The Only One

Prompt: “One where Bucky gets jealous because his girl is getting close to her ex again and he gets sad and insecure but then there’s FLUFF!”

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You start talking to your ex again and Bucky’s insecurities come out.

A/N: I’m starting to think a lot of us feed off of a jealous Bucky. I’m mean I can see why. Bucky being jealous over us would be hot af. This is longer than expected! Hope you like it tho!

Word Count: 1807

“Are you sure?”
“Yes. I’m positive he’ll love it.”
“Okay, thanks. I’m so glad that we’re actually going to do this. I’ll see you later.”
I hung up and sighed sticking my phone back into my pocket.
“Hey doll.”
I jumped and turned to see Bucky leaning against the door frame.
“Hey babe. What’s up?”
“I was just about to ask you the same thing.”
I raised an eyebrow in question, “Okay. Nothing, I guess. Just hanging out.”
“Steve told me you were in here.”
I smiled, “Yea. I wanted to come see you.”
“Here I am.”
I shot him a questioning look, “Is everything alright?”
He sighed then smiled and walked over pulling me into an embrace, “Yea. I’m sorry it’s just been a rough day.”
I leave upward to press a kiss to his lips but he pushed away, “Wanna watch a movie?”
I shot a confused glance his way then sighed, “I actually have to get going in a little bit. I was hoping-”
“Okay that’s fine. I have to get back to training anyway. I’ll see you later?”
What’s wrong with him?
Bucky was out the door leaving my head flooding with questions and possible answers as to why he was acting so weird.
I mumbled to myself, “I guess I’ll leave now. Yea I’m sure. Wouldn’t want to get in your hair.”
I grabbed my purse and left quickening my pace as thoughts raced through my mind.

Bucky’s POV:
The only thought racing through my mind was ‘She’s cheating on me.’
“Bucky are you okay? Hey buddy slow down.”
Steve was standing in front of me holding my shoulders . I looked around and all eyes were on me.
“Oh sorry.”
“You look pretty rattled.”
Everyone looked genuinely concerned. I sighed, and ran my fingers through my hair.
“I… I think Y/N might be cheating on me.”
Natasha got up from her seat, “And why would you think that?”
I shook my head, “She’s been acting really weird lately. Like she’s alway talking to someone on her phone or texting. Just now I’d walked in on her saying, ‘I’m so glad we’re actually going to do this. I’ll see you later.’”
Steve widened his eyes in shock, “Where is she right now?”
“I don’t know. She told me she had to do something so I just told her i had training anyway.”
Tony stood up, “Well? What are we waiting for?”
Steve sighed, “She’s an idiot if she’s cheating on you. That would be the stupidest shit she had ever done.”
Tony sighed, “LANGUAGE! So let’s go see what she’s doing. And if she’s cheating we’ll give her a stern talking to.”
Natasha snorted, “‘Talking to?’ Ya sure. Then she’ll just date one of you idiots.”
Clint elbowed Nat, “Shut up.”
Natasha grumbled and I looked around at all of them, “Are you sure about this?”
Tony chuckled, “Sure. This is a great plan. Avengers assemble!”

Normal POV:
The whole drive over to the diner was spent thinking about how weird Bucky was acting today. When I got to the diner I pulled out my phone as I walked inside to check if I had any missed messages or calls from Bucky.
“Hey, Y/N. Everything okay?”
I sighed and took the seat across from Dean.
“I dunno. Bucky’s acting weird.”
He raised an eyebrow in question, “What do you mean?”
I twisted the promise ring Bucky had given me and looked out the window, “He turned away when I leaned in to kiss him and he told me he was ‘busy’ so we couldn’t hang out.”
Dean gave my hand a small squeeze and I turned back to him, “Y/N. You’re over reacting. Maybe he’s had a rough day and just needs to cool off. He isn’t stupid so he wouldn’t leave you.”
I smiled, “Thanks Dean. I’m glad we stood friends.”
He chuckled, “I think it was fate that we didn’t work out. We’re much better as best friends.”
I grinned, “Agreed.”

Bucky’s POV:
“Do we really have to hide in this van?”
Tony shot a glare to Natasha, “Yes. We do. If we don’t she would see us before we see her. Now shut up and watch.”
We all watched silently as Y/N sat down at a table with Dean, her ex boyfriend. We ducked down as she looked out the window and then when we looked back up she was smiling and Dean was holding her hand.
I could see Steve tense and almost everyone else did too. Everyone but me. I didn’t have time to feel anything, because when I looked back a pair of bright fiery Y/E/C eyes were staring right at me.

Normal POV:
“Okay so let’s talk about next weekend. What were you thinking of doing?”
I looked out the window and immediately became overcome with rage.
The avengers were sitting in a van, in the parking lot watching me.
I turned to Dean and said to clenched teeth, “Murdering him.”
“What? Where are you going?”
I stormed out of the restaurant with Dean trailing behind me. I got to the van and pushed the door open.
Tony nervously waved, “Hey Y/N fancy seeing you here.”
“OUT OF THE CAR! All of you.”
Clint shrugged, “It’s technically a van but…”
“CLINT. Shut the fuck up and get out of the ‘van.’”
Everyone got out of the van but Natasha. She sat with her arms crossed in the drivers seat.
“So you’re cheating on Bucky but they still let you push them around? I actually liked you Y/N. I expected better.”
I inhaled deeply and turned around to Bucky, “You thought I was fucking cheating on you?!?!”
Steve rolled his eyes, “We know now. Why would you go back to this idiot?!”
I growled, “A better question is why am I dating someone with such idiots for friends?! I sure as hell know Bucky would never do this alone.”
Tony sighed, “I came up with the plan but-”
I snapped, “Did I ask? You’re all fucking idiots. I wasn’t cheating on Bucky! I wouldn’t ever cheat on Bucky!”
Steve looked at me and rolled his eyes again, “Then why were you with this idiot?”
I sighed, “I WAS PLANNING OUR ANNIVERSARY DATE YOU FUCKING IDIOT! He was helping me because I wanted it to be perfect!”
Natasha raised an eyebrow, “Why didn’t you ask one of us for help?”
“That would work right? Asking the avengers to help me plan a special date with my boyfriend who happens to be one of them. Did i mention you have no fucking idea what I’m like and how I want this? You would all just take control.”
Steve sighed and looked between me and Dean, “Couldn’t you have asked someone else?”
I ran my fingers through my hair and huffed, “No and I didn’t think it would be a problem. Bucky I love you but I can’t do this.”
Bucky looked up at me with wide eyes, “What are you saying?”
I gave a sad smile and gestured around, “This? I can’t do it. I can’t date you if you don’t trust me. I can’t have the avengers chasing me around because you don’t like my friends. I’m sorry Bucky.”
I started to walk away and the avengers quickly followed, “Y/N wait! Don’t do this.”
I turned around to face Steve, “You made yourself pretty clear when you called Dean an idiot. I’m not dating someone who doesn’t trust me and wants to control my friends.”
Tony grabbed my wrist, “You’re not. He never said those things. We did. Bucky loves you-”
I pulled my wrist away, “I love him too, but I’m not dealing with this shit. Right now you all ruined it. I’m sorry but…”
“Y/N… Please.”
I looked over at where Bucky remained standing as a tear slipped down my cheek, “I love you okay?”
I got in my car and close the door. I stuck the key in the ignition and drove away from the diner. Away from Bucky. Away from that part of my life.
~ 1 Week Later~
It had been a week since I’d last spoken to Bucky. I mean it wasn’t like he hadn’t tried to reach me. He had tried a bunch of times i just ignored him. I couldn’t bear facing him, after all it might turn into me dating all the avengers,yet again.
Right now I was on my way to see Dean. He had texted me an address and told me to meet him there. He said it was important and to dress nice. So here I was walking into this building wearing a knee length navy blue dress and black heels.
I opened the door and called out, “DEAN? Why am I here?”
I walked down a hall to see a trail of rose petals. I sighed and followed the trail. I t stopped outside on a balcony. The balcony had lights strung around it, a beautiful view and a table in the middle set with food. But what made me drop my little purse was seeing Bucky standing in the center of it all.
I stood here with wide eyes gaping at the sight before me.
“Y/N, please just let me explain before you leave.”
I nodded and went over to the chair across from him.
“The only reason why we were all watching you was because you had been acting strange. And that day I heard you talking on the phone and from this side of the conversation is sounded like you were cheating. I wasn’t going to tell anyone but I’d stormed into the kitchen and they noticed something was wrong. When Tony suggested that we go see for ourselves it sounded like a good idea. But now I realize it was stupid. I should have just talked to you about it.”
I sighed, “You should have.”
“I just… I don’t know what to do sometimes. No one’s ever loved me before. And I’ve never loved anyone, until I met you. I never understood why you loved me so much. I still don’t. I’m a horrible person who’s done horrible things. I’ve hurt people. I’ve killed. But yet you always act as nothing else matters when you’re around me.”
I smiled up at him, “That’s because it doesn’t. You’re perfect to me. Those things you did don’t make you. You weren’t you when you did them. I love you for who you are Bucky and that won’t ever stop. You’re the only one for me.”
I giggled, “Really.”
“You’re the only one for me too.”
“That works out perfectly doesn’t it?”
He leaned forward and pressed his lips softly to mine, “I love you.”
I smiled and ran my fingers through his hair, “I love you too. But keep Steve under control this time around, okay? Can’t have captain america bashing my friends.”
He chuckled, “Deal.”

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Random hcs for your fave characters?

Does random means general headcanon or can I just throw in whatever I think of into the list? … I’m just gonna pick the latter.

Also, I actually have a whole long list of faves seriously ugh why is everyone so unique and hot ლ (≖ლ≖๑ ) So yeah this is just my topmost favorites I guess *dreamy sigh*


He likes to draw a bubble bath and usually falls asleep in the middle of it. It’s the only time he can comfortably nap after pulling an all-nighter the night before. The crew panics when they find him almost drowning in the bath several times so they always make sure to time how long their captain is in the bath and barge in (much to Law’s annoyance) when the time limit passes.

Before getting into relationship, Law won’t make a move until he’s sure that his crush is interested in him back. He’ll just awkwardly stare and try to analyze whether he really want to be in a relationship with his crush or is it just a fling.

He’s generally annoyed or grossed out by habits like nail-biting, inappropriate burping, and stuff like that. But when you (as his lover/crush) starts biting your lips, he’s done for.

Is so good at styling hair. Braiding is his specialty because he’s used to having to be meticulous and delicate when performing surgeries. 


He needs to take control in his relationship. An equally dominant partner does make things more interesting, but they will clash most of the time and it’s probably up to his partner to take the role of a more mature adult and take a step back sometimes. With a too passive s/o, he’ll find it difficult to relate; worst case, he might even find it boring. Conclusion: He’ll need someone who isn’t too passive, but not so dominant either. He acts like his name sometimes, so he’ll need someone who’s patient enough to watch over him. At the same time if they can stand on leveled ground with him, he’ll be more comfortable around them because he feels like he can treat them as his equal.

As your boyfriend (and captain because you’re joining his crew if you’re his partner, no matter what), he teaches you to fight and generally be badass, especially if they you more of a quiet/caring kind of person.

His favorite way to call you is ‘babe’; doesn’t matter what gender you are. He just liked how the word sounded. When he feels devious/playful or horny, he would switch to cruder nicknames (given you’re comfortable with it of course).

Don’t forget to give him attention while playing hard to get (do it because he likes getting ‘challenged’). Just balance the carrot and stick. He’ll be all over you.


Doesn’t need hot water to be able to make one warm bath. He’s your personal water heater. Just put him inside the tub with water, wait for ten minutes, and voila; warm water.

Because of the above, Ace gets an okay every time he asks you to take baths with him. Especially if the water boiler is broken. And in relation to that, Ace would secretly bust the machine so you would ask him to take baths with you. What a child.

He likes spicy food and has the tongue to directly chew off 10 chili peppers at once. Random things around him burst into flames whenever he does, though.

He actually likes playing in the water. Really, he’s got a childish side like Luffy inside and he doesn’t hold anything back when you’re around him because he knows you’ll take care of him if he gets into trouble.


Lifts you up all the time for kisses or just some cuddling session. Will just go and pick you up if he wants your attention, no matter what you were doing.

He somehow manages to convince you to sit on his back most of the time whenever he’s doing push ups.

Doesn’t care about sweat and all the yucky stuff that manages to stick on his skin after exercising and will still pull you into a hug. Usually results in his you screaming bloody murder because he stinks so bad. Secretly does it on purpose because he ends up in the bathroom with you fussing over his hygiene and helping him rinse all the grime off.

He’s immune to caffeine. Sanji triend brewing him a really strong coffee and he still falls asleep within ten seconds.


Given a shy and pure lover, he’ll enjoy stripping you out of your innocence both mentally and physically. Trying to subdue a fiery and temperamental partner is also a fun thing to experience. Basically he will take you and probably ruin you but if you stay with him despite all that, he’ll recognize your worth as his Queen.

There’s this popular belief that Doffy can’t stay monogamous, but I think he would if he ever find someone he really loves, seeing how he’s been loyal to his ‘family’ for years and he always makes sure anyone who insult them wouldn’t get out of it alive. Maybe he’ll play around every now and then to make you jealous due to his sadictic tendencies, but he would ditch them at a drop of a hat if you wished for it.

One time he lets Dellinger to try and paint his nails pink. His toenails are painted pink until now. You don’t talk about it. Just don’t.

He drinks wine like water (this is basically canon) so his tongue is used to tasting different varieties of wine. He’s a wine connoisseur and he will know about the slightest changes in his favorite wines’ taste.

(Admin rambling) Why do I even like this guy? I do not know. He’s that one character I used to loathe but then somewhere along the way I’d start to imagine cuddling with him. Again; why? My mind works in strange ways. Or maybe I’m just attracted to dominant guys. Ugh. Why brain, why?

The 2Ps when they have a crush
  • 2p!america: omfg, how can one person be so hot???? i would rock their world.
  • 2p!china: UGH JUST LOVE ME PLEASE?!?!?!?!?
  • 2p!england: goodness gracious, i suppose there is a god because he made an angel *swoons*
  • 2p!france: fucking hell.....,,,,,,
  • 2p!russia: *sighs* why must i feel attraction to others? it takes a toll on my mental stability
  • 2p!italy: that's marriage material right there.
  • 2p!japan: oh look guess that means, i'll get major emotions over someone. time to get wired hell yeah.
  • 2p!germany: i'm gonna go talk to that gorgeous creature over there.
  • 2p!canada: can they just read my mind, so i don't have to keep staring at them???
  • 2p!romano: OMG!!!!! THEY LOOKED AT ME!!?!
  • 2p!austria: *bats eyelashes* i'm gonna go see what's their favorite band and find out if they're worth my time or not
  • 2p!prussia: *sweats nervously* did they just glance over here whaaa- *blushes ten shades of red*

RUBY: She already has a date.
RUBY: Which doesn’t mean I want to ask her out! She just told me for whatever reasons.

I’m going to the dance with Dave.
RUBY: Dave?
SALLY: Harrison.
RUBY: … I thought you’re into Bridon Gueermo now.

SALLY: Well, duh, of course I am. I’m done with young boys. Especially younger boys like Ike.
SALLY: And Bridon’s nineteen and so mature… *sighs dreamily*
SALLY: But he doesn’t go to our school anymore, so I can’t exactly ask him out to the dance, right?
SALLY: Which is why I’m settling for Dave for now. He’s cute.
RUBY: People say he’s just a less hot version of his brother Gary Harrison.
SALLY: You’re really mean! Dave is cute! It’s not easy to live in the shadow of someone like Gary Harrison!
SALLY: You’re just jealous because Karen is already going with Dougie and you’re dateless.

RUBY: Fuck you.

RUBY: Anyway, I’m not going to ask Sally.
IKE: And if neither of us get a date, we’ll just be each other’s!

Me: sighs i love tamlin he is so hot omg
Me: omg tamlin you beast
Me: I really love you tamlin
Me: tf you doing rhysand
Me: uhm okay so tamlin i still love you but rhysand i mean uhm uh i- well–
Me: sighs im ded srry tamlin love you rhys