Why does Yurio want to win so badly?

Yurio has spent much of the series saying how he wants to win and how he’s going to become the best in the world. Most people have attributed this desire solely to Yurio’s personality and just the way he is.

However, that’s not correct. Yurio wants to win… because he needs money. Now before you keep scrolling because you think that’s ridiculous, hear me out and keep reading.

If you guys haven’t scrolled through the Yuri!!! on Ice official website, you should do that sometime. 

Wait… let’s take a close look…

Not since he’s junior days… since his rookie days… since the beginning. Yurio’s whole skating career has been so that he can provide for his family. The earliest we see Yurio skating competitively was age 12. A twelve year old, and maybe even younger, was the primary source of income for his family. Can you imagine the pressure on Yurio as he competes? No wonder he said he would throw everything away to skate when Lilia told him to. No wonder he put six jumps, a “death wish”,  in the second half of his free skate. Yurio is desparate. He want’s to win so he can provide a better life for his family. 

how the signs feel about their stereotypes
  • aries: "wHAT?!?!?!?! I AM NOT ANGRY ALL THE TIME!!!1!!1! FIGHT ME!!!!!"
  • taurus: "omg i dont like food THAT m--wait a minute. yes i do."
  • gemini: "*reads horoscope* damn i really am a dick."
  • cancer: "okay yeah. I pretty much am a crying mess. sometimes. okay always."
  • leo: "*sobbing* i'm so upsetttt why does e v e r y post say i'm selfish and that i think i'm better than everyone when really i hate myself and think everyone is a beautiful flowerrr *sobs more*"
  • virgo: "This is extremely illogical."
  • libra: "lol"
  • sagittarius: "LMAO K"
  • capricorn: "According to recent studies and scientists, science suggests that..."
  • aquarius: "IM NOT AN ALIEN OK"
  • pisces: "*smirks evilly*"

i don’t understand why some people are so ??? upset?? about equal rights???? does it PERSONALLY OFFEND you if people are trying to ask for more right??? is a woman asking for equal pay, a choice in their life, representation in politics REALLY attack you?? if you say “i’m tired of seeing these no one cares” that’s like seeing a post saying “be happy with yourself” and going “FUCK OFF IM TIRED OF POSITIVITY AND GOOD MORALS” and i don’t understand why people have the need to say “it’s because women belong at home taking care of children” and “women choose to have less rights” because WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHAT I WANT why can’t men stay at home with children? i know plenty of men would love that but there’s no one telling them to “stay in the kitchen” and why would i choose to be oppressed and why don’t you believe me when i say i want to be free to do what i want? YOU want to own mORE GUNS and dePort innocent people BUT I CANT HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE MY BABY’S FUTURE????

As someone who has been on this site for like 7 or 8 years I gotta ask something to other long time Tumblr users

Does anyone feel like hate and disrespect is getting a bit out of hand on the fandom side of this site. Like within the last year or two it’s gotten worse. I get that not everyone likes the same shows/ characters/ ships etc but that is why the anti tags were created. Now I feel like more people post not only on the anti tags but the positive side of that tag to irritate the fans of that person/ show/ ship whatever. Why so much hate?

the signs about their bias
  • aries: they must be protected i will beat anyone's ass that dare say shit about them i swear rn
  • taurus: EVERYONE!!! LOOK AT MY CHILD!!! i love them they are my baby omg
  • gemini: OMG I HATE THEMMM THEY ARE THE UGLIESTTTT send me more pics i love them kms
  • cancer: I AM SCREAMINGGGGGG i love them so much i am shedding tears agjhcjobjkhbj
  • leo: how cute would we look together tho like... we'd be so cute i need them in my life asap
  • virgo: why yes ik their birthday their real name their hometown their blood type their debut date and time their friends from high school their home address their mothers maiden name
  • libra: *bias does something* AHHHHHHHHHHH *posts on social media* *calls up every person they know* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • scorpio: why are they so HOT why are they so PERFECT they make me wanna SIIIINNNNN
  • aquarius: *has hella merch and always wants more. probably writes or reads lots of fanfic too*

All of you antis are behaving like morons.

Calm down. 

It is a comic. A psychological, horror comic. A comic that is fictional. A comic that does not, in fact, cause suffering to real people… unless you’re extremely sensitive and think that it was created specifically to cause you emotional distress. Which it was not. 

What are you? Children? 

If people like Killing Stalking, then what has that got to do with you? Nothing. Does it affect your quality of life? No.

Can you easily avoid Killing Stalking? Yes. Are you following someone who reblogs Killing Stalking posts? Unfollow them. Find yourself in the Killing Stalking tag because you’re actually curious and so you post negative shit to hide it, along with showcasing your sense of entitlement? Don’t venture into it. If it bothers you so much, then why are you wasting your time on it? 

You are all acting as if Bum is a real person. He is a drawing. A concept created by an artist. He is not real. Just because people like Killing Stalking does not mean that they promote or approve of Sangwoo’s behaviour. I’m pretty sure they’re all hoping for someone to save Bum. The story is edgy and actually horrific and exposes the damaged, bad side of people, and this can interest readers. Everyone is is different and so they tend to become interested in things you might not like. Some people like psychological horrors, and some people don’t. If someone ships Sangwoo and Bum? Who the hell cares? It doesn’t affect you in the slightest unless you make it your point to make sure that it affects you. People can ship who ever they want, and if you don’t like it, do the noble thing and avoid it and go about your own business. 

Don’t hesitate to pop me a message…

Kaneki cares so much for Akira because of the time they’ve spent, but he also thinks of her as his mother. Which is why she’s a very important person to him. While he does want to protect her and do anything for her sake, Amon is the only person who can truly play this role. Shes loved him since part one of TG, and he must feel the same about her. Kaneki really needs to pay attention to his feelings and the one person he probably would lose his mind over if they died, Touka. While they haven’t had much time to talk, their connection will rekindle.


Hello everyone, not sure if many people will read this or care - I get quite a lot of followers on this blog although most of them inactive - but if anyone does follow this blog even a little closely - I am unsure whether or not to continue it or not. I am still going to journal, I will forever, but I have to question and rethink my motivations for why I would want to post such personal words on the Internet - I am not someone who cares much for the journaling “aesthetic” - I originally posted as I received messages on people finding comfort in my words (although tbh I just think I write so much crap most of the time) - although recently it doesn’t seem like many ppl read the words or look at my journals… If there are any other journal bloggers out there who could share their reasons for sharing their journals with the world,maybe it’d inspire me - I am genuinely curious - I don’t feel I have any good reasons to post anymore

honestly I’m so frustrated at all the dumb jokes that boil down to ‘why does Yuri on Ice troll everyone with that title’ ‘the title is such false advertising’ and ‘hurdur there should be yaoi on fire about lesbians!’ and I think it says an awful lot about the Internets casual knowledge of Japanese jargon terms as opposed to the actual language.

The thing is, pretty much any Japanese person, even if they were an otaku, is not going to think of lesbians when they see Yuri written in the title as ユーリ. They would instantly know it’s a name, and even if it was only written in katakana for fancy effect and not because it’s a foreign name, it’s not even spelled right to be the Yuri the internet thinks means ‘lesbians’. That would be 百合 or ゆり. It’s worth mentioning that spelling literally means ‘Lily’ and its usage for f/f content is entirely jargon/slang based, it does not literally mean 'lesbians’ like so many people seem to think. (While I’m at it, nor does 'bara’ mean 'muscular dude’, in fact calling a single character the name for a 'genre’ makes no damn sense to begin with and i sigh a little whenever I see it but it actually means 'rose’, and the slang term is actually very, very rarely used to describe that kind of gay manga with lots of muscular dudes aimed at gay men because they actually find it kinda offensive but hey that’s a rant for another time. The point is, roses and lillies are slang euphemisms. If the title was lilies on ice, there might be some kind of expectation because it’s an anime, but like I said, it’s neither the correct spelling nor appropriate alphabet)

The term 'yaoi’ on the other hand is an acronym was invented solely to describe M/M stuff with zero point aimed at women, and thus cannot be used as the 'opposite’ of Yuri which has meanings outside of slang and, you know, people’s names in both Japanese and Russian. They aren’t even two sides of the same coin. (also for the record the word is almost -never- used in modern fujo culture in Japan, it’s archaic as hell and doesn’t have great connotations seeing as it pretty much means 'no point in this trash’ so everyone uses the umbrella term BL)

So tl:dr the title was never intended to confuse anyone and hasn’t confused anyone who can read Japanese, and non-Japanese speakers would never have been confused to begin with of their knowledge of the language wasn’t restricted to obscure smut jargon.

It annoys the hell out of me but at the same time I want to know if there has been an equivalent in reverse that confused nonEnglish speakers to the point of complaining about nonexistent false advertising.

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I am so excited for Room For Ruby!! It seems (from the review) that a Lapidot fusion is coming soon - I might even post a theory I've had for a while after the episode. Hopefully opening up Lapis and why she does some of the things she does will help people understand her and stop complaining so much about her character. Overall just really excited! :D

oml same here!!

My hype levels shot through the roof when I read about the possible hints to a “romantic fusion” :’)  I’d love to read your theory on that if you do decide to post it!

And yeah, Lapis is a complex character who doesn’t deserve the hate she gets.  Hopefully this episode will bring this complexity to the forefront, by eliciting some of the deeper layers of her personality that’s she’s been trying to keep hidden for so long.

I think I just had a revelation? About what poly might mean for someone who experiences an intrinsic need? Maybe?

Is it something like… you have various sets of needs, and different people fill different needs for you? For instance, say one of your favorite ways to express romance is through cooking meals together. And you have a partner you love dearly, but they just don’t get much of a kick out of the kitchen.

So, whereas the mono person would either just accept that they can’t cook meals with their partner, or work out some kind of halfway point, the poly person just *finds someone who likes to cook meals.*

In no way does this diminish the love for the first partner. It’s just a different kind of solution.

Anyway this is all me guessing about things I don’t understand, and it’s late and I’m tired, and I don’t know why I’m not asleep yet. I’m pretty much done posting on this blog; not a lot of reason left to it. But, hey, answers maybe for the people out there like me of six months ago, hm? Stay strong out there. Stay in love.

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re: the "Be the bigger person" post. seriously, right? and as an extension to that the "Just ignore them. They'll leave you alone if you don't respond. Don't give them a reason to bully you." advice. Ignoring bullies? That. Does. Not. Work. and parents shouldn't be telling their children that they DESERVE to be bullied because of how they have their hair, or because of the clothes they like to wear, or whatever else.. it's so incredibly disgusting.

Regarding this post.

Hi anon! :)

I can agree with much of this.

There are many good articles on why this approach doesn’t work, including why it does work even with workplace bullying.

Aside from that, just remembering my own experiences in school - before I was homeschooled - it’s blatantly obvious that ignoring them did absolutely nothing, and it was only when I finally spoke up (the few times I did) that anything actually started happening that was for the better, least in my case. I certainly didn’t feel like a “bigger person” by ignoring them either, I felt like shit because I was still being bullied.

I ended up having to be homeschooled because of sever bullying from my school, and I know my being silent and ignoring them did absolutely nothing to help. Instead, it probably encouraged them. Nowadays I make sure to speak up if something’s off, and I’ve found it helps way more then sitting there and taking it in many situations.

I’m almost positive most parents do not mean to make it seem like they are telling their children that they deserve to be bullied - when they say these things - however, I can see how it can come off that way. In my experience, when a parent is saying this, they are generally saying it because they don’t want their child to get in trouble or - worse - get hurt because of confronting a bully. I know my mother feared that if I confronted my bullies or told on them they would just escalate their bullying because they would be angry at me telling on them.

No matter the intentions however, even the NCPC does not suggest that parents tell their children to ignore it and instead says that parents should try and help stop it, help their child through it and even help teach them how to deal with the bullying. None of this is telling them to ignore it, since that just doesn’t work.

Mod Aerrow

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I just.. am confused... why can't people say "I need to practice my french" or something or like "I understood most of this" Like... ? is there something inherently bad about it or does it just annoy you?

uhhhh idk if you mistook me for @fatlardo cause that was her post? and she explained it really well on her blog already so you can check that if you want. id give you a link but im on mobile

like tbh it wouldnt bother me too much on a personal level if someone commented that on a post of mine, but i also grew up in a very different area of canada than karo and people don’t have the same attitudes towards french here. like ottawa is a government city so almost everyone is bilingual, and anglophones and francophones all work in the same places. anyway i can totally see where karo’s coming from and i support her in not wanting people to comment shit like that

Sami Zayn brings me and alot of his other fans so much joy when he does anything whether that is posting about social issues or dancing his way to the ring. He’s one of those wrestlers that is just an amazing human being inside the ring and out. I think this is why we absolutely despise seeing him fail or not get the recognition he deserves because he deserves it more than alot of others. Fellow Zayniacs, Zanians, whatever the fans name are (Don’t kill me because there are many names), we got it bad. 😂😂. End of personal adoration.

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Everyone wonders why teenagers are so angry. Is it really that much of a mystery?

Adults act as if we aren’t our own people, with varying personalities and beliefs, and get angry when we don’t follow the idealistic mold they set in their minds for us.

They claim that all our problems are trivial and refuse to listen to us, but then get confused and angry when we break down or let out our emotions

Adults tell us that we’re too young and treat us like children, but then turn around and yell at us, expecting us to act like adults.

And that’s a painful, painful thing to deal with each and every day.

Do you see this ghoul man. He loved the pre-war radio show Silver Shroud so much that he asks you to go get the silver shroud costume so he can complete his crime fighting detective cosplay and go dispense justice like his favorite TV hero. Even though you end up wearing the costume and becoming Silver Shroud, Kent does so much to help He runs a channel on the radio and basically does #callout posts and you go doxx the villains in their own territory. Then he gets captured and tortured (why would you hurt him first of all) and if you save him he sounds so upset bc he got more than he bargained for and he just wants to go home. You can use your best silver shroud voice and convince him to keep up the good work and then he gives you this dopey ass happy really-believes-in-you-as-a-person smile and it kills me I’m already crying looking at this picture

Kent is the reason dear hearts and gentle people plays on the radio. Kent is the reason I am going to make the wasteland a better place

Apparently this is a Controversial Opinion but… if you want to criticize someone’s post and they have you blocked then…. don’t… screenshot their post so you can criticize it anyway? First of all you can be reported for harassment (tumblr’s community guidelines say not to fucking attempt to circumvent the block feature), and second, fuck you? Fuck you, I don’t care how much you hate someone’s post, ignoring their boundaries by screenshotting their blog when they have you blocked is a really shitty thing to do. They blocked you for a reason and you’re not supposed to be engaging with their posts.

Why does this happen so much in ace discourse circles? It’s as if some of you people don’t give a shit that the person on the other side of the screen is a real human being with boundaries, and you think you get a free pass to harass them by going around the block feature just because they’re on the opposite side of the discourse. God, I hate to imagine that someone would to this to me someday.

If you wanna criticize a post but you find the OP has you blocked… leave it the fuck alone. Go make a sandwich. Go watch TV. Go yell at someone else who hasn’t blocked you yet. Just don’t be a piece of shit! It’s not that difficult!

Edit: I was not at all saying when I made this post that you shouldn’t call out and warn others about actual harmful and bigoted behavior just because you got blocked. You can read my explanation of what I actually meant here and here, or you can keep taking this out of proper context because I didn’t explain myself well enough initially and making me feel bad about it. Your choice, I guess.