• Han:Luke? Yeah he's cute and all but a little too green for me .not really my type .
  • Han:also I've already adopted him as my brother and you know most people don't make out with their brothers .

*misses you*
*still doesn’t talk to you*

sometimes i think that bruce is always slightly bewildered and confused at his kids like he’ll see dick hanging from the chandelier but talking on the phone to somebody like nobody’s business and jason is chucking pieces of coco puffs at tim who doesn’t even acknowledge it but if the coco puff lands close to him he will eat it or plop it in his coffee because ooh coco puffs and cass is watching makeup tutorials on youtube while working out like a boss and damian is screaming that HE DOESN’T WATCH ANIME but nobody even asked him if he does???

and bruce continues on, whispering to himself

my life is normal everything is normal i’m not crazy and i’m not hallucinating and everything’s okay

and they’re all mine mine MINE MINE MINE

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about white teenager stereotypes: sagging, monster energy drinks, snapbacks...

INFP: Probably loved by every adult
ENFP: Lack of respect/interest in traditions
ISFP: Rebellious, artsy, does their own thing
ESFP: Jock, part of the popular crowd
INTP: Constantly drinks coffee, no one knows what they’re up to
ENTP: Can be loud/obnoxious but everyone still loves them
INFJ: Teenager that’s super deep and has insight into complex political issues
ENFJ: Manipulator. Knows just what to say to start drama. Knows what you’re thinking before you do
ISTP: Secretly a genius
ESTP: Adults  probably hate them (loud, obnoxious)
ISTJ: Independent teenager, probably interested in things involving his hands (art, mechanics)
ESTJ: Uninterested in other cultures
ISFJ: Dresses on point
ESFJ: Probably has a squad/clique. Think Mean Girls
INTJ: Probably plotting world domination. Will be president someday. Hates everyone
ENTJ: No respect for elders


I love the Epilogue so much, okay? I love it. I don’t care about anything, I love it.

My feelings on the (book version) “19 Years Later” can be better described as “hysterically sobbing with uncontained happiness”.

To the salty anon who just unfollowed because they think I “hate everyone and think people are irrelevant because I don’t know what’s going on with anybody,” let me just state a few things for you:

1. I don’t hate anyone or their characters. I’ve been in this rp for a long time, and everyone I’ve ever talked to has been really sweet.

2. This is a roleplay. Let’s me emphasize ROLEPLAY. This is not real life. This is a place where we all come to write and have fun. It’s nothing serious, and at the end of the day when we step away from our computers, there are other things going on. Everyone here has a life, whether they have school, jobs, a family that they need to take care of or whatever. That is the stuff that’s really important.

3. Do you have any idea how big this rp is? There are well over 100 characters, and we both have multiple ourselves. So no, we can’t just sit and read through every conversation that everyone has with each other, and I bet you don’t either. Like I said before, we have real life stuff that we need to take care of that is more important than this. So I’m sorry, but some characters are going to get looked over. It’s not a personal thing. We don’t pick and choose who we pay attention to. Honestly, it’s all about activity. The people we see on the dash most are the ones who get more attention. It just happens.

So while you’re saying we “literally suck as a gossip blog,” think about all the stuff we have to keep up with. Are we the best gossip blog? No. Are there things we could do better? Sure. But at the end of the day, we’re here to have fun and create with all of you. And I’m not putting this under a “Read More” because I feel like everyone needs to see it.

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hey what's your favorite movie of all the twilight series? (for me it's new moon but i think it's kinda sad that people didn't like it because of bella who doesn't feel good).

Ah I love new moon! It’s probably my favorite, too. I like the camera work and general color scheme better in eclipse (and even breaking dawn part 2), but new moon is just my favorite part of the story and I liked the aspects of the book that the new moon movie emphasizes. It wasn’t trying to be an action film like eclipse was. Plus, I’m a sucker for edward and bella’s reunion at the end :D

So, I have this headcanon that all the gems with elemental powers (rose – earth, ruby – fire, sapphire – ice, lapis – water) are kind of like ancient gems, that they were some of the first gems to exist on homeworld and that they spent thousands of years getting into spats and lounging about ruling the world and just doing whatever kind of like the Titans and the Greek gods, until they started branching out and creating more gems and shit started getting real

Ok but then I got totally carried away and now I can’t stop thinking about/drawing Ancient Greek gems and Bacchus/Zeus Rose

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So I saw that ask about akaashi and I thought you'd updated the adult AU and I literally said out loud "gin what have you done" ((and apparently you didn't update it but I'm still blown away by your recent piece with kuroo and bo ok that destroyed me keep working hard you majestic being))

actually i am disappointed. with myself. i promised at the beginning of june i would finish all the first part of the au before august anndd here we are. i am not even opening photoshop. which is bad. theres also a side story for iwaois and it’s not going to get done by itself…….. and the last bokuaka comics were all sketchy and ugly,,,,,,,, 


“What are you thinking about right now?”

Have you ever wondered, well I have, about how when I say…Say red. For example, there’s no way of knowing if red means the same thing in your head as red means in my head when someone says red. And how if we are traveling at almost the speed of light, and we’re holding a light, that light will still travel away from us..At the full speed of light, which seems right in a way……

What I’m trying to say?

I’m not sure.

But I wonder if inside my head, I’m not just a bit different from some of my friends, these answers that come into my mind unbidden, these stories delivered to me fully written! And when everyone shouts like they seem to like shouting, the noise in my head is incredibly loud! And I just wish they’d stop, my dad and my mom, and the TV, and stories would stop just for onc-I’m sorry, I’m not quite explaining it right….The noise becomes anger and the anger is light, and this burning inside me would usually fade, but it isn’t today, and the heat and the shouting, and my heart is pounding, and my eyes are burning, and suddenly, everything…Everything is…

Like silence..But not really silent….Just that..Still..Sort of quiet…Like the sound of a page being turned in a book. Or a pause..In a walk..In the woods…
Like silence, but not really silent….Just that nice…Kind of quiet…Like the sound when you lie upside down in your bed, just the sound of your heart in your head…And though the people around me, their mouths are still moving, the words they are forming, cannot reach me anymore!…

…It is quiet. And I…Am…Warm. Like I’ve sailed…Into the eye of the storm…