Why Does Marinette Have Dolls?

That question is really bothering me. Why does she have dolls of herself and Chat Noir and some of the villains she has faced?

Is it like a scrap book kind of thing?

Does she actually play with those when Manon isn’t there? Because at one side, Manon said that she always played Chat Noir and Ladybug, so it may mean that she likes playing with them, but on the other side Adrien/Chat Noir look surprised with the thought of her having dolls.

Did she make them only for Manon? Because this is Marinette she would probably do it, and you can see those are homemade. But then why did Manon not have them at home? Did her mom not let her?

Ugh. I just don’t get it. And I need to know.

One thing I’ll never be able to understand is why this dork ever gets hate. He is basically an overgrown puppy with opposable thumbs. Honestly, it’s beyond me and I find it surprising when I hear that some people dislike him.  He does not deserve hate.

Misha hardly gets recognition on Supernatural as it is, but when he does there’s a lot of hate that comes with it, which makes no sense to me. People need to understand that Misha was only supposed to be in three episodes in season 4, but since he impressed the producers so much they kept him on for seven seasons (and counting).  Misha is a talented actor who works hard and has won awards for People’s Choice, Teen Choice, and Shorty. He deserves where he is at in his career today

Even though he is famous, he is very humble. Not only did he found Random Acts (a non-profit organization), but he also spends his free time helping other various charities. He uses his fame to encourage fans to help those who are less fortunate and creates easy ways for them to pitch in. 

He also hates to disappoint people.  In August, when Misha was jumped by those guys and received a black eye and a split lip, he still made an appearance at MinnCon to take photos with fans. He also bought around 1,500 cups of coffee and passed them out to fans who were waiting in line all night at SDCC. He has even pushed himself to do scenes in Supernatural when he was very ill because he didn’t want to let anybody down.

He is not egotistical. In fact, he’s one of the most grounded celebrities out there. Misha is selfless and loves his friends, family, and fans more than anything. He always tries to do the right thing and is always thinking of everyone else’s best interests. True to his character on Supernatural, he is as close to an angel as someone can get.

Misha is probably the kindest person I know of and I admire him for that. It’s not easy to be in the spotlight, yet Misha strives to stay true to his values. He is definitely my role model. He continuously gives without asking anything in return and that’s something to idolize. You don’t have to dig deep to know that he is a truly amazing person with a truly amazing heart.

There is no way in hell that Misha Collins deserves any amount of hate. 

igneus--rosa-deactivated2014042 asked:

Is sitting with her supposed fiance by the Hokage mountain. Her legs are tucked neatly under her, her hands folded on her lap. Her curls loose, cascading down her back and shoulders. "Four new clans," she says bemused, casting a sidelong glance at Hashirama.

The sunset gleams through those dark, dark curls of midnight, and perhaps this is why Hashirama’s gaze sticks to each lock and stray hair, and when he finally meets her gaze, he sees the brightest of stars in them.

When had this developed in her? Was it always there, this stunning allure? And yet such rich beauty matches an equal power in every word and touch.

It intrigues, melts, and somehow chills him.

“Four new clans,” he repeats, smiling to the corner of each lip, and turns to face a blooming Konoha. “It’s so exciting! Initially we could only think of our own, and perhaps a few others, but now it seems as if we’ll continue expansion until every single victim of war knows the concept of a home. And all of these civilians– they’re slowly growing accustomed to our presence, and it’s only a matter of time before things such as rank or title mean very little in defining a person.”

He turns back, a softer smile adorning his features, and claims a curl of her hair between his forefinger and thumb.

“I couldn’t think of a better place for us to marry.”

Feelings - Nate Maloley

[A/N: So, I’ve done this imagine because I was bored and because I love Nathan so much and I just want you to like it as much as I do. I did it because I love writting as well so if you have any request, they’re opened to everyone. Just leave it in on the message box and I’ll answer and do it asap. And, of course, I’ll try my best.]


“He’s been pretty flirty with you lately” Sam said shrugging. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead then. “Yeah, I know.”

“But still, baby girl. You flirted back.” Sam said. “Do you like him?”

“You know I have liked Nate for a while so I don’t get why does it surprise you, honey.” He giggled. “Yeah, I know. It’s funny how dumb you used to act at first every time he showed up.”

“Well, whatever. Thank you for your shit, but I’m leaving” I stated, turning around before faking a smile at my best friend. “Do you want me to take you home?”

“No!” I yelled at Sam while I was opening the door but I happened to jump to Nate and almost fall at the floor, he was fast and caught me before I could fall. “You good?” I nodded. “I thought you were staying, I came from the studio earlier so I could spend time with you and Sam.”

“Yeah, well. Stay with Sam, I have shit to do.”

Sam approached us. “Oh, of course. Have fun with your date. I really hope you get laid tonight.” He smirked and I glanced at him. “I’m done with you, Sam.”

“Wait, do you have a date tonight?” Nate asked looking right into my eyes, his smile fading slowly. I nodded. It wasn’t that big deal, I didn’t like the guy I just had eyes for Nate but since he wouldn’t notice me and I wasn’t going to be waiting for him forever so I started to have dates and a bit later Nate started to flirt with me.

Nate was lovely, he would always take care of me even if he was not flirting which was a good thing and that was what made me like him a lot. “You serious?” I nodded again, Nate didn’t even look at me this time. He just turned around and entered the house. Sam smiled and winked at me. “Imma comfort him, you broke his heart.” Sam chuckled, I almost hit him. “Have fun, if you need anything just call me.”

“You know, it’s not going to be that fun. He’s going to take me to the club that’s near to the Jacks’ house. But, still. I need to go out.”

He kissed my forehead and wished me luck.

When I was getting into my car, I bumped into someone who was already giggling. “What have you done to Skathan now?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, looking at Derek. I liked him a lot, every time he smiled made me feel so comfortable even though when I should be worried about something. “I don’t know, I haven’t learned the song yet.” He giggled again. “C’mon, Derek. What happened?”

“You know, Skathan called me pretty pissed. He just was like mumbling your name and asking me to come here, since I didn’t have anything better to do I’m just here but I can go and help you to whatever you need.” I giggled and he winked at me. “Alright, gentleman. You’re late for Nate, go and cheer him up and I hope you can tell me later whatever is happening to him now.”

“I’m sure it’s the usual, babe.”

“What do you mean by-?”

“I already told you I haven’t listened to that goddamned song yet.”

“Fuck off, Derek.”

He giggled again and I left. When I got home and I started to get ready, all I wanted was to look good because I hadn’t gone out for a really long while. I didn’t want to hook up with this guy since, well, he was not Nate. I’d been trying to convince myself that I didn’t like him and I it worked but then we started to flirt and I lost my shit for him.

“Wow, Y/N. You look so good” Ben, the guy I was meeting today, told me. “Thanks” I mumbled. “Shall we go?” I nodded and got into his car.

We got to the club, which was the most boring club in L.A. and started to talk about shitty things while we drank a beer and we eat something he ordered which happened to taste really good.

Ben was a really cool guy, but nothing that he was doing like complimenting me or being all over me got my attention.

I stood up and went to the bathroom to fix my hair, and when I got out I saw Nate staring at me. He wasn’t smiling, so I didn’t even try to approach him.

“You good? Looks like you’ve just seen a ghost?” Ben chuckled.

“Kind of” I answered.

“Do you want another beer?”

“I would like to drink a coke, actually. I’ve had too many beers for now. The night has just started and I’m not planning on getting drunk by drinking beer” I stated, he smiled and got up. He was like a real gentleman.

“You hate this place” Nate said then, I didn’t even realize he was that close. “Leave with me.”

“Why would I, Nate?”

“Because you’re wasting your time and you should be with me.”

“That makes no sense at all” I frowned my eyebrows. My heart wanted to go wherever he told me to go but my mind told me that the right thing was to stay with Ben. He was a nice guy after all. “You don’t even like him. C’mon.”

“Alright, but run.”

Nate smiled and grabbed my hand. “That’s my girl.”

So we ran away from the club maybe for ten minutes and I had never felt more alive. I felt guilty for leaving Ben there when he was going to buy me a coke but honestly I hated the club and all I wanted was to be with Nate.

I was catching my breath, trying to get fresh air in my lungs when Nate grabbed my face and kissed me. On the lips. I was surprised, or maybe I wasn’t that surprised. But when I realized I wasn’t kissing him back, I leaned in and deepened the kiss. “I don’t want you fooling around with anyone else but me.” He murmured on my lips and kissed me once again.

“I’ll get used to this if you keep kissing me” I said pecking his lips, his smile showed me his dimples. The thing I loved the most about him. “Well, babe. That’s the idea. What do you think about going home with me?”

“Mhm, I like it but why don’t we go to my place? I mean, Sam will be there. He’s just so stupid sometimes.”

Nate smirked. “You want me all for yourself, selfish.”

“Can’t help it.”

“Well, it’s cool because I happen to want you all for myself.”

“And I happen to like that idea.”

My phone buzzed so I looked at it, it was a Ben’s message.

“Tell that dickhead you’re with your boyfriend” Nate said a bit pissed.

I looked at him, trying to understand his words but honestly I couldn’t help but laugh. “Boyfriend? I don’t have any boyfriend babe.”

“You will. Soon. But if you keep pissing me off with this guy, my plans of asking you to be my girlfriend will be a bit different.”

I bit my lip. “Are you planning on asking me out?”

“Hell, yes. I’m not going to wait until it’s too late.”

“Yeah, you already waited for too long I was getting worried you felt the same” I admitted, Nate smiled at me and intertwined our fingers after he had kissed my hand while he was looking right into my eyes. I could see desire in his eyes. “I had liked you for years now, but I never thought I was enough for you and I thought you would never like me so-“

I kissed him before he could say any other word. I already loved him because of who he was, a really beautiful, caring and loving human being who had all my respect and love. “I had loved you since the day Sam decided to tell me he had a best friend called Nate and you happened to bump into me minutes later. I have liked you since then. And I may add I’m not ashamed of it, even though I acted like if I were a crazy bitch who didn’t know how to act around you and I kept making me look like if I was stupid in front of you when all I wanted was you to notice me.”

“You already had my attention, love. And even though we both are pretty late in this game, it’s better late than never. And I must tell you, you looked so cute. I thought you were so clumsy what made me like you even more” I giggled. “I wish all that shit was because I was clumsy” I murmured. “Well, babe. You’re still clumsy sometimes. Is still that for me?”

“Whoa Maloley, not that fast. I’m clumsy, you’re not the whole of the world.”

“You’re the whole of my world.”

“That was cheesy as fuck.”

“And you loved it.”

“Yeah, I loved it.”

“I’m kissing you, baby girl.”

“Plea-“ and his lips crushed onto mine making me feel the luckiest girl in the world and the thing is that I already was that girl because I finally got Nate.

this guy in one of my classes is constantly making derogatory jokes about his wife and what it’s like to have a wife and stuff and I’m like a) 99% sure he wouldn’t be saying it if she was around and b) if youre so dissatisfied and full of inferiority then why did you a) get married and b) continue to stay married and then I remember that a) this is white heterosexual humor and b) he thinks it’s normal to talk about your spouse this way


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