We Slay, Too! Racist Twitter Account

Several people have brought attention to this twitter account, but I had to check out this twitter account myself. I think I saw this account before it was taken down, but now it’s back. And it’s just as racist as you remembered.

For anyone who’s not aware, nonasianslaytoo is a Twitter account that shows non-Asian (mostly white) people doing ulzzang and other styles to “empower” them and show that they can “do it better”.

[Image: The description of nonasianslaytoo.

I’m back! This account is to empower non asians who love asian fashion and music and to show that we can rock asian styles better than our fellow asians ^^]

First of all, there is no such thing as an “Asian style”. There are many countries in Asia with different cultures. You can’t boil them down to one monolithic style. But we all know what this person means when they say “Asian style” (and even then, those countries have different cultures).

Moving on, here are some text tweets nonasianslaytoo posted.

[ Image: Tweets by nonasianslaytoo.


“I will post pictures of non asians and compare them to asians to show that we can look even better and rock their style like them!”

“Wanting to date only Koreans, Japanese, Chinese guys/girls is ok. This is not fetishizing but a preference and we all have one.”

“This is why I made this account! Being a black, white, latina ulzzang or lolita is ok. Being white, black, latina and cosplaying idols is ok”

“This account is to empower non Asians who love Asian music,fashion and culture. Non Asians are often mocked/insulted for liking Asian stuff.”] 

There’s a few things wrong with these tweets…

I will post pictures of non asians - Which means “white” because that’s mostly who I see so far.

Wanting to date only Koreans, Japanese, Chinese guys/girls is ok. This is not fetishizing but a preference and we all have one.  - Preferences are personalities and height. Preferences are not “I prefer this race over other races, including my own!” That’s rooted in stereotypes and racism. Also, nice job reducing the continent of Asia to three countries.

Non Asians are often mocked/insulted for liking Asian stuff - No, sweaty, you’re not mocked for liking Asian stuff, you’re mocked for being racist and culturally appropriating. 

Now for the tweets with photos.

[Tweet by nonasianslaytoo. Photos showing two interracial couples. The White women are on the left, Asian men on the right. Captioned, “Asian men and White women (heart eyes emoji) I prefer to see asian men with non asian women bc their kids will look so exotic (heart eyes emoji) #amww”]

Again, non-Asian meaning White in this context. No non-Asian POC. Not only is this fetishizing interracial couples, but putting racist views on mixed babies. This mindset is nothing new. People always play Build-A-Baby on their future children, wanting them to have characteristics of their partner. It’s bad enough that White people date POC because we look ~~~exotic~~~. But not even babies are exempt from this. Nope, gotta treat mixed babies and children like a fantasy instead of living human beings.

Onto the “slaying”

And here’s Black ulzzang, because at this point, people are aware that “non-Asian” means “All White” to this person.

Look at that (I don’t know how to caption these, sorry). Some of these are probably yellowface. Also, this person said the Taemin cosplayer should have made their eyes smaller. Because East Asian people have small eyes, right? Fuck them. Maybe they should deactivate their account… Oh wait!


Anyways, I’m concluding this post because it might be too long. Message me if you can’t read this post or if I stepped out of line.

With Him?! - BTS

Requested: Can you do a reaction of BTS BIGBANG and got7 where their gf has to do the pocky game with another celebrity please?

A/N: By the way, I assumed that the boys were on the same program/there in person, meaning they would have to keep their reactions in check. This is also assuming you and them aren’t public yet.
idk why I made it black&white I was just feeling it..


Originally posted by joonjuly

Namjoon would boo lightly, hiding his anger and jealousy well. Everyone would laugh, assuming he was just acting as a dramatic comic relief.



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Jungkook would lock eyes with you, telepathically telling you not to do it. He would be on edge, glancing at the other idol, but knowing he couldn’t do anything.


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Jin’s expression would falter, turning to an annoyed one before he put on a poker face, masking his irritation. Like Jungkook however, he would remain silent, knowing he couldn’t do anything while being broadcast.


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Taehyung would freeze, tuning into the conversation. His eyes would meet yours before going back to the speaker’s as he listened attentively. Shock and worry bubbling up in him.


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Hoseok would put on a fake smile, glancing around. He would battle with whether he should protest or not, ultimately deciding to remain silent and sadly watch you play.


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Jimin’s smile would drop to a solemn expression, his mind racing like Jungkook’s. His eyes imploring you to refuse the game. Once you began the game his eyes would dart somewhere else, not wanting to watch.


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Yoongi’s irritation would not be hidden one bit. The other cast members might even make commentary about how his expression darkened.

A/N: This would suck bc they would just have to sit there and watch, trying not to be obvious about their jealousy… After, they would all definitely voice their anger to you, grumbling to themselves about the show being dumb.