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"Oliver....you can't go answer the door like that!" "Why not?" "Because IT'S MY MOTHER. And you have a hickey on your stomach!"

“I do?” Oliver curved his back and ducked his head, finally spotting the reddish-purple blotch peeking over the waistband of his pajama pants.  Felicity let out an “eep!” and Oliver looked at her.  

“What now?” he asked in confusion.

“Don’t do that!  The whole sexy back thing so you can look at your stomach and see how I sucked on you so hard I broke blood vessels under your skin!”

Oliver can’t help smirking at her.  “You make biology really sexy.”  

His fiancee (God, he loved calling her that) rolled her eyes and pushed past him.  “Just go put a shirt on!”  

“Nope,” he said, following her to the door.  “Because this would explain why you kept your mother waiting on your doorstep.”

“Trust me, she knew why the minute I told her we were together,” Felicity said under her breath, before she opened the door.  “Hi, Mom.  Sorry about that.”  

Donna Smoak, her hair perfectly curled and sporting a tight pink dress, looked amazing for a woman who had just taken an early-morning flight.  But more than that, it was how her face lit up at the sight of Felicity that made Oliver smile.  

“Oh, baby!” she squealed, throwing her arms around Felicity while bouncing on her five-inch heels.  “I’m so happy for you!”

From over Felicity’s shoulder, Donna beamed at Oliver, and he can see how Felicity’s shoulders have relaxed, and he bet his fiancee was smiling.  

Because there was something infectious about Donna, something that she had passed along to her daughter.  A way that Felicity was like her mother.  

“Now tell me everything!” Donna said, pulling back and smiling at Felicity.  “How did he propose?  Is this the ring?  Oh my God, I’m blind!”  She laughed, throwing a wink at Oliver before taking another look at the four-carat diamond that was on Felicity’s finger.

“It was Oliver’s great-grandmother’s ring,” Felicity said, sounding proud and happy and still a little surprised.  “And the proposal was perfect.”  

If you call asking the woman you love to marry you while you were bound to another woman via a secretive cult’s rituals ‘perfect’, Oliver thought.  But then Felicity looked at him, her eyes soft, and he knew what she was thinking.  That she wouldn’t have it–wouldn’t have him–any other way.

And that went double for him.  So he smiled, and kissed Donna’s cheek and Felicity’s mouth, and said, “How about I go get you two some breakfast, so you can talk?”  

Felicity smiled at him.  “You are the best fiance ever.”  

“Oh, you two are so cute!” Donna said, clapping her hands.  “And breakfast sounds wonderful.”  

Oliver ducked his head and smiled a little, turning to go get dressed.  Just as he stepped into the bedroom, though, he heard Donna speak.  

“Was that a hickey I saw on Oliver’s stomach?  Baby girl, I am so proud of you!”

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Big bang reaction to you walling around in only his shirt

Uhuuu interesting…


His eyes are following you everywhere you go…watching closely every move…


“Jesus bae bae~”


*Look at her! Ji-sus! Why is she doing this to me…?!*

“Bae wear something, you’ll get cold…”


*She’s so sexy…should I go for it…?*

*pondering while watching you*


Horny maknae mode: ON

“ I love you baby i’m not a monster…”

*throws you back in bed*


loving-mellark's fave...

We sat on the floor of his bedroom. An unfamiliar distance settled between us. I didn’t know what to say. Peeta picked at imaginary threads on the hem of his shirt.

 “Why won’t you let me free you?”

I looked up to meet an expression I hadn’t seen on his face in a long time: anger, disappointment, confusion. How could I explain this to someone whose sufferings in life had never been to do with hunger, desperation, and the mere notion of survival? We came from two very different worlds.

“I’d never stop owing you.”

He pursed his lips. “But what if I’m doing it for me? Because I want you to live?”

I shook my head and stood up from the ground, curling my arms around me as some kind of shield against the anger I could sense growing inside him.

“Then I’d tell you that I gave up my life the day I agreed to be an organ donor, that all I want in the world is to give my sister the opportunity to live, to learn, to get out of the Seam and out of this cycle and the only way I can offer that to her is by donating, and if you buy me out of my contract I won’t be able to do that.”

“Dammit Katniss!”

He stood, stalked towards me. I took a few hesitant steps backwards as he neared, something about the look in eyes told me this was bigger than our previous fights.

“I love you! Doesn’t that count for anything?”

I winced at the sob the choked his words, the tears that glistened in his eyes. But I had to shake my head ‘no’.

I felt my own tears clogging my throat as I pleaded, “Peeta, don’t please.”

“No! You don’t get to make me feel bad for loving you! For believing your life is valuable – ”

I cut him off with a scream, “I don’t have a life, Peeta!”

He moved two steps closer but I was backed against the wall, nowhere to move.

“I don’t have a life, you own me, and you have to accept it.”

With the distance between our bodies now almost non-existent, I had to look up to meet the storm that raged on his face.

“Is that what you think? Is that what this has been?”

The insolent brat within me found herself gritting out a definitive ‘yes’. Within seconds of the word leaving my mouth, Peeta picked me up from the wall and tossed me on the bed like a rag doll. I scrambled backwards on the bed but he was over me before I could move. His lips pushed against mine and I resisted tight-lipped.

 “You’re mine,” he growled the words and I felt wet heat pounding at my core.

The Contract ~ maktub (coalstewart)

“I ask myself how can anyone can be such fanciful. The idea is simply brilliant. The story has overwhelmed me. I still can’t shake this story. I’m not sure I ever will.” - loving-mellark 

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lmao I got this when I was at a wedding which is why it took me so long to get to it but here you go anon. I do love the OTP smut. 

So in the stall of the second floors men’s bathroom probably wasn’t their brightest idea but it was the best way Mikasa knew how to skip class. Eren had her back pressed up against the stall door, his hands grasping onto her while her legs remained firmly around his waist. His lips were on her neck and she was practically withering under his touch. Her school uniform issued cardigan had been pushed white open, quite a few buttons on her white shirt undone and her bra sticking out.

He was killing her.

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Soundtrack Series - Midnight Memories - Happily

Harry: You continue to scroll. Why? You have no idea. You can’t even remember what brought you to his tag on Twitter, but now you’re lost in it. You scroll through pictures of the many different and colorful shirts he’s been donning over the last few shows and can’t help but smile. He was having so much fun up there being himself, and everyone around him was loving it. “What are you doing?” You hear from behind you, jumping a little, startled by the sudden break in silence. Sydney was behind you, arms crossed for effect, and a smirk on her face. “I’m not doing anything,” you say, slowly closing your laptop, knowing she had already seen what you had been looking at. “Doesn’t look like not anything. Do you miss him?” She asks as she walks around the breakfast bar where you are seated and into the kitchen. “Of course I miss him, the old him.” “I thought you said he was getting better after that call last week?” You pause to think about everything that’s happened in the week. Harry had been very apologetic over the phone when you finally answered his call. He had also continued in asking for forgiveness by sending you the biggest bouquet of flowers with a note attached that read: ‘I know you don’t like things like this, but put them on the coffee table and deal with it. H’ There was no denying that he knew you better than you knew yourself. “He is, but I’m still not convinced that he’s back to the Harry that was around a few months ago.” “I don’t think that’s it,” Syd reveals, and you look up from your twisting hands, a nervous habit of yours when you were unsure. “I think you know he is back to being that person, but you don’t want to believe it because it is easier for your emotions to be upset with him than it is to allow him back in.” You have no intentions of telling her whether she is right or wrong in this matter. She’s just trying to be a friend though. “I don’t know,” you admit, not leaning in either direction she had mentioned. “Oh come on, I haven’t been around for long but I know the two of you were not meant to be living like this. Apology after apology because you can’t make up your mind on whether or not to accept that the person on the other end loves you more than pretty much anything.” She’s right, she hasn’t been around for long, she doesn’t know absolutely everything between you and Harry. She knows that there is another girl involved, but she doesn’t know that that is the girl that had been chosen over you more times than not. She knows that upsets you, but she doesn’t know that you cry most every night now because you still don’t have your best friend back. She knows how badly you want things to change, but what she doesn’t know is that you actually blame yourself for absolutely everything happening between you now. Maybe you were supposed to be together. But he had pushed it so much that you couldn’t do anything but say ‘no’. At least that’s what you told yourself. You didn’t want to ruin a friendship for a relationship. But didn’t it seem like you were already in a relationship with him? You had most people convinced a lot of the time. You get up from the barstool, not saying a word to Sydney as you walk back to your bedroom. You close the door and walk past the bed, going straight to the empty corner of the room. A corner you had left bare for moments just as this. You press your back to the wall and drop to the floor, curling your legs into your chest. The tears come next. This was your crying corner. The one you are in every single night because your life has taken such a terrible turn. In another world, this wouldn’t be you. You wouldn’t be crying, you would be happy, if you would have just said ‘yes’. 

Liam: “Cardiff!” He shouts and you smile. You haven’t gotten lost in tour videos just yet this time. You had been sent this link literally thousands of times and had just gotten up enough courage to press play. “How are we feeling tonight?” He continues. The crowd screams in response and a bright smile stretches across his face. “Good, good. Alright, this next song is a special one,” he begins. “Wait, since when do you introduce this song?” Harry questions, interrupting. “Shush,” Liam snaps quickly and Harry turns around with a sad look on his face at being scolded by his bandmate. The crowd awes at Harry’s sadness and Liam laughs. “Oh, don’t let him fool you, he’s a mean ol’ chum.” “Am not!” Harry turns around quickly in defense. “Can I PLEASE, just get through with this?” “Now you know how I felt the other night,” Louis adds with a smirk. Liam shakes his head and turns back to the crowd. “Okay, anyways, where was I at?” “Special song!” One of fans shouts from the crowd. “Right, yes. This next song is very special. It’s about loving someone so much but not really being able to be with them, but you are still willing to go through absolutely everything to make it happen. All you want is for that person to be happy, because that’s what is going to make you happy, and you know that if they are with you, that’s when they’re going to truly be happy.” The crowd screams at his introduction. “That was beautiful, mate,” Niall comments, wiping away a pretend tear. Liam rolls his eyes. “While we all sing this together I want you all to remember that being truly happy is what life is all about. Do whatever it takes to be happy inside and out. This song is for you.” The music starts and the crowd cheers. As they sing, you are left to think. If there was ever a song of his that matched the situation between you, it would absolutely be this one. You can’t help but think about Mark in this moment though. He seems so friendly with Liam, but what would he think about this? Surely he wouldn’t just brush it off, like he did Liam’s comments about you being taken away from him. You listen to the rest of the song and smile as they boys jump around and sing their hearts out, Liam especially. It is easy to see he is meaning every word. The video ends and you sit facing the replay screen. There is no need to watch it again, you got the message loud and clear. Liam doesn’t think you’re happy, that you’re fooling yourself into happiness with Mark. Liam thinks he can do better. He has always thought that. You have only ever been able to get good things out of life, but with Liam you get the best, or that’s what he thinks. You will admit that you miss him. You miss the phone calls from across the world. You miss the adventures he used to take you on. You just miss the companionship. Liam has been by your side for as long as you can remember, and you can’t deny that not having him around hasn’t been easy. He would love to hear you say all of these things. He would eat them up. You know that all he wants is for you to admit that your life is better with him in it. But you aren’t ready to admit that to yourself, much less him. You close the laptop and turn from the desk, removing the earbuds and getting up from the chair. A sleeping Mark still lay in bed. You look at the clock. You should have been asleep hours ago. You’ve been doing this for over a week now. You’ve just not been able to sleep. So you go on the computer, starting off with recipes and DIY sites. Somehow though, you always end up on YouTube watching Liam. It never fails; it always ends with Liam. 

Niall: You thought your flat was nice, but this one is incredible. “Why do you want to renovate?” You question as you look around the space. “I need it a little bit more modern,” Stephen says from the kitchen, pulling a bottle of wine from the cooler. “But this is so lovely,” you comment, looking over all of the exposed brick and traditional features. “Well I’m hoping you can keep it lovely, but make it more modern for me,” he explains as he hands you a glass of white. “Thank you,” you say, not thinking twice about taking him up on the offer to drink while surveying. “Okay, first thing’s first, what is your main priority?” You question, sitting your things down on the kitchen table before taking a seat to begin your notes. “You,” Stephen answers, sitting down next to you. “Renovation wise,” you push, choosing to ignore his comment. “To get you here as many times as I can to look at my apartment but to really get you to see that you enjoy spending your time with me, and eventually you will just start coming over here without any reason because you know I’m the obvious choice.” “Without any reason,” you repeat slowly, scribbling in your notes and playing along. He said these things so playfully, yet you know how serious he was about them. “So let’s start with the kitchen. What are you wanting done in there?” “You,” he responds, his eyes directly on you. “What I’m thinking is a white subway tile for the backsplash, with a white quartz countertop, since you say you’re over the traditional look.” You’re doing your best to ignore his stare. “Sounds fine,” he replies, but you know he more than likely didn’t even hear what you said. “Well before I fully get into this, we need to discuss my budget.” You look up from your notes and of course are met with his eyes. They weren’t horrible to look into, you have to admit that. “There isn’t one,” he reveals and your eyes grow wide. “What?” “There’s no budget on this project, you have full reign over everything, finances included.” He sits back, proud of himself that he can provide you with such leeway. “Are you serious?” You question, still unsure you had heard him right. “It’s all yours, babe, do whatever you want with it.” He holds his arms out and you take another look around the space. You have the freedom to turn this place into whatever you want. He’s giving you a blank canvas. “Isn’t that what you designers dream of?” He inquires with a smile. “Yeah, kind of,” you reply as your own smile slowly spreads across your face as you realize what he is giving you here. Your mind is going over a million different ideas, every single one just as amazing as the next. “Want a proper tour?” He asks and you come back to the moment. “Yes, please.” Your eyes lock onto his again and neither of you move from your seats. “You’re so beautiful, you know that?” He inquires, and you know your cheeks are turning. They always give you away when you’re around him, it never fails. “Good moisturizer,” you tease. You are trying your best not to take his advances seriously. He shakes his head. “No, I think it’s a little more than that.” You know he’s getting closer to you, you can clearly see that. The only problem is you aren’t moving back. Your eyes are still on his as you watch his stare trail down from your eyes and lips and back up. Your heart is racing, and you are certain he can hear it because your entire body is pounding. His face is beside yours now, his lips brushing past your flushed cheeks to meet your ear. “How about that tour?”

Louis: You had thought a day would have been enough time for him to cool down after finding out about you checking in on him behind his back. It clearly wasn’t though. It’s been a week and you lost count with how many times you’ve been trying to get ahold of him. He’s just being stubborn now. Surely he’s forgiven you by now, but you know how long he can hold a grudge. You grab your phone for the final time tonight. He has to answer this time. This has been going on for a week; it’s time for it to end. As the rings pass, you pray he realizes this. Nothing. The rings send you to voicemail. Instead of hanging up like you usually do though, you continue the call. You have to get this out. You wait for the tone and take a deep breath before speaking. “Listen, I’m not sure why you are refusing to talk to me. It’s been a week, and you know I meant absolutely no harm by talking with Liam. I just wanted to make sure everything was really and truly alright with you. What’s so wrong with that? I understand that to you it came across as me not trusting you and I am here to say that I absolutely have faith in everything you say. I love you so much and the last thing I want you to think is that I don’t trust you. I promise from this night forward to not check in with Liam anymore, and to not question anything you tell me in regards to how you are doing. I was just worried at the beginning, but now I realize that I have nothing to worry about. You being happy makes me happy; that’s all I want. So please call me whenever you can. Or at least answer when I try and call you in the morning. I love you so much. Please, do not ever forget that.” At that you end your message and sit the phone down. That isn’t exactly how you wanted to go about telling him how you were feeling, but he gave you no choice. You don’t want this kind of relationship with Louis. The rollercoaster of drama was not healthy for any relationship. All you want is to know that he believes what you are saying to him. You want him to know that you care about him so much, surely he knows that though. You’ve proven it to him so many times. Anger almost comes over you, but you quickly push that back. You can’t be angry with him. He’s been there for you through everything with your family. And even before having to come back home he was there for you, telling you that everyone outside of your relationship did not matter. So what kind of girlfriend were you to bring Liam into the picture? You feel terrible. You almost want to call him back, just to leave another message to say you’re sorry. That wouldn’t help anything; you’re sure of it. You put your phone on charge and crawl into bed. You aren’t sure why though. You haven’t slept in a week. The idea of it was so foreign. You push the covers down to your hips and sit up. What if this continues? What if he doesn’t accept your apology? How are you meant to be without him? You’re already losing your father; you can’t lose Louis, too. The thoughts entering your mind bring tears and the tears turn to sobs. You bury your face in the covers, not wanting anyone else to hear you. The last thing this house needs is another sob story. You settle in to cry for another night. Not having Louis around was tearing you apart, and you had brought it all on yourself. Trust was one of the biggest parts of a relationship, and even though you hadn’t realized it, you had shown Louis that you did not trust him to tell you the truth about his own feelings. You hurt him, and now he was hurting you.

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Nijimura spending his last day with his so before he has to leave to America the next day, please? ;-:

choo choo the angst train is coming through 


Nijimura didn’t want to leave them alone. He didn’t want them to be in Japan by themselves whilst he was in America. The pain in his chest grew as the seconds left them. He was leaving tomorrow and there was nothing he could do about it. That was why when [Name] drowned their sorrows on him, Nijimura could only keep quiet and listen. Their tears dampened his shirt but he later let his own tears fall onto them as he hugged them closer.

He loved [Name]. He would always love them. He tightened his arms around their waist as he buried his face in the crook of their neck. “I love you so much,” he whispered against them. There were no words that could be put together to express how much he held [Name] dear. That’s why it took him all of his power to say the next words. 

“T-That’s why we should break up.”

Nijimura felt them nod hesitantly against him and he let a breath he didn’t know he was holding get released. They loved each other but the distance between them would only destroy them.

~ admin da-sensei

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I'm a little bit confused: if Greg from OTGW is Dipper and Mabel's father, who's the Stan-looking younger guy in flannel shirt kissing a woman that resembles the twins? I absolutely love your drawings btw Congrats! :-)

That’s Greg XD It was Ky-Jane‘s idea to have Greg’s outfit change to flannel. Greg is Stanley’s son in the crossover, which is why he resembles his father. (Also, the timelines for the OTGW–somewhere in the 90s– and GF–summer 2012–shows do not flow the same way in the crossover, meaning that the OTGW story took place long before the twins were born. Hopefully that helps! My words get mixed up sometimes^^;)

And thank you! 8DDD

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Not-Dorcas anon, "I swear, I could talk about Hector all day," TALK TO ME ABOUT LORD HECTOR, PLEASE! (Also, I don't yet have tumblr accout yet, which is why I'm on anon, I swear when I get one I will reveal myself! Thanks for replying, I LOVE YOUR HEADCANNONS! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go draw your Dorcas, Nils and Lowen headcannons. Have a great day!)


(This is so long omg I’m sorry. And you draw??? Ahhhhhhhh when you get a tumblr/make the grand reveal, may I see??? I’m so excited!!!)


  • Hector can’t sleep with shirts on. He just can’t do it. Too restricting.
  • His nervous/irritated tic is to rake his hair back.
  • He develops insomnia after the war. Ruling does not agree with him.
  • He is red-green colourblind.
  • Verbal skills, obviously, are not his strongest point. However, he does have the uncanny ability to make a dirty joke instantly out of absolutely anything anybody says. Eliwood hates it because it’s proof that Hector can be very clever and witty, yet he only uses it for evil.

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It's Friday and everyone is working for the weekend! If Josh weren't an actor, what profession do you think he would be perfect for? 😘 Your-friendly-neighborhood-JHutch-loving-anon


I love you.

Out of all the AUs that Cee and I have made up of him, on paper or just in conversation, I am going to go with mechanic. 

And this…

has a lot to do with. Think about it. Tight white shirt(which is so impractical, but humor me alright?), hovering over an engine, working with his hands, sweating and wiping his brow with the back of his hand. Or wiping his hands with a shop rag and I’m sorry I cannot continue or I will pass out.

So, reasons why I have him as a mechanic in Fightmaster: as much as him kickboxing or doing any kind of sport sends me in a tailspin, him as  a mechanic revs my engine if you know what I mean. Okay, that was such a stupid joke but I had to do it.  Anyway, I love the mechanic, and chose to incorporate a piece oh it into that story.

Who wouldn’t want to meet this country boy randomly at some small shop because they got a flat tire and he says, “What seems to be the trouble?”



it was real quiet at work today and i had a conversation with this dude who i see a lot but rarely kind of talk to. he told me today he doesnt fuck with the crowds which is why he drinks his coffee in the late afternoon rather that the morning, and never on weekends. i was wearing a shirt from central australia with the indigenous flag and an organisation that some family friends were involved with on it. he was asking about the shirt and we got talking, turns out he works in native title and indigenous rights, which is what i want(ed) to do when i was doing law before the degree beat me down. he said he hated his degree but loves his work. maybe if i dont get in to medicine i will too

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why do you think onew doesnt take off his shirt?

There was once a pic of him (and the rest of shinee) in a hotel pool about 2 years back taken by a hotel staff member (I do not have that pic cuz it was taken without his consent obviously) and in that photo he was shirtless. He was with friends/shinee and felt comfortable but once the cameras are on him that would be super uncomfortable and make him self conscious. Its one thing to be shirtless with friends and family than it is being half naked in front of the whole world ya know?

Well, I have thought many reasons over all the years. First It was shyness then later he got more confidence so then I thought it was modesty. He is confident but wants to keep his body to himself. He even said that in an interview and he said that it doesn’t feel good people looking at his body. I also truly think perhaps it’s because he wants people to pay attention to his talent, his amazingly smooth sexy angelic voice, instead of his body.

He also fluctuates in not only weight but with and without abs (Plus he’d probably feel pressure to keep the muscular abs once he shows them and that is a lot of work)… Sometimes his tummy is smooth and flat, sometimes cute soft and pudgy and other times it’s muscular…This would make anyone self-conscious of their bodies especially if they were constantly in the public eye like he is. If one minute he is Abs- a –rific then the next he isn’t then headlines would read something mean like  “Shinee’s Onew let himself go” and that would make him feel like crap or woman would be creaming their panties when he is built “OnABSSSSSSSSSSS” and  he might think they are only his fans because of his body and not his voice…of course real fans would never love him just for his body. But I feel he might feel this way sometimes. (Silly Jinki we love you for you, you are a beautiful soul and we love the package it comes in no matter what it looks like and if you show it off or not.)

Maybe it’s a mixture of some or all these things. If he doesn’t feel comfortable or simply just doesn’t want to I am cool with it. And not for pervy reasons but whenever he is ready to show his body I’ll be there supporting him. I want him to do it because he WANTS to not because he feels he has to.  


An extra theory!….

One day I was talking with the awesome missdubu and we came up with another theory of our own.  What started as joke about a mark or shadow we saw on OnTumy.. I’m an ontae shipper so I joked saying Taemin left a hickey on his belly… But then we noticed that the mark is on more than just those pix from that event. It’s on pix from different times… So we thought maybe it isn’t just a shadow or a bruise from that time. What if he had his appendix taking out or something? Because we did notice a dent or scar type of thing on his lower left side of his stomach. It is a very light mark and hard to see but there is something there. So then we felt maybe that is could be another reason he doesn’t show off his belly. He is self conscious of his scar/mark???  I don’t know maybe we are just seeing things. *shrugs*  

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Top 5 overrated classic films? (If there even are any lol)

Omg to do this, I literally googled “overrated classic films” and looked at a bunch of different pages, but these five are still some of my faves :]

1. Casablanca. It’s become a bit cliché, but I still think it’s pretty lovely

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Most people know that I prefer the original novella, but I still quite like the film


4. Some Like it Hot. Okay this movie has some of the best lines ever


Thanks for asking!!

Why am I so obsessed with picturing bakura at dive bars. Wearing a leather jacket, cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other.. Scoping the room for his next bar fight victim. Rocking a black eye and a busted lip, blood stains on his shirt.. Reeking of sweat and smoke,
Why do I love this so much

Couple Shirts? [YoonJinMin]
  • ~BTS just got back from their (not-so secret) trip in Malaysia~
  • JM:Hyuuuung! I bought us some cool shirts from Malaysia!
  • J & S:*looks at the shirts Jimin bought*
  • S:*smile disappears* J-Jiminie... these are...
  • S:*whispers to Jin* How do we say that these shirts are ugly as fuck?
  • J:T-These shirts are... *clears throat* *prays for forgiveness* REALLY AMAZING!
  • S:HYUNG! What did you just say?
  • JM:*prepares his camera for a group selca* Waah! I'm happy my hyungs loved them! *hands the shirts to the two*
  • S:*whispers angrily* Hyung, why didn't you just say that these shirts are fugly?
  • J:*whispers back* Why, would you like to see poor Jimin cry?
  • S:*blushes* N-No, I don't! UGH Jin-hyung why do this
  • JM:*puts on the shirt*
  • J:*puts on the shirt too*
  • S:I'm not going to wear it! *glares at the two*
  • JM::( But hyung... Y-You hate the shirt?
  • JM:*starts to tear up*
  • J:Wow. Nice one Yoongi, you made the baby cry.
  • S:Ji-Jimin! *seems somewhat moved by his tears?* FINE. I'LL WEAR THIS UGLY ASS SHIRT!
  • S:*puts the shirt on top of his sleeveless top* YOU GUYS HAPPY NOW?
  • J:Yoongi... y-you *controls himself from giggling*
  • JM:YOONGI HYUUUUNG YOU'RE SO CUTE!!1! *glomps him suddenly*
  • S:*blushes intensively* JIMIN GET OFF ME!!!
  • J:*joins the group hug* Waah Yoongi you really are cute! *nuzzles cheeks against Suga's*
  • S:What have I done to deserve this T_____T

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I would love to see you in only a T-shirt ;3

yuck why are some of U so gross also why do i feel like u are a 26 yr old greasy man who is unemployed and live  w his parents and has never learned how to take a shower

So I got asked by my grandpa “why does everyone have to see whats under your shirt”

and holy shit, dude thinks I’m a whore for my outfit

News flash, this isn’t the 50s. I’m not pregnant at 20 like your wife was, I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink, I give you large chunks of my paycheck when you ask me to. 

Grow the fuck up and stop looking for excuses to pick on me. 

Mind you, this is the same man that told me I looked like a 40 year old hooker in my prom dress because it showed my cleavage. 

  • “its your fault you know with that damn body of yours”
  • “Well sorry, Misha, but some of us like looking at your chest… and the damn shirts get in the way.”
  • “rip his pants off”
  • “Do you blame them?? (minus the cutting part…)”
  • “I’m sure you totally know why Misha”
  • “That’s mostly due to the fact that you have a hot body…mostly.”
  • “maybe if his chest wasn’t so Sexy… ”
  • “And don’t we all love it??? ;)”
  • “#it’s so the viewers can get a peek at all that muscle”
  • “#but damn was it appreciated Misha”
  • “#unf”
  • “#it’s because the are very smart people #very smart #hot damn”
  • “#hot damn”
  • “#and bless them for doing it #praise”
  • “#I would like to rip off your shirt”