that Jensen tops in the summary or tags.

And even though the website says represent.com/jaredjensen, I really feel like it solidifies that Jensen tops because the shirt itself says Jensen x Jared. Because thousands of shirts are going to be printed with Jensen x Jared on the inside. (If they change it when they actually print all the shirts, I will cry).

Like, I feel like Jensen is always the top because Jared is this adorable happy, smiley cupcake sunflower and just smiles at everyone and waives off insults and rude things Misha says sometimes, while Jensen is the one that gets upset on Jared’s behalf, or jealous about Jared and others (ie: Jared with Stephen, or Misha bending Jared over to sign the lower back of the shirt Jared was wearing, etc). So, there’s that.

And like, I don’t know, I feel like it puts a claiming on Jared. Because the fabric will have ‘Jensen x Jared’ printed on it, signifying Jensen’s claim on Jared. So I feel like Jared – precious, smiley dork – would have convinced Jensen, “to be fair, please can the webpage say my name first???? And Jensen caved just because Jared is precious.

This got away from me. I’m sorry I’m weird.

TLDR; Jensen x Jared means Jensen tops Jared in Kiri’s mind because his name is first and IS OFFICIALLY GOING TO BE PRINTED ON THOUSANDS OF TSHIRTS.

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dude i ship renruki and i 1000% agree like. this whole idea that renji is like obsessed with rukia or that rukia owes him something or w/e it is that a lot of people think really grates on me. like way to ignore their characterization assholes


but yeah thats always the trope i see people pull out like renji has somehow ““EARNED”” rukia like??? same goes for pretty much every m/f ship in this fandom ive seen people pull this shit with ichiruki and ishihime and ginran too. all of whom are communities who like to pull out their own “this is why my ship is canon” flipbooks

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i still dont know why canada is obsessed with spinning tops but heres an ask. canon doesn't really go there so who do you think would be the most artistic of the main crew. and who would be the least and can barely draw a stick figure. or do you think they'd just all suck (but what if art college AU)

OK SO in canon: takao is surprisingly ok at drawing from what we can see of v-force. he’s not … great, but he can make identifiable faces, which is more than we can say for MOST OF THE TEAM. takao is definitely the kind to doodle on his homework or in class; they’re not GOOD doodles, but they are fun ones. he has no personal interest in art but again he is probably up there on being a good artist. 

max is the king of shitty stick figures. like. the best. at shitty stick figures. he doesn’t really draw as a thing except when he and takao are just doodling on shit together to dick around, but together they are a procrastinating force to be reckoned with. the most art max ever does of his own volition outside of that is helping his dad with advertisement for the store and his dad is always like. ah. yes. thank you, child. you tried. max’s help was solely adding fifty shades of garish green and orange paint splatter on the poster. max is unhelpful. 

kai has never drawn before and refuses to. if you can’t do it with a spinning top what is the point???? if pressed by team bba, he will draw a cartoonish cat face. this is all they are getting out of him at any point in time. 

kenny has not a single artistic bone in his body. he is all science and maths and computers. drawing is so hard. he can make cool graphic designs on his laptop tho!!!

daichi is also not an art person. what is that. can you eat it. he is however like fucking five and so they have tried to distract him with colouring at least once. daichi’s odd interpretation of what is probably him beating takao in beyblade but really just looks like a kindergartner was left alone with crayons too long is still on gramps’s fridge. max asks for a copy and makes his dad put it on THEIR fridge, too. max’s dad is just i thought i was free of this shitty drawing on my fridge phase, sighs.

rei draws really neat scenery? also he learned calligraphy because what the fuck else was there to do in ninja cat village than spinning tops and reading, lbr, and he’s explored the world for more than just spinning top secrets. he’s learned a few tips from master painters and is probably the most likely to be interested in art out of the lot when someone is talking about it. he is shit at people though. but yeah unrelated i just wanted my “rei has the best handwriting of team bba” headcanon hanging here.

hiromi draws shoujo style. she is probably the best artist of the lot when it comes to human beings, but seeing as most of them are awful, it’s not saying TOO much. she just liked drawing in her spare time and she emulates a lot of her favorite comics’s style, which isn’t always… 100% proportionate. she has a great sense of color, tho! her and rei make an almost decent artist together. so proud, you guys. 

um quickly because this is getting tl;dr college art school au they would all be good at drawing and kai would have THE MOST KNOWLEDGE OF ART and know how to make everyone fix their things. but they’d all be into vastly different styles?? of art??? fucking. kai is into chainsaw carving. or graffiti shit. something like that. max would be a sculptor, rei would be a traditional painter, takao would be more of an illustrator, daichi would have takao’s same style and takao would be so offended about it, kenny would be into digital art and hiromi would… she strikes me as photography? do photography students even go to art school. whatever. yOU GUYS GET IT, RIGHT??????? 

off the top of my head anyway re: art styles if i researched it i might. switch some around. but you get the idea. art!!

i am so bad at art.

i have three types of headcanon

  1. actually supported by evidence in the text or subtext
  2. nothing to confirm or deny it either way so it’s up in the air
  3. yeah that’s definitely not what canon was going for at all but i do what i want, so

I love how OTP stands for one true pairing but literally no one has just one.

do u ever actually forget that a character is dead in canon because the fandom denies it so consistently

this is so accurate.


why have 12 days of christmas when you can have 12 days of destiel