After watching Catch and Release, I’ve come to realize something. 

Peridot acts much more immature, when in a situation she’s not used to - she’s frightened, she’s aggressive, she loses her social skills. Some have interpreted this as her being childlike, similar to Amethyst’s seemingly “younger” personality in the flashback episodes. But this doesn’t match her previous portrayals, or her mature body type - she’s in no way coded as something that should be treated like a child.

So why does she act like that? Why did Amethyst act like that back in the day? Why would gems act less mature than they usually are? Well…

… Look at how they walk.

Look at how they act.

Look at them when they’re taken off-guard, or frightened, or excited.

Gems aren’t childlike.

They’re beastlike.

All of them, in different ways.

They snap their jaws to show aggression, they show an animalistic combination of caution and curiosity when dealing with new objects and places, they even run on all fours when distracted. Fear makes them not just aggressive, but outright vicious and murderous, like mindless attack dogs. They occasionally have feline and canine physical traits, like fangs and glowing eyes. Younger!Amethyst literally went running after a thrown stick.

Amethyst, Peridot and Jasper, all presumably Kindergarten gems, seem to be the most prone to this, while Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire and Rose appear to be more civilized, likely as a result of having been regular Homeworld citizens trying to survive in a very uptight, controlled society for a long time. They’re used to restraining themselves from acting too savage. Lapis has an animalistic mindset ruled by emotion and impulsiveness, guarded by a civilized facade, reflecting her powers and element. She always seems more mentally present, even when upset, because she almost always has the upper hand and thus doesn’t feel the panic of a cornered animal.

Try rewatching an episode with the mindset of “these are extremely intelligent cats and dogs who were taught human-like standards of social etiquette.” It solves a surprising amount of questions regarding their occasional lack of maturity/manners/empathy/etc., unifying the traits normally associated with different human age groups.

Among them, why Peridot turns into a squeaky, slap-y menace when frightened. She’s got the survival instincts of a wild animal, with none of the strength. She’s like a housecat.

Tl;dr: gems have instincts and traits similar to felines/canines. Moments of immaturity happen when a gem hasn’t developed the social skills to deal with a situation in a civilized manner (due to fear, excitement, anger, lack of self-discipline, etc.), causing them to act like wild animals - which is often misinterpreted as “childlike” because we’re not used to seeing adults react in such an animated, uncontrolled way.

congratulations jensen ackles on your PCA! 

(or the one in which misha is a proud boyfriend and nothing hurts)

Do you see this ghoul man. He loved the pre-war radio show Silver Shroud so much that he asks you to go get the silver shroud costume so he can complete his crime fighting detective cosplay and go dispense justice like his favorite TV hero. Even though you end up wearing the costume and becoming Silver Shroud, Kent does so much to help He runs a channel on the radio and basically does #callout posts and you go doxx the villains in their own territory. Then he gets captured and tortured (why would you hurt him first of all) and if you save him he sounds so upset bc he got more than he bargained for and he just wants to go home. You can use your best silver shroud voice and convince him to keep up the good work and then he gives you this dopey ass happy really-believes-in-you-as-a-person smile and it kills me I’m already crying looking at this picture

Kent is the reason dear hearts and gentle people plays on the radio. Kent is the reason I am going to make the wasteland a better place

New Selfie Project: #IDoLookAsian

We are sick and tired of people thinking that all Asian people have the same set of arbitrary physical characteristics and erasing those who do not. As proved by some of the asks we get, this is not the case at all! Asian people are so much more diverse than that. We come in a range of skin colors, hair colors, eye colors, and eye shapes – and those of us who fall outside the expected phenotype of an Asian person are very much valid, just as Asian as those who do, and do look Asian. Why? Because we are Asian.

One does not look Asian by having some arbitrary set of physical characteristics. One looks Asian by having Asian heritage – and it is time to raise awareness of this, not just through our words but also through our selfies, so we can show people just how diverse we really are.

To participate in the #IDoLookAsian selfie project, post a picture of yourself, then put “I am Asian, therefore #IDoLookAsian – and I will let no one tell me otherwise.” as the caption. Tag it as #idolookasian. Your selfie could be featured on our blog (but of course we don’t know how many participants there will be, so we can’t promise everyone who participates will be featured).

Important to note:

• Anyone with Asian heritage is welcome.

• This is not only for East Asian people. It is for anyone whose heritage originates from a country or region on the continent of Asia and identifies as Asian. In fact, this project also aims to challenge the idea that only East Asian people can be Asian, so if you are not East Asian but you are Asian, you are especially encouraged to participate!

• Mixed Asian people are Asian, and are therefore welcome to participate no matter what you are mixed with. Being mixed does not negate your Asian heritage.

• Black Asian people are very much welcome to participate.

• If other PoC want to do their own spinoff of this, we are fine with that.

• We do not recommend that you tag your selfies as #asian because the fetishists and creepy gross people tend to frequent it, and you probably don’t want scum touching your selfies.

• This project will go on indefinitely.

Why does the haikyuu fandom hyper-sexualize kuroo s o much he’s 17….he probably never swears, he is taking college classes so he’s probably a fucking book eater, he gets confused when he tries to explain something, he gets worried when he offends ppl, he tries to help everyone and he feels proud when the other person finally makes it. Stop doing this to him he doesnt deserve this


Another Big Hero 6 book came in the mail again and I am blown away at how much it actually looks like a journal. The writing is slanted and the handwriting does look like it belongs to a adolescence boy. Also it has a lot of pop up stickers like Tadashi’s ID or Hiro’s class scheduled, it’s really amazing and you can really read the emotions Hiro felt through out the book, he expressed more in here than in the movie.











anonymous asked:

honestly im really glad juzo's gay but like?? please don't pretend he's good representation. he's a gross person who literally does so much bad shit and never even seems to feel remorse for it lmfao and he falls into the whole bury your gays trope (im not judging you for liking him im js)

Bad Representation?

Firstly… what does a person’s personality have to do with their sexuality?

Sakakura is perfect representation. Why? Because his attraction to Munakata isn’t used as a joke. It isn’t used as a gag. His attraction isn’t sexualized in any way. He is seen struggling with being closeted. He is seen forced into a situation where he has to choose between protecting his own sexuality, and betraying the person he’s in love with.

He’s realistic, and complex, and human.

I’m sorry that you don’t like his personality, but… he’s still good representation.

His sexuality isn’t the reason he does the things he does, and his personality wouldn’t be any different if he was heterosexual.

Juzo Sakakura + Mistakes

Thank you for prefacing this with “not judging you for liking him,” (that’s respectful so thanks) but that also implies to me that you have a hate bias against him, and are unable to see him as a person who makes mistakes.

I’m not saying you need to forgive him, or justify his behaviors… but the thing you have to realize is that Sakakura is a screw up. There’s a difference between doing something intentionally, and doing something unintentionally.

Juzo Sakakura’s entire character arc has been setting him up as a walking mistake. Everything he does ends with him fucking something up.

  • Indirectly killing Bandai? A mistake. He tried to help the situation by getting rid of the person he thought was the one responsible (Naegi) and anyone who stood in his way.

[also, convenient that you brought Sakakura being “not remorseful,” because i’ve done an analysis on this scene [right here.] i can guarantee you he felt remorse.]

  • Indirectly convincing Hinata to sign up for the Project? A mistake. He tried to help the situation by making Hinata so disgusted with Hope’s Peak that he would leave, and so he wouldn’t end up getting hurt.
  • Chasing after Naegi & Co.? As it was revealed in EP08—he swore to Munakata that he would never make another mistake again, so he promised himself he wouldn’t let him down. If Munakata wanted him to get rid of Naegi, that’s what he would do.

He is described by Kizakura as “a violent gorilla who is only good at boxing and useless at everything else.”

You can not like him for his personality, you can not like him for the things that he does—and by all means, if he reminds you of someone who makes you uncomfortable, I understand not wanting to see him any different.

But Sakakura isn’t some sort of “gross” villain like you seen to think he is.

He’s just a character who doesn’t always make the best decisions, and fucks up a lot. He doesn’t go out of his way to be the most terrible person alive.

His devotion to Munakata is a majority of the reason why he does the things he does. He wants to be useful, and helpful, and will do anything he asks.

If Munakata told Sakakura at the beginning of the Final Killing Game “I don’t want you to go after Naegi,” I can say with 100% certainty that he would listen.

MBTI & Personality

Your MBTI type does not determine your personality. I don’t know how many times I’m going to say this, but I see so many misconceptions of this in the tumblr community that I need to make a post about it. I know that I often conform to the behavioural stereotypes that all the types have but when it comes to typing … you just can’t determine MBTI type based on personality. 

I’ll explain why. MBTI is more than just four letters. It’s based on something called cognitive functions that seeks to understand how we think and make decisions. Much like the name, it seeks to understand cognitive processes. Therefore, although it’s certainly true that there are certain types that are more susceptible to certain behaviours, you can’t just generalize it

The functions give you flexibility and room to grow. The way that they manifest in different individuals depends on their environment. Not all people of one type will be the same. Your MBTI type suggests that you process information and make decisions a certain way, but it doesn’t determine how intelligent/mean/kind/etc you are.

This is also why MBTI doesn’t “box you in” like a lot of people seem to think so. It is actually a great theory that gives a lot of room for growth and improvement as you get older. Yes, you have a set of four functions that you’re restricted to, but the way these functions interact and work together creates a lot of diversity and uniqueness in each individual.

If you have any questions about this, please let me know. I just don’t want to see this misconception spread around a lot. 

I’ve seen a bunch of people reblogging that post about not treating lgbtq+ identities like fashion trends and just…

that post makes me so mad. it has so many gross truscum implications (*cough*“transtrending”*cough*) and what the post is criticizing is people who celebrate being mogai, and there is literally nothing wrong with that!?!? why can’t people think their identity rocks? why can’t they celebrate their identity? and what is so wrong with trying different identities? explore your gender. explore your sexuality. stop telling mogai people that they are treating it like a “fashion trend” because that has really gross implications whether you realize it or not.

*please don’t delete the text, please?*

Hey there love! Sara (freshyed) and I (crysalist) have decided to create a collab network and here it is! Introducing The Walk Of Fame, showcasing 20 incredible blogs of various blogstyles here.


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Good luck lovelies!

seeing all these popular bpd posts makes me wonder why its okay for a non-bpd person to have these symptoms and feelings, but as soon as someone with bpd does, it’s manipulative, abusive, whatever-else-bullshit-description-constantly-used-for-us 

i mean its probs hardcore stigma but w/e


“it hurts more than anything”

“people might thinks it’s funny or something but it really really hurts”

“i don’t understand why people are so mean to me”

“i can’t sleep at night because of this sometimes”

words spoken by a boy after years and years of relentless teasing and bullying

this is a little bit of a long story so take from this post what you will but regardless, this is very important and if you take the time to read this, it would be very much appreciated.

i have this friend, who we’ll call derek. he is the strongest person i know. he’s intelligent and friendly and good-hearted person. he also gets picked on for everything he does. from the way he talks, the stuff he says, what he posts on social media, the way he presents himself, anything you can think of.

upon finding out our homerooms for next year today, the other kids in derek’s class said things like “ew why are you in my homeroom” and “ughhhH he’s in our homeroom” and proceeded to scoot away from him. derek sat down with a group of kids at the front of the auditorium and they immediately stood up and moved to a new seat to avoid sitting next to him.

this has been going on for as long as i can remember - since i came to this school in 2009 and bullies refuse to relent. it breaks my heart to see someone as friendly as him look so broken and feel so down and:

this is where i need your help

please reblog this showing your support for him. if you could leave a message for him on this post letting him know that you support him, that would mean the absolute world to me.

my goal is to turn this into a giant thread of everyones messages to him and show him to hopefully cheer him up. thank you in advance x

I’ve already mentioned how much I love Capheus in my last post, but it bears repeating. Capheus is the best.

I don’t think I’ve ever loved a character this much (and yes, friends, that includes Barney the Purple Dinosaur, to whom I dedicated most of my childhood).

I want to write a really in-depth post about how much I love him, but it’s actually really hard for me to describe how much I like him, or why.

Basically, he’s just such a good person. In the face of anything, he’s just so positive. I don’t know why that resonates with me, because I am a bitter, negative, ball of sarcasm given flesh, but it does.

And you might say, “Oh TC, there are plenty of good, positive characters out there,” and I’ll agree, but Capheus is of a different breed. 

 He’s unbreakably positive, but he isn’t naive, like a lot of these other positive-type characters seem to be. He knows there’s shit in the world. He’s seen it. He’s lived it. He’s currently living it. When he was just a child, he and his mother were exiled when he was just a child (after he was nearly killed), because of who his father was–a father he never got to know. There was barely enough food to feed the both of them, and they had to give up his little sister because of that. His mother is sick with a disease that will eventually kill her. Originally when we see him, the Van Damn isn’t pulling in many customers, and he’s obviously struggling for money. Then he has that run in with the Superpowers, and you think, “Yay, something good is happening for him!” but then he ends up mixed up with a druglord and everything that happens as a consequence.

So yeah, he knows about all this bad shit in life, and despite everything that happens to him, he still smiles and laughs and remains unerringly positive. Hell, the guy is pretty much laughing as he recalls that the Van Damn gets stolen a lot. Did he get sullen, or give up? Nah, he just learned how to hotwire and stole it back. Capheus has every excuse, every right, to give up, to turn negative and jaded. Instead, he gets up every morning, shrugs on his jacket, and says, “I have this feeling, today is going to be a good day.” And he can do it without seeming naive–in fact, he seems to be one of the wisest characters, giving counsel to the others when they’re struggling.

Another thing you see with a lot of these types of “good” heroes is that they can do no wrong. They’re the types who never kill, who always spare the bad guy or turns him to his side by showing him the error of his ways. And if the bad guy doesn’t turn? Well then he dies by someone else’s hand, or by some sort of act of god or nature. These types of heroes who refuse to kill are given the moral high ground and lauded for their actions, despite what the consequences might be (*cough* looking at you, Teen Wolf–I didn’t watch this season but I still see the gifs on my dash*cough*). Capheus isn’t like that. He’s good, he’s a hero, but he isn’t preachy. Technically it’s Sun (with a little Will on the side) that does most of his fighting/killing (and okay, during the scene with the Superpowers in the warehouse, I was like, “Goddamn”), but it’s through Capheus, and he isn’t fighting it. He accepts it and allows it, though he may prefer nonviolence, because he knows it’s him or them. He knows sometimes things don’t happen the way you want them to, and the world doesn’t go the way you want it to (let’s not forget how he tells Kala: “Life is violent”). He doesn’t revel in their death, doesn’t take pride in the violence, but he doesn’t grieve them either–doesn’t beat himself up over it, or get mad at Sun or Will. He’s kindhearted but practical, and it’s refreshing to see that in a character.

So despite everything he’s gone through, despite things that could easily have turned someone else down a dark path, or at least lead them to the dark and brooding hero-type, Capheus doesn’t get jaded or cynical. He still retains an almost childlike sense of wonder for the world around him. He doesn’t freak out when he starts to visit the others, or question it. He just sits back and enjoys the ride. “London! The queen! Harry Potter!” I mean, c’mon, how could you not love a character that was so excited about being on a plane and seeing clouds. And I loved it when Kala visited him. “You are very beautiful,” he tells her. And it isn’t romantic, he isn’t hitting on her. He just sees a beautiful woman and wants to let her know that she is beautiful.

And so that got wordy and rambling but basically what I’m trying to say is: Capheus is the fucking best.

Ok so I have a theory guys (and I apologize this is a long post)

So if you haven’t go down and read the theory I just reblogged cause this might make a little more sense if you do

So in the theory I reblogged it said that the owner of the wand has a companion and stuff, and they said that when the queen had the wand her companion might have been Toffee and stuff like that

But what I don’t get is how does Toffee know so much about Star and the royal family? And why does he want revenge so bad? But then I saw a post on Instagram about how the sword that the body guard is holding in the picture above is in a lot of the episodes (Cheer up star, quest buy)

And if you think about it that body guard was probably the only person she got to spend time with when she was growing up because her parents had royal stuff to do

And then it got me thinking back to the wand and companion theory

What if the body guard IS Toffee?

I know it sounds crazy but listen, if the body guard is toffee and was the queens companion and stuff it would make sense because Toffee knows so much about the family and star and the wand so that’s how he probably knew how to destroy it.

And if something happened between the body guard and the queen and she got angry and turned him into a lizard or whatever toffee is that might be why he wants revenge on the family for ruining his life

Or he realized that the wand is too powerful for anyone to own so he tried to stop the queen and she used it against him and that’s why he wanted to destroy it. And the body guard looks buff so maybe when toffee re-grew his arm it was 2 times more buffer than it was.

And also how come we’ve never seen this body guard in the show at all except for in flashbacks? Idk guys you can think I’m crazy but

That’s just my theory👌✌️

recently I reblogged a post about how garnet never has been as thoroughly dissected as amethyst or pearl and ppl rather leave her at “she’s cool n tough” and how it sucks because she does have her own issues that have been seen in the show but ppl still don’t give too much attention to them 

 and I think I know why 

 I think it’s because people were TOO preoccupied with her being a fusion, both before and after it was revealed, so people are not thinking of her as a whole character in the first place. 

 (a post from the viewpoint of someone with DID/multiple personalities)

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