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i dont think that jun liking those pictures mean anything. i mean hes been liking a bunch of taohun pictures and even fanarts and commenting the same way that he did now. and he likes every photo hes been tagged in.

Well he’s close friends with Tao and Sehun so it would only be natural for him to like photos of them together, so I’m not surprised if he has, he’s posted photos of the three of them together. I think him liking HH photos does mean something because he isn’t one of Luhan’s friends, Luhan is also no longer a part of Exo, so you have to understand where we as hunhan shippers are coming from. Why we think it might be significant that his close friend chooses to like photos of them together, now he’s tao’s friend as well, and correct me if I’m wrong, but he has yet to like a Taohan photo… The way I see it is, and you can disagree with me— it’s fine, but my opinion is that he knows that Luhan is a special person in Sehun’s life. The day he uploaded the photo of him and Sehun was the day he liked a HH photo. I mean you can pretty much conclude that at some moment of their time spent together, Luhan was brought up. And please, please understand that this doesn’t mean that we’re gloating, I mean yes we’re happy to some extent, but we aren’t setting out to argue the “realness” of our ship (for lack of a better term) but If Sehun’s friend has good thoughts and good intentions towards their relationship then that means that Sehun and Luhan must be on good terms. And that’s what’s important here, whether you ship Hunhan or not. That’s why we believe it’s meaningful. Forget about shipping wars and which ship is real, we can no longer compete with any fan service that gets thrown at us, but we can, however take little things that come our way such as this, as a reassurance of some sort. We know they will always have a genuine relationship, we know they will always be in each others lives somehow, we just can’t see it, and while i agree that Jun’s activity is incredibly random, you have to question yourself, why is he supporting Luhan being in Sehun’s life, it wouldn’t matter had it been just a normal person, but again, were talking about Sehun’s friend, so you do kind of have to acknowledge the fact that it means something. (Maybe, or maybe not at all what we’re all thinking or hoping for but the dude clearly likes the ship. Just saying.) 

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Prompt time! Mollrene: Molly and Irene have an innocent meet cute and Irene really likes her. She is shocked when John mentions her name at Sherlock's but tries to play it cool. Through them Irene finds Molly again, maybe visits her at Barts?thx

I changed the prompt slightly, because the words of “innocent meet cute” immediately make me think of the fluffy, cutesy, slightly hipster lesbian romantic comedy of my dreams.

“Latte, medium, skinny.” The words trip easily from her and the barista smiles, as he always does. It’s not Starbucks, it’s not all easy jazz and students with laptops, writing the next million dollar screenplay, and that’s exactly why Irene loves this place. It’s quiet, small. Very unlikely for her to bump into anyone.

So she’s half-surprised, half-mortified when she turns and promptly bumps against the woman behind her.

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Talking about the last video game he played

Why does this not surprise me Mr Shakespeare ? :)

"I can't lose you too."

Emma finally admitting out loud, and to Killian, what she couldn’t admit to herself in 3x20 when she traded her magic for Killian’s life and he asked her…"What did you do????" and she couldn’t give him an answer at the time…

Kyuhyun & Zhou Mi; Letters from Zedelghem - Cloud Atlas

“I believe we do not stay dead long. Find me beneath the Corsican stars where we first kissed. Yours eternally, C.K.”

is it love or is it weird dark magic? baby it is both, but who cares. 

(sidenote. since. it could easily be missed. esp if you haven’t done their supports. they are bodyswapped here. so that’s why their body language is on backwards. it’s intentional.)


“’Got the balloons, think you can keep Sam in the dark a little longer?’ What the hell does that mean?” Sam asked, scrolling through Dean’s texts. Dean grabbed his phone back, shaking his head.

“For a smart guy, you really are an idiot, Sammy,” he grinned, tapping out a reply. Sam clenched his jaw, staring his brother down.

“What’s going on with you and Y/N?”

“Nothing!” Dean laughed. “She’s trying to plan a surprise birthday party for you and she’s going to kill us both when she finds out you know now. Why the hell do you think I’ve been dragging you with me everywhere and keeping you away from the bunker so much? She’s doing everything.” Sam’s face softened and he sat back, looking contrite. 

“She’s planning a party for me?” he asked. Dean’s phone chirped and lit up on the table and he looked to it, laughing softly to himself.

“I told her you were an idiot. Just in case she hadn’t figured it out yet,” Dean explained, looking at his phone still.

“What did she say?” Sam asked hesitantly.

“She said she knows. And then she tacked on one of those heart-eyes smiley faces. Girl’s a little crazy about her emoticons, Sam, I’m just saying,” Dean said, shaking his head, but Sam was smiling now, not listening anymore.

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Remember when Sasuke retrieval mission failed and Shikamaru was informed everyone survived and he started to sob and Temari was surprised of his “unexpected fragility” because she has had emotional training and does not understand why he broke down like that?

Remember when Temari’s father died and she did not cry?

Remember when Temari’s little brother was taken by the Akatsuki and she did not cry?

Remember when Gaara died, and she did not cry?

Remember when her big brother was on the verge of death, fighting for his life and she did not cry? Remember how she didn’t cry even after Kankurou was cured? She was relieved, but she still, did not cry.

She had all this shit happened to her, and she didn’t cry, not even once during the whole freaking manga, not because she is heartless, but because she is stoic as fuck, has trained herself like that and she just is that kind of a person.

So, in this novel, she cries. Wanna know why? She cries because Shikamaru is “acting strange”. That’s right, she cries over her love interest acting strange. EVERY WOMAN IN THIS SERIES IS DOOMED TO TURN INTO A WEAKLING IN FRONT OF THEIR LOVE INTEREST. EVEN SOMEONE LIKE TEMARI WHO DIDN’T CRY WHEN PEOPLE IMPORTANT TO HER WERE DYING OR DID DIE.

Shikamaru cried when his mission failed. He cried when his teacher who always encouraged him, died. Both important to his character development. Temari had all kinds of shit happen to her, but she only cries after fucking boy problems. This is not fucking Temari, you are turning her into Sakura. This is so much bullshit I can’t even. More proof I don’t have consider these shitty novels canon.

Remember, when men in this series cry, they cry over significant things. Women cry over boys. Tell me how this franchise is not sexist.

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Is sitting with her supposed fiance by the Hokage mountain. Her legs are tucked neatly under her, her hands folded on her lap. Her curls loose, cascading down her back and shoulders. "Four new clans," she says bemused, casting a sidelong glance at Hashirama.

The sunset gleams through those dark, dark curls of midnight, and perhaps this is why Hashirama’s gaze sticks to each lock and stray hair, and when he finally meets her gaze, he sees the brightest of stars in them.

When had this developed in her? Was it always there, this stunning allure? And yet such rich beauty matches an equal power in every word and touch.

It intrigues, melts, and somehow chills him.

"Four new clans," he repeats, smiling to the corner of each lip, and turns to face a blooming Konoha. "It’s so exciting! Initially we could only think of our own, and perhaps a few others, but now it seems as if we’ll continue expansion until every single victim of war knows the concept of a home. And all of these civilians— they’re slowly growing accustomed to our presence, and it’s only a matter of time before things such as rank or title mean very little in defining a person.”

He turns back, a softer smile adorning his features, and claims a curl of her hair between his forefinger and thumb.

"I couldn’t think of a better place for us to marry."