I was bored and this happened 

You finally messaged me after months of silence. It didn’t even say anything just “….” and my heart was ready to escape its cage, but you stopped replying after 10 mins and I’m not sure why I expected any different. Ignored again. Guess we’ll have another mediocre conversation, if you could even call it that, in the next 4 months.
—  I miss you so much. 

Star Trek: TNG - Time’s Arrow Part 1 

Same, Guinan…Same.

have you ever finished a book or show and just had the strongest longing to be a part of that universe, where you have special abilities like them and friendships like them, and sure life is hard there but you know you’re special, you’re valuable, and that everything will be okay in the end

do you want to know why i love lydia martin?

  • i love lydia martin because she is the girl i could have been, in another life
  • i love lydia martin because she is the girl who had been morphed by society’s expectations, by her family and her friends and the world she had grown up into
  • i love lydia martin because she hid her intelligence into the darkest crevices of her mind the way a person stows away a lucky slip from a fortune cookie
  • i love lydia martin because until she met allison argent - allison who was beautiful and smart and kind and charismatic, allison who saw lydia as a person and who loved her for all of her flaws and her abilities - that she began to realize she was worth more than half-baked promises and a hollowed out life
  • i love lydia martin because she may have been a bully, once, but she learned from her mistakes, she grew as a person, and she became better 
  • i love lydia martin because where once she cowered away from anything remotely involving her intelligence, from anything that could have made her seem different from others, she now stands with her back straight and her head held high, and she shows them what she’s made of
  • i love lydia martin because she went from i don’t date losers to i don’t want to be with the bad guys anymore
  • i love lydia martin because she is proud and stubborn and brokenhearted, because she has scars marring her fragile flesh and yet she does not break, because there are voices in her head that she used to scream and rage against but now she listens to them and she trusts herself 
  • i love lydia martin because where once she would have stared at the wreckage of her own self and waited for another person to haphazardly sew her back together, she now picks up the needle and thread in her quaking hands and stitches herself whole

(i’m something, she had yelled in anger and frustration, and yeah, she is - she’s the queen)

Me: *looks at own writing*
Me: Wow, this isn’t half bad. I’m getting kinda good at this.
Me: *reads outrageously well-written fic that puts mine to utter shame*
Me: *looks at own writing again*
Me: Wow, this is literally the worst.

I find it VERY ANNOYING when I’m with my brother and someone will come up to us and say something along the lines of “Wow you two look so much alike! Are you related?”, when we say yes the first thing that almost everyone says something like “But he’s black and you’re white so you two can’t be related”.

It makes no sense that you would even ask us if we are related and then say that we can’t be related because of the color of our skin. My brother and I aren’t just black and white we’re actually mixed with a number of races, however people only focus on black and white. If either of us our by ourselves then no one could guess our race because from past experience everyone assumes that we’re mixed, yet whenever we’re together it’s always “YOU’RE BLACK AND SHE’S WHITE SO YOU’RE NOT RELATED”. I NEVER have this problem when I’m with my other sibling (keep in mind my other siblings and I have different dads but the same mom and we don’t actually look alike at all.) when I’m with my other siblings people will say “oh is this your sister? You look so alike!” of course my other siblings and I have lighter skin which is probably the only reason why anyone would believe us when we say we’re related.

So please for the sake of my sanity




  • boy: haha! Girls get so angry sometimes! Like y'all on your period or some shit?
  • me: Oh? You seem to know a lot about periods right?
  • boy: uhh
  • me: Well having a period sucks right? Heh those damn cramps and losing clothing constantly? Heh am I right? Its so terrible how im bleeding out of my crotch!
  • boy: wait wait hold up! tmi! I dont want to hear about it!
  • me: Then why do you joke about it you ignorant jackasses?
More evil Rhys

Can you imagine like Jack and Rhys literally running into each other and rhys making Jack spill his coffee and him going “well guess today’s my lucky day. Some idiot gets to get spaced” or something like that. And Rhys is just all “ pls destroy me” then Jack gets a good look at him and is all “actually your kinda cute” and asks him out. And Jack being all nice and sweet on him . But then Jack finds out that rhys killed vasquez and is all “ oh kitten I didn’t know you liked to kill bad guys!” And Rhys is all" well they deserve it … And yeah I kinda like it" to which Jack will smirk and be like “oh well then I guess you and me will have to go show those filthy bandits whose boss. Cue date in which they kill a town full of bandits, set it on fire and watch it burn. Later during borderlands 2 rhys ends up watching his BOYFRIEND GET MURDERED through a live feed from Pandora to which he gets really upset at and murderously angry at the vault hunters and promises to off them in retribution for what they did to jack.