mayorsammie asked:

Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I'm also trying to hack my 3DS XL but the guides that are going around are a little confusing because I guess there's some stuff missing from them? Can you possibly tell me what steps you did? Thank you! ^^

absolutely! i’ll try to do this step by step and hope i don’t forget anything. i hope you don’t mind me publishing this also, so other people can benefit. :)

  1. first, before you do anything, download the youtube app if you don’t already have/used it, open it, play a random video, and then exit out and make sure the app says “creating save data” [if you’ve already used your youtube app, you don’t have to do this]
  2. next check your firmware version [in system settings] and make a note of it
  3. install tubehax following this video here. you only need to follow this video until 1:20; after that, it goes into ironhax which we can’t do [unless you previously downloaded ironfall] and don’t need. if youtube force closes when you try to open it, that’s okay. just wait for your system to reboot and open it again. this has happened a couple times to me and is kind of normal, i guess.
  4. you should have the homebrew channel installed now! exit out [the start button exits] and pop out the sd card and put it back into your computer
  5. download the save manager file.
  6. extract the save manager file on your computer. this is a zip file and needs to be extracted! i guess windows can extract this automatically; mac users need an extra app like the unarchiver to extract it
  7. extracted, it will create a “3ds” folder and inside will be a “save manager” folder with two files, a .3dsx and a .xml
  8. copy the “save manager” folder into your already existing “3ds” folder on your sd card. do not copy the 3ds folder into your already existing 3ds folder [the folder should be sdcard/3ds/save_manager, not sdcard/3ds/3ds/save_manager] or overwrite it.
  9. now put the sd card back into your ds, boot youtube, and enter homebrew again [it should do this automatically but, again, you might get an error and force close]. then scroll down to the bottom and you should have “save manager” as an option. select it with “a”, and then use the Dpad to scroll through titles until you get to animal crossing. hit “a” to select it, and the screen will go glitchy. hit “a” again to create save data, i couldn’t see what i was doing at this point but i waited ~15 seconds and then rebooted my system, put the sd card in my computer, and the save data was there [“savedatabackup” folder]

this is as far as i’ve gotten so far, as the provided software for actually editing acnl [no surprise here!] actually requires windows, so i’m going to install WINE and hope that everything is able to be edited! i’m unsure about the save manager working, as it does glitch out to the point where i can’t see anything, but i’ll have to wait and see! is anyone else having that issue and still being able to edit?

  • Hugh:listen Bryan, me and Mads have been talking and we think Will and Hannibal should kiss in the last scene.
  • Bryan:really? i think it feels right this way-
  • Mads:no listen, we already have it all planed out it will fit in perfectly.
  • Bryan:honestly guys i don't think their relationship is quite there yet-
  • Mads:no, it totaly is, we're gonna kiss right now.
  • Bryan:but-
  • Hugh:roll the fucking cameras, Bryan.