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Twitter war promp: Makkachin types out on Yuri's phone and somehow gets on Twitter and auto correct corrects everything and people thinks he's drunk and/or speaking gibberish.


Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Rubbish fish pool pool ball

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Tummy food ajbfn

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Hfbh hat cooking words

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Pepper ngjb nsso

Kenjirou Minami @Ken_Minami
Um, who broke @yuurikatsuki

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Hi koshuenikm

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
I saw @yuurikatsuki not even an hour ago, he was fine then??? @Ken_Minami

Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+
Did @v-nikiforov break @yuurikatsuki or something?

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Maybe? I don’t know why else @yuurikatsuki would start talking gibberish

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
Hey! I didn’t do anything @yuri-plisetsky

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Then what is with @yuurikatsuki tweets @v-nikiforov

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
Last I checked, @yuurikatsuki has lost his phone

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Food food food food food

Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+
You sure you didn’t break @yuurikatsuki, @v-nikiforov?

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
100% @yuri-plisetsky @+guanghongji+ @Ken_Minami
(Photo attached of Yuuri sitting on the couch reading a book)

Kenjirou Minami @Ken_Minami 
Then what is with all the gibberish posts? @v-nikiforov

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Oh my god, I am so sorry everyone

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
My phone went missing and I only just found it

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
In Makkachin’s bed

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
And it seems like Makkachin has been tweeting you all

Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+
Why does this no surprise me? @yuri-plisetsky

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Because you have finally realised how pathetic @yuurikatsuki and @v-nikiforov are

Kenjirou Minami @Ken_Minami
I think you need to feed your dog, @yuurikatsuki

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky

Twitter War AU

AO3 Twitter War

  • Kirsten Vangnass: Madonna once said: "Life is a mystery." Designed to unfold it's mystery w/grace&surprises& KINDNESS. It's what's for dinner. Period.
  • Shemar Moore: Appreciate who and what is good in your life.. We all have to weather storms from time to time.. Learn lessons.. But find your smile and keep dreaming n pushing.. Embrace your blessings!! 🙏🏾👊🏾✌🏾️😘
  • Matthew Gray Gubler: i just accidentally brushed my teeth with neosporin

excuse me while I d i e ❤❤❤

(lil bb davo taking even his imaginary hockey games so seriously why does this not surprise me)

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Hello! Are you planning on extending the Come on Baby, Light my Fire series? (P.S Its amazing) If yes then here's a new word prompt you could use : Malapert - Clever in manners of speech

You thought I forgot about this, didn’t you @mellarkablegirl? SURPRISE! It’s Firefighter Friday!!!

Part 1: Grapholagnia

Part 2: Neighbors/We meet again

Part 3: Callipygian

Part 4: Apodyopis

Part 5: Gymnophoria

Part 6: Mamihlapinatapei

Part 7: Basorexia

Part 8: Coitus

Part 9: Hypersexuality

Come On Baby, Light My Fire: Part 10 - Malapert

Does it count as a first date if you wake in the person’s arms?

We lounge in bed, drifting between awake and asleep, Peeta’s fingertips skating over my legs and hips, etching cool patterns or maybe words into my skin. It’s such a luxury to wile away the hours this way. We get up to eat, but it isn’t until early afternoon that we’re both awake and willing enough to actually go on our hiking date.

I dress in cotton pants and a t-shirt, tugging on a hooded sweatshirt for warmth. Peeta leaves me for a few minutes to dress in his apartment and returns garbed much the way I am, his black backpack slung over one shoulder.

It doesn’t feel like a first date as I drive us out of town, since Peeta apparently doesn’t own a car, preferring to walk or use public transportation to get around the city. We talk and laugh, the windows down and the crisp fall air making a tangled mess of flyaways even though I braided my hair. I tell him about the time my father and I got ourselves chased up a tree by a black bear when we plucked berries from a bush he’d apparently already laid claim to. And as I park in one of the lots at the trailhead near Lake Panem, I realize that I’ve never been this comfortable on a first date before.

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Hold On (Jace x Reader)

A/N: Sorry for the two sad imagines in a row with Jace. I didn’t even notice until I went to post.

Request: Do a sad imagine where Jace won’t listen and his sister pays for it later on or something? Idk even know please? Maybe with the song hold on?

 “Why do you treat me like I’m a kid?” You yelled out at Jace. You two were fighting again. Yes sibling fight but you two seemed to put a different meaning to it lately. You guys couldn’t even breath the same air without an argument breaking out.

“Because you’re a kid Y/N”

“I’m only a year younger then you Jace” You huffed out, crossing your arms. Jace rolled his eyes at your action. Jace may be the older sibling but he always acted like the youngest especially now with that Fray girl in the picture.

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hc of mc and rfa+v&saeran breaking up because of something terrible that happened, but they still love eachother, and after the breakup they don't talk for like six months and when they meet again in like a coffee shop or something on accident they become friends again and after a few days they're like LETS DO A ROUND TWO SHALL WE!~? i'd be really really grateful i love your writing🌟

This is so cute!

~Omg my heart!

{Requests are Closed}

◉ Yoosung

  • It had been a while since you saw Yoosung
  • Or even talked to him
  • You don’t know how things ended up the way they did
  • Your relationship went from passionate to feeling more like roommates
  • Yoosung was always on his computer instead of spending time with you
  • And one night you couldn’t take it anymore
  • You packed up your things and you both were crying
  • Saying maybe it was for the best
  • You spent a lot of teary nights staring at your phone thinking maybe he’d call or text
  • But he never did
  • And you never did…
  • You were out shopping and decided to grab a coffee
  • After paying and grabbing it from the counter
  • A familiar voice called your name from a table across the cafe
  • You turned to see the blonde boy sipping from a cup alone
    • “Yoosung?” you called out
  • He waved you over with a smile and you sat down
    • “I can’t believe I ran into you here! How are you doing?” he asked excitedly
    • “Oh, I’m doing alright. Hey…”
  • You stopped to point at him
    • “Is that my scarf?” you laughed
    • “Oh…hah, yeah, it is.,” he blushed, “this is embarrassing but, I found it in the closet after you left. And it smells like you…so I wear it.”
  • He blushed
  • You two ended up talking for a long time after that
  • He seemed to have grown a lot
  • He was more into his studies
  • And less on the computer
  • You were leaving separate ways
  • When he called for you
  • You turned around to find him there beside you
    • “MC. I’m not that nervous young boy anymore. I can’t help but think that there’s a reason we ran into each other today. So…will you please let me take you to dinner? On a date?”

◉ Jumin

  • He had gotten into the habit of working extra long hours at C&R
  • When you confronted him about it he seemed like he wouldn’t budge
    • “MC. You keep bringing it up but you know my answer remains the same. I like to work. You have everything you could need in the penthouse, why are you being so difficult?”
    • “Yes. Everything but you. I’m not asking for a lot, Jumin. But I can see you aren’t willing to work with me, here. So I’ll leave. I didn’t sign up to be alone in a big house by myself every day and night.”
  • You packed up your stuff and left
  • It was almost like he was in shock and didn’t believe it was really happening
  • He just let you go
  • A few days after that he was sending gifts to you
  • Flowers and jewelry
  • But you turned them all away
  •  This wasn’t something money and gifts could fix
  • Weeks went by and months went by but you guys still hadn’t talked
  • You were out shopping when you heard a familiar voice from behind you
    • “That color would look really nice on you.”
    • “Jumin?”
  • You turned around to see him standing there smiling
    • “What are you doing here? In the women’s section?”
    • “I followed you over when when I saw you walking around”
    • “Why does that not surprise me?” you laughed
  • Seeing him now made your heart melt
    • “Why didn’t you accept any of my gifts?” he asked, a bit offended
    • “Why didn’t you call?”
    • “Because you didn’t accept any of my gifts”
  • You both were staring at each other
    • “It seems I approached this all wrong…” he remarked apologetically
  • You gave a nod that says ‘yeah, ya messed up buddy’
    • “Allow me to buy this?” he pointed to the dress you had been looking at, “it really would look good on you”
    • “Only if you’ll make time to actually see me in it”
    • “You are my number one priority from now on. I’ll tell you that 100 times over dinner tonight.”

◉ Zen 

  • You had to leave him
  • He was getting so caught up in work that it was like you never existed
  • He read fan mail more than he talked to you some nights
  • It hurt that you had drifted like this
  • You just told him you needed some time apart 
  • And he was seemingly too busy to drop what he was doing and try to convince you otherwise
  • Every time you passed a magazine with his face on it or saw something about him on the internet it made your heart hurt
  • You wondered how he was doing and if he missed you
  • But your life had to go on
  • You were going to a new musical that just opened up
  • One that, thankfully, Zen wasn’t in
  • You were a little chilly waiting outside for the show to start
  • Out of nowhere a jacket was draped over your shoulders
    • “What the-”
  • You turned around to see Zen
    • “You looked a little cold,” he grinned
    • “What are you doing here?” your heart skipped a beat
    • “I came to watch, I have some friends in the cast. What about you?”
    • “I was meeting someone.” you replied
  • You could see his face fall flat
    • “Oh…date?” he looked sad
    • “No, a friend, actually. But she apparently got sick and has bailed on me last minute.”
  • He perked up a little at that
    • “So…is there anyone you’ve been seeing?”
    • “No,” you laughed, “what about you Mr. Big Time Star?” you poked his chest
  • He grabbed your hand and held it in his own, looking at you directly in your eyes
    • “No. Of course not. You’re the only thing I’ve been thinking of since you left.”
  • He kissed your hand
    • “Well, then. Allow me to escort my lady to the show. I can’t have you sitting by yourself. Who knows who might try and approach you…”
  • You went back to his place afterwards

◉ Saeyoung

  • He started to push you away again
  • You wanted so badly to stay and help him work through his emotions but he just wouldn’t open up to you
  • He was barely sleeping and started to avoid you
  • You felt like you had no other choice
  • You could tell he was hurting when you left
  • But what more could you do?
  • It was eerie not talking to him anymore
  • Not seeing his smiling face around
  • Weeks and months went by with no word
  • You were really worried about him
  • One late night you went on a chip run to the convenience store
  • One bag of Honey Buddha left!
  • As you grabbed for the bag a hand reached over your shoulder to grab at the same time
  • A familiar jacket on the arm
  • You snatched the bag and turned around
  • Your heart was racing
    • “Saeyoung?”
    • “You got my chips,” he huffed
  • It made you laugh to see him pout
    • “You mean my chips? Seeing as I got them first.”
  • He put his hands out to signal he wanted to play you for them
  • It was your usual way of settling qualms
  • It was like you had never broken up at all
  • Like the months had just been a bad dream and here you were fighting over chips
    • “Alright then,” you nodded
    • “ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS” you said in unison
  • Saeyoung slapped his head when you won
    • “Have fun with your Lays!” you snickered from the cash register
  • He followed you out of the store and into the dark
  • He was just
  • Following you
  • You felt a tug at your arm
    • “How about round two?” he was looming over you seriously
    • “Of rock-paper-scissors?” you clutched the chip bag
    • “No. Of us.”
  • He pressed his lips into yours
  • You dropped the bag of chips

◉ V

  • You found a photo of Rika in the closet inside an old box
  • You admit now that you may have gone overboard
  • It started with a small argument
  • And eventually you left
  • You knew he cared for you
  • But you needed time to sort out your feelings
  • You were grabbing some coffee from a cafe you enjoyed
    • “Double-shot mocha!” the barista called out
  • However another person grabbed for the cup at the same time and ended up with your hand
    • “Oh, I’m so sorry! I guess we ordered the same drink,” V smiled
    • “V?” you said rather too excitedly
  • He couldn’t see but recognized your voice
    • “What are the odds?” he chuckled in that melodic way of his
    • “I didn’t know you still came here?”
    • “I can’t stop after you showed me this place. It…reminds me of you,” he smiled
  • You were glad he couldn’t see how much you blushed
  • Seeing him now made you understand how much you missed him and how stupid this whole mess was
    • “V…I-I’ve been meaning to-”
    • “Are you hungry?” he cut you off
    • “Um..yeah. Yes! I am.” you smiled
    • “It’s not much but I can manage my way around the fridge enough to make a sandwich. Shall we take our coffees back to the apartment?”
  • You almost skipped
    • “That sounds lovely, actually.”
  • He reached out to feel your arm, snaking his hand down until he found your own and grabbed it

◉ Saeran

  • Saeran was hard for you to read
  • Sometimes he was so distant that you didn’t even know if he liked you
  • You knew he had trouble sorting out his emotions…
  • But the pain on your heart at giving affection to someone you were beginning to wonder hated your guts, was pretty taxing
    • “If that’s what you want…”
  • It was his cold response to your mention of a break
  • You thought you saw the slightest hint of sadness in his eyes
  • But he didn’t say anything else
  • Just looked away and shrugged it off
  • You tried to continue life as usual
  • And at night you fidgeted with the necklace he gave you
  • It was one of the only keepsake you had from him and although it had been months, you never took it off
  • You wondered if he even gave you a second thought
  • That hurt the most
  • You waved goodbye to your friends after a late movie
  • It was a nice night and you just enjoyed walking alone
  • Three people approached you as you attempted to pass them on your way home
    • “Hey, pretty lady…you’ll be coming with us now.”
  • You clutched your purse, trying to decide whether you could outrun the,
    • “Touch her, and you little shits are dead”
  • You turned around to see Saeran
  • One look from him had them running
  • You stood there in shock staring at him
    • “What kind of idiot walks alone in the dark like this,” he scolded you as he walked up
    • “W-Well…I-”
    • “You’re lucky I was watching you.”
    • “You were…watching me?” you said, puzzled
  • He stood over you now
    • “I’m always watching you,” he admitted, “and I’ll always be there to protect you.”
  • You couldn’t help but cry a little bit
  • “He did care…”
    • “Hey-hey, cut that out.”
  • He wiped your cheeks
  • Kissing your forehead before pulling you into an embrace

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Title: Locked In.
Pairing: Leonard Snart x Female!Reader.
Words: 1,089.
Rating: T.

“Get us out of here!” You hissed at Kendra and Ray, who were looking at you through the glass as you rubbed your arms up and down hoping to gain some friction to warm yourself up.

“Sorry guys, you heard Gideon. The doors aren’t going to open until the haul breach is sealed.” Kendra murmured, her voice coming out muffled through the door. You paced back and forth in front of the door before groaning and walking over to sit against one of the generators in the room. You watch as Snart strode over and sat down next to you.

“This must be like a day at the beach for you.” You joked tilting your head to look at Leonard. “If I had to pick a way to die, freezing wouldn’t be worst.” He shook his head slightly. “Do you fear dying?” He asked suddenly, turning his head to gaze at you.

“Honestly? Not really. Death has always found a way to wrap itself around my life. First my father, the only person that ever cared about me and then someone I once considered a sister, were both taken away from me. Then I almost died during a heist that went sour.” Leonard looked down staring at the floor as you explained to him why you didn’t fear death. “What about you?”

“Closest I ever came to dying was uh… the day I met Mick.” He said. You snorted lightly, shivering slightly as you huddled closer into yourself. Today was a bad day to wear a simple white t-shirt. “Why does that not surprise me?” You asked rhetorically, resting your head on your elbow that was supported on your knee, gazing intently at Leonard.

“I wasn’t like that.” He said quickly shaking his head, smiling a bit at the memory. “It was my first day in juvie. I was 14, and the smallest kid in there by far. Some of the older kids wanted to make sure I knew it. So they jumped me. I fought back, but one of them had a shiv and I figured that was it until Mick stepped in. And they didn’t mess with me after that. He’s been standing up for me ever since.” He finished, returning your gaze.

You hummed in acknowledgment shivering harshly. For a moment, Leonard stared at you before shuffling around to take of his jacket. “What are you doing?” You questioned him, carefully watching his every move. “I’m giving you my jacket. Watching you shiver is annoying.” He sassed.

“No! Absolutely not! You’re going to freeze.” You responded, hugging yourself even tighter. “I’ll manage. Plus we’re already freezing so what difference would it make which one of us wears the jacket.” Leonard reasoned.

You contemplated his argument, opening and closing your mouth, no comeback coming to mind. Suddenly a devilish idea popped into his mind as he smirked. You narrowed your eyes, warily looking at Leonard. “What.” You stated.

“I’ve got a solution to our problem.” Answered Leonard with a drawl in his voice. He opened his thin coat and welcomed you into his semi-warm embrace.

You ended up sitting on his lap, pressed firmly against Leonard, trying to fight the cold. As another wave of chillness rolled down your spine, you huddled closer to him. You could feel his grip around you tighten as you tried to get even closer, the cold freezing you to your core.

You look up to see Leonard already staring at you, a look on his face that probably mirrored your own. You tilted your head slightly and licked your lips, teasing him. Then he slowly leaned in. Your breath hitched in your throat, and for a moment your eyes roamed his face, thinking about the pros and cons and what would happened if this kiss would ensue. But once you caught his gaze again, all that resolve went to hell. 

As he gets closer, your hands reach up and gently cup his face, bringing it down to yours as your lips connect in a sweet kiss. The kiss was softer than you had anticipated, the slow pace and gentle motion making you stomach turn in excitement. Once you pulled away you smiled slight lightly and hummed.

“What are you smiling about?” Snart grumbled, trying to move away from you, but your body heat kept him close. You moved you hands away from his face and onto his shoulders. “I didn’t think Leonard Snart, a notorious criminal, could kiss so gently.” You joked, leaning your head on his chest. His face turned from on of confusion to one of mild annoyance.

“I take what I want, whenever I want and I wanted you, so I took you.” He mumbled, beginning to shuffle away again. He didn’t get far before you raised your head from his shoulder and pulled him into another kiss. This one was a little more hungry and fiercely passionate.

As the kiss became more heated, the two of you warmed up quite nicely. This kiss turned into a hot make out session as opposed to the gentle kiss you shared moments ago.

You pulled away once again, panting harshly to try and regain your breath. The two of you stare at each other for a while, Leonard leaning back in to kiss you again before you put a finger against his lips.

“Did you think I’d let you ‘take what you want, when you want’ so easily?” You smirked, quoting his words. “If you want another kiss Leonard, you’re either gonna have to work for it or do what you do best and steal it.” You whisper before you rest your head against his shoulders once more. He grunted in annoyance, but complied anyways, holding you close. 

Bonus: After the events that had happened today, you found yourself unable to sleep. Wandering the Waverider, you turn to go down another hallway, but the moment you rounded the corner, you were pushed against the wall, a pair of lips smashing against yours as you let out a sound of surprise.

The moment you see the familiar stoic face of the kleptomaniac, you kiss back with the same amount of severity and lust as your arms reached up to wrap around his shoulders and pull him closer.

“Stole it.” He winked at you, a cocky smirk gracing his face, before walking away. You let out a breath as he walked around the corner, a small smile growing on your face as you lightly touched your mouth, the sensation of his lips, lingering.

Alright! Here’s my first attempt at writing a Leonard Snart fanfic! I hope I portrayed his character correctly… Reblogs and like are appreciated, thanks for reading! Sorry if you find any typos!

One Pt.1

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Group: EXO
Member: Sehun x OC
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Word count: 3834
A/N: The second to last part. I don’t know much about line up of exordium so if it’s wrong I’m sorry.

One Night Stand | One Night | One Pt. 1 | One Pt. 2

The next day Sehun, Joonmyun, and I have meeting with their manager. The three of us enter SM Entertainment and go to their manager’s office. “I’ve scheduled a doctor’s appointment in two days, but I have rules if you two are going to keep the baby” Their manager informs us. “You two may be seen in public until Y/N starts showing. Y/N is on house arrest after she starts showing. This is honestly convenient because I was looking for a big enough house for you nine boys. Anyway, once I find one Y/N will move in” Their manager explains the plan to us. “Do the rest of the boys know?” He ask us.

“Out of the eight of us Kyungsoo and I know” Joonmyun tells him. He nods and writes something on a sticky note, “This is the information you need for your doctor’s appointment” He hands me the sticky note. “Be careful of what you two do in public now, okay?” He says sternly. Joonmyun, Sehun and I get up to leave. “We will have another meeting in a few months about this” Their manager escorts us out. We drive back to the dorm and just kind of hang out. “How do we tell the rest of them?” I ask Sehun. Sehun shrugs, “Guys! Exo meeting” All the boys come downstairs into the living room.

Sehun stands up from the couch, “I’m glad you all could come to this meeting.” I giggle as Sehun talks to his bandmates. “I’ve called you here for a very good reason,” Sehun paces in front of the boys “I’ve fallen in love with a girl. You probably know her, she goes by the name of Y/N. Anyway, after we had amazing sex I realized I liked her. She became very close to all of us in the last month and a half. I guess what I’m trying to say is-” I cut Sehun off. “I’m pregnant” I switch my position on the couch so I’m laying down and put my hands behind my head. “Wow, thanks for that” Sehun says boringly.

“Wait, Sehun, were you trying to tell us your pull out game is weak” Jongin cracks up. “Why does that not surprise me” Baekhyun comments. “I was trying to tell you guys in a very romantic way” Sehun defends. “It stopped being romantic the minute you started talking about sex” Chanyeol howls. “I agree with him” I point to Chanyeol as Sehun glares at me. I stand up and join Sehun, “Though we can’t talk about the pregnancy outside of this house, you all will get a t-shirt that says uncle squad” I announce. The boys all cheer. Baekhyun and Jongdae snicker, “Sehun’s pull out game is weak.” Sehun groans and smacks them both.

“So you’re about a month and a half?” Minseok asks. I nod my head and he smiles. “Good luck you’re kid will be a brat” He whispers in my ear. I chuckle at the comment as I think he’s not completely wrong. “Oh, so is that why you and Sehun were outside the other day?” Yixing asks me. “You saw that?” I ask. “Yeah I was sitting in my room, and I saw you and Sehun talking then you ran off” He explains. “Oh, yeah” I say awkwardly.

Two days later

“Y/F/N” The nurse announces catching me and Sehun’s attention. “Yes, that’s me” I answer as I stand up and follow her. She takes us into an examination room. Everything is white or gray and smells really clean. Sehun squeezes my hand and I give him a comforting smile. The nurse takes all my information, “The doctor will be in soon to see you.” Now, it’s just Sehun and I in the room and I glance around nervously. “Y’know I’ve never really liked hospitals” I say with a frown. “Why is that, baby” Sehun rubs the back of my hand with his thumb. “My brother was in a car accident, he had a chance of not making it, it made me so mad that he was gonna leave me here with the two people who didn’t love me but he got better” I squeeze Sehun’s hand and he kisses my hand. “Well-” Sehun gets cut off by the doctor.

“Hello, Y/N” The doctor greets us. “I’m Dr. Jung, now let’s have a look at your baby” She smiles as she gets a tube of blue gel. “You must be the father” Dr. Jung smiles at Sehun, “Glad you could be here.” I lift my shirt as she puts a dollop of blue gel on my stomach. Dr. Jung turns on the monitor and rubs the device around on my stomach. “Your baby is about 7 weeks and it’s healthy” I smile at Sehun as he stares at the monitor in awe. “That’s…that’s my baby?” He asks, eyes never leaving the screen. “Yes” Dr. Jung says. “I think we’ll need two prints of this” I chuckle to Dr. Jung. “I think so too” She looks between me and Sehun. “Here are your prints” She hands me two copies and wipes off the gel.

“What size is the baby right now?” Sehun asks. I wonder what he’s thinking right now with everything that’s going on. “It’s about the size of a blueberry” Dr. Jung explains as she escorts us out. “Thank you Dr. Jung” I shake her hand. “I expect to see you back here in two months” She waves us off. “This is most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life” Sehun says as we walk out to the car. “In seven months you get to hold that in your arms” I comment. “Oh my god I might cry” Sehun says as he gets into the driver side of the car. Sehun starts the car, “So be honest what’s going through your head right now?” I ask. “Honestly, I can never look at blueberries again without thinking I’m a cannibal. And everything that happened today just made me think ‘Wow this is real, I’m not dreaming’ and it’s crazy, y'know? Like I’m gonna be a father and you’re the mother and it’s a little me like and the boys oh my god they’re gonna be uncles and then apart of me is like ‘Dude you’re the youngest in the group and you’re having a baby when you’re still a baby’ and I’m wondering what the boys think like-” Sehun rambles on as he looks between the road and me. “Sehun breathe” I cut him off. Sehun breathes in and out a few times. “Long story short I’m happy, excited, and a bit overwhelmed but in good way” He says as he turns into the dorm parking lot.

“Well I’m glad you’re happy” I smile and get out of the car. “If only we could go public with this because I wanna share this with all the Exo-ls” Sehun frowns at the sonogram picture. “I know what you mean, Sehunnie, I wish we could too” I lean my head on his shoulder as I glance down at my copy. “But for now let’s go in and show the boys” Sehun points to the front door. As soon as we open the door there are 8 boys sitting impatiently on the stairs. When they notice us they all jump up with bright excited faces. “Show me my grandchild” I hear Joonmyun say. “Chill guys, here’s the photo” I hand them my copy and they all coo at the black and white picture.

“It’s beautiful” Yixing smiles up at me and Sehun. “If it’s a boy do you think his penis will be small like Sehun’s?” Baekhyun asks Jongdae. “Probably” Jongdae chuckles. Everyone stares at the two perverted boys. “Really? Why do you have to ruin a great moment?” Kyungsoo smacks the back of the boy’s head. “Anyway it’s beautiful” Kyungsoo comments. “Thank you” Sehun smiles at his hyung and then he shoots Baekhyun and Jongdae a glare.

Joonmyun’s phone starts ringing and he walks into the living room to answer it. Everyone exchanges looks before following him into the living room. “Mhm, yeah I’ll let them know, yes thank you Manager Hyung” Joonmyun ends the call. “Well?” Jongin asks. “Well the good news is he found a bigger house to move into, the bad news is we go on tour in two days and don’t move into the house till after the tour” He stares at his phone before putting it into his pocket. “So you guys are all leaving in two days?” I ask, sadness laced in the tone of my voice. “I guess so” Chanyeol looks the most shocked. What a mood killer, I think to myself.

“Come on” Sehun grabs my hand, pulls me up the stairs and into his room. “Cuddle with me” He demands as he plops down on his bed. I fall asleep to Sehun drawing circles on my back. We wake up later and eat dinner with everyone in awkward silence. Then, everyone washes up and gets ready for bed.

Sehun’s POV

My eyes flutter open and adjust to the sunlight seeping through the curtains. I roll over away from the light and wrap my arm around Y/N. She stirs in her sleep but doesn’t wake up. She looks beautiful when she sleeps and she glows now that she’s pregnant. I can’t help but smile at her. Then all the sudden a warm feeling hits the pit of my stomach. “Fuck” I whisper. I gently move Y/N’s hair away from her neck, and start leaving light kisses on her neck. She moans in her sleep and I pull her whole body closer. What’s not helping is that she’s wearing little to no clothing. “Sehun, get your boner away from my ass” Y/N groans. “I want you so bad” I give her one long kiss on her neck.

“How could you want me at this time?” She turns over so she’s facing me. “I want you all the time it’s just right now I really want you” I push a strand of hair behind her ear. “Well when you put it like that” She says groggily then she bites her lip. “Wait,” She pulls away and sits up a little looking around the room, “Okay nevermind.” I look at her with a weird expression. “I thought Joonmyun was still in here” She says as she snakes her arm around my neck. Just as I’m about to say something she pulls me in before I can speak. I squeeze her hips as I pull them closer to mine. Y/N moans and then straddles me.

Y/N grinds on me and my hands make their way down to her ass as I knead it. She continues to grind making me lose my mind, “Fuck Y/N, if you keep grinding I’ll come like this” I pant. She chuckles against my lips and pulls away, “Is Sehun that excited?” “Excited is an understatement” I growl and pull her down only to roll us over for a change of position. “You got top last time now you’re gonna see what it’s like to be bottom” I purr in her ear. “So Sehun isn’t a bottom bitch, what else… do you want me to call you daddy too?” Y/N teases. “Provoking the wolf, wow how brave” I comment.

“Bring it on Maknae” She smirks. “Shut up” I smile and close the space between us. I unclip her bra and throw it on the ground. She arches her back making her chest press up against me as she kisses my neck. I pull her out of my neck and I move down her body so I’m eye level with her breasts. I smirk up at her then I put her right nipple in my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. She closes her eyes tight and grips the sheets next to her. I massage her left breast occasionally pinching the nipple. “Sehun” She moans my name and she moans it loud. God it makes a surge of pleasure run through my body and stop at my groin.

I switch to the left breast and I massage the right with my hand. She squirms at the pleasure, “Sehun I want you now.” I ignore her begging and let go of her breast. Y/N sighs in relief probably thinking I’m gonna give it to her now but she’s got a little more waiting to do first. I snake down her body and make a ton of wet kisses on her stomach. “Sorry for this blueberry” I whisper making Y/N laugh. I pull her panties off and throw them with her bra. I spread her legs and kiss the insides of her thighs. Without preparation I push two fingers into Y/N. She puts her hands over her face and whimpers loudly. “Excuse me Miss, I’m gonna need you to quiet down” I stop pumping my fingers and smirk up at her. She flips me off and bucks her hips up. “Well if you say so” I chuckle.

I take my fingers out of her and come up to be face to face. I push her hands away from her face, “Let me see your beautiful face.” Y/N slowly moves her hands away from her face, I grab one hand, intertwine our fingers and place it above her head. “Ready?” I ask. Y/N scoffs, “Ready is an understatement.” I chuckle and align my dick with her entrance. I push in slowly resulting in a long moan from me. My thrusts start slow and gradually get faster as I feel myself getting closer to climax. “Sehun it’s-it’s so good-” Y/N cuts herself off with a whimper. “Come baby” I whisper in her ear and she does, but with an oh so beautiful moan of my name. My thrusts get sloppier and I release into Y/N. I ride it out as Y/N strokes my cheek, still coming down from her climax.

I pull out, then lay next to her trying to catch my breath. Y/N peppers kisses on my chest before getting out of bed to search for clothes for the both of us. She throws me boxers and sweatpants, and she steals a tshirt and boxers for herself. “You guys leave tomorrow” She blurts.


“You guys leave tomorrow” I blurt without even realizing it. Sehun’s face drops as he stares at me. It was only announced yesterday and it’s already tearing me apart. “Well, yes, but our first concert is in Seoul then we start the world tour” Sehun explains. I nod as I bite my lip. “I’ll be gone for about four months tops, but I promise you I will be here for the birth of our baby” Sehun strokes my head. “We have to pack now okay, baby” Sehun kisses my forehead and the pulls a suitcase out from under the bed. “Can I get breakfast first?” I ask and Sehun nods. I make my way downstairs to the kitchen. I search the fridge for anything but nothing sounds good. I look in the pantry, finding a banana and some oatmeal. I fix the oatmeal and cut the banana up in slices. “You’re gonna miss that the next four months aren’t you” Yixing appears at the doorway of the kitchen.

“Miss what?” I ask smiling at him. He chuckles as he gets a mug out of the cupboard and pours milk into it. “You’re gonna miss the morning sex with Sehun” He deadpans. “You guys don’t even try to be quiet and I’m on the opposite side of the hall” He adds. “I’m sorry” I blush awkwardly. “It’s okay, I can’t quite speak for the other boys but I understand he wants to worship your body all the time, his face says it all” Yixing takes a sip of his hot chocolate. “I’m gonna miss him” I blurt. “I’m gonna miss all of you and I’m gonna miss not being able to come over and annoy every one of you” I add. Yixing gives me a side hug, “We’ll miss you too but remember we will be back so you can continue to annoy us.”

“Y/N don’t cry” Yixing coos, he picks up my bowl of oatmeal and puts an arm around me leading me upstairs to Sehun’s room. “Sehun we have a problem” Yixing says nervously. “What did you do!?” Sehun raises his voice at Yixing. “She said she was gonna miss us and then she started crying” Yixing says quickly. I stand there crying then Sehun grabs my hands and pulls me into a comforting hug. “I’m sorry for yelling, you can go now I’ve got Her” Sehun assures Yixing. He leaves and closes the door behind him. “Y/N” Sehun whispers in my hair. “Baby, look at me” He says. I sniffle and look up at him. “You’re going to be okay, I wouldn’t go on tour knowing you’re not going to be okay but you’re so strong you can do anything and you have to stay especially strong for our baby okay?” Sehun says calmly. “I love you” I whisper to him. He smiles wide making his teeth show. He doesn’t say anything, instead he pulls me into a bear hug.


Tonight was the kick off for the Exordium tour. Everyone is excited but nervous. “You’re going to do great you are amazing” I say to Sehun. “But what if I miss a step” Sehun asks nervously. “Sehun you guys have practiced this dance for months there’s no way you can mess this up” I reassure him. “But what if-” I cut Sehun off. “When you’re out there pretend it’s just you and the boys in the practice room working hard” I tell him. He nods and I smile at him. “Or imagine it’s just me and you the whole time” I hold his hand. “Yeah, I’ll imagine you as the cane for artificial love and pray to god I don’t get a boner” He deadpans. I burst out laughing, “Please do that.”

“Guys, 10 minutes till showtime, Y/N you gotta go to your special spot” Exo’s Manager tells us. I give Sehun a good luck kiss and the rest of the boys high fives and hugs. “Y/N” Sehun says making me stop at the door and turn to him, “I love you.” I smile at him, “I love you too.” Their manager leads me to my spot in the arena which is to the right of the stage and two bodyguards are there to watch me, making sure I don’t get hurt by fans Sehun told me. The arena lights turn off and the opening video plays.


Its an hour into the show and they’re sitting down doing their acoustic medley. So far the boys look like they’re having fun and doing amazing. After the medley they talk to the audience. “You guys may not know this but we have a very very very special guest here today” Kyungsoo smiles my way. Sehun blushes like crazy. “You guys remember Y/N, right?” Chanyeol asks the fans. They all yell a yes back to them. “Aw look at Sehun blush, anyway Y/N is here tonight” Baekhyun pokes Sehun’s cheeks as he tries to hide. The fans start changing ‘Oh Sehun speech’. Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Jongdae chant with them.

“Okay okay,” Sehun starts. “Yes, Y/N is out there, and I’m so ecstatic that she could be here tonight, it means a lot. We will perform good for you, Y/N. I love you” Sehun never breaks eye contact with me. The boys aww as do the fans. “Anyway let us go change and we will come back and perform more songs!” Joonmyun says before running off stage. They all come back out wearing black button up that is cut in areas and black leather jeans. The beginning beat of Artificial Love booms through the arena. To my luck Sehun’s spot for the song is right in front of me. The choreography for the song is on the sensual side but it’s perfect for EXO. Sehun winks at me as he gets lower till he’s on his knees. That’s when it happens…he grinds on the cane. I never thought that Sehun grinding on an inanimate object would turn me on so much. He then puts the cane behind his head and humps the air. All the girls and some boys around me are screaming and I don’t blame them. I scream with them till the song is over.  


I wake up to Sehun shaking me. He’s leaning over me already dressed. “Come on, baby, we’ve gotta go to the airport” He says quietly. I sit up as Sehun grabs me an outfit and hands it to me. I put on a pair of black leggings and one of his charcoal colored sweatshirt. I throw some black converse on then Sehun and I go downstairs to the can with the rest of the band. Everything in the dorm is packed up and ready to be moved into the new house. The drive to the airport is quiet, maybe it’s because it’s 5am or maybe it’s because none of us are ready to be apart. The night before the boys confessed that they hated that they were gonna miss seeing my stomach grow with their nephew or niece in it. They said I was family now and they can’t leave family easily.

It was very obvious Sehun didn’t want to leave me alone and especially with me being pregnant. We pile out of the car and everyone grabs their bags. We walk into the airport and go through the process to get checked in and stuff. There were paparazzi and fans already there which made it pretty hectic. We reach the point where only the boys can continue on. “I’ll be back before you know it” Sehun says. “We’ll be here” I smile sadly. Sehun hugs me tight and I hug back just as tight. He strokes my cheek as he looks down at me affectionately. Around us is the boys, fans, and paparazzi, but right now I don’t care no one can ruin this moment. He leans down and gives me a kiss, in the background I hear all the fans ‘aw’ and all the camera snaps.

The boys are next, they all get in a line to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They all say goodbye just then there’s an announcement in the airport that their plane is boarding for departure. Sehun gives me one last hug and whispers, “I love you,” and he walks away towards the gate. Their manager drives me home and I lay in bed for a little bit with my hoodie up and the smell of Sehun lingering on his hoodie.

A Done Deal / Daenerys Targaryen

This is my first time writing for a GoT character and I’m very excited and very nervous…I’m going to try and get the speech as accurate as I can but forgive me if it’s not 100%

Words: 1605

“They may enter,” you tell your guard, turning around from the window to face him. “Take them to the hall,” you instruct. “I’ll meet them there shortly.”

“Of course, my lady,” he replies, leaving to follow your command.

Sighing, you roll your shoulders back and readjust your posture-preparing yourself for what was about to come. 

You were of House (Y/L/N), one of the most influential houses in Westeros. You’d taken over not only your family’s estate-but its business, a handful of years ago when your parents had passed. 

It was a lot of responsibility, much more than you ever wanted, but being the sole heir of the (Y/L/N) family-you knew it was your duty. 

House (Y/L/N) had remained out of the wars and rivalries for years, never having to swear allegiance to any side, but that never stopped the attempts of the Lords and Ladies from various houses who aimed to gain your family’s support-which generally resulted in a marriage proposal.

You slowly make your way through your home, heading for the hall where you knew your guests would now be. 

As you enter the room, everyone rises to their feet-even the renowned Mother of Dragons which takes you by surprise. 

“Lady (Y/L/N),” a soft voice greets, causing your eyes to drift to her. You take a moment to appreciate her confident demeanour and delicate-yet somehow firm-posture. “May I present to you, Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.”

Nodding at her words, a small smile forms on your face. “I assure you, I am well aware of who you all are, Missandei. I do not let just anyone enter my home.”

You sit at the head of the table, keeping your back straight as you focus your attention on the white haired woman who was watching you with interest. “And how may I help you, Khaleesi?”

She takes her seat once more, her closest companions following in suit. “If you know who we are, you must too know why we are here,” she states.

You don’t bother answering her, understanding that she already knew what your response will be.

“I have been told that your House has never formed an alliance with the Lannisters.”

Reaching for your glass, you hold it close to your lips, “Neither have we with the Starks, Tullys, Martells nor the rest,” you tell her, waving dismissively with your free hand, finally taking a sip from your drink before placing it back down. “That does also include the Targaryens.”

Daenerys remains patient, resting her hands atop of the table. “I can understand that you do not want to break this longstanding independence,” she claims, “but I only ask you give me the chance to offer you a deal.”

Her words tug at your curiosity, leaning back in your chair your fingers entwine as they rest on your lap, “You may try to sway me, Khaleesi,” you tell her. “However, I should mention to you now that many have attempted to win my loyalty in the past and I do not need to tell you what came of their efforts.”

The corners of her lips drew upwards, “I can see that you have already formed your answer,” Daenerys announces knowingly, causing you to shrug slightly.

“I will not apologise. The House of (Y/L/N) have no role in war nor in the battle for the Iron Throne and we never have.”

Daenerys nods slowly, “So I have no chance at all in convincing you to fight for me?”

“Me specifically fight for you?” you question. “Why Khaleesi,” you gasp dramatically, “I believe you are confused. A Lady does not generally fight as you do on this side of the world.”

She crosses one leg over the other, “A little birdie has told me that you are not like the other ladies in court though. I hear you train with your army most days and even lead your huntsmen through the woods when out on a hut.”

Daenerys’ smile grows as you laugh at her words, “And who exactly is this little birdie of yours?”

“Tyrion Lannister, a friend of yours I believe.”

“Ah,” you sigh. “The traitorous lion…Cersei would would have my head if she knew he were here. He is here, is he not? On my land?”

Daenerys nods once, “He did warn me you were always three steps ahead of everyone else in the room. Tyrion speaks very highly of you, Lady (Y/L/N).”

“(Y/N), please,” you insist, “I’ve never been one for the formalities.”

“My Hand assures me I can trust you.”

You can’t help but raise an eyebrow at the title, “Why does that not surprise me?” you ask rhetorically, referring to his acquired position. “What exactly is it you want from me? I assume it is my loyalty in whatever plan you have come up with to take back your throne.”

“Could you leave us?” Daenerys questions, turning to Missandei and the man beside her who had both remained quiet the entire time you and she had been conversing. You gesture for your own guards to follow the pairs exit, leaving you and the Khaleesi alone. “It is your sworn loyalty,” she admits. 

“I take it that is not all.”

“No,” she confesses. “That is not all. My army is strong and finally united, I have my dragons and I have my most trusted advisors all by my side,” she explains.

You lean forward, resting your arms on the table, “You have brought your army and your wealth across the seas, followed by your reputation-why would you need me?” you push.

“Tyrion tells me of your connections in the city. You have the trust and the respect of the people, the love, too, I’m sure. He tells me of your abilities, both with the people and with a sword. Your army may not be as large as the Lannisters-but they are most likely just as capable in battle as they.”

“You want my loyalty, my army and my stature. You ask a lot of me, Daenerys Targaryen.”

She bows her head in agreement, “I do.”

“You are completely aware of my constant denial to those who proposition me, Khaleesi. Why bother?”

Daenerys’ smile returns, “Because I know you will accept.”

“Your confidence is intriguing,” you laugh. “Very admirable but I’m afraid wasted. House (Y/L/N) will not partake in this battle for power.”

The Queen’s expression did not falter, “And you’re sure there is nothing I can offer you that will change your mind?”

“I must admit, you are the most beautiful negotiator I have had to deal with-bit I apologise. No, there is nothing.” 

Daenerys sighs, “I was hoping we could have come to an understanding.”

“I apologise for the disappointment.”

“I suppose that you are okay with just sitting on the sidelines while your people fight to their deaths,” she says.

Narrowing your eyes, you rise to your feet, “You may be a Queen, but you are not mine. Not yet,” you say. “You have no right to say such things. I refuse to give in to this power battle in order to save my people, so they do not have to fight to their deaths.”

“I’m sorry if I offended you, that was not my intention. You are smart (Y/N). You know that if Cersei is on the throne, nothing good will come from it-even if you do not pick a side.”

Taking a few steps closer to her, you pull out the chair only one away from hers, “I am aware of what will happen,” you tell her, your tone completely serious. “But I do not believe she will hold power for long. Not while you are in Westeros.”

“Be that as it may,” she smiles sadly, “so many will suffer in the meantime. I know you care not only for your people, but all those in Westeros. If we band together, we can fight her together-we can reduce the amount of casualties by attacking as soon as possible. But I can’t do that without you.”

You take a deep breath, “I have considered all possibilities before,” you tell her, adverting your gaze. “I can’t bare the thought…”

“I know how hard this decision must be for you,” she assures you. “But you must look towards the future of it all.”

You know she was right. You had thought out all of the outcomes that could arise and her words made sense. “I will not force my people to stand by you nor fight for you,” you tell her finally, keeping your eyes locked on her. 

“I would never ask you to force them,” she says quietly.

“You are the rightful queen,” you whisper. “I trust Tyrion, he is one of my oldest friends, and I support you. I know of all that you have done and Westeros needs you. I can not swear you the loyalty of my people, but I swear to you my own loyalty.”

“If what I have heard about you is true,” Daenerys smiles, “than I believe they are one in the same.”

“Years of maintaining peace with all Houses will soon be nothing but history,” you sigh. “But I suppose there is no better person to break this tradition and follow into battle than you, Daenerys Targaryen.”

Lecture Time by @baronessblixen

by baronessblixen

“Mulder, what are you doing with your hand?”

“Why, nothing. It’s just resting there.”

“On my thigh.”

“Yeah, cause it’s nice, soft and very warm place. Do you want my hand to be cold?”

“Mulder, be quiet.”

“You started this thing, Scully. I just put my hand where I knew it would be warm and you started chattering.”

“Shhhh! And take your hand off my thigh.”


“Because we’re in a room full of people.”

“No one cares, Scully. Look around you; no one is paying us any attention. Why do you think I wanted to sit in the back? It’s just like school.”

“I always sat in the front.”

“Why does that not surprise me, Miss I-Know-Everything.”

“Shut up, Mulder.”


“Mulder! Stop licking my neck!”


“Mulderrrrr… when I said stop licking my neck I didn’t mean you should suck it instead!”

“You told me to shut up, Scully. What did you expect?”

“To keep your mouth shut and to yourself Mulder. And your hand is still on my thigh.”

“No one can see where my hand is, Scully. And be quiet, Scully. You know, people might hear you.”



“Please shut up and let me listen to this lecture about…this…well… just let me listen.”

“The 15 pillars of a successful, professional work space. What? Don’t look at me like that. That’s what it’s called.”

“Just…shut up, Mulder. Skinner sent us here for a reason and it sure wasn’t to make out.”

“I’m pretty sure he sent us here so we’d stop making out at work, Scully. I’m just so bored and you’re so delicious.”

“Mulder, your hand.”

“You’re no fun, Scully.”

“That’s not what you said last night. Be quiet now, Mulder, and I promise you we’ll do something fun later where we can both be… not so quiet.”

“Agent Scully, are you flirting with me?”

“All I’m saying is shut up now and get your reward later. Understood?”

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They did deactivate yes. Of course a non fan took the URL, why does that not surprise me.

Thanks for the heads up Nonny!!!

Beauty and the Beast Part Four (Loki x Reader)

Originally posted by maryxglz

Word Count: 910

Pairing: Loki x Reader

AN: You can read part one, part two and part three here

It had been a few days since your failed attempt at escaping, all wounds had been healed from that night in more ways than you’d thought. Ever since that night Loki had been treating you like a guest rather than a hostage, which you have gratefully appreciated. His attitude towards you was no longer harsh and unrefined. In fact, he’d actually become rather sweet and almost kind, something you’d never seen in him before.

He let you roam around the gigantic house as much as you pleased, including the magnificent garden outside. No longer did he lock you in your room, instead he gave you a sense of freedom even though you were still certainly not free. Loki still hadn’t informed you why you were so important in his plan and that did frustrate you. However you weren’t going to push your luck and anger him like the other night, you didn’t want to see the beast in him again. 

You were currently sitting across from the man eating breakfast, making small talk as you munched on your cereal. The tension between you both was still awkward but you both tried to have normal conversations. “Do you enjoy literature?” Loki asked as he gestured towards the books placed next to you on the table. The topic instantly made you smile as it was one of your greatest passions, making you eager to talk about it. “I adore it actually! My favourite is Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.”

Not seeming pleased with your answer Loki rolled his eyes. “Why does that not surprise me?” His tone was bored as he continued eating from his breakfast, leaving you offended by his words. And just when you thought he was becoming a nice guy!

Not being able to help yourself you further pushed, wanting to know what problem he had with your favourite choice of literature. “What are you talking about?” Looking up from his meal he let out a sigh giving you his full attention. “Oh all that heartache and pining.” He exclaimed as he shuddered dramatically to prove his point making you scoff at his overreaction. “There are so many better things to read.” Not believing his words you quickly became annoyed at his arrogance. What could possibly be so much better than Shakespeare? “Like what?”

“This is amazing!” You gasped, hands covering your mouth as you took in the scene around you. Loki brought you to his library that apparently you hadn’t discovered yet and to say it was huge was an understatement. There were two rooms with shelves covering all the walls, various books stacked from the floor to the ceiling. You were really living your nerdiest dreams right now.

Smiling at your reaction, the demigod unexpectedly took your hand in his own causing a chill to travel down your spine at his touch. Your cheeks darkened at his sweet action, why did he make you feel this way? “If you like it so much, then it’s yours.” His words caused your jaw to drop in shock, was he for real?! “Your kidding.” 

“I don’t joke.”

Sending him a cheeky smile you gently pushed your finger against his chest in a teasing manner whilst you rocked back and forth on your feet. “You should, I think you’d have a nice laugh.” Smirking in return he leaned in close enough so that your noses were almost touching, speaking in a deep voice that made you feel weak at the knees. “I don’t think you’ll ever hear it.”

Crossing your arms you raised your eyebrow at the man. “Is that a challenge?”

Loki knew where this was going, you were never one to back down from a challenge so he didn’t expect you to now. His assumptions were confirmed when you excitedly start blurting out the lines to some cheesy dad joke. “What do you call a man with no nose and no body?”

Face-palming at your childishness Loki let out a dramatic sigh. “This is stupid-” 

Cutting him off before he could complain any longer you rushed out the end of the joke. “Nobody nose.”

He tried to hide it by biting his lip but the demigod almost laughed at your terrible joke and you weren’t going to let him forget it. “Hey you almost laughed at that one!”

Feigning annoyance towards you Loki kept up his cold front. “Please stop these are terrible-” 

But of course you ignored him as you fired out another bad joke in attempts to make the god of mischief laugh. “What cheese can never be yours?”

“Please stop-”

“Nacho cheese.”

Then the most amazing thing happened, Loki Laufeyson actually laughed and it was the most beautiful sound you’d ever heard. Immediately a wide smile spread across your face as you listened to the sound, feeling accomplished for being the cause of it.“See I told you i’d get you to laugh!”

Still hunched over a little in laughter the demigod eventually got his words out.“I don’t even know what that meant it just sounded so stupid that I laughed.”

Feeling slightly offended by him calling your jokes stupid you slightly pushed his shoulder showing your annoyance. “Hey my jokes are not bad!”

Loki smiled as he looked down at you, gently reaching up to caress the side of your face. His actions made you feel all bubbly inside, as it did when he spoke in his deep voice.“What am I going to do with you Y/N?”