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Don't know if you watched avatar but can you imagine firebender oikawa and water bender iwazumi. And like oikawa is part of the firenation but he falls in love with iwazumi anyways??? Sorry!!!!(╯3╰)

I LOVE THE AVATAR!! I used to watch the show all the time!!
Imagine Oikawa spouting small flames from his fingertips when he’s nervous, excited etc since he’s not yet in complete control of his power
and one day he happens to encounter WATERBENDER HEALER IWACHAN ( 👌 👌 👌 ) and he gets ridiculously flustered and wants to befriend the other
whereas Iwa-chan is slightly terrified at this stranger who keeps staring at him whilst his fingers are exploding
A+++ I’m already in love with this story

So there was this random little thing I noticed about when Steven and Connie fuse

Here Connie has a belt on her dress

And after she unfuses it’s gone. I thought it was just an animation error but then during We Need to Talk

Before fusing

After unfusing

What happens to her belt? Where does it go? Does Stevonnie take it? Are Sneeple involved? Why is this bothering me so much?


When will they be safe and happy? Probably never.

  • Me on tumblr:"I'm stuck so far up 5sos' asses that I can no longer see the light."
  • Me in real life:"eh I heard that song by that summer band thingy and thought it was alright"
  • Me:*develops crush*
  • Me:ok that's...alright...Ok
  • Me:*crush gets stronger*
  • Me:...uh
  • Me:*thinks about crush when listening to songs*
  • Me:...uH
  • Me:*sees things daily that reminds me of crush*
  • Me:no no no nO NO NO NO NO
  • Me:*thinks about holding hands*

welcome to the one direction fandom where unlike the standard fandom keeping up with one direction requires a week of review (by videos and masterposts) so that you’ll fully understand what’s happening and unlike the standard fandom you must always stay woke cause anything can happen at any given time


*takes moment of silence*