i’m pretty much cut off from the world at large while i’m at work so when i got out and was finally able to check my phone it’s like SURPRISE, THE NATION SHIFTED

and there’s still so much more to be done for equality, but god, what a great sign of progress. people back in my home state can get married now no matter who they love.

that’s pretty fucking awesome.

NCIS NOLA casting news

it’s official, Sonja Percy is a regular character!!!!! (also everyone’s new favorite computer geek, Patton)

So my best guy mate got laughed at by two of my other guy mates when he was on holiday with them cause they raided his suitcase and found his makeup.

They then tried to tell me like it was the most hilarious thing on the planet (I’ve known for ages. Hell I’ve bought him makeup cause he doesn’t want to go to the counter to buy it himself.)


I don’t think the response they expected from me was “ok first of all why were you looking through his suitcase? Did you fancy stealing a pair of boxers for personal use or something? And secondly who gives a fuck? Why is it okay for me to wear makeup but he’ll mend him If he does? He’s insecure about his skin and feels better when he covers it.”

To give them their due they did apologise to him but wtf? Why is it considered “girly” to wear makeup? So stupid if you ask me

  • Practical Sensible Side:Yeah, I completely understand why Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm weren't included in the movie. The director himself said that it would've come off as completely forced. There just wasn't any foreseeable reason for them to come to the island. So for that, I'm glad they didn't just throw them in there. I think it was for the best and allowed the movie to stand on its own two feet.
  • Personal Feelings Side:Aw man, it would've been so cool to see them in the movie! Even just as a cameo or something! I can just imagine how Alan would've reacted to seeing Owen training the raptors! That would've been awesome! *Pouts*
  • Practical Sensible:Will you cut that out?! You know why they didn't do it!
  • Personal Feelings:Will you quit crushing my dreams?!

She’s so accepting of her death, now that she’s lost everything… Worst of all, she’s thinking lots of people would be glad about it, and she’s thinking about the words of that traitorous brat of an IPD that told her as such……

I just came across the one equius/aradia pic I drew. how come I never got hate for that?