Destiel Fic Rec List

all works on this list are rated E (nc17) & only contain top!dean/bottom!cas. If you’re not into that, this is so not a list for you.

please be sure to read additional & warning tags on fics for possible triggers

OTP Idea #84

Imagine Person A is trying to do some spring cleaning but can’t because Person B really wants to help clean, but keeps making a mess whenever they try to clean.

Okay so this is my lock screen now. To those of you who watch the show Supernatural you should get this Destiel reference. But let me explain to you why I have to have this as my screen lock.

Okay so the other day my mom got on my phone and went through all my stuff (except my tumblr thank God) and made me delete everything that had to do with Destiel. Which let’s be honest, I didn’t delete EVERYTHING. But well over 1000 pictures. I had to clear out all my accounts that she found as well. May I remind you that my mom - well my whole family - is a strict homophobic Christian family. So I was raised that was as well. I’ve just branched off and I have my own mind and opinions on things and they don’t agree. So naturally they don’t know much about my beliefs. But my mom saw that I told one of my friends that I’m Pansexual. She made me go to a three hour church service that night and has made me go to prayer groups and all sorts of crap to “get me on the right path”. But what does all this have to do with my lock screen? Well this way I can have what I love as my screen saver and her not know a damn thing about it. She’s very nosy, especially now, and she’ll probably ask what this picture means. And I can say it’s just a hipster thing or aesthetic or whatever and she won’t question it again. Like lol you fucker it actually symbolizes gay love.

So yeah.