• AA Member:Welcome everyone to tonight's Alcoholic Anonymous meeting. We have a new member joining us this evening. Everyone please welcome Qrow.
  • All Members:Hi Qrow.
  • Qrow:I have a question.
  • AA Member:Go ahead Qrow.
  • Qrow:Why is it called Alcoholic Anonymous when I know pretty much half of the people in here? Honestly Professor Oobleck, I thought it was coffee you were drinking this entire time, you surprised me. And Glynda! Boy howdy! Does Ozpin know about this? Also I'm pretty sure that's Roman Torchwick wearing that fake wig, the eyeliner gave it away. I know this this guy next to me runs a bar and let me tell you he is not sticking with his step-by-step program! This woman I don't know but I would like to get to know over drinks! How about it, love?
  • AA Member:Now wait a minute!
  • AA Lady:Sure!
  • *Qrow and the woman leave arm in arm leaving the group staring after them in stunned silence.*
  • Roman:Did you all know it was me?
  • Everyone:Yes!


Next Chara “ You’re right. Pocahontas was way prettier.”

LOL god I love @nextale chara. anyway, this was was a request I did for Moon but I but instead of just headshot of her chara, I decide to make it to a one page comic and added my chara from Undertribe. ahhh the joys of having a famous undertale mods friends~ XD 

what is up with people rolling their eyes and going “ugh” when I tell them to call me by the right pronoun??? it’s not like I’m out to everyone so I get misgendered by 99% of the people around me and don’t do shit about it so if you’re in the 1% who actually know why can’t you make an effort to not sound annoyed when I correct you??

“I’m not transgender because gender doesn’t exist in my book. I’m not transsexual because I love the body I have. My state of being is just unique. I was in third grade, very muscular, and I got lice right before I had to start a new school. My mom shaved my hair and put me in a red dress because she was concerned that no one would understand that I was a girl. I went by my middle name, Danielle, so everyone started calling me Tranny Danny. I thought that was someone that was into trains, so I wore a conductor cap for the next two years. Whenever someone called me Tranny Danny, I’d be like, ‘Choo choo, all aboard!’ Once I realized that people were calling me Tranny Danny for a reason, I sat down and was like, 'Why don’t I pass? What does this mean?’ In seventh grade, I discovered that there was a difference between gender and sex. Growing up in a farming community, it wasn’t about what was between your legs or on your chest, it was about can you pick up that bag of grain, can you get that bucket of water, can you buck that bail of hay. You had to be this mix of somebody who wore Aeropostale and American Eagle, but could split firewood. I only had half the elements (I could buck a bale of hay like no one’s business). When I’m in the masculine clothes, I have the privilege of looking like a white, young, decent-looking guy. People feel comfortable because they know what that is. When I walk around confidently in a dress, people see it as aggressive. I’ve had people follow me home and I’ve been mugged once. I actually feel more empowered in a dress, but I feel a lot more comfortable in a masculine outfit, where I don’t have to worry about it, and I can focus on what I’m actually here for. For me, a pronoun is a sound, and what I’m listening to in that sound is respect and intent. You can call me 'him,’ 'they,’ 'it,’ – I don’t care, as long as what you’re trying to say is respectful.” - @raindovemodel in the third episode of our Dispelling Beauty Myths video series with @allure 🌈 Go watch the full-length episode on Allure’s site: http://www.allure.com/gender 🦄

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Hello! See, I am a new Once and I'm trying to know more about the girls. Can you tell me why does everyone calls "Sharon" to Mina? Thank you!

Hi there! Welcome new fellow Once (or ‘onec’ as Momo spells it) :D We call Mina Sharon because she was born in Texas and her real/legal American name is Sharon. She lived in the US up until she was a toddler and she’s still a US citizen (at least for now… Japanese dual citizenship laws are too much to explain). 

Plus she is Twice’s representative English speaker! If you listen closely you’ll hear her speaking and singing in English now and then :)

plumb-barb replied to your postI also have to say this

i feel like im looking at a different post than everyone, she called out people for having twins in their game lmao what does that have to do with race and diversity? i was offended by the brown hair blue eyed sim twins because i HAVE exactly that in my game right now it it just felt like a really specific thing to say, why wouldnt i feel called out i’m sure others did too but why does this make me an “unsafe blog for poc” ??

It has nothing to do with race and diversity…lol Saying a lot of simblrs have twins and brown hair and blue eyes is such a trivial thing to be offended by out of all the things people say and do here. Having twins and white, brown haired blue eyed sims is something you have but is that all your game consists of? You have many sims and not all of them look like that so what is there to be offended by? Was saying a lot of people have them really that offensive that people had to drag her for it??? That’s like saying a lot of people have basic Black sims that all act stereotypically the same. It’s something that’s been said before so why such offense now?? 

I met this guy on a dating app and I had the best first date of my life. It was just super cute. We watched the sunset, hiked through the woods, and then ended it with cuddles in a cemetery and he asked if he could kiss me and told me he couldn’t believe someone as cool as me is on OkCupid. So, he calls me tonight to tell me he isn’t ready for a relationship and that I should see other guys. What the hell??? I’m done looking for someone. The right person will come to me if they really want me. Why does everyone always mess with my feelings?

Mom and things she said about HxH
  • Sure let your child go in a dangerous adventure at the age of 12, darling make your back pack you’re going to become a hunter
  • Why is his hair like that
  • He smell
  • What is the blonde girl reading
  • IT’S A BOY?!
  • Leorio needs to chill
  • Oh ok forget I said anything
  • Me: Error 404 Your Kurapika stopped working please restart the system
  • Mom: *laughs like a maniac*
  • why is the blonde girl like that
  • *calls Kurapika a girl like 3 times*
  • *finally learns he’s a boy*
  • I’m so sorry 
  • ….can we watch more?
  • Who is the clown and why does he has that music in the background is he from spain
  • Tonpa is such a son of a bitch
  • Holy shit this kid got some issues
  • Why is everyone so weird
  • Leorio is relatable

Ok I’m lowkey sick so I can’t judge anything very well but am I delirious or does Durarara make no sense??? I’m seven episodes in and if somebody asked me what the plot was I wouldn’t know how to answer.  

“Idk it’s like this city where weird shit happens and everyone knows each other and there’s like 30 main characters and there’s a headless motorcycle rider and some gangs and this guy who throws shit and maybe aliens? And also a chatroom.”

(And will I ever learn why it’s called Durarara????)

like idk why I’m bitter about this (that’s a lie I’m bitter about everything) but my name is Brittany and there’s a ton of different spellings (though I might add mine is the original spelling of the name) and like ????? everyone spells it wrong ???? even when we’re on Kik and my name is literally right there to see and it’s like ????? why ???? it’s 8 letters and not “exotic” or anything
but anyways I’m so used to people spelling it wrong or calling me Brit because they don’t remember how to spell my name that like when someone actually does spell it right it’s a very nice and warm feeling like “aw this person cares enough to remember how to spell my name properly”

I’m a joke. I can sit at a table with people I call my friends and all I’m good for is a cigarette or a shot. Nobody thinks of me as anything but this person to laugh at. All my mannerisms and awkward way of speaking make everyone think it’s okay to refer to me as a creature or animal. Having someone tell you they feel bad for you boyfriend isn’t great either. I’m not that much to handle I really don’t think so. Like why does no one see that I actually have feelings and I’m living and I’m a person!!!! all I do is sit there accept it and agree, because what else am I supposed to say, don’t call me that? Then I’m sensitive. I’m just tired of people viewing me as nothing. I’m starting to feel like a fucking animal in a zoo I swear.

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I know I'm like really late but can u explain communism kills to me like why does everyone hate her what did she do?

She called Michael Brown a thug shes anti feminist republican she thinks pan people dont exist (called them like idk self righteous bi ppl i dont rmbr)…etc. I also have a theory that she killed harambe

My introduction!

Name: Hey everyone! My name is Nighttimecatplayer! (Gamer name of course.) But everyone I know calls me night, but feel free to use anything else like cat or nighttime! Night is just the most common for me, and preferred.

Age: I’d rather not put this out there sadly. ^-^’

Sadist/Masochist or both: I’m both! But I have a stronger sadist side, my masochist side does tend to show through at times though.

Why did you join: Well, my bestie received a message about a group looking for fellow sadists and masochists. And me being one of them, I just couldn’t resist! Everything sounded really cool, but I also loved the fact it was going to help raise awareness of our kind. So here I am now!  

Story(ies) that relate to this topic: I have awfully short term memory, so I sadly can’t remember anything at the moment.

Hobbies: I love to write fanfiction and play games! It just depends on my day really.

More about you: Well, I love cats! Tmnt, IZ, Pokemon, JTHM, gore, (Duh.) Pizza, gaming, YouTube, music, shadows, darkness, the moon, nighttime, space, and science!

Why are you here: Well, I always wanted a place I could feel right at home. And while most of my friends didn’t mind, there’s just something about someone having what you have make it so much easier to understand. I’d love to help this page grow in any way I can, and help sadists and masochists be understood. Because we aren’t monsters like most people think.

See you all in my next post!

~Stay purrfect!

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"Gohan someone called your mother a furry and I don't know what that is?? But she said she wasn't ashamed of me so does that mean it's something I did??? She told me to ask you. Help?"

“Why does everyone think I even know about this? Is this cause of that thing that happened? Why does everyone know? …”