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errrmm list 2 #24 with shance? if you don't mind

“Show Me” 

Suffer through my love of Lance in dresses. (Low key Sugar daddy AU. I don’t want to talk about why this is where my mind went.) 

Lance is all messed up because he actually likes Shiro. More than likes him, even though he knows damn well this is business and that falling for Shiro is a Bad Idea. But he’s doing it anyway so, when he steps into Shiro’s office he’s holding his breath and his palms are sweating. 

He wants him to like it more than he can remember wanting anyone to like anything. He doesn’t normally worry about how he looks because, at the risk of sounding full of himself, Lance knows he’s hot. But he wants to be more than hot to Shiro, he wants to be…he wants to be the only thing in the room the man sees. 

Shiro looks at him over his glasses then sits up straight as he sets his phone aside. “Show me.” 

Lance pushes the door shut with his foot, lest one of the people who works in Shiro’s office decide to poke in, and lets the long coat he’d worn up drop. Not that he has a problem being seen like this, and it’s nearly six so there aren’t many people around, but Shiro doesn’t want to explain why his ‘PA’ is walking around in heels and a dress. 

It a nice dress. Worth more than Lance was making in a month working retail. It’s short, of course, babydoll style with layers of gauzy teal fabric floating around his thighs, A sweetheart neckline and solid black over the chest with curls of leather forming a shell from the waistline up. The back is laced up with black ribbon, tied in a bow at the small of his back. His shoes match, strappy teal heels, and underneath the dress he’s got a sheer thong and strapless bra in black. 

He kept the make up simple, a little pink tinted gloss and a smokey eye. He looks nice, though not exactly ‘feminine’. But that’s fine, he doesn’t think Shiro is so much into ‘feminine’ as ‘playing dress up on his dime and at his command.’ 

Yeah. That sounds like Shiro.

Shiro picked it all out, sent it by messenger in a box with a note that simply said ‘Get dressed and meet me.’ 

“Come here.” Shiro says as he pushes away from his desk. “Up on the desk.” 

Lance grins teasingly. “You want me sitting on it or bent over it?” 

Shiro smiles and Lance’s stupid traitorous heart skips a beat. 

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What do you think about Naruto beind kind of adopted in a clan? Like, Naruto get chosen by a Inuzuka puppy or Shikamaru just bring him home one day and don't let him leave and Naruto is in love. ( I love ShikaNaru so muuuch)

Anything that increases Naruto’s happiness is 100% fantastic in my book. I actually always kind of wondered why he wasn’t adopted by the Yamanaka in canon? I mean, where better to hide a blond, blue-eyed kid than in a clan of blond, blue-eyed people? But then, I’m always salty that none of the people in Konoha took Naruto in, and I love naruto and Ino as siblings, so I’m biased. 

its so annoying when i see antis saying “stop calling out briana for never being with freddie when louis is out partying hes not doing a good job either” like???? 1) did they all miss the part where briana literally won’t let louis see freddie to the point where he had to go to court for it and 2) if u claim u care about louis why are u so quick to throw him under the bus to defend someone who u dont even know whos proved themselves to be a shitty person

Grant Gustin, interview

You spot him at Comic Con

You had always thought the idea of Comic con a bit scary, though awesome at the same time. Never had you thought a guy there would catch your eye – mostly because you had a thing going on with a guy back home, though when you spotted Grant (whom seemed like a normal guy at that time, of course that was before you had seen the cameras)
“Hey handsome!!” you shouted, not expecting him to answer. Though not only did he do that, he saw you as well and fell in love with your eyes.


A/N: OK, so the homework tsunami is slowly approaching, which is why I’ve posted so “much” lately…! I’ve got tons of math, some french and I’ve got to read+analyze 3 novels by christmas and this was the first day of “real” school for me… So please bear with me <33

“He Really Loves You, Doesn’t He?” (Simon Dominic)

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    “I’ll be back after work, okay, baby?” Kiseok said, tucking your blanket a little closer around you. “I’ll try to finish up early.”

    “You don’t have to do that,” you said. “I’ll be okay. Seriously.”

    “Nah, I’ll be back,” he said. “You can call me anytime if you need something, and if I can’t come, someone else will. Jukyung said he’s coming in today, but I don’t know why since he doesn’t have anything to do. So I can send him your way if you need a hand.”

    You chuckled. “Okay. Thanks, Kiseok.”

    “No problem. You sure you’re going to have enough to do here?”

     “Yeah, I’ll probably just chill and sleep and stuff,” you said.

     “Okay, sounds good.” He gave you a quick kiss on the lips and waved before leaving.

    You looked down at your unwieldy cast. It had been a bad decision to try to jump down from the stage when Kiseok was warming up and the theatre techs told you you couldn’t be up there. It had been a longer jump than you’d expected, and you hadn’t landed right, resulting in a tumble that broke your leg.

    You grabbed your book from the coffee table and opened it to where you’d put your bookmark.

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Based on that Drabble you did where Scott is cheating on Jean with reader well imagine if they were like a little older like 20s and reader gets pregnant and since she obviously can't reveal the father is bc she doesn't want to hurt Jean she's like oh well guess I'm not doing this with Scott so after a bit Peter finds out and is liek who's the dad ??? And she's just like it doesn't matter bc he's not going to be in the pic and since Peter always has had a little crush on you (1/?)

He’s like okay why don’t we do this ??? And you’re like it’s not you’re kid why are you doing this he’s like I know what it’s liek to grow up without a father so the kids not going to deal with the same thing right so you two are together Peter is basically the sub in dad but even though you love him he’s still not Scott and you’re upset that he and Jean get to with each other but you don’t want to ruin anything and Peter low key knows that you have residing feelings for Scott (2/?)(But you never told him he was the father of your kid but Peter is like the best bf and dad bc he’s trying so hard and you’re happy but just not as happy as you could be you feel with Scott and meanwhile Scott lowkey has his suspicions about your kid being his but he obvs doesn’t want to ruin everything with Jean but he’s still kind of like that’s my family :/ and even though you stopped sleeping with Scott the chapter isn’t really closed and it’s just Angsty at every turn kill me (3/3)

[link to drabble]


A Little Sneak At My Rilaya Fic

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I stare at her, sitting in the bay window, basking in the sunset, turning her gold. She’s texting Huckleberry, her sparkling eyes glued to her phone. A pit of jealousy grows in my stomach, a constant feeling whenever I think about him. Why can’t she feel the same for me as I do for her? I’d treat her better than him. Buy her candy spontaneously. Constantly tell her how much I love her. Randomly telling her how beautiful she is and complimenting her. Not being way too jealous and throwing tantrums like Lucas. Why is she so blinded by him?

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hello, have you seen the new chapter? if so do you think that the person really is dead? I'm asking because I know how much you want some tragic shit happening during the war, and if I recall correctly you predicted that Gajeel wasn't really dead.. So do you think that the person is really really dead and won't come back?? (I'm not puttin the name in case you haven't read it yet)

She’ll be back. You know why? Invel did this so that Gray would kill END. Who is END? Natsu. No way in hell is Gray going to kill Natsu with the life Juvia gave him. She loves her friends and it would defy reason. Other than shock value there’s really no reason for her to die…unless Gray is supposed to become a villain to Fairy Tail, driven insane by his anguish and devil slaying magic. Otherwise, it looks like Juvia will just have to come back. Lmao.

I actually wondered if Zera would be able to see Juvia or something. You know, because she’s dead? They’re on their way to the guild, right?

I did want some deaths, yeah. I think Mirajane should have died when she was impaled. Her character was always so considerate and loving and it would have left them down an S-Class wizard. It would’ve made a little bit more sense given the circumstances. I think Makarov will die before all of this is over.

Gildarts would be an interesting death (god bless his hilarious soul). I was actually pro Laxus dying because it would leave guild master up in the air.

You know what let’s just invite Acnologia in to kill them all so nobody has to grieve lmao.

okay but like… i never liked Finn.

Just… straight from the pilot

“Why so serious Princess? It’s not like we died in a fiery explosion”

Clarke- “Try telling that to the two guys who tried following you out of their seats”

“You don’t like being called Princess. Do you, Princess?”

what the actual…. just… the douchery….. 

He influenced two guys into doing something that KILLED THEM

and when Clarke called him on it his response was to evade and flirt.

just….. douche

The problem is not him.

It’s you. It’s you hoping for him to call. It’s you listening to his favorite song. It’s you waiting for his message. It’s you writing love poems about him, about his eyes. It’s you walking alone in the city lights and wishing he were here holding your hand. It’s you missing his lips and hands. It’s you letting the sun remind about him. It’s all the things you do in order to get him back. It’s those sleepless nights that are filled with his smell and love that you miss so bad. It’s you saying “What happened, happened” today and “I miss him so much’‘ tomorrow.  It’s you never questioning about him making you cry, but always questioning about why doesn’t he call. It’s you waking up realizing that some pieces of you still sing about him. It’s you hanging out with boys just to forget him. It’s you crying on your birthday because of how fucking much you want him here.

It’s you. It’s all you. He is not a problem anymore, dear, you are.

—  please stop thinking about him, stop giving away your power to him, he’s not here. he won’t be here. he won’t.

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Im so confused how someone like Remus can just be so amazing. Like he isnt perfect but hes fucking amazing. Hes an adorable little floof and I love him more than anything. Why does this person hurt my heart..

I KNOW he’s just like this golden ray of sunshine and fuck ALL I WANT TO DO IS LOVE HIM HELP me

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poor Merle getting treated so dirty! 😂 I feel like he would love his nephew's and niece so much! like he just loves spending time with the twins and he's just super protective of Del. Like why we always got to paint him as an asswipe 😂

I LOVE Merle. He’s such a wonderfully put together character, and you can talk about so many things/symbols with him, such as loyalty as a redemptive quality, change, and even hope.

But he is still as asswipe. I love the man, but he’s dick.

That doesn’t mean he can’t love his niece and nephews to pieces, though! He just does it in his own way. Yeah, he taught the twins how to do armpit farts, but he also taught them how to whittle and now they make these brilliant homemade figurines for their sister and for others. Yeah, he accidentally said ‘fuck’ one too many times while babysitting Del, and it ended up being her favorite word for a few months because they couldn’t get her to stop, but he also spent an afternoon finger painting and playing princess with her.

The great thing about people is that they have more than one side to their coin. And Merle is both an asswipe and a good uncle.

What do you think? Send me your headcanons, or ask me about mine!


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my boyfriend and I broke up after almost 2 years of dating. he is my best friend and we mean the world to eachother but he broke up with me because he says he isn't ready for the commitment but he says he loves me a lot but he doesn't think he can see me again cuz it hurts him too much but if it hurts him so much to see me knowing we aren't together I don't understand why he is doing it to himself. how could a best friend just not wanna be there anymore. how

Because lovers and best friends will always be like the ocean and the rivers, although we are alike, we will never truly be together.

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The only way you aren't going to see Jacob is if you stop following people who are Troye fans on Twitter. Then with the same token if you are bored of Troye you can stop following him going to his concerts etc. You can miss the fandom but if you are done with Troye be totally done with him. It seems as if you don't care for him so why be his fan anymore then.

First off, everything I said about not wanting to see Jacob was before last night went down. I meant it about people constantly posting candids. But bringing Jacob to the VMAs was relatively public on Troye’s end and he has every right to do that. He can be as public or as private as he wants Therefore, I don’t expect to not see it anymore. I expect to see it all the time. And while I might not LOVE it, it annoys me less than people dredging up private shit.

Also, why are you so fucking butthurt that I’m not up Troye’s ass? PSA: YOU CAN BE CRITICAL OF YOUR FAVES. Also, I can like Troye’s music without loving every little thing he does. Why do I have to love his boyfriend to be a fan of his work? Why am I not allowed to say he has changed and I’m not the biggest fan of those changes? Suddenly I’m not supposed to listen to his music or go to his concerts? You’re logic is juvenile to me. Troye still does things I like. Occasionally he tweets things that make me smile. Sometimes I get a pic and I think he’s adorable. It just happens a lot less than it used to but I’m still allowed to enjoy it and cherish it when it does. You’re not better than me because you kiss his ass 24/7. If you like 100% of what Troye does, then you’re fake. Nobody likes everything a person does.

Get your entitled ass out of my ask box and stop following my blog.

modifier!GOT7 Tag

Rules: Answer with your current favourite “modifier/adjective!” of each GOT7 member and why.
It can be anything, something they do (eg. composer!youngjae), wear (eg. crossdressing!mark), a particular era (eg. predebut!bambam), a song/ performance/ special stage (eg. wolo!yugyeom) ANYTHING!!! A few more ideas are given below, but feel free to get creative to share the sides of GOT7 you love the most!

(eg Soft!)Jaebum: meme!jaebum - sometimes he seems shy or uptight so I love watching him let himself go! It also happens a lot with Bambam, like dabbing and faceswapping and such so it’s sweet to see them interact.

(eg Flying!)Mark: angry!mark - ok he wasn’t totally ticked off but that time when he got annoyed and shushed Bambam and Yugyeom on ASC was hot ya feel.

(eg Tank top!)Jackson: JB-fanboy!Jackson - bc i love how he won’t shut up about NEOMU CHIC & SEXY. 

(eg Savage!)Jinyoung: foreign-language-speaking!Jinyoung - THIS WAS SO HARD OK. I ALSO LOVE SAVAGE AND STUBBLE AND WET JINYOUNG I just love him so much but hearing him speaking English, Japanese and Chinese just REKS ME.

(eg Rap God Choi!)Youngjae: Baggy sweater!Youngjae - he looks so smol and soft he is my handsome little honey bun I just wanna keep him <3

(eg dab!)Bambam: Thai-speaking!Bambam - idk man i get so emo about this bc he went to Korea at such a young age and he has to work hard learning other languages to cater to fans in Eng/Chi/Jap yet the other members don’t really learn Thai when Thailand has a massive GOT7 fanbase and I just wanna see him get in touch with his roots and spEAK YOUR LANGUAGE MY SON.

(eg Hyungslayer!)Yugyeom: Captain-of-the-ship-JJP!Yugyeom - it is the cutest thing. He may be a little brat to them sometimes but I often wonder if he really looked up to JJP, especially when they to got debut earlier. I’d love to have a tea-spilling session about jjp with this boy.

This is my first time making a tag and idk if this is even understandable but there ya go. Tagging @the-princejinyoung @kkuljae @junievre-gotchu @peachyjyp @defbeom as usual, no pressure. If you wanna do it, just say I tagged you!

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u said harry's worst part could be his passivity in a relationship but do u think his so would have a talk with him about it, ask him if everything's ok or why he seems so "off" sometimes and would he take advice after it and work on it if he too+

+saw that he wasn’t giving her the love she deserves or would she have to get used to it and understand that it’s a “his” thing and be completely fine with it, how would he respond if she talked to him about it and what would be different after

I don’t mean passivity in the way he feels about her or how he treats her.  I mean NOTHING rattles that kid.  He never seems to show his anger about anything.  He just laughs it off.

And do you know why that annoys me?  Because I do it too.  

Of course that’s just the face he shows us.  Behind closed doors he could be a lunatic when he’s mad.  I don’t know.  I can only answer based on what I’ve seen.

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I’m fine! Thanks for asking. And why I hate Fi//nn?

Well I will be honest when I say it’s nothing to do with the character, but the fandom. When I walked out of TFA for the first time, Fi//nn was literally my favorite character, I loved him so much.

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What should i do when he tells me he still loves me but never even bothers to reply to my texts?

Communication is key in any relationship. If he’s not talking to you, is it really worth it? Is this relationship worth the hurt and struggle he’s putting you through?
I don’t know why he’s telling you he loves you only to ignore you- but I do know that it isn’t okay for him to do so.
Your feelings matter and if him ignoring you, is hurting you, then don’t stand for that. You deserve the world, and if he isn’t going to give it to you, then you will find someone else who tells you they love you and shows you it’s true.

Actions speak louder than words. That’s something my momma always tells me

I was tagged by @artsy-days so here we go whoo!! 🌟

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