Free Hugs (AO3)

anonymous asked: A ficlet based on Alex Crockford’s free hugs video. So Dean would lose some sort of bet to Sam, so now he has to give free hugs shirtless to anyone who asks.

“I’m not doing it.”

“Dean! We made a bet and you lost! Shirtless free hugs to anyone who asks.” Sam says, crossing his arms and giving Dean a stern look. Dean lets out a whine.

“But why does it have to be in the middle of our college campus where everyone is? Why can’t we drive out to the countryside and do it there?” Dean asks, throwing his arms out wide.

“You can’t change the bet, Dean. That’s what I said and you shook on it, so c’mon. Let’s go.” Sam replies, grabbing the big sign that he made and walking out the door of Dean’s apartment.

Dean scuffs his boot on the floor. Stupid Sam. Stupid bet. Stupid Kansas City Royals couldn’t even pull their socks up higher and run a little faster. Dean sighs, shaking his head before following after his little brother.

“Alright, shirt off and hold this.” Sam says as soon as they reach their destination. There’s already so many people there. Dean huffs. Well, there’s no getting out of this now. Dean pulls of all his of layers until he’s shirtless and sends a thanks to the weather for it actually being a warm day for once.

“Okay,” Dean starts as he holds up the sign with a large bolded ‘FREE HUGS’ written on it, “so I guess I’ll see you later.” 

“Oh, I’m not going anywhere.” Sam responds, with a large grin plastered on his face. “I want to see all your embarrassment. And also, if I left you could just run off.” 

Damn it, Dean thinks. That was his last chance. Now he’ll have to stand here for a whole hour giving out shirtless free hugs…while his brother watches. How could this possibly get any worse?

It turns out that when you’re giving shirtless free hugs, an hour seems like it’s ten years. 

Most of the people that have come over have been groups of giggling girls, some of whom have let their hands wander a little too much or let their fingers linger in places that Dean would rather them not have.

More embarrassingly though, was when Benny and Jo wandered pass, demanding that they needed more then one hug and purposely feeling him up in front of half the college students.

But thankfully, now he’s only got ten minutes left. 

Nine minutes.

Eight minutes.

And oh shit. Because just as Dean looks up from his watch he sees his roommate strolling over to him with a big goofy smile on his face. Dean’s cheeks immediately start heating up as he hesitantly returns the smile.

“I didn’t know you were giving out free hugs today, Dean. Can I have one?” Cas asks casually. Dean swallows nervously. God, why did Sam make him do it shirtless. He doesn’t even have to look to know that his blush is spreading down to his chest.

“Of course.” Dean says, a little too quickly and before he can brace himself Cas’ arms are wrapped around his neck and pulling him in. Dean doesn’t want to miss his chance so he swiftly drops the sign and wraps his arms around Cas’ back and holds him as close as he can. 

Dean didn’t know it would be this nice to hug Cas. He’s warm and his hair smells of Dean’s shampoo that he’d let Cas use this morning. The feel of Cas’ body pressed entirely against his is something that Dean wishes he could have all the time and if this is his only chance then he’s going to savour every last second.

Dean nuzzles his head slightly into the side of Cas’ neck and breathes him in. Cas is intoxicating and because Dean’s so high with everything Cas, without thinking he places a soft kiss just underneath Cas’ jaw. 

It’s only when Cas stiffens that Dean realises what he’s done. Dean immediately jumps back, eyes wide and panic crawling up his spine.

“Ah - Cas, shit. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to, I swear, I-” Dean cuts himself off because right in front of him, Cas is taking a step closer into his space and Dean honestly thinks that Cas is going to slap him but before he can process anything, Cas’ hands are holding either side of his face and pulling him forwards to crash their lips together.

Dean’s breath hitches and his eyes are wide once more but Cas’ lips are so warm and soft that Dean just melts into his touch. He kisses back softly and feels Cas smile against him.

Dean slowly moves his hands to Cas’ hips and gently holds onto him as though not wanting to snap Cas out of the moment. It’s only then that Dean hears people whistling and suddenly his cheeks heat in embarrassment again.

When Cas finally pulls away, the smile on his face reaches all the way to his eyes and just like Dean, his cheeks are slightly pink. 

“You’re not giving out free kisses too, are you?” Cas asks, shyly, ducking his head, the confidence he had just a few seconds ago leaving him. Dean chuckles.

“No, Cas. Only for you.” Dean says, hesitantly reaching forward to tangle his fingers with Cas’ own. 

“Oh gross. I didn’t think you guys would be this sappy. But hey, Charlie’s going to love this.” 

Dean and Cas both flick there heads over to where they see Sam holding his phone out in front of him. 

“You son of a bitch!” Dean shouts and then Sam’s running in the other direction.

Dean nearly takes off but before he does he turns, gives Cas a quick peck on the lips, says, “See you back at the apartment.” and then Dean’s grabbing his clothes off the ground, forgetting the stupid sign and he’s off. 

Cas’ laughter fades behind him as he runs faster towards his little brother and he thinks, maybe, just maybe, giving shirtless free hugs wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened to him. 

On the other hand, if Charlie gets her hands on Sam’s video, then that will most definitely be the worst thing that could ever happen to him.

Where does the Portal lead?

So the big question at the end of Gravity Falls episode: “Not what he seems”. 

Lets take a look at it. 

At first, it connects into space. Which explains why the gravity started getting messed up. 

But when it connects into the side the author is located in, it goes blue, but then starts to clear and we can’t see feint boards of wood like from the inside of a house. 

Now it could just be the blue flare that is causing a color distortion, but to me that looks like a grey inner shack of some sort. But wait… grey scenery? That happens every time a particular demon appears. 

But wait- what else is grey? 

Stan’s mind. 

What’s interesting here, is that a grey scenery so far has something to do with a mind-scape dimension that Bill seems to be trapped in. The only way he can appear is that if everything around him freezes in time, bringing the person/people he is talking to into HIS dimension, like with Gideon and Dipper. 

Something also notable, is that there is a strange rubix-cube scene in the attic where Dipper and Bill make a deal. 

Compare these: 

That rubix-cube suddenly appears when Bill brings Dipper into his plane of dimension. What could this mean? 

Was the author not trapped on another world, but rather in another dimension? 

Its highly likely. 

Now I’m going to bring to attention this: 

“Reality’s an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye.” - Bill 

Reality is an illusion? Is reality actually the mind-scape? And if the portal brought us from space and then suddenly turned into a portal to the mind-scape, would the universe technically be the hologram of the true dimensional mind? 

It may seem like a stretch, but I can’t help but feel that all of this connects somehow. 

Batfamily Social Media

Dick: He would mainly use Instagram, constantly taking selfies and soaking up the immediate attention like a sponge. He is possibly the hottest and most famous guy in Gotham, so he has quite a few fans, mostly fangirls. Sometimes he will take short videos of Barbara singing or dancing around in the kitchen or even just laughing and post them. He usually comments with “Beautiful” or “This is what i get to come home to every day”. They are the city’s most popular couple.

Jason: Jaybird is very big on Vine. He mostly does ones of the Red Hood taking down bad guys or shooting some soda cans off a wall with expert skill. Other times it will just be six seconds of himself looking so done. He’ll look directly into the camera like on The Office while Bruce is yammering on in the background about why he shouldn’t kill people and how he left the milk out. The most popular ones are the vines of the shenanigans he gets into with the Outlaws. His most viewed one is of himself, Roy, and Kori dancing to Uptown Funk.

Barbara: Ever since she became paralyzed, Babs has become more interested in crafts and baking. So she is often on Pinterest, mostly posting cute little recipes she finds and other diy projects. Hers is one of the most followed boards and it has become increasingly popular. Her home has become filled with little projects and cute decorations she made herself.

Cassandra: Cass runs an aesthetic blog on Instagram. It mostly consists of beautiful night skies or black and white photos of outside. Occasionally she posts selfie, but only very close up ones of her eye or an earring. She usually will write only a handful of words like “pretty” or “sky”.

Tim: Oh my gosh, Timmy though. He runs a Tumblr blog and anyone can tell that this boy is a mess. It started out as a Batman blog, but it slowly transformed into something so strange and random. He posts everything from memes to gymnastic videos to weird posts like what he ate for dinner or stuff he or his family has done. His most popular post was one he made while he was on a caffeine high and hadn’t slept for three weeks. It was mostly just gibberish, but every line was a new subject. One said “giraffes really shouldn’t go to parties because they would hit their heads on the ceiling” while another was him typing sound effects like “blah. sploosh. bajoosle.” but then it became a long scream with emojis every once in a while. It has gotten over 14 million reblogs and nobody knows what it means or what he is trying to communicate.

Stephanie: She has a YouTube channel called SpoilerAlert:WaffleQueen666 and around 3000 subscribers. She does amazing hair and makeup tutorials that make her look absolutely flawless. The best parts are the commentary, especially because it is always Tim behind the camera, saying stuff like she looks like Beyonce and that she should use that mascara to draw mustaches. One time she even did a video of herself doing his makeup while he was sleeping. That alone gained her 200 more subscribers.

Damian: Dami isn’t one to use a lot of social media, but he does use DeviantArt for his many drawings and paintings. They are mostly of his many pets, but a few are drawings of his family members taken sneakily while he was peaking at them through a crack in the doorway or around a corner. This kid really is an artist and is very blatant about showing it off to anyone and everyone.

Bruce: BROOSE. Bruce Wayne is such a lame dad, he only uses Facebook but has no idea how to use it. It’s not rare to see a status update from hi. saying something like “search pronunciation of data” and “what to do when your daughter locks your youngest son in a crate and mails him to Lexcorp”. He is always asking his kids how to use Facebook properly. Then he friend requests every single person he has ever met in his entire life. So he’s always pestering his children on why they haven’t accepted his friend request and they’re just like “Dad Staaapp”.

This Goddamn Car Crash Tho

This entire scene drives me up a wall (no pun intended). Here’s what can be gleaned about it:

  • The car is not the Stanley Mobile
  • It happened early 1980s - most likely 1982.  Leg warmers date the article as they rose in popularity in the early 1980s.
  • Car Crash coincides with the Author disappearing and the portal first opening.
  • While clearly happening in Oregon, it appears to have happened outside of Gravity Falls.

Some Possibilities (that make me pull my hair out): 

Car Crash Happened Because:

  1. Stan Pines faked own death, took Author’s identity
  2. Stan Pines faked Author’s death to cover up his mysterious disappearance
  3. Author faked OWN death, to cover up the mysterious disappearance he knew would happen to him.
  4. The car is Thistle Downe’s and Stan drove it into a ravine.

Plausibility of each: 

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The thing that’s sad is that Harry had no idea that was on there, and he does the flag thing almost every show and now he’s going to hesitate.

Harry and Louis stopped interacting because that part of the fandom made it into a huge ordeal and made it so they couldn’t even look at each other without fans making page long theories about it and making (frankly, problematic) assumptions about their sexuality.

They finally seemed to move past that and now that part of the fandom is turning this into a big ordeal, labeling them again and don’t see how messed up that is.

You all wonder why Harry seems so jaded? Look around.

MP100 Ice skating!AU where instead of esper powers, it’s “auras” and the type of skating they do. (Because I love mp100 and yoi so why the hell not).

Mob is generally as unemotional and poker faced as ever when not skating. But once he steps into the rink, instead of his regular 100% explosions, he lets his emotions out when skating. If I had to describe it, it would “look quiet, but speak loud”. Despite his beautiful performances, he gets nauseous when he does too much spins and gets nervous when there’s a big crowd. (Purple aura).

Ritsu’s style of skating is quite the opposite of Mob’s. He goes above and beyond in talent, but sticks too much to the fundamentals + lacks putting his own feelings. Although he’s insanely popular for clean cut performances, he pays no attention due to feeling inferior to Mob. (Blue aura).

Teru. Oh man, Teru. He’d be flashy as hell, from ice skating outfit to bold performances. Standing out and being different is his motto, and he always greets all his fans. (He’s almost like Victor lmfao). He likes the attention, but his overconfidence is his downfall. (After he loses to Mob he changes for the better though). (Bright yellow aura).

Shou’s skating style could be described as wild yet precise. Mischievous, almost. His moves are powerful but I like to imagine him improvising a lot. You can feel the confidence when he skates, but at times there’s an underlying sorrow behind them (*coughs* Touichirou *coughs*). (Red/Orange aura).

Annndddd then we have Reigen. Mob’s coach. He can’t really skate lmao. 

Feel free to add more + join in the convo if you’d like~

Watch on dailydcu.com

It’s not a bird, It’s not a plane, It’s not a man, It’s Supergirl (and yes I stole that from the video). This is a 6 min trailer of the Supergirl show coming to CBS.

My thoughts:

It looks great. It does kind of do what I though The Flash Trailer did and show practically the entire storyline of the first episode, so watch at your own risk. My only real problem is that Jimmy doesn’t really feel like Jimmy. He’s not really nerdy/geeky enough. I mean he goes by James. In the long run, it’s a minor thing and I love that they can totally talk about Superman in the show. I hope that it does crossover with the CW shows in some way (why is it such a big deal?) but it feels like a modern day sequel to Lois and Clark, which I think was a great show.

“Oh, he tweeted lyrics, he took pictures of plants, I’m worried stunting might be coming”

Why are you worried? What will change if it does? If it happens then Harry “warned you” and it’s most likely a Sunday, the biggest promo day of all. If it happens I’ll roll my eyes so hard they’ll come out of their sockets because it’s honestly the most predictable shit ever. So if it happens you’re worried about nothing. They’re big boys, they’ve been through WAAAAAAY worse.

If it doesn’t happen you’re really worried about nothing.

So look at cute pictures of them and read a fic and relax. The worst thing that can happen is make you yawn with yet another stunt.

Exo Reaction To When You Caught Them Looking At You


*Ain’t shy here. Keeps looking at you and smiling a bit*


“No, no, no”


“Hi Y/N”


“…she saw me, f*ck”


“Okey calm down, be cool. I’m cool. Don’t embarrass yourself now Junmyeon”

“I am COOL!”


*you saw him lookin at you so you waved and smiled a big smile*

“IIII, she waved at me!!!!”

*smiles back at you blushing a hell of alot little*


*little shit does this*

so cute!!!!


*Gets all smiley because you just looked at him* (even if it was bc you just felt someone staring at you)

“Omo, Why does she looks at me?”

“She looked at me..”


*Meets your eyes, falls in love more then he already has. Gets nervous and looks down like a cutie*

(I do not own any of the gif’s, all rights to the righful owners)

A thought on shipping Clary and Alec ...

I have to say that I actually find the whole ClaryxAlec-shipping thing by people who haven’t read the books and are only watching the show, very interesting. And even now that everybody is freaking out over the first Malec-stuff we got, they are confused why Malec is made such a big and sure thing by the book-fans. 

And I think it does show to a degree - only my personal theory though - that it seems to be a very difficult concept to grab that a character in a TV-show with proven straight couples, who doesn’t ‘look or act gay’ actually is gay.  And that the idea of that character to become romantically involved with a girl he has so for shown nothing but dislike for so far and also has received the same attitude back (in general), is more plausible to some people out there than the possibility of him being gay and ending up with another guy that shows genuine interest. (for those that have seen the sneak peek)

I don’t mean this as judgement to those who ship Clary and Alec so far, because based on TV-history so far, I can see where they are coming from, but it is also a development that might be worth a thought or two?