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Favorite look: 


Favorite tweet: 

Favorite Interview & Why: THE ROBOT VOICE INTERVIEW.

Favorite Stage Moment: I can’t find the gif but this bit:

Favorite Hair Style: How can I chooooooose?

I loved this day ok. 

Favorite Family Member: My babygirl Anne.

Favorite Celebrity + Harry: 

§Favorite Tattoo: 

Favorite Quote: Ok I’ve forgotten everything he’s ever said but this always makes me laugh

Favorite Instagram Post: WHAT DOES IT MEANNN???

Favorite Music Video: 

Favorite Another Man Picture: ok wow this was hard

Now answer:

Your Name: Kelsey

Your Age: 25

Where You Live: Hertfordshire

Have you ever seen Harry live in concerts or met him? Any special moments?: Nope never seen 1D or met him or anything. 

What’s your favorite thing about Harry?: How he’s so mega famous but still seems to be very genuine and humble and nice. 

What is your favorite line/lyric of Harry’s on a 1D album?: “If you’re lost, just look for me You’ll find me in the region of the summer stars.”

What is the song that reminds you the most of Harry?: Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey even though he barely wears blue jeans haha. 

What is the movie that reminds you the most of Harry?: I have nothing. 

How long have you been a Harrie?: I guess properly like a year ago?

Where you were when the first Dunkirk trailer came out?: I think just at home luckily!

What do you expect for HS1?: I’m hoping for a full album of WDBHG style songs! 

What are your tags for Harry on Tumblr?: harry, harry black and white, harry looks

Who is your favorite Harry blog?: @nojemmyproteste 

If Harry could read this now, what would you say?: Please don’t actually look at my blog. 



Trees performed at the Joseph’s house

Can’t believe how far they’ve come

Power to the local dreamer

RFA + V and Saeran reacting to an MC whose an ex porn star ( lmao )

//this is crack because I couldn’t take it seriously oh my god also gif warning!



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- what

- you… did what exactly?

- I mean let’s be honest here Zen hasn’t always done “ the best ” things for money but

- porn?? like actual porn on the Internet?? are you out of your mind??

- ,,, he does watch it

- I mean it’s done and over with but holy shit he’s like … my pure angel .. is no longer pure ..


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- ??

- why would you do this you can never live this down

- how many people have seen this arrest them all

- pays so much money to get that taken down from every site imaginable

- he’s forgiving I mean it was your past but w h y

- “Elizabeth the 3rd would have never done this MC. ”


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- need I say more?


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- he already knew he went deep into the stalking

- has he watched it multiple times? yes

- down w/ it he doesn’t care honestly it’s done and over with now you’re all his ~~

- actually might make some with you but it won’t go up anywhere he can’t have that on him on top of everything else


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- well shit

- he doesn’t really know what to say

- just kinda awkwardly sits there because he’s never met someone who’s done things even near that

- at least that he knows of.. looking at you Seven..

- “ well.. i’m sure god will forgive you MC. ”

- tries to stay positive even though he’s screaming inside oh god he can’t believe he’s in a relationship with a porn star he’s turned on and terrified at the same time


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– ok

- he doesn’t really care just shrugs it off

- you’re not even mad?

- no why would I be

- you show him and he’s like ,, hm ,, interesting..

- MC thats a lot of dicks

- how’d you fit them in there holy shit

- shocked but very impressed. 

Wyatt Logan Appreciation

11 Reasons We Love Wyatt

I know we all love Wyatt with everything we’ve got, but I’ve seen comments and reviewers saying that he’s the typical white male military lead. I’d like to graciously prove them wrong, but also, spill on why I simply love Wyatt.

1. He isn’t a jerk.

We ALL have to appreciate this. Wyatt hasn’t and never would be a jerk. He’s never belittled Lucy or ever made her feel inferior because she’s a woman. He knows she’s the boss and he’s totally okay with it. He never tries to take the lead because he thinks Lucy is incapable, he knows he can trust her and that he can count on her. He’s never made ridiculous remarks about Lucy nor has he ever been rude to Rufus. Yes, he’s white and male, but he’s never treated Rufus or Lucy in a way he shouldn’t. He also knows he can count on Rufus when he needs the extra muscle. 

2. He’s caring.

He may try to hide it, but Wyatt is more caring than one may think. He always puts the lives of others before his own, whether they’re his friends or complete strangers. He was willing to completely sacrifice his life to save soldiers he knew had the littlest chance of making it out alive.

3. He’s protective. 

He’s a soldier, he has it in him to protect those he loves. Doesn’t matter if his life is at risk, he will do anything in his power to protect the ones that matter to him. It’s evident in the way he’s always looking out for Lucy, keeping her in his sight, saving her and Rufus’s lives plenty of times. 

4. He’s defensive. 

Wyatt’s quick to bounce back at anyone who even comes near any of his colleagues, especially Lucy. He doesn’t like people causing harm to anyone he cares about. He will put himself in front of the conflict and let himself take the hit instead. 

5. He’s a little damaged, but that’s okay. 

Wyatt’s seen and done things he wish he hadn’t. He’s killed, he’s seen death, he’s lost. There are so many things about Wyatt that are broken. He can’t even mention his wife’s name without getting teary eyed. He’s suffering from PTSD all on his own, without anyone knowing. He’s living with the memory of his closest colleagues dying for him out on the field. He’s carrying so much, yet always finds a way to generate that into his incredible strength. Sure, he’s a little broken, but who isn’t? He regrets things, but who doesn’t? He’s lost, but who isn’t?

6. He likes getting his job done. 

Wyatt knows what his job is and always makes sure he’s staying true to the mission. His job is to simply take out Flynn, eliminate threats to the time team and protect Lucy and Rufus. He does a great job, even with Flynn hoping around like a bunny on Easter. There have been multiple times where Wyatt has a clear shot at Flynn, but it somehow gets interrupted. He’s always protecting Lucy and Rufus and also deals with unexpected threats in a slick way. Even though it isn’t slick all the time. 

7. He’s funny. 

I mean, c’mon, everyone loves a funny person. But, the thing about Wyatt is that he’s funny at the correct times. He’ll bring out his wit and sarcasm only when the time calls for it, which makes him all the more charming. 

8. He’s a soldier.

You have to respect him. He’s been through things a lot of us haven’t or couldn’t even imagine going through. He’s had it rough, he’s had his own friends die for him. It’s a lot, but it’s made him tough. It’s made him into the amazingly skilled soldier we know and love. He always knows what he’s doing, from guns to hand-to-hand combat, he’s got it all. He also manages to smile and joke around despite all he’s seen, in my book, that’s pretty fantastic.

9. He’s a secret fanboy. 

His Bond freak out was glorious. Who doesn’t love a guy who can proudly announce his interests?

10. He’s gorgeous. 

Look at him, he’s got everything. The eyes, the lips, the scruff, the jawline, the hair, the smile. He’s just as beautiful as he is on the inside. 

11. He’s still a good person.

A lot of people resort to something not so great when they lose someone or have been through rough times. People resort to drinking, drugs, smoking etc. However, Wyatt doesn’t have any of these habits. I’m not saying you’re a bad person if you do have these habits, I couldn’t possibly understand your situation. But in Wyatt’s case, he’s somehow controlled himself and avoided going down those roads. Yes, he still invests his time in trying to find his wife’s killer, yes, he may be a little obsessed, but he only wants an answer to a burning question. Sure, he enjoys an occasional drink now and then but that ain’t so bad. You have to appreciate his self-control here. 

There you have it. Wyatt’s an incredible guy who is quite unique in a good way. He doesn’t follow a stereotype or a certain “type” of person. He’s his own person we have all come to love. I have now finished my rant, carry on. 

Wait, here’s Wyatt in his cute fedora. 

Yes, he is smiling at Lucy in the last one. 


Oingo Boingo At Dick Clark’s American Bandstand 1983


Imagine Wanda, your best friend, trying to set you up with Pietro.

“You know, you would really like my brother,” Wanda piped up, blinking at you owlishly.

You felt warmth creep up your neck, “You mean Quicksilver?”

She laughed, her lilting accent like music to your ears. You loved her accent. “Yes. But his name is Pietro. You have not met him yet?”

“I’ve seen him around, but we’ve never been officially introduced,” you admitted, smiling slightly. “I’m guessing that you’d like to change that?”

She nodded, “Da. I think that you two would be very good friends.”

You raised an eyebrow, “Why do I get the feeling that you want us to be more than friends?”

She grinned, “You two would be perfect for each other. It was time to get off my ass and make it happen.”

Gif Credit: Wanda

Well, I’ll be damned. TBH, I’ve never watched any recordings from JibCon…until RIGHT NOW. I’m 10 minutes into the JibCon 2016 Jensen/Misha panel and I’m simultaneously rotfwl and wondering why doesn’t Creation let them do a panel together at, I don’t know, maybe the Las Vegas Con (since it’s the longest)? Have they ever done one together here (U.S.)? I’ve seen all of the GIFs imaginable from this panel, but OMG to actually watch it is kind of a religious experience. Holy Cockles. 

Here’s to hoping from some more amazing magic from JibCon 2017. 

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why does USA want the show to fail? why are we the fans promoting it and not the network? james and tyler should be getting another paycheck from USA for all the promoting they’ve done. why is it that james was the one to release that gif of lukas and phillip in bed? and all those other photos. i’ve never seen a cast have to push a show so much while the network pushes some dumbass show about bob lee swagger (are they serious omg). they shouldn’t be threatened with cancellation every two seconds either. james, tyler and the rest of the cast love the show and want it to succeed but USA isn’t doing shit to help

Today was my “I stim proudly and i don’t care about what you think” day !

In fact, it was the first day of my life in which i actually allowed myself to stim without a second thought. And damn, i feel so good and so full of life ! I think i never felt such a joy to be simply myself since the beginning of my life…

Seriously, why stimming is seen as a bad thing ? When i stim, i can focus my thoughts, express myself better and just be happy overall !  Flapping my hands, fidgeting my hair, allowing my fingers to “dance”…

I mean, it’s not bothering, i don’t injure myself while doing it and i’m not noisy at all. Still, i had some pretty weird looks, but frankly, i don’t care.

Soon, i’ll make some gifs or videos about my stims, i have so much to show (my favorite one is like i was playing an invisible piano with my fingers, it’s very relaxing) !

Proud stimming day !

And like the wonderful Amythest once said…

When we stim, we’re super cool and cute !

It's been 10 years since Avatar The Last Airbender first aired

10 years and it’s still my favourite programme to watch. People hear me talk about it and think “why?”

Well I’ll tell you why

First off - have you even seen the animation or the backgrounds?

They are beautifully made and never fail to impress me

See what I mean? Beautiful. All the effort that went into these.

But lets talk about the show itself.


A 12 year old kid destined to save the world

Yes, he may be, but his development form the “goofy kid” to a hero isn’t a quick change. The show shows us it’s okay to be nervous

Even when you know how powerful you really are. But like any hero, Aang pulls through

The most powerful bender in the world - only a child. Watching this as child taught me that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. Throughout the show, the older characters keep underestimating Team Avatar because of the fact that they are all children. The writers proved them all wrong. Even as a teenager becoming an adult I still feel the same way about this show because it makes me feel invincible.

But Aang wasn’t the one I wanted to talk about.

The ladies

“girls cant fight”





As a fellow girl, seeing this badass chicks fight made me feel so powerful. They were stronger than the majority of the men and they were all beautiful - so much so that I became gradually jealous of them all (I know I haven’t included them all on here - sorry) They all had their own style of fighting and all kicked ass.

ATLA not only created beautiful, strong independent women, but they also addressed sexism.

In one of the first few episodes, Team Avatar were faced with a group of warriers called the Kyoshi warriors - all female. Sokka refused to believe him, a man, had been beaten by girls. He later confessed, announcing he wanted to fight like them.

Katara - I swear the majority of characters would be dead if it wasn’t for her. Girl power. Woop!

Toph though. If you watch the series and say you don’t like Toph - I know you’d be lying (and she would too). Toph is blind. She is also the greatest earth bender in the world.

The show isn’t worried about disabilities - Toph is treat equally. So much so that the other characters forget that she is blind.

And they’re not afraid to make jokes about it!

Azula - the crazy ass bitch who, from the moment you meet her, you can tell she’s well…

not the nicest person you’ll even meet. But she’ll teach you not to use fear to control people

I’ve never had a show that has emotionally compromised me as much as this show did. Iroh’s scene in Ba Sing Se. The love and loss between father and son.

But there are so many messages the show puts forward. Many by wise speaking Iroh

But also from other characters - lessons that children should be taught about.

It’s messages like these that children should be taught. Be yourself, be happy with yourself. You don’t see many of these messages these days. It’s rather refreshing.

The show also teaches you about honour. Other people cant restore it for you, you have to gain it yourself. You have to set your own destiny, even if it goes against the flow of your nature.

Family is not always how you want it to be. To be scarred by your own father, but accepted by your uncle. Finding the right path is hard, but worth it in the long run.

I’m sorry this is such a long post - I never wanted it to be. But I had so much to express about Avatar. And 10 years of having nobody to speak to about it wasn’t fun. I want more people to watch this under appreciated show (please don’t watch the film).

It is beautiful in every aspect and I know I will still be watching this in another life


“She was the most beautiful child I have ever seen. She did not walk, she danced. She was so merry, so full of love for every living thing, whether it was a person, or an animal, or a flower. She had a lovely singing voice, too. I don’t know why they never did anything with it. At that time, you didn’t know what she’d be. But you knew she’d be something.” -Andrea Cowdin, recalling meeting Elizabeth in 1940.