Last night was a bit rough for me. Without going much into detail way too many things happened at one time and it pretty much had me reeling a bit. Couldn’t sleep, but there’s nothing new there, so I decided to paint. I had the lineart of my collab with Celebi-Yoshi lying around and I figured I’d go ahead and throw color on it, and here we are.

I kinda literally threw color on it without much direction so it’s certainly not as well-polished as it could have been. I’ll probably go back and touch it up, but for now I think it’s fine. If you’re curious, I used watercolor and acrylics on this one; took me about 4 hours to paint this. Honestly I was originally not gonna post it up but decided “Eh, why not”, and here it is. It looks a lot better up close and in person than it does here; I REALLY need a new scanner. :/

But anyway, I know I already posted up the headcanon on this in the collab upload but I suppose I’ll go ahead and throw it in here too.  The general idea behind it is that, after the death of their parents, Applejack sorta took up the mantle of being one of the primary caretakers of Apple Bloom. As such, AB sorta sees Applejack as the one she wants to be like the most. She certainly looks up to her Granny and Big Mac, but she definitely looks up to Applejack. AJ doesn’t mind this of course. 

Also, since so many folks seemed not to understand why my Applejack has scars: She and Big Mac are the primary protectors of the farm and their family from dangers that either wander into their orchard from the Everfree Forest or are mean-spirited ponies looking to sabotage their crop. Their height and muscular stature are usually more than enough to stay anything that could cause harm, but sometimes they have to actively fight off the threat, and they don’t always come out of it unscathed. Applejack got the scar on her back from a Timberwolf trying to pull her down, while the scars on her face and nick in her ear are from claw marks from a griffon bandit attempting to blind her. AJ doesn’t mind the scars though; if anything, it’s a neat little story to share if anyone asks about it, but other than that she doesn’t think much of her scars.

Buuuuuuuut yeah. There ya go, the traditionally colored version of this lineart. I’ma try to go to sleep, but I hope you guys like it, as sloppy as it is. c:

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Is Taylor Swift (aka BITCH) an idiot? I mean, she's so stupid, Avril Lavigne is way better musician than Taylor and she is a fucking legend too! Same as Britney Spears, they have sold more albums than Taylor, and their albums defined a whole generation. Despite Taylor is racist with Latin America and Latinos! That's bullshit! Countries like Mexico, Brazil and Argentina have a lot of Swifties, they should not buy her music anymore.

Don’t you ever call anyone that let alone Taylor its for one really disrespectful. And 2, far from Taylor. I see you haven’t read much on Taylor to know this Obvi. And fyi if she was so “ stupid” why would she be so successful right now? Or win a banner for selling out the most shows at staples center ? Or album still be in the top ten a year after its release. Just because I posted something about other artists not being as kind and personable as taylor, DOES NOT mean they are not talented to. They just don’t go to the extent of Taylor, or have her heart. She turned down a million dollar wedding deal, to do it for FREE. When shes busy enough. Or spends time in hospitals with kids and paints guitars to send in her spare time. And donates over 50,000 to a sick little girl that couldn’t attend her show. Or sends PERSONALIZED presents to fans. Theres WAY more I Could say but i don’t wanna waste my energy , on such a ignorant person. That wasn’t the point. But i wont cuss you out or drag you or call you names, because A, that makes me no better than you. And I so don’t want to be like you, AND another thing btw , taylor teaches us to be kind to anyone and not talk down on them. So how does that sound, to be calling someone like that a bitch? But what you have to say doesn’t matter, because Taylor’s going to still be successful , and were all going to continue to love her , so bye..

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"If you ship SkyeWard then you don't love Skye" is ridiculous because by that definition then Chloe Bennet herself doesn't love her own character since she still ships SkyeWard. She doesn't say it as much as Brett Dalton does but when asked she does still say she ships it. So by that definition I guess Chloe doesn't love Skye either, her own character. And also by that definition you should hate Chloe because she's also technically a "gross SkyeWard shipper" *eyeroll* Smh.

Ok 1. I’m not even the OP of that post why are you coming to me with this

And 2.

3. As I said in the last ask I answered I do not feel entitled to act like I know what actors are really feeling beause I don’t know them. Especially not when the actress in question is a young woman of colour in a vulnerable position who isn’t at liberty to always say what she thinks without either endangering her career or risking being attacked online. So no I don’t hate Chloe because she might have said she ships Skyeward in some interview months ago. 

4. Literally why did you waste time of your life asking me this go outside, pet a dog, stare some more at screenshots of your favourite serial killer or something


she honestly has gone through so much shit the past 5 seasons and doesn’t get nearly enough credit for how much of a bamf she really is. 

also, why does jeff davis insist on bringing holland in for only like 2 minutes per season, why does he hate holland roden, what happens to lydia, why wasn’t stydia in the finale, why did lydia only appear for 2 scenes, where did stiles’ personality go, what the FUCK 

fuck you, jeff davis

that line “love isn’t an emotion, it’s a promise” got me thinking about Clara’s promise to Danny

it’s evident in the post-it scene, after she’s had her epiphany between ItFotN and Dark Water (why did they name an episode with the initials DW it makes things so much more difficult)

it’s not the idea that he’s the last person she’ll say “I love you” to, even though that might be what she thinks it is. it’s the honesty. it’s her deliberate choice to be completely honest with him, about everything, even though he’s only really asked for her honesty in kind of specific situations she makes the choice to lay it all out for him

even though she sets it up in a way where she’s still got some control over the situation–she’s got it laid out meticulously, she has to do it over the phone instead of face to face–if his promise to her was to protect her and to be a sounding board when she needed it and to just be there for her, hers was to control less and trust more

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1. If you could ask a fictional character one question, what would it be?


2. Your favourite blog?

SO MANY BUT HERES A FEW THAT I LOVE (highly recommended)











3. Which fandom do you consider the best?

I know that it’s been a bit problematic, but definitely the Throne of Glass fandom. I mean…my blog is pretty much dedicated to it lol 

4. Who would you kill?

*ummmm……PPL* *cough*

5. Your reaction if your OTP was endgame? (gifs are more than welcome haha)

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6. Your favourite character?

Kaladin Stormblessed, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, Rowan Whitethorn, Cinder

7. What is your opinion on minions?

I don’t really mind them?? I’ve only watched Dispicable Me so…..

8. Favourite movie?

Les Miserables, 10 things I hate about you

9. Favourite colour?


10. One secret you haven’t told anyone.

Ummmm…………..i really can’t think of one haha ehhh no one irl except for the real life friends who follow me here know that I’m aromantic…whoops hahaha

My questions:

1. What are you thinking about right now?

2. If you could have one wish granted (and it can’t be I want more wishes lmao) what would it be?

3. You have three days to live. On the third day, you will be killed by knife being slowly stabbed into your belly. This is inevitable and you know this. How will you spend your last days?

4. Recommend a book to me?

5. Life of the party, or bored at the party?

6. Logical or emotional?

7. One sentence to describe yourself?

8. Do you like eggplants?

9. Prefer to eat alone or with friends?

10. Favourite food?

11. Tell me about your dream last night (if you can’t remember, then the last dream that you remember lmao)?

I TAG THE PEOPLE WHO I TAGGED AS MY FAVE BLOGS HAHA *I’m too lazy to tag again lmao*

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I saw you talking about the last of us in an earlier post and I really don't mean to offend but I played it and it was ok I guess? Nothing amazing. Why does everyone praise it so much? I'm asking an honest question don't mean to be rude 🙀

well there’s tastes and tastes! For me
it was one of the most amazing gaming experiences I’ve had, personally. There’s other extremely highly-praised games I thought were “ok” and people are like “nO!!! GOTY GOTY GOTY” so to each their own I guess haha.

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Yes OMG!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for Emma Stone!!! She inspires me everyday!!! I love her so much she's my idol! Does this mean you are getting inspiration for your personal style or will you be adding some of her style pieces onto your blog???

My 2015 inspirations meme is all about my personal style influence (which is why I tag it “personal” in case anybody doesn’t want to see any non-Teen Wolf posts and blacklist it), so as far as inspired posts and general content, she won’t be added into any of that. Outside from my personal posts, this blog’s fashion content is still one hundred percent Teen Wolf and will remain so! :)

ramannoodles20 replied to your post “why does every character in fantastic beasts and where to find them…”

literally newt scamander is canonically dark. the second a white person was cast, I knew I wasn’t going to go watch that movie in theaters

why do they have to do this i’m so pissed off

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What is your take on the Ed/Kara Brown thing? Is this animosity between them real? I guess I'm confused about why he even talks to her after all the things she has written about him. Seems to me like he would just ignore her since I think she just does it to bring attention to herself. And talking to her is just basically giving her what she wants. And Ed seems smarter than that. So maybe it's not for real? I mean, seriously, who could hate Ed Sheeran? He's such a lovely person, inside and out.

I’m not especially bothered by her… on one of her meanish posts about Ed, someone mentioned that she seemed weirdly obsessed with him (because why else would she go after him so much), and she was just kinda like, You realize I get paid for this, right? So I don’t think she actually hates him. Even if he mildly annoyed her at first, I’m sure she just wrote about him in a hateful way because more powerful emotion makes more interesting reading, whether you agree with it or not. No one would have even noticed if she’d just been like, “Ed Sheeran is meh.” And if your job is to write for the media, you want people to notice your writing so that your outlet becomes more popular. Controversial opinions help with that. 

And I don’t think Ed responding to her is a matter of whether he’s smart or not. He just likes to be nice to people who are rude because it makes them look bad (and feel silly, usually), and that’s a pretty good life strategy. And I believe her responses show that she doesn’t actually hate him. Stuff like him saying that he was personally trolling her and her talking about working out a peace treaty is just joking around. It’s… you know. Cute. 

I agree with you that he’s a lovely person, though. :)

footstepsoftheelephant replied to your post:Is he ok enough to actually do the ops, like do…

like, is he there all alone, did he fly out by himself, is there anyone besides like Rich (is Rob there?) who cares about him personally, who is watching out for him? I’m freaking out.

Same, why does he have to be so stuborn and do the ops, like I’m sure each and every con goer would understand if he didn’t, jesus.

if my partner does america’s next top model when he’s here in the states, i will be so proud of and happy for him, but also

a) i will miss him so much holy shit he’d be gone so long??

b) my bpd ass will be so jealous of him living and interacting with the other models… for some reason. i can just feel it now, how agitated and helpless and abandoned i’d feel having to watch him form bonds and be with all these other people when i can’t be there with him… wow am i a possessive little shit what is actually wrong with me

at least i’m completely aware that these thoughts aren’t okay and that i need to work on them…

i want him to be happy with other people, i totally do, y’know?

i just have to get past these weird panicky feelings

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This isnt hate im being honest. I know that you know what your doing your life but im writing this cuz its bothering me how those arent even your real eye colors. Their just contacts and i dont like how your accepting compliments like its your own eyes. Your pretty without them. Idk why asian girls mostly like to wear different colored contacts and hide their real eyes and acting like those are their own eyes. This isnt hate. Its personal statement.

okay first off when people tell me i have nice eyes and theyre referring to my contacts i tell them theyre contacts… second i post selfies with my natural eyes and people tell me i have nicer eyes like that and i thank them! “accepting compliments like they youre own eyes” lmao im guessing you’re white and have blue eyes and you’re butthurt for some reason but why does it offend you so much that i wear contacts sometimes i usually only wear them in selfies but why does it bother you? this message is so fuckin dumb

Can I be emotional for a second?

I make a lot of “fad” posts (aka: something funny happened 2 seconds into an episode and everyone likes it and it gets tons of notes for about 1-2 days but then it fades away).  But then, I take time and think about “what does Gravity Falls mean to me?  Why do I care so much?”  So I make “personal” posts (gifs/theories) and kind of let them float out into the either of the fandom to see how they do.  What I’ve realized is that the posts that I work hard and care about?  They live on much much longer than those fad posts and people continue to reblog/like them and it just makes me so happy to know the content  I create that I care about is something (in the long term) that you care about, too.

Basically, you Gravity Falls fandom fabs keep me going.  You get it like me and I just love it.

xo Liz


This is my second post before the last seven episode of michiko and hatchin air this Saturday on Toonami and I’m also making these posts because not only just explain how great the show is but also why I love it’s so much also before I start i just want to say that michiko and hatchin airs this Saturday 9/5/2015 at 12:00 AM on Toonami now another reason why I love michiko and hatchin is because if you’re 20 years old or up or just a mature person in general then michiko and hatchin does a great job with a mature or older audience and the jokes are fantastic and the show is easy to understand it doesn’t go overboard or stay it welcome too long and its overall a great show also another thing I want to mention it is michiko and hatchin does a great example on what’s it like being a child this definitely explains how some of the hard stuff that children has to go through as well because as much as we like to disagree kids as well also go through hard and difficult times as much as parents are adults as well and michiko and hatchin shows and explains so well how adults and kids and other people in this world deal with things differently in life and I think that michiko and hatchin explain that so well and before and this I just want to say that I’ll be making more post about michiko and hatchin before they show the last 7 episodes on Toonami and also if you miss watching it on Toonami I definitely recommend buying the DVDs and also I’ll be making more post about michiko and hatchin until Saturday also again michiko malandro wins mother the year you definitely deserve it

squidbattle replied to your post “iif someone unfollows you without telling you why and they have…”

THS happene d iwth me once it was the worst

squishyvore replied to your post “iif someone unfollows you without telling you why and they have…”

ugh thats so gross i hate people who do that so much :C i hope your friend is alright

yeah honestly its so disrespectful to people that genuinely cant tell you why they unfollowd and? just as a thing i dont like it nfghdsjklajshkdgjl does that make me a bad person??