poseidhn replied to your post “if it wasn’t for the killing of savages you’d still be living in the…”

this anon literally knows nothing like wtf…. white colonial apologizers can literally go suck a dick like im indian. also i dont understand??? the incans mayans and aztecs had very advanced civilizations and it was spanish propaganda that they were just savages because they weren’t christian so they were all deemed pagan i mean pls i dont trust anyone who likes christopher columbus

yes thank you keer literally like none of us asked for someone to “save us” and force their religion and customs and diseases upon us i’ve got no patience for people who think killing millions upon millions of natives was “worth” where we’ve come today. there is a reason the aztecs were so prosperous, there was a reason the central/latin/south american civilizations had complex pyramids and calendars and systems of livestock and math and i honestly can’t believe we still have to tell people that the crackerjacks are terrible and awful and foul for exploiting our lands, culture, and everything else i don’t give a rat’s ass about being able to sit with computers and lamps the world doesn’t exist for humans to have material goods the world exists because it does 

my left earphone stopped working today and i kinda accepted it already but then when i was eating i noticed that it works when i have my mouth open
so now i’ve been laughing for the last 5 minutes and opening my mouth randomly to check if it really works and my mom has been staring at me this entire time and now i have tears on my face why is this so funny to me

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STID makes me uncomfortable for a lot of reasons but one of the main reasons has to be the fact that Khan's blood apparently cures death but it isn't explained how. And then it's never mentioned again. Can you only be dead for a certain amount of time for it to work? Did Starfleet find out and take advantage of this? because they would. H O W does it work.

the only explanation is that bob orci and friends were completely reckless when writing the stid script. while some episodes from the prime universe can be really questionable, in overall star trek has a record of being a very scientific tv show. spock’s death worked in wrath of khan because he was vulcan, so there was this whole mythology behind it. with jim it was the other way around… they found a way to revive him with a quick and lazy plot device, without taking in consideration the established big picture, which imo was a horrible mistake because star trek has an incredibly organic universe - every little thing counts, and when you’re taking a big risk like literally inventing the cure for human death… well, the least you can do is a resolution for such risk. like, did they bother to get a science consultant? even in tmp they hired isaac fuckin asimov!!! in the end jj admitted stid to have some problems, but I really wish they would talk about it in the movies instead of pretending none of that mess happened. 

help i started watching parks & rec and then leslie and ann went on a practice date 

so obviously they should go on a real date and also make out

Collecting merchandise of a specific character is suffering. You end up buying tiny trinkets like this that you don’t really like that much, but there’s only a few pieces of merch in existence so you end up buying it anyway to complete a set.

Why do I own so many tiny figures of Tivan, please Marvel give me something here.