“Just as the east is the darkest right before sunrise and water is the noisiest right before boiling, isn’t crouching from being worn out necessary in order to jump and fly higher? Let’s enjoy everything.” - Infinite Dongwoo

“If you’re feeling comfortable right now, you are running downhill.” - Block B Zico

“Harbor your dream with your heart and mind; fulfill it with your hands and feet.” - B1A4 Baro

“Let’s not let go of each other’s hands until the end. When you get too tired and your hand loosens, I will hold on tighter.” - BTOB Eunkwang

“Shinhwa is not responsible for your lives.” - Shinhwa Dongwan

“I will work to become a weed that survives tenaciously rather than a flower that may wither at any moment.” - Big Bang T.O.P

“Credibility is not built with your mouth.” - Block B Zico

“The world doesn’t respond if I don’t try my hardest.” - BTOB Ilhoon

“A jinx exists to be broken.” - EXO Chen

“We will become singers who change but stay constant.” - VIXX Leo

“It doesn’t make sense how people believe in stories of loving someone at first sight by running into them once on a bus, a subway, or the streets, but laugh at stories of falling in love at first sight by seeing them once on a TV screen. Loving a celebrity is also love. Love is equal.” - Epik High Tablo

“I don’t want to say ‘Please give us everlasting love.’ However, if our fans reminisce these moments and think 'I used to like Girl’s Generation’s Seohyun a lot back then,’ I would be thankful for just that. Just by you remembering me, I would become part of many lives. I won’t ever forget this love.” - Girl’s Generation Seohyun

What do you see when you go up to the top?
Kai: We see the next mountain that we must overcome.

Fan: Let’s only walk on flower paths.
L: Let’s walk together even if they’re not flower paths.

—  Some inspirational quotes by Korean idols.

how gay can dongwoo get lately tho

i mean

they don’t even care about cameras and paparazzi anymore

it’s fine minwoo, lick cream off your hyung’s finger it’s fine

share the same room and sleep on the same bed when they travel overseas 

donghyun grabbing minwoo’s ass at the concert


The way Hoya nudges his members to get them to speak at interviews. 

(p.s. In the interview Woohyun said they all got to go home for Chuseok; they got to eat jeon (pancakes); Myungsoo said they gave allowances to their parents; Sungjong mentioned he helped wash the dishes too! Such fillial boys!)