WHAT KIND OF REACH holy shit i went to phases because a) it was important to fullywitches like we werent even going to go if grace couldnt come, and b) i liked jjamz???? i like z berg??? i liked the songs they put out?? what the fresh hell honestly why does this person think i need a nefarious reason to go to a concert with my friends 

i took a picture with him because it was like, an overwhelming experience to meet someone who meant so much to me, he was taking pictures with other people/fans it wasnt like i was the only one Selfishly Asking like? and i wasnt going to post the picture until i got people accusing me of lying, i posted it briefly and deleted it because i wasnt thinking clearly when i posted it, seriously what the fuck is this 

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:danisnotonfire and amazingphil are one of youtube's biggest duos. so why is it that danisnotonfire has nearly 5 million subscribers and amazingphil only has 2.6 million? phil is in nearly half of dan's videos. they have a radio show together. they wrote a book together. they're going on tour together. they have a joint gaming channel. so why does phil only have half the amount of dan's subscribers? amazingphil is extremely talented and puts so much effort into each of his videos. he's had his YouTube account for 9 years. people need to give him a chance and treat him as the talented vlogger he is.

This post is to appreciate the people who talk to me, support me, or just brighten up my dash with their lovely personality and pretty posts. Thank you so much for 3k. I love you all <3

bold - thank you so much for your kindness and friendship. 

italic - your blog is actual stardust hOW?! (mutuals)

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I thought I’d quickly go on Tumblr at around 11pm and then go to bed and have an early night. I just looked up to see what time it is and it’s literally like 6 fucking am rn???

I’ve been on Tumblr for 7 hours straight and didn’t even realise that the sun had come up…

how the bloody hell does this happen????? I’m so confused

I don’t even do anything on here???? Like literally what do I even do on Tumblr because I don’t even know, how this is possible


Ok so I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time now. WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE JASPER?!!? ( ok not everyone ) Out of Lapis and Peridot, Jasper HASN’T TRIED TO FUCKIN KILL STEVEN. Lapis tried to DROWN him, Peridot tried to CRUSH him with a fist, meanwhile Jasper just headbutts him. Everyone says Lapis and Peridot are “redeemible” (or how ever you fucking spell it) but some people say “KILL HER WITH FIRE!” “EVIL!” So don’t hate Jasper to much guys ok.

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i wouldn't go as far as to say alfie is a piece of crap, i agree that he is unoriginal and not entertaining, but how is he a piece of crap??? i don't think he's done anything problematic (but i don't follow him very closely so idk). i don't like his content or personality and he pretty much does youtube for money, but i don't really have anything against him since i haven't heard of him doing anything bad?? but can you explain to me why you dislike him so much? i love hearing your opinions <3

Okay so, I agree the use of “piece of crap” was a bit harsh. When I made that post I was irritated and tired and I wanted people to stop telling me, “alFIE CREDITED PHIL SO YOU’E NOT ALLOWED TO DISLIKE HIM.” I’ll admit, I probably shouldn’t have called him that (I brought the drama on myself tbh) And here, I formally apologize for acting kind of childish and immature in that sense, I shouldn’t have. 

I just, I am really not a fan of Alfie. It makes me really angry that he’s only doing youtube for money. It makes me angry that he rips off people’s original ideas. Honestly it makes me angry that he got a goDDAMN BOOK. And it wasn’t even an orgiNAL IDEA???? There are so many other people out there who work hella hard for what they have and actually try yet they don’t even get half the recognition that Alfie does. And I think that’s unfair. 

I don’t think he is a good person. And when I say that I mean his persona “Alfie” is not a good person. I have not met him one on one so I don’t know if he is in fact a bad person in real life, I mean, I’m sure he’s lovely, but the persona he puts out on the internet, no. I don’t like it.

I apologize to anyone that is a fan of Alfie and what he does. I don’t mean to offend any of you. And again, I apologize for calling him a piece of crap. I can tag posts about Alfie if you guys don’t want to see them.  

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So does that #lds post mean you don't support lgbtq+ marriage?

That is correct. I do not support lgbtq+ marriage, for religious reasons. God has ordained marriage to be strictly between a man and a woman, and thus, acting on homosexual attraction constitutes a sin. (To clarify, it is acting on the desires that is the sin, not having the desires).

I do not know exactly why He has commanded this, but I trust in my God. He has so much love for each and every person, and He has our best interests at heart. I have a deep testimony of Christ and Heavenly Father, founded on my personal experience and interactions with them. I do not understand this commandment, but I do understand that He knows best. (More clarification: this is not blind obeisance. As I stated, I have a strong testimony of Him and His commandments. If you want to know how I know, shoot me another ask. :) 

That being said, I want to make sure you know that I love and respect members of the lgbtq+ community, and as such, I will treat you with love, respect, and kindness. Christians have been commanded to love one another- not ‘love only those like you’ or ‘love only straight people’. Christ declared that commandment to be second only to the commandment to love God. Lgbtq+ people are… well, people. It’s ridiculous to think otherwise. I will fight anyone tooth and nail if they treat lgbtq+ folk with dislike, contempt, prejudice, etc. on the sole basis of their sexual identity. Being gay is not a sin.

***For more resources on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (my church), head on over to mormon.org. To read the real Book of Mormon for free online, go here (they has it in different languages, too). This article sums up the church’s view on same-gender attraction. And this is my favorite chapter of the Book of Mormon; it is about Christ visiting the Nephites (the ancient people of the Americas) after His death.***

I love you! All of you!! Every single person reading this. And every single person not reading this. All of you. <3 you are rays of sunshine with infinite potential. stay alive and stay street, my preciouses. |-/ Please feel free to shoot me a *kind* ask, whether you want clarification, information, or even if you just want to talk. anything!! I don’t get messages very often, it makes my day. <3

[[I know this is an unpopular opinion, especially on tumblr. However, I stand by my beliefs. Please do not attempt to change my mind. I am not shoving my beliefs down your throat- please do not shove yours down mine. :) ]]

spangel gothic

1. You are sitting in school. Your history teacher mentions something about “except that one time…” and you die inside. You have always been dead inside. You don’t remember a time when you weren’t dead inside. Why? Why does this happen to you?

2. You are online and you see that you have a new message. It is someone with no face, no body, screaming at you. How dare you. You don’t know what you did, but you did something. How dare you think that two fictional characters are not heterosexual. How dare you. The voice gets closer, and closer, and closer, and … oh god. Please. Please. No. Please. I’m not ready yet.

3. Spike and Angel interact, but they don’t, but they do. It is a paradox. It happens so fast that you can’t tell if they interacted or not, but you are going to assume that they did. Or maybe they didn’t. No one cares except for you. You don’t know why you care. Did they interact? Are they talking to each other? Do they know about each other’s existence? Do they even exist to each other? You need to talk to Joss Whedon. You ask him why they haven’t interacted, but he says that they have. He says it vaguely. He says, maybe. He says that they’re open minded guys. This doesn’t answer your question, but he repeats it until his mouth starts to froth over. What did you do to him?

4. You are waiting for the word bisexual to be said. You are waiting. You have been waiting since before your birth. You have been waiting since the beginning of the universe. You will be waiting until your death. Your sweet, lovely death. When you die, you will finally be free. Oh, God, you will be free.

5. Buffy. Spike and Angel scuttle towards you and all that they can say is Buffy. There’s fear in their eyes. Buffy. Buffy. Buffy. I loved her more. No, I loved her more. Well, she picked me. These are the only words that come out of their mouth. Buffy. Buffy. Please don’t hurt me, you beg, but they are too immersed in their Buffys to notice you. You think that it must be torture, not being able to talk about anything other than Buffy Summers. Ever.

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See this is why I hate when guys or even girls make a big deal about girls who are confident. It makes no sense. I mean you're beautiful, you know you're beautiful. Why is that a big deal? Why do they want us to hate ourselves so much? And knowing you're gorgeous does not mean you're a bad, or ungracious person. Honestly you're sweet as hell, and feeling good about yourself is not a bad thing at all! Honestly some people suck. :/

gosh yeah I feel this so much tbh, like there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving yourself?? i mean if you feel beautiful every day and want to post a selfie everyday then HECK YEAH OKAY YOU POST THAT SELFIE EVERY DAY YOURE BEAUTIFUL like it’s literally not hurting anyone?? and it makes the poster happy?? so why is their happiness and confidence such a bad thing that you want to try to tear it down or take it away?? it’s toxic and gross and no one should ever tolerate that mindset, so if someone tries to tear you down you DRAG THEIR ASS and tell them how beautiful YOU are and just continue to do YOU, your mindset is a powerful thing, so keep it positive, you are beautiful and deserve to feel that !!

You know what I fucking hate?

When viners, youtubers or pretty much anyone take videos or pics of random people and make random captions like “lol this person have no idea what they’re doing” and then post it on social media, publicly ridiculing them. It’s literally so humiliating why tf does it still happen?

Another note:

people talk about “bi-erasure” a lot. For example, when girls say, “I’d go gay for Natalie Dormer” there is a post on tumblr about how this is problematic. The logic goes that this person is “wearing” somebody else’s queerness. They’re making a joke out of it and not taking it seriously. They’re lessening the social harm that the patriarchy does to people that are gay. 

The answer, they say, is to meditate on your sexuality and consider that you may be bi.

But that understanding is completely not rational or grounded in fact. Bi-erasure is horrible, yes, and making a joke out of somebody else’s sexuality, gender or orientation is to be stopped immediately, but orientation is fluid and not a trichotomy (or quaded, lest we forget our asexual friends).  

Kinsey’s studies had a scale of 0-6, but tumblr acts like 0, 3, and 6 (and X) are the only possible numbers. And while I bet those numbers do have a statistically higher amount of individuals, there really are 1s and 2s and 4s and 5s. 

A lesbian who has never had sex with a man can be sexually aroused by a man– and not be entirely bisexual. A perfectly straight man can be sexually aroused by another man and never act (or want to act) on it. 

Why do people make these errors? I believe that, in general, most people who develop theories of sexualities do so through contact with their friends (and tumblr). They then add in identity politics. They are not mathematically trained. . They are not scientifically trained. 

In other words, orientation is a story or a classification scheme. They do not have a model in their head. They have a myth.

And that is why people who say “If you say “I’d go gay for ____” you’re an asshole” then you’re an asshole.

Green Tea Fandom: I am working on a basic Silurian Language alphabet and word structure

I blame my speech pathology and audiology background + to much time on my hands.

I am so going to regret this.

The things I do for fandom.


alright but seriously I’ll post a basic alphabet and language structure once I’ve got something up. Might take a day or two but I dont have a job or any classes so I’ve got nothing but free time.

You know it really does hit hard eventually how much having social anxiety fucking sucks.

So this time of year is when everyone’s going to prom. I’ve always dreamed of going to prom since I heard about it. I wanted it to be the opportunity that for once I could wear a dress (since I don’t wear a lot of “girly” clothes) and have a great time.

But of course it’s just my luck that I start to develop feeling of social anxiety. At first it wasn’t something I thought was gonna really effect my life but I was invited to a friends birthday party and that’s when I learnt that it was fucking horrible. There weren’t even a lot of people. But I spent the whole night freaking out and on the verge of tears. (But I stayed because one of my best friends who was staying at mine after was there and it wasn’t fair on her if we had to leave).

Months later and I’m sitting here while everyone is getting ready for prom in a weeks time, envious of the fact that they get to live out one of my childhood dreams …

I know other people have it worse so my regards go out to those people. I understand just how upsetting it is and I hope you don’t have to suffer forever…

If the desire of a trans person is ultimately to have harmony between the brain and body (transition), then why would they (post-transition) bring so much attention to the fact that a person was previously of a different sex? Isn’t their goal to be considered just as much of a person as someone who was born that way? Not, “oh, he’s male, but…” 
Aside, the worst thing is, why does so much of this community find the necessity to apply a label to every specific thing that might as well just be the flowing tides of human preferences? Why assign a label to yourself that makes you stand out and be more likely to be ridiculed and oppressed than not choose to do so and be the exact same person with the exact same definition? Things like demigenders, the however many branches of the “ace spectrum,” and many others are completely artificial tack-ons to make someone who is totally un-marginalized “fit in” with people who actually are. If you feel mostly like a guy, even if it is a little? Congrats, you’re a guy. Mostly like a woman? Nice, you’re a woman. You don’t identify at all as either or you’re split between both? Then you’re nonbinary. Take a minute and look at it, and when it comes down to it you’ll realize that the “ace spectrum” is just a way to make sexual people with certain preferences or different levels of sexual attraction seem special (you either do experience sexual attraction or you don’t, it’s pretty simple), and demigenders are just a way to make cisgendered people feel special because apparently they’re somehow one gender but not “all the way” that gender, whatever that’s supposed to mean. The constant creation of such laughable bullshit isn’t helping the legitimate trans community at all, and is making it all the more ridiculous to the general public, who will never accept it if you continue to be a conglomerate mass of fantasy labels and trying to be special to fit in with people who are just trying to be seen as normal.

Honestly, the coexistence of defending gender and the desire to get rid of gender roles is boggling in itself to me, but that’s an entirely different story.

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Excellent portrayal; tho you drive me absolutely nuts having not yet gotten to why Elita can't stand being around sparklings.

Anonymously tell me what you think of me and/or my portrayal.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh thank-you so much my friend <3 and YES GOOD. The biggest secret of the century eh? Nah but, I am ALMOST DONE writing the explanation/story. I’ll have it posted soon so - you shall finally learn the truth about why she gets so distraught around sparklings >:)

[ meme reference ]

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(i got my info from the washington post, by the way!!) trans women face so much discrimination, because they are trans and because they are women. why should we exclude trans women from feminism? they are women. the patriarchy attacks them for being trans, for not having breasts or vaginas, for being "false advertising", among other things. we should support all women!! they face many of the same things as we do, and we should love all our sisters

Trans women face discrimination for being trans, but they are not women. Trans women do not face misogyny like a female person does. When a trans women is affected by misogyny, it’s because people think she is a female–that misogyny is targeted at females and only affects them because they try very hard to look like us.

im sad! and scared! being unemployed sucks! how am i going to pay my student loans! how am i supposed to get a job when im literally the most unemployable person alive! why does filling out applications fill me with so much anxiety! kill me now!

hluvsg123 replied to your post: hluvsg123 answered your post: I feel l…

Well do you want to expand your fandoms? Do you want to start posting more personal things? Do you want to incorporate more aesthetic things?

maybe. and I mean, that’s why I created my more taylor-swift oriented type blog because I feel much more comfortable posting new things to a blog that has much less of a determined medium of posts. like, people will literally unfollow me if I post anything other than divergent on this blog. I know that I shouldn’t let unfollowers phase me and that it’s my blog and I can do whatever, but it does phase me, so I stay the same way. don’t get me wrong, I love all the divergent shit everywhere, but I needed a new me and that’s kind of what I did, but now I’ve realized how closed this blog is.

thanks for being my therapist btw, i don’t expect you to know how to fix this problem in any way haha