its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

  • Spain: *cries* why is everyone declaring independence all of a sudden?? Is this some sort of teenage rebellion?? *drinks*
  • England: *drunk* see! Do you feel my pain now??? Why are they leaving us?? I thought they loved us!!
  • Portugal: *sips another drink* and on the continents we recently found too!! This feels so horrible!! *sobs*
  • Canada: ... Um... I don't think this may be a good time to ask England if I could become a Dominion...
random stuff about me

i gotta say again how incredibly relieved i am that my precious laptop works my God this is amazing. Like when I type, the letters appear right away, i don’t have to wait for them?? that’s very rad compared to my spare laptop

(ugh i’ve been up since before six this morning because my back was giving me a lot of trouble so i really need to go to the gym today. it’s just that it’s pretty cold, about -20 degrees (that’s -4 F) and i worry for my car.. but oh well gotta go anyway)

why do straight people hate us so much what on earth do you get out of it why cant you just leave us alone im so tired of this and there’s no way out

i added ears to my troll sprites

here, have a base just in case you happen to share my headcanon:

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Texting | Simon & Dhani
  • [text] That’s what Prowd said. But like if we can talk about it…??? What do they do? Why even LET us leave?
  • [text] How long have you been here?
  • [text] Do we rly get a phone call once a month? Or is that BS?
  • [text] WTF am I supposed to tell my dad???
  • Simon: Who is gonna believe us I figure? Also you do kinda get attached to others after a bit and that's when it gets complicated.
  • Simon: October.
  • Simon: Yup. First time, I warned them I may not survive and that I was sorry. My mom cried. My dad was mad. But then my claim took me home for Christmas and fuck, did I want to stay. But I also didn't want to get Jace in trouble so here I am.
  • Simon: That you love him. A lot.

Olake Appreciation Week: Day 3 - Fave Olivia Pope moment(s)/scene(s) 

Episode 2.01 | White Hat’s Off

Exo reaction when you tell them that you’ll be needing a bigger house for three

Sehun: If you want a dog we can keep it on the balcony, why move?

Kai:*hard to contain his excitement*  You are pregnant aren’t you? please tell me that you are pregnant and that I will be  a dad soon?

Tao:*finally onto something* This has something to do with that ultrasound that I saw in your wallet?

Kyungsoo:*a little bit lost* You wanna move into a bigger house? but why for three? are you……

Chanyeol: Why for three? do you want to bring your mom to leave with us? it’s cause we don’t know how to cook? is that why

Chen: You didn’t bring another dog from the street that ruined our bedroom again did you?

Baekhyun: Is this some kind of a hint for something that you wanna tell me? cause I feel like it but I’m not sure

Lay: I’m not following what you are trying to say

Suho: Omg you are pregnant is that it? that;s a smooth way to tell your husband

Kris: You want a new house but what is wrong with this one?

Luhan: *can not believe what he is hearing* You said three didn’t you? are you pregnant? oh god I can not believe this, I will have a bambi 

Xiumin:*gif talks for himself*