Shameless Ignis Appreciation Post

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and I believe I’m finally beginning to understand why I can’t help but adore Ignis Scientia so much. When we are first introduced to him, he reads as such a serious, borderline stoic character, then as the journey goes on, we see all the parts of his personality unfold, like a beautiful rose in a steamy hot leopard print shirt that makes me slightly question my sexuality. I especially love seeing all the different sides of Iggy through Prompto’s photos. EXAMPLES:

1. “I’m happiest when I have my Ebony” Iggy.

2. Ridiculously photogenic strategist Iggy.

3. Still hasn’t taken a bath Iggy.

4.“Just face it, Gladio, you don’t know where we’re going either” Iggy.

5. Ass Kicker of the Year™ Iggy.

6.Jumping dork Iggy.

7.“My glasses dropped and so will your panties” Iggy.

8. Majestically rides his Chocobo into battle Iggy.

9. Looks great in any landscape Iggy.

10. Preciously cute and also kinda shy Iggy.

11. OBVIOUSLY thinking “Gladio’s ass looks great in this light” Iggy.

12. Caught staring at Gladio AGAIN Iggy.

13. “I think I’m posed cool but actually am still a dork” Iggy.


14. Derp Iggy.

And there you go! Only a few of the reasons why I can’t get enough of Ignis *_*



Oh, did you think you were going to have to wait ages and ages before Part 2? Don’t worry fam, I gotchu.  ;)

Forgive me if the dialogue is overly cheesy, I’m not really a writer.  ^^;

(Headcanon: Nino loves Alya’s floofy hair, and will often subconsciously pet it or find himself running his fingers through it, especially while cuddling or when offering comfort)

P.S. WHY did I decide to make Alya’s shirt plaid, AUGH!!  Such a pain to draw!



“Ship why do you wear an Eye of Providence necklace?”

WELL. As we determined last year, kids fucking love the Illuminati. Turns out that wearing an all-seeing eye necklace grabs their attention a hell of a lot better than any variation of “Hi kids! Welcome to camp!” As soon as they notice it, I tuck it into my shirt and pretend I don’t know what they’re talking about. Then their eyes are on me for the rest of week because they’re hoping I’ll slip up and reveal dangerous Illuminati secrets.

BTS Reaction to GF Having Acne Scars or Stretch Marks

Request: Can I please request a gif reaction where bts’s girlfriends have stretch marks and acne scars? im sorry if im asking too much i just think that most girls have acne scars OR strech marks. ty💕

Note: REVAMPED. Why didn’t any of you tell me my writing was horrendous before? *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ One day, Jin walked in on you changing into a shirt, and let out a melodic whistle that startled you. You immediately covered your stretch marks and he instantly felt horrible, but mustered up the courage to smile towards your terrified state anyways and said, “Don’t be ashamed of them, they’re apart of you and what ever is apart of you, I love.

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Suga ➳ All he wanted to do was take a picture with the love of his life, and once he had the camera ready and held it up to your face; you had pushed him away and he was not amused. You were complaining about how horrible you looked with your acne scars and all, but to him, you looked absolutely perfect. His eyebrows had furrowed, not understanding your insecurity as he said, “And..?”

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J-Hope  “Woah…you have them too?” You looked to Hoseok, wondering what he was talking about until you saw him run a finger over the fading acne scars on your back. You were about to slap his hand away until you froze when he began to take his shirt off and showed you some scars he had adorning his chest, telling you stories about them. “This one was a viscous lil guy..

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RapMonster  “Did I scratch you that hard?” He asked, feeling bad and immediately regretting play wrestling. You looked towards the scars on your abdomen and felt disgusted everytime you looked at them, but told Namjoon they were just stretch marks. “They don’t define you, but at the same time, they make you, you. You’re still the same beautiful (Y/N) to me.” You nodded but still looked down, so Namjoon decided to tickle you to see that bright smile on your face again.

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Jimin ➳ With Jimin, you had nothing to worry about. He knew about your stretch marks that littered across your abdomen, always witnessing them when you two would cuddle but he would never comment on them; he’d just kiss them and show you how much he loved you and your body. He made you feel beautiful all around.

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V ➳ You were getting ready for your date, and before you could even grab your makeup bag, Taehyung had snatched it in seconds and held it in the sky; far from your reach. You jumped and begged, feeling humiliated that Taehyung could see all your acne scars but he would have none of it. “Why do you need this?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowing. “You look like a goddess without it.”

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Jungkook  You were glaring at the boy as he held the lollipop up to your face while he rubbed the stretch marks on your belly with his thumb. “You see this lollipop?” He asked, twirling it around with his fingers. “It’s round and it may not look perfect, but to me it’s so sweet and I will show it how much I love it in anyway.” He said with a smile before glancing to you. “Like I do you.”

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Reasons why I really appreciate this:

  • First off, thank you for including my smol son in this Yugioh Rock Band AU!!!! yes!!!!
  • Look at him being a DJ, he’s so excited!! i bet he’s doing such a good job, you go lil Yugi.
  • Those gold converse shoes and his pimped out fingerless gloves and the ankle buckles and jewelry. like he is more decked out that Yami, I love it.
  • that pose, he’s totally multitasking with all the different equipment. My son is so talented, I’m so proud.

Sometimes I forget that Yugi is the one who picks out all the leather bondage slave outfits and that Atem canonically doesn’t like his taste, but look at him going for it anyway. You go Yugi, you follow your dreams. And your strange, strange fashion sense.

Sam is eight when he throws his arms around Dean’s neck and pecks him right on the mouth, beaming up against his larger than life sunshine bright big brother.

John grasps Sam by the T-shirt, pulls him away from Dean, and barks: “That’s not something you do to your brother, Sam.”

Sam looks at John, eyes wide, bottom lip trembling. “But I love him, daddy,” little Sammy says quietly, trying to crawl back onto Dean’s lap.

John separates them again, rougher this time. “Not like that, you don’t,” John snarls, before he snatches a bottle of Jack from the table and storms off.


Sam is eighteen when John, after ten long years of Jack, denial and sorrowful rage, drags Sam out to the parking lot. John shoves Sam’s acceptance letter against his chest as he speaks, slowly and menacingly. “You’re going to California, Sam. Go to California, or so help me I will find another way to keep you from him. You understand me, son?”

Sam’s eyes glitter beneath fluorescent light with unshed, furious tears. He swallows, then he says, “I love him,” and his voice breaks under John’s sickened glare. “Dad,” Sam begs as his head drops. “Dad, please don’t make me leave him.”

John’s face turns ashen, bile rising in his throat. “The way you love him ain’t right, Sammy. Never was.”

Monsta X Reaction to: You Being Jealous

Shownu: Might not know how to react. He’s unsure if you’re jealous from your own insecurities or if he hasn’t been loving enough lately.

“Why are you jealous?” he’ll wonder. “That model was only being friendly, they weren’t flirting with me.”

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Wonho: Takes you to eat somewhere. He wants to take you out of the situation that made you jealous, while also discussing it over the meal.

“Why did you feel that way? Do you not trust me?”

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Minhyuk: Won’t want to dwell on the uncomfortable topic. Instead he’ll aim to distract you by lifting up his shirt.

“Don’t feel jealous! You’re the only one who gets to touch my abs ~”

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Kihyun: Gets a little annoyed that he’s showed you so much love yet you doubt him like this. “Listen, just because I talk to someone doesn’t mean I like them. I’m allowed to make new friends, aren’t I?”

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Hyungwon: Also finds your jealousy annoying. He feels like he’s showed you as much love as possible. But instead of being annoyed at you, he’s more annoyed at himself. He blames himself for your jealousy, reasoning that he must not have proven himself enough to you for you to trust him.

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Jooheon: Thinks it’s so cute how you’re jealous, especially if you have good reason to be e.g. someone confesses their feelings for him. Of course he’ll decline, he has you after all, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t bask in the feeling of being wanted.

“I’m so popular but the only one I want is my jagi ~”

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I.M: Found your jealousy ridiculous. He’s not the type to say much but his actions are how he shows his love. He wonders if he’s not good enough or if you’re really blind, unaware of how lovingly he looks at you and the way he blushes when you kiss him.

“Oh my goodness … What am I going to do with you?”

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can i request the RFA+V+Saeran's reactions to the MC kissing them for the first time unexpectedly? thank you i love your blog it really cheers me up~ :)

I’m so happy to hear that! I treasure all my followers, you guys make me so happy with these words!
I hope you liked it, this one was so good to write!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me

My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)


  • He was preparing himself to go to school while MC is eating his omelette, she loves everything he does
  • Yoosung was a little in a hurry, he ate like a flash, maybe that’s why he was always with his shirt turned upside down
  • It was funny, sometimes he even drops coffee in his shirt, he got burned because of that
  • But you always help him, saying what’s wrong, what he forgot, etc.
  • He stopped on the door, ready to go, already on the outside, you stood up and go to him, you usually give him a hug and say “Have a good day” of course, when you don’t need to go too.
  • “Have a good day Yoosung…Take care!” He smiles ready to hug her, but you kiss him
  • He was surprised by that, maybe that was because of that he isn’t kissing you back
  • When their lips parted, he looks at you with his mouth open, and you just…smiled
  • “I think i can skip school for a day…
  • ” He said as he enters the house again, kissing you, closing the door with his feet (he thought he was so badass in that moment)
  • He skipped classes today ~


  • That day he was so excited, he got a new role!
  • Because of that, he was jumping in every part of the house, and MC is just laughing at this.
  • You love to see him so happy and successful with his dreams, he needs more than he’s getting.
  • When MC was sitting on the couch, seeing him jump around yelling about his new role, he stops and start to sing to you, and you smiled
  • Until he sits beside you smiling 
  • “Thank you, my princess, you’re so good to me, you believed in me" 
  • He kissed your cheek and when he was about to get up again and start to yell, you grab his shirt and kissed him
  • For the first time, Zen didn’t move at all
  • But when your lips parted, he puts one hand on your back, and pulled you back, and kissed you, a kiss that seemed he hasn’t kissed you in a long time.
  • While you guys were kissing he made you lay down on the couch, he was on top of you now, when you two stopped kissing he looked at you and give a little smile
  • "Can we celebrate that new role princess? ~”


  • Jaehee still with those ”friend thing”, he keeps kissing on your cheek even when she already says “I love you” to you, like a whisper
  • You’re tired of that, why she don’t just don’t accept her feeling toward you like you did?
  • She was closing the cafe as you were walking toward her when she turn around and see you 
  • “Oh god MC…You scared me, are yo—” You kissed her, making her drop the keys, and widened her eyes
  • You were kissing her passionately, showing to her all that love you’re keeping for you when you stopped, she looked in your eyes and you did the same
  • And then she puts her hands on your cheeks and kissed you, showing all her love that she was keeping to herself
  • After you two parted because you two need desperately air, she smiled at you
  • “Want to have lunch at my house?” But you two already had lunch
  • Oh…OH! You nod and she picks the key and your hand and start to walk


  • Jumin’s really stubborn and bossy with everyone
  • But with you, he’s so sweet, look like a totally different person, you changed him, he looks more human now.
  • This day he didn’t  go to work, he was chilling with you in the bed, talking about so many things, work related things, his feeling, he loves to be able to talk about this with you, and Elizabeth, she was with you guys in the bed
  • “You know love, i have one dream…I want to have one more member in our family, i really want to be a dad you know, i never thought about that, but i love you so much that this feeling is keeping me insane”
  • He’s so sweet and romantic, you can’t restrain yourself, you kiss him, he didn’t do anything at the moment, but after a while he kissed you back, making you get on top of him, while you’re catching your breath he looks to Elizabeth
  • She understands the message and get out of the bed, after that he started to kiss your neck
  • “We can try to realize my dream right now?”


  • You always surprise him, you’re  a box full of surprises, you are the only thing that he doesn’t know what to expect
  • Maybe this is why he always loved you? Maybe.
  • “MC ! MC!” He runs to you “I think about a new way to prank Yoosung!Come with me, will be so fun!I will tell you step by step, please say yes”
  • He said, smiling, a large smile, he’s such a dork, but you love that smile so much.
  • You love him so much.
  • You can’t help yourself and kissed him, he seems surprised, but he kissed you back, hugging you in the process
  • After you two stopped kissing, you smile at him “Let’s go”
  • He looks at you and takes off his glasses and look at you with a marvelous smile, “But now i want to do another thing”


  • He loves when you read things to him, or describing to him about a paint,  or image, he can see a little, but he loves to listen to your voice
  • And you love to help him.
  • One time you’re describing lots of photographs and telling the story behind them when you told him about a photograph of a family, his eyes start to get filled with tears “V…Are you alright?”
  • He nods, wiping away tears, and then he looked at you “…I just got happy, i can think about a photograph of a family, but our family…”
  • You’re surprised to listen to him talk about this “…You can continue now MC…” You kissed him without thinking twice
  • He’s surprised, this is the first time you kissed him, when you looked at him again, more tears was coming out of his eyes as he smiles “Could you do this again?”


  • When he goes to the kitchen he sees you doing something there…You look so beautiful in his eyes, smiling, singing, he can’t take his eyes off you.
  • How could someone be so perfect? How could someone so perfect be his?
  • Sometimes he simply cannot believe it. While he was lost in his own thoughts
  • “Hey, Saeran!I’m doing a dessert!It’s a secret, but i’ll use ice cream!”
  • Saeran doesn’t care, he’s looking at you, standing still, lost in his own thoughts “I love you so much…” you look at him again “Huh?”
  • He finally wakes up, “I said that i’m excited to eat this dessert!” You laugh, he’s a dork, you walk to him and kiss him, he was a little surprised by it, but he doesn’t waste time, he kissed you back almost instantly
  • When you stopped, you’re smiling again “If you’re so excited, i better finish it soon!” You say while you’re going back to your “workstation”, but he grabs your hand, and you look at him
  • I was not talking about that dessert.” He gives you a smirk.
James March: Ugly Jealousy - Part Two


Eventually, you grew tired of begging James to free you from the room so you sat against the double door to collect your thoughts, resting your head on your knees. The fight to holding in your tears has failed as tiny droplets slowly fall from your eyes.

Elizabeth’s ghostly figure suddenly appears in front of you.

“Elizabeth?” You moved your head up as you were surprised to see her.

“Why do you cry, love?” She questions you in worry.

Wiping your tears with your shirt, you answer, “Oh Elizabeth, it’s James. I was having an innocent conversation with a married man and James just killed him.”

She bends down to your level, making eye contact with you. “Sweetheart, don’t be so upset. It’s because he truly loves you. I can see it in his eyes. He may even love you more than I love my precious Rudy.” Elizabeth cups your face with her hand. “And honey, I know damn well he loves you more than he loved me.”

You smiled at her in relief. “Thanks, Elizabeth.”

“And if you love him the same, you’re just going to have to accept that he is the way that he is and everything will be okay. Your James has been killing for almost a century. There’s no changing the way he is.”

“You’re right. You’re definitely right.” Elizabeth was correct. Her advice really helped ease your judgement on what James has done. James will always be the way he is and there really is nothing you can do to change him. Your love for him is so incredibly indescribable that you’re now willing to fully accept it. 

You and Elizabeth have always been on good terms. You’ll never forget the day that she thanked you for coming into James’ life because he has left her alone ever since. Now, he wouldn’t so much look in her direction whenever their ghostly spirits do cross paths in the hotel.

Elizabeth smiled back at you. But before she had the chance to say another word, a knock goes on your door. She glances at the door and her spirit disappears.

“Dearest?” James calls as he’s putting his ear close to the door to listen for you.

“I’m right here, James.” You answered.

James grabs the key from his pocket to unlock the door. “I’m coming in.”

As he enters the room, he closes the door behind him and quickly scans the room with his eyes to look for you, then he finally sees you sitting on the floor. “Darling, are you alright?” He goes to kneel down to your level, facing in front of you.

“Yeah I’m fine now. Actually, I’m better.” You said as you’re looking down.

“My sincerest apologies for my actions by keeping you locked in our bedroom. I just could not dare to see you leave me.” James lightly grabs your chin to lift your head up. “Not for a day. Not even for a minute.”

You smiled at James when he said the last line. “I forgive you, James.”

“Come.” James smiled and put his hand out for you to grab. “Take my hand, dearest.” 

Forgiving James put your mind at peace. Feeling the way you’re feeling right now, that beautiful face of his is something you can’t say no to. Those dark brown eyes definitely drew you in more and more.

You took James’ hand and he helped lift you up from the floor, grunting a little as he lifts you up. “Now that that’s all in order, I have a small surprise for you.”

“Surprise?” You questioned. An apology gift wasn’t something you expected at all. 

James opens the door and the sight of him quickly disappears as he’s grabbing something in the hall. Keeping your feet glued to the floor, you move your head to get a closer look at what he’s doing. 

He comes in pushing a cart filled with enough appetizers, entrees and desserts for two. Your eyes grew wide from surprise and excitement. “I figured we dine in tonight. How does that sound, darling?”

You walk over to James, giving him a kiss on the cheek to thank him. “That sounds perfect, James.” 

James smiles, revealing his dimples. “Splendid.”

What I want to see in season 2 of KS:

-Sangwoo crying.
-More about the past of Sangwoo.
(Koogi confirmed it on lezhin).
-More about the death of Sangwoo’s parents. -More about Bum’s past and his parents. -Sangwoo and Bum doing it.
-Sangwoo and Bum kissing another time.
-Bum with woman’s underwear. (LMFAO)
-Bum crying and saying thinks like “I love you” or “Why are you doing this” to Sangwoo. (Of course, the scene have to be sad and Sangwoo haves to be surpised)
-A beautiful moment.
(I have hope for something beautiful)
-A sad moment.
-Sangwoo killing Bum’s uncle.
-Sangwoo smoking sensually without shirt🌚
(I have my doubts about the shirt but idc)

-What happens to the bodies. -More parts of Sangwoo with glasses. That’s all! Reblog If you are agree.

“Who do you think you are?” Shawn yells at you, his eyes furious, his fists clenched at his sides.

“Who do you think I am?” you scream back at him. The harsh rain has drenched you both, your shirt sticking to your body as you take a step towards him. A fierce pang of pain, hitting you in the chest as he in turn retreats.

“I am your best friend Shawn, I am the one who has and always will be at your side, I’m the one who…” I’m the only who truly loves you. You clench your jaw, forcing yourself to bite back the dangerous words that were so desperately trying to escape.

“What do you want from me! Why did you ruin this relationship for me!” He says loudly, his voice strained, hoarse. You look up, shocked at his outburst, your eyes wide taking in his face. You open your mouth, the words that had threatened to spill over before, dying on your tongue. Defeated you bite your lip.

“You are so fucking selfish…” He whispers, the disbelieving chuckle he lets out spreading across your heart like a layer of frost.

“I tried to kiss you remember? I tried to kiss you, I love you and I tried to kiss you. But you pushed me away!” His voice gains volume, as he takes a step towards you. The way he spits out the words makes you shiver. You cross your arms over your chest, trying to provide some kind of physical barrier between your aching heart and his unforgiving words.

“Do you remember what I asked you?” He continues, “I asked you to tell me that you didn’t feel anything for me. I told you, if you don’t love me I will let it go. I told you I would try to move on… And you said you didn’t feel anything for me!” He takes a deep breath before continuing, getting louder with every word, “You said it And I let go! I let go because you told me to!” He is standing very close to you. You can feel him, through closed eyes. You can feel his body warmth; you can feel your body slowly thawing in his presence. His breath making your skin tingle, your fingers itching to reach out for him.

“I could have been happy with her! But you came and ruined it. Why? Why did you come and ruin it?! Why? Tell me!” he yells. You flinch as icy knives are twisted into your chest at his words.

“Why? Because I- because I can barely take being friends with you when you are constantly gone… Don’t you dare make me suffer through the heartbreak of not being able to see my best friend and my boyfriend everyday…” You whisper, choking out the words. For a long moment he says nothing, you are standing shivering in the rain, tears threatening to spill. When a sigh leaves him and a warm, warm hand takes a hold of your face. Your eyes fly open, beautiful brown eyes staring at you intently. You swallow the lump forming in your throat. Shawn bites his lip, his gaze dropping to your own. His eyes take in your face, your cold lips, your cheeks streaked with raindrops, your watery eyes. His own expression is open, vulnerable.  You know how much you hurt him when you denied having feelings for him.

In that moment you realise that you could crush him, break him, you could shatter a part of him forever. You also know that this is the last moment in which you can end it all. This is the last moment where you can try to save your heart. Avoid loneliness, pain and heartache. But you can’t deny it any longer. You know that saving yourself would mean destroying him. Six months ago you had decided to spare yourself the heartbreak a relationship with Shawn would entail. Six months ago you had brutally stepped on his heart, crushing it to protect your own. Six months ago you had been a coward. Looking into Shawn’s wounded eyes you knew you couldn’t find it in yourself to make the same mistake.

Your fingers slowly, shyly reach for him. Tracing his jaw, your fingers trembling as they tangle in his wet hair, you hesitantly lean up. Shawn sucks in a harsh breath, his eyes searching yours, as if expecting you to play a trick on him. You are the cause for his mistrust, for his pain and that knowledge causes your heart to ache. You pull him down, gently, slowly, giving him enough time to interfere. But he doesn’t. Your cold lips brush against his velvety mouth. Softly coaxing his lips to come alive you sigh in relief as you feel him give in. A low groan escapes him as his hand comes around your waist, pressing you against his hard, warm body. Your cold, clammy skin comes alive under his loving touch. A sigh parts your mouth, and his tongue slips past, as the kiss becomes increasingly passionate. Your hand tugging on his wet hair, the other seeking support by clutching the drenched fabric of his shirt. Shawn breaks the kiss, your breathing is heavy, his cheeks are flushed, his lips swollen. His eyes remain closed, as if he were afraid the moment would turn out to be a dream should he open them. slip away should he open them. His forehead drops to yours, his eyes fluttering open, looking at you.

“Why do you only want me when I’m taken?” he whispers, a pained breath punching out of his chest.

Your lips meet in a heated kiss. Shawn is steering you towards the bed, your soaked clothes lying discarded on the floor. Your hands are running through his hair, the pads of his fingers hungrily tracing your naked body. His hand leaves your body as he blindly searches for something. At your questioning look he holds up a condom, his teeth worrying his swollen lips as he looks down at you. You know that you have to make the first move again, the wounds your refusal had left still too fresh for him to fully trust you with his heart. You snatch the condom out of his hand and gently push him down onto the bed. Lying splayed out on the bed, his rich brown eyes look up at you expectantly. You crawl up his body, leaving lingering kisses on his warm, soft skin. You straddle him, pressing a hand to his chest when he tries to sit up. Your jaw drops open as you start grinding against him, your nails pressing into his skin as your body comes alive. The slow circling motions of your hips fuelling your need to feel him inside you, stretching you, filling you to the brim . A soft whimper rasps out of you, as you drive your hips forward to get more, more of the delicious drag of his cock against your pussy. His hands fly to your waist, clutching you in a bruising grip as his eyes flutter closed. Your right hand reaches for his, slowly loosening the unforgiving grip he has on your hip. You wind your fingers through his, rocking against his hard cock. He gasps, his cheeks reddening further as the friction of your slick folds increases the pressure building in his stomach. A surprised moan of his name spills from your lips as the head of his painfully hard dick nudges your clit, sending tingling sparks down your spine.

“Come on. St- stop teasing me. Get on me.” He growls, his eyes opening, his heated gaze making you keen above him. You bring the condom wrapper to your lips, opening it carefully. His Adam’s apple bobbing, as you slide the latex down his shaft. Shawn’s eyes roll back as his head hits the mattress. A broken moan leaves his lips while his chest heaves with the effort to breathe. His hand still clasped in yours tightening at the feel of your deft fingers on him. Your fingers leave his cock, dancing across the tight skin of his abs, the muscles jumping underneath. You position yourself over his cock, the head gently bumping against your clit in the process, making you bite your lip. Your hand splayed on his stomach helping you support yourself as you steadily, torturously sink down on him. His eyes are studying you carefully, taking in your parted lips, your body that is slowly sliding onto his aching cock, shallow breaths being punched out of you. His fingers travel up your side, gently pulling on your nipple, delicious pain curling down your spine. He finally, finally bottoms out, a cry of his name escaping you.

Suddenly he sits up, the hand cupping your tits moving around your waist, hugging you close to him. He lets go of your hand to gently take a hold of the nape of your neck. Your neglected nipples rubbing against his hard chest making your eyes flutter, your sigh being swallowed by his hungry lips taking yours in a bruising kiss. Shawn’s slow upward thrusts sending sharp thrills of pleasure through your body. You drive your hips forward; your head falls against his shoulder as his cock bumps against your g-spot. Your nails dig into his biceps as you let Shawn control the pace. His arm is around you, an unyielding band of muscle as he makes you grind on him. Your walls are stretched around him, a feeling of tightness coiling in your stomach as he keeps nudging, teasing, torturing the abused nerves in your pussy. Desperate, incoherent pleas of more, are falling from your lips. He answers your whines with a harsh thrust. Your head tilts, exposing the column of your neck as you lean back in Shawn’s arms, letting him support you. His lips kiss a path down your chest, his mouth closes around your nipple, his teeth lightly grazing it. You clench around Shawn, the desperate, frustrated motions of your hips increasing. Your hands seek support, clawing themselves into his shoulders as he continues to torture your puffy nipples. Shawn looks at you, writhing above him, a slight smile spreading on his face.

“Shawn… I’m- “You are silenced by swollen lips colliding with yours. Your walls fluttering wildly around him as you feel the tight pressure low in your stomach twisting around your spine. You arch your back as Shawn starts whispering sweet nothings against your ear. Words that were meant to be only heard by you.  

The waves of your orgasm roll over you, the burning, tingling, wrecking feeling washes over you. You break apart under the force of it, a whimper of his name  falling from your lips as your body goes limp against a hard, smooth wall.

You shiver as you are slowly lifted away from the warmth, but before you have any time to complain a strong arm pulls you closer to a heaving chest. Your face is pressed against hot, damp skin, the rapid thudding of a heartbeat a soothing rhythm against your ear.

The fog in your head recedes as you regain control over your breathing. Someone, Shawn, is peppering your hair with light kisses. You purr under his soft touches. As you look up at him, the glazed, satisfied brown eyes observing you mirroring your thoughts.

This is overwhelming.

This is too intense.

This is how it should be.

This is how it’s meant to be.

What would the RFA members + V and Saeran do for their first ever date?

I’m putting it below the cut because this post would take FOREVER to scroll down your feed. I know this HC is probably done a lot of times already, but I’m hoping those who’ll read it will enjoy!

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All of You – Part 4 (I Love Her, Rick) – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Summary: Y/N convinces Daryl to let her come to Alexandria with him, after fighting with him. Makeup Smut ensues as she convinces him to take her along. They drive to Alexandria and meet Rosita and Rick, Rosita is pissed at Daryl, and Rick contemplates how to deal with the new situation. Daryl takes Y/N home. Smut AF. Post-Negan AU.


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“But, I don’t understand! Why do you have to go?!” You shout to Daryl as he shoves a few shirts into a bag and searches his eyes around the room, zipping up the bag and throwing it over his shoulder.

He locked eyes with yours and his eyes dropped in sadness a moment before facing you again.

“I have to go, Y/N. They’re my friends… The only thing left I got in this world, besides you.” He gestured to you, his breath heavy as his heart pounded with nervous energy. He didn’t want to go, he wanted like hell to stay with you and spend his life wrapped in your kisses, but he owed Rick and everyone else so much more than that.

“I’ll come with you!” You say quickly as your stomach did flips at the thought of Daryl leaving you.

Daryl smiled softly at you at the thought, quickly shaking his head and his eyes turning sad again.

“Nah. I don’t want you out there.” He nodded outside the window, toward freedom.

You grit your teeth and glare at him, as he pulls a Negan and presupposes you can’t do whatever the fuck you want. You fold your arms and stare at him defiantly.

“Besides, I don’t know how Rick and everyone is gonna take you…” He says, staring at you biting his lip, hating having this conversation.

“What is that supposed to mean?” You snap angrily, shaking your body sassily about, with your arms still folding tightly around you.

Daryl’s eyes fall to the floor, staring harshly at it, “ You know, Y/N…” He says softly, not wanting to look you in the eye.

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EXO Reaction when you buy adorable/fashionable clothes for your upcoming child

Xoxo, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


“Jagi why do you have so many baby clothes? … Wait… am  I going to be a father?!”


*Shopping with you* “Why can’t we buy him this galaxy pants! He’s going to love them! Or maybe this galaxy shirt!” *Can’t believe you don’t share his sense of fashion*


“Wait wait wait… are these for me?! Oh they are baby clothes?! But this would look so good on me!”*He’s a baby*


“No no no! Get that thing out of my sight! We’re buying her this little panda dress!” *Fashion expert here xD*


“Jagi… you don’t even know if it will be a girl! What if it’s a boy! I want to buy Jongin Jr some cute little pants!” *Having this conversation for the 100th time*


“Let’s make a deal.. you buy the clothes and I buy the toys!” *Having so much fun*


*He follows you everywhere* “Look at her… taking pictures of the clothes… This girl…”


*Having so much fun shopping with you* “No no baobei.. our baby needs manly shoes!”


*When you ask him to come with you shopping* “ I don’t know jagi, sounds suspicious to me… You want me to carry the bags don’t you…“


*Always with you* “It was a successful day jagi… We bought so many clothes today… Our baby is so lucky to have a mom like you” *Hubby material here*


*Decides to do some shopping too* “I bet our baby will love this hand soap… What do you think Lay 2?”


*He just can’t with the fact that he’s going to be a father* “Can I come next time with you? Pretty please?”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Shirt killer

prompts-”Why do you keep stealing my shirts babe?” and “I love you but im going to have to kill you.”

Jason Todd 

ahhhhhhh im so tired and this is shIT and short 









“Why do you keep stealing my shirts babe?” Jason’s voice surprised you, making you let out a gasp. 

“Don’t sneak up on me like that Jason, you know that scares the shit out of me.” Jason was always coming up behind you and scaring you. 

Jason’s fingers grabbed the bottom of the shirt you were wearing, that happened to be his, and pulled you closer to him. His hands went under the shirt and ran slowly up and down your back. His calloused fingers felt amazing against your soft skin. His hands were always warm, making you shiver. He brought his mouth close to your ear, his hot breath made you want to moan. 

“I love you, but I’m going to have to kill you.” Your eyes widened at his statement you were thrown onto the bed with Jason on top of you. His fingers dug into your sides making you scream out. 

His fingers moved fiercely against your sides. Your shirt had ridden up again and his rough fingers were attacking your smooth skin again. You were begging him to stop, your hands were in his hair trying to pull him away from you. Your laughter and screams filled the room, all you could hear from Jason were his evil chuckles. 

“Jason, please!” You shrieked. 

“No, this is what you get for stealing my shirts.” He continued to tickle you through the tears that were falling down your face. 

“Jason,please I’m going to pee!” Jason stopped and you sat up instantly, pushing him off of you. 

“You’re satan,” You tried to catch your breath and he barked out a laugh. 

“Never do that again,” You had a hand over your heart and you were breathing heavily. 

“This wouldn’t happen if you wouldn’t steal my shirts,” He said smugly.

“Fuck you.”

little shownu things

• always let’s you have the last slice of pizza/cookie/food you share
• (that’s how you know he loves you)
• smiles and dips his head when you catch him staring at you
• fascinated by you
• so always gets caught
• tucks his shirt into his trousers (doesn’t understand why you hate it??)
but I like this look?
you look like a 42 year old father of three
is that a bad thing?
• forever confused
• randomly breaks into song and/or dance
• freezes when he realises what he’s doing
• carries on bc you find it adorable
• he really is adorable
• lowkey loves you calling him adorable
• Dad Jokes™
shownu please… enough
• blushes when you hold his hand/brush against him/do anything that involves touching him in any way!!
• so you naturally touch him as much as possible
• either tries to get away from you
• or the vein in his temple starts pulsing…
• which means trouble (good or bad)
• kisses are his weakness
• starts off slowly but suddenly he’s trailing kisses down your neck and has to physically rip himself away from you
• asks if it’s ok to carry on
yes it’s more than oka-
• carries on 
• loves watching you sleep
• probably bc it’s the only time he can look at you for so long without looking away
• always the big spoon
• afraid of crushing you in your sleep
I’m pretty sure that won’t happen
but what if it does??
• shy giant
• really into wildlife documentaries for some reason??
• loves being complimented (never admits it)
• subconsciously reaches for you whenever you’re near
• places his hand on your thigh under tables
• always gently squeezes your waist when holding you
• doesn’t understand the concept of lazy sundays
what should we do?
why don’t we work out together? it’ll be fun!

is that a yes?
• loves tickling you!!
• (secretly loves it bc he gets to touch you without getting shy)
• cooks for you whenever you come home late
• even if it’s always ramen
• loves hearing about your day
• tells you about his
• even if it takes a while for him to start
•  loves you so so much
•  just the thought of you makes him smile

stolen shirts

Written for @aheartofwood because she loves Bodhi and I love her.

Bodhi woke up to Jyn rummaging through his drawers.

“What…are you doing?” he asked blearily.

“I want to borrow your shirt,” she said by way of explanation.

Bodhi rubbed his eyes. “W-why?”

“Because I like it.” She successfully extracted the shirt, yanked it out of the drawer, and swapped it out for the shirt she was currently wearing. She reached over to ruffle Bodhi’s hair (which was already messy from sleep) before sailing out of the room. She had stolen one of his shirts and had made a mess doing so, but Bodhi smiled nevertheless. He hadn’t had friends when he worked for the Empire. He’d had bunkmates and colleagues, but none of them had cared about him. Not the way Jyn and Cassian and Chirrut and Baze and yes, even K2, did.

He got up and reached for his jumpsuit, pausing when he saw Jyn’s discarded shirt. With a silly grin, he put on the shirt and left his jumpsuit unzipped from the waist up so that it would be visible. He went to the mess hall like that, grinning a little too hard as he joined his friends. It took a few minutes, but Cassian finally asked, “Did you two switch clothes?”

“I felt like a change,” Jyn said.

“Good, because I’m running out of shirts,” Cassian said.

“I like this shirt,” Jyn continued as if she hadn’t heard him. “It’s a nice fit.”

“It looks good,” Bodhi said. “You should keep it.”

“Okay,” Jyn said easily.

“Jyn,” Cassian said sternly. “You can’t walk all over Bodhi like that.” He turned to Bodhi. “You can say no to her, you know.”

“No, it’s okay,” Bodhi said. “It’s just a shirt.” It was just a shirt, but Bodhi would have said it was okay no matter what it was. Not that he was going to let Cassian know that.

“Yeah, and Bodhi knows I love him,” Jyn said, reaching across the table to ruffle Bodhi’s hair. “Right, Bodhi?”

He smiled. “Right.”

Cassian didn’t look entirely convinced. “Okay, but if she starts pushing you around, you let me know,” he said.

“I will,” said Bodhi, but he would probably do no such thing. He liked having friends, even if they stole his clothes, because they loved him and they didn’t want him to get pushed around. He’d never had a group of people before who loved him like that. Not family, not friends, and certainly no one with the Empire.

Defecting hadn’t been easy–in fact, it had been the hardest thing he’d ever had to do. But every day when he sat in this mess hall and looked at his friends, he knew that he had made the right decision.

Even if it meant they stole his shirts.

Dating Isaac Lahey

A/n: Even more Isaac bc I love him okay ^-^


Dating Isaac Lahey would include:

• “But why do you even care?”

• “Because I love you dammit”

• “Oh”

• Lots of kisses.

• Like for no reason at all.

• Lying in his arms and just talking for hours.

• Him playing with your hair when you’re upset and not being able to keep your eyes open.

• Waking up to your favourite flowers.

• Being his anchor.

• Even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

• Stealing one his shirts and him loving it so much that he doesn’t like it when you’re not wearing one.

• Wearing his lacrosse jacket.

• Him getting distracted during a game because he sees you in it and he thinks it’s the hottest thing he’s ever seen.

• He gets hit in the head with the ball and you’ll never let him forget it.

• Getting him into your favourite TVs shows.

• Finding out that he hasn’t watched any Disney movies and having movie marathons every weekend until he’s seen them all.

• Him falling asleep with his head in your lap when you’re reading.

• Studying together.

• “Stop staring at me, I need to get this done”

• “Stop being so adorable then”

• “Shut up”

• Baking together.

• Getting annoyed when he eats half the ingredients before you can use them.

• Being the big spoon sometimes.

• Especially when he’s had a nightmare or upset about his past.

• Him being frantic when you get hurt.

• “It’s only a sprain”

• “A sprain that wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t have come with us”

• Becoming really good friends with the pack.

• Pet names.

• “You ready princess”

• “5 minutes babe”

• Scott and Stiles teasing him when he calls you princess in front of them accidentally.

• Just being really, /really/ in love.

Dating Sehun
  • Can I just start with saying how perverted Sehun is?
  • He would touch your butt whenever he can. While you cook, while you do the laundry, while you go for a walk at the park AT THE PARK JESUS etc
  • He would love to kiss you like everywhere. Cheek, forehead, shoulder, neck…
  • This guy would love to kiss your neck and give you hickeys. He would want everybody to know that you are his.
  • He would probably try cooking for you and almost set the kitchen on fire. He would ask Kyungsoo or Chanyeol to help him. 
  • He would do lots of aegyo just for you  
  • ‘’I did aegyo for you now can you give me blowjob?’’ 
  • He would tease you A LOT
  • He would give you fashion advices
  • ‘’Why are you wearing that? It doesn’t match your white jeans, woman! Take it off!’’
  • He would get turned on while you’re taking your shirt off 
  • ‘’Okay just keep the shirt on or you’ll give me a boner.’’ 
  • You would help him choose his new hair color.
  • He would check himself out whenever he sees a mirror so you just tease him 
  •  ‘’Stop that! You know that I look hot, you’re just jealous because you’re ugly.’’
  • ‘’No baby, you’re the most beautiful girl in the universe NOW WILL YOU STOP GIVING ME THE SILENT TREATMENT’’
  • You would give each other names
  • ‘’How is my snugglepuffbaby doing today?’’
  • ‘’How many times do I have to tell you woman, don’t call me snugglepuffbaby in front of the guys!’’ 
  • Him being sassy 7/24
  •  ‘’What do you mean that if I don’t stop sass you, you wont have sex with me for a month?’’ 
  • Netflix and chill
  • Okay so we all know that Sehun has a thing for legs so he wouldn’t be able to stop touching your legs either
  • .You making him dance to girl group songs
  • Tickle fights 
  • He would nag over everything 
  • He would probably eat the last cookie to make you angry 
  • ‘’Let’s shower together to save some water!’’
  •  ‘’You know, when we get into shower together, the last thing we do is shower…’’
  • Him being a total lover boy when you two are alone ‘
  • ’I know that I don’t say this everyday but I’m glad that you’re my girlfriend and I love you.’’
  •  One of the members would catch you two at this moment and film it
  • Sehun loves attention so he would always want your attention
  • ‘’Sehun can you move your ass away from the screen? I can’t see anything.’’ 
  • ‘’Then stop staring at Johnny Depp and look at me.’’
  • ‘’Sehun I sometimes think that you love bubble tea more than me.’’
  •  ‘’Pfff, you’re ridiculous * whispers while touching the bubble tea bottle * of course I love you more baby, you’re my life.’’
  • He would get jealous over you spending time with his band members 
  • ‘’Yah, hyung don’t sit close to her , she’s sick but since my immune system is stronger than yours I can sit next to her.’’
  •  Holding hands everywhere 
  • This guy would love to bite your lower lip when you kiss okay also he would have some weird kinks
  • Yes, he would like to touch your butt as I said but what about his butt? 
  • Sex in public places because Sehun would think it’s exciting. 
  • You would wear his clothes 
  • ‘’Is that my shirt?’’‘
  • ’Should I take it off?’’
  • “I will for you”
  • Sehun would love you with all of his heart and he would just want your happiness #couplegoals

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