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It's so cute how Mikleo puts a bubble around sorey to protect him! It's so cute! I only got it now while playing the game last night. Also the bridge of Camelot is quite spoopy. The negative colours and the wind! Creepy

One of the funniest things to me about Zestiria is how when the game doesn’t want you to go places yet, Heldalf just like. Shows up there and makes malevolence so you can’t walk through it, lol. ACTUALLY funny story about that, the first time I played through Zestiria, I got to the one village the Pope ran off too? With the fire temple in the back? And you have to go through the cave to get there the first time? Well on my way back, I wanted to use the cave again for whatever reason, but it was full of malevolence. So I just sort of… crawled through the malevolence? And whenever monsters showed up I “escaped” the battle. AND THEN HELDALF WAS STANDING IN THE CLEARING NEAR THE BEGINNING OF THE CAVES where it connects back to the Meadow of Triumph AND I JUST CRAWLED AROUND HIM AND LEFT THE CAVE

Idk man I thought it was hilarious but maybe you would have had to be there.

ANYWAY THE BUBBLE!!!! I LOVE ME THE BUBBLE!! First of all, the SORMIK, obviously. Like, okay. You gotta put this into context. Last time they ran into that much malevolence, SOREY LOST HIS RESONANCE. We all remember how scary that was for both Sorey and Mikleo. And this time, Sorey loses it again and can’t see Mikleo. BUT THIS TIME, MIKLEO’S STRONG ENOUGH TO BASICALLY FORCE HIMSELF THROUGH THE MALEVOLENCE??? LIKE WOW I LOVE HIM and it’s just a really romantic scene. Also, there are some Dezerose/Sormik parallels in that scene, so take a sip, @soymilkheaven :P

And then the bubble itself, the result of all his hard work. We see him training so so hard in all those skits, and all those hints that he wishes he were more powerful, worrying he’s not as good as the other seraphim (who, lest we forget, are all AGES older and more experienced than him) AND HE MAKES UP THIS BUBBLE ALL ON HIS OWN?? Like I imagine he had to know something like that was possible, but I can only assume that’s because he was studying up really hard, reading about the previous Shepherds, asking Lailah and the others for advice on how to become more powerful, and the bubble was the result. AND HE’S SO PROUD OF IT (as well he should be)

AND idk if you saw this part in your playthrough, but if you try to go outside the city enough times WITHOUT using the bubble, MIkleo’s all “Sorey, you really don’t trust me this much?” AND HE SOUNDS SO SAD. WHICH IS SAD but to me it really shows how much Mikleo had his heart set on becoming more powerful specifically to be more useful to the party/Sorey. Like. I LOVE MIKLEO OKAY AND THE BUBBLE AND ALL IT IMPLIES IS ACTUALLY A VERY SIGNIFICANT PART OF THAT.


I feel like all of you are much closer to me, than my friends in RL. You care for me in ways like no friend ever has. You all truly give me so much strength and I don’t know how to thank you for it. It is somewhat bittersweet.

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if you had to associate to each exo's members one of your mutual or follower, who would it be and why? You haven't got to feel forced to do this :3 just for fun 💙

Gosh it’s been a while since I did one of these things and since the last time I spoke to people one here haha. I’ll only do a few of the members since I barely talk to anyone atm orz. 

Baekhyun: @whatthefuckbyunbaekhyun just feels like such a nice and hyper person, and ofc Baekhyun is her bias. Hope you’re doing well! 

Yixing: @xiao-dan because I think Yixing was the first person we bonded over, right? Him filming Go Fighting and all that! I’m still shocked that I’ve met a person who’s got almost the exact taste in music as myself. Tb to when we got hyped over classical music, those were the days. Love you, Vicky! ♡

Joonmyun: my darling @junyixinqs. I mean, if you’re looking for a JM supporter, she’s the one. Rin appears to be this calm person with a heart of gold. I really wish we can meet over a cup of tea or coffee (or whatever you prefer) someday since the both of us live in Europe! I hope you’re doing well!

Chanyeol: My main Chanyeol girl @this-is-entertainment. I’m always so proud whenever I say that I have a friend in Russia because I really consider you my friend! You never fail to make me happy and your whole personality screams joy, friendship and love. If exo comes to Russia one day, I’ll be flying over there in less than a second and hopefully meet you there (more like HAVE to meet you there) so that I can finally hug you and have someone to fangirl over Chanyeol with (and chanbaek I mean asdfgfgsf. I’m getting myself hyped up, I just really want to meet you!). Love you lots lots lots ♡

Sehun: @sehunardo-dicaprio I know we haven’t talked in a while but I will always see you as Sehun’s biggest hoe fan (I hope you see this as a compliment bc I only mean it in a good way of course!) 

I guess this will have to do for this time hahah. Hopefully I’ll get back to my trying-to-be-social-self once school is over :pppp

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Literally me now when I’ve been absent for so long lmao 

Hi I’m a libra born in the year of the rat. I lie to myself and others every single day. I work very hard and I am successful with my work, but I put up a fake front to get that work done. I have hid behind approximately five (5) fake personalities my entire life. My charming personality front has got me through almost every horrible situation I’ve ever been in and I am skilled at winning verbal arguments. I have almost no close friends my age because I am socially inept. I somehow became a mentor figure to a few children that look up to me even though I am probably a terrible role model. I crave attention. I have clinical depression. 

ok so this is random but I love Harry Potter AUs so please bear with me- imagine a Harry Potter Kylux AU where Hux only realises Ren’s true feelings for him when Ren has to save him from the bottom of the lake in the Triwizard Tournament