Makes a cathedral, him pressing against
me, his lips at my neck, and yes, I do believe
his mouth is heaven, his kisses falling over me
like stars. Names of heat and names of light,
names of collision in the dark, on the side of the
bus, in the bark of the tree, in ballpoint pen
on jeans and hands and the backs of matchbooks
that then get lost. x 

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Hi! thx for the translation ♥ I cried my eyes out with this chapter! my kokoro was not ready! why they hurt so much? why so painful all of this doumeki's face and yashiro's!!! WHY?! and above all why Yashiro remembred kissing Doumeki when he was sleeping when D talked about loving his hair? the parellel between two scene I dont get it... please enlight me (● ̄(エ) ̄●)

I got quite a bit of asks about the memory of Yashiro kissing Doumeki’s cheek and why do you see it/why is it there?

I believe it’s because when Yashiro kissed Doumeki on the cheek that morning in chapter 5, it was the first physical manifestation of his feelings. It was action, and action he couldn’t deny; even though he didn’t want Doumeki to touch that side of him, Doumeki did. So in this heated moment, despite all his past trauma, he’s remembering something real and loving that shows him he cares for Doumeki, and it keeps him right where he is, in Doumeki’s arms.

And Doumeki touching Yashiro’s hair has always been a symbol for how much he wants to reach out/hold/comfort Yashiro, it’s -just like the kiss - and outward sign of his affection, love and loyalty. 

Looking over videos and photos, I noticed this happened a year ago. Around early December, 2015, Peter visited a boy named Daniel in the hospital when he was too sick to attend the Doctor Who Festival in London. He has two health conditions:  EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). Peter talked with Daniel for about an hour before making his rounds to other kids in the children’s ward. Nurses and staff members also got to meet him and take pictures.

This is why I love this man so much. Not just because he’s Doctor Who, but because of the many wonderful things he does for his fans and people in general. No one told him to do this. It was all his idea. He cares deeply for everyone around him; he wants to make sure everyone has a positive and memorable experience.

Video belongs to Daniel (on Twitter). The first photo is from Verity while the second is from Geek Syndicate.

I felt him give a slight twitch in my arms. “Be still,” I whispered. He prized his eyes open and looked up at me. His tongue sought to moisten his lips. “What are we doing?” he croaked. “We’re standing very still in the middle of an avalanche,” I whispered back. My throat was so dry it was hard to talk. “I think I could stand” he offered weakly. “Don’t move!” I ordered him. He took a slightly deeper breath. “Why are you always near me when I get into these sort of situations?” He wondered hoarsely. “I could ask you the same,” I retorted, unfairly. -Assassin’s Quest, Robin Hobb

I miss them SO MUCH

Triwizard Tournament (Carry On Countdown Dec 10th)

I love the Harry Potter series but i haven’t read the books in a while so I apologize for any inaccuracies. I don’t mean to imply that Baz is Cedric btw, I would never kill off Baz (wouldn’t have killed off Cedric either tho). Hope you enjoy! @carryon-countdown


The Triwizard Tournament seemed overrated to him. He watched glumly as students pushed past one another to put their names in the goblet. Penny was reading a book beside him and ignored them all.
“I just don’t get it Penny. Why do they all want to risk their lives?”
She shrugged. “Fame, adventure, I don’t know Simon.”
Simon’s shoulder’s sagged. “They don’t even realize what they’re getting themselves into.”
Penny set her book aside and looked at him.
“This isn’t the humdrum. They’re going to be safe.”
Agatha stepped lightly around all the students clamoring to put their names in the goblet of fire.
As she sat beside the two of them she huffed in annoyance.
“This is barbaric.”
Penny studied her girlfriend and rolled her eyes.
“Babe, your tie is hopeless.”
Agatha sat patiently as Penny re-did Agatha’s Slytherin green tie. Simon smirked at the two of them, a Slytherin and a Ravenclaw together, who would’ve thought.
At that thought another Slytherin student entered the room. Basilton Grimm-Pitch, his enemy, slinked towards the goblet of fire and slipped his name in. He did so in a mild manner, nothing like the gaudy displays the other students were doing. Simon knew it was stupid but he had to say something.
“Baz!” He stormed over to him.
The sleek boy turned. His raven hair was slicked back and severe as usual and his eyes were as cold as grey ice.
“Yes Snow?”
Simon glared at him.
“Why would you put your name in? You could die out there.”
Baz studied his face.
“And you care because?”
Simon frowned. “Well I…don’t care. But you should. You’ve been around when the humdrum attacks. You’re not like the others, you understand what real danger is.”
Baz flicked an invisible piece of lint of his uniform and sighed.
“Look. You know who my family is right? Did you think they would be okay with me ignoring this whole competition?”
Simon hadn’t thought of that.
Baz continued, “It’s a silly competition where students are considering giving their lives away, and for what? So they can get five minutes of fame.”
Simon felt his anger fade away.
“But you have to do it. Because of your family.”
Baz nodded and grimaced.
“Snow it’s been nice and all but I’ve got to go. I’d rather not have people think I’m friends with a Gryffindor.”
Simon watched as Baz walked away from him. He often wished he could rip the Gryffindor name off his back. It came with a million expectations, that he would be great and achieve wonders, that he could defeat the humdrum, and that he would eventually kill Baz. He wanted none of those things. And to think the sorting hat had given him a chance to be in Hufflepuff, but he hadn’t listened, he had insisted on Gryffindor. Anything to impress Headmaster David.


“Basilton Grimm-Pitch!” the Headmaster’s voice rang out clear as day.
Baz rose and walked confidently, pretending for all the world that he wanted this. Throughout the entire ceremony he watched as people from other schools celebrated their champions. He wanted to scream at them that they were being stupid, taking the whole thing too lightly. But he had to pretend; after all he wasn’t doing this for himself.
He had told Snow that he was doing this for his family. That had been partially true, they definitely expected him to put his name in. But he could have resisted them. Baz had really done it as a safeguard. He hoped that by putting his name in it was one more option for the goblet to pick over Snow.
He pasted on a smile as the Headmaster congratulated him and sent him away to sit with the other champions. He had a feeling that if Snow competed, he would die. There was no way to explain it other than his own intuition. Baz couldn’t stand that idea and he had been relieved when Snow made it clear he wouldn’t be participating.
After a couple of minutes a stunned looking Snow entered the room. He looked shocked and wary. Baz rose and walked over to him.
“What are you doing?” He hissed.
Snow glanced up at him, fear written across his face.
“Someone put my name in.”
Baz felt his body recoil.
“That’s not possible.”
Snow ran his hands through his thick curls. There were dark circles under his eyes and he looked thinner than usual.
“Well I didn’t do it. So somebody had to.”
Baz snarled and walked away from him. He had done what he could to prevent this and it had still happened. Hell, Snow had even done his best to prevent this. But it hadn’t mattered. Simon Snow, the boy Baz was in love with, was going to compete in the Triwizard Tournament whether he liked it or not.
He turned back to him.
“Baz, what am I going to do?”
Baz gritted his teeth.
“What you always do, Snow. You’re going to survive.”
Snow’s face was a swirl of misery and fear.
“How Baz? Wizards die in these competitions. Regular wizards. If the humdrum attacks during an event…”
Baz clenched his fists and made a decision. Maybe he was expected to act like he hated Snow but this was different. Snow’s life was on the line. Even if the other boy didn’t feel the same way, Baz would fight to protect him.
“You’re going to make it because I’ll help you.”
Snow’s eyes widened. “What?
“I’ll help you live through this, okay? We’ll get through it together. Deal?”
He held out his hand to Snow tentatively. Snow looked at his outstretched hand warily but lifted his own. They shook hands slowly.
Snow looked Baz in the eye.

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I'm sorry boo but I have to ask... Saeyoung or Saeran? 😂💕



Oh my god….damn iiiiit….My heart…..

Okay. I still have to choose Saeyoung. Saeran has randomly and without warning taken a HUGE spot in my heart and I love him so much???!?!?!? But I have to choose my husband on this. I love 707!! 

My thoughts during the latest Thunderbirds Are Go episode


















Oh… That was good

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Hi, I'm sorry you're having a difficult time right now. I love your writing, and I think you're the best when it comes to writing in-character fics. Now my question is why does Kuon hate Izaya? And why does he and his sister want to be like Izaya since Nozomi already said that she does not idolize Izaya anymore?

Thanks. Though I think best is stretching it a bit far, but I appreciate the compliment.

I haven’t read SH for ages. So I’m just going to say what I think.

Kuon hates Izaya because his sister Nozomi idolized him and he made her do ‘bad’ things, like dating the right hand of the Yellow Scarves just because Izaya told her to. 

“It was Izaya-san who taught we who were left behind how to live. Kuon never met him directly, but I made sure to tell him every single day, just how amazing Izaya-san was, how incredible. I would say, we’re alive all thanks to Izaya-san; I would do anything for Izaya-san! If it was for Izaya-san, even my life is worth giving!”
Nozomi explained almost cheerily, as if there was some comedic element in the situation, and Yahiro and Himeka could only listen, unable to react.
‘Ahaha! You understand now, don’t you! Kuon, who had never met  Izaya-san, was so jealous, and so worried about this useless big sister of his! When I got a boyfriend he even started saying extreme things, like that he would kill Izaya-san, you know~?

I think the answer is here. Kuon probably was jealous of Izaya because he never met Izaya before and he doesn’t know what’s so good about him and what Nozomi sees in him. Nozomi doing dangerous things like dating the right hand of the Yellow Scarves just because he told her to probably further convinced him Izaya isn’t good and made him hate Izaya. And then Izaya disappeared and Nozomi broke down. Not only did he make such an impact on his precious sister’s life he disappeared like it was nothing at all and Kuon couldn’t do anything about it as himself. That’s why he decided to become Izaya.

Kuon probably did not hate Izaya at first, he was probably just jealous. Since Izaya saved them, saved Nozomi, he probably did not hate him then. But then Nozomi was obsessed with Izaya and Izaya manipulated her for his own plans, that made Kuon hate him. Kuon might have had some expectations of Izaya being some sort of matyr since he saved them - but Izaya overturned that and made use of his sister and it made Kuon hate him.

“I see~, so~, the Headless Rider’s back…?”
Kotonami Kuon murmured this, on the roof of the building his apartment was in.
He held a smartphone in his hand, and on its screen was an IkeNEW! article titled, ‘First sighting of the Headless Rider in six months! A development in the missing persons case?!’
After seeing that information, Kuon had gazed into the night for some time -
Only to start snickering, snickering, without restraint.
“Goodness, what timing… It’s going to get wild, it’s really going to get wild.”
The focus of his gaze was the Sunshine Building.
He gazed at the lights of the tower rising into the sky, and murmured.
“But really… with so many interesting situations in place, it’s a wonder how most of these people haven’t noticed a thing.”
His smile vanished suddenly, and gripping his phone even tighter, he continued.
“Tedious, the lot of them. Most of the people in the city don’t produce a response I haven’t predicted. It’ll take just a bit more till they give something unexpected.“
Growing irritated, he narrowed his eyes.
“Let’s hope the Headless Rider… isn’t another tedious one.”
At this point, he looked at his phone again.
In the comments section of the news site people were all exclaiming over the Headless Rider’s return, cheering or arguing over it.
“Honestly, they’re all normal reactions. It’s the same as always.”
Sighing softly, Kuon’s eyes filled with cold repulsion, and he spat out into the night:
“This is why… I hate humans.”
With a cold expression he would never show in school, he added, quietly,“I can’t believe there would be an informant of all people claiming to love humans.

This is just a hunch but Kuon may hate humans because he hates himself. Here we see him trying to be like Izaya but getting irritated at humans’ normal reactions. How do I say this? Kuon lived in an abusive family with Nozomi and only got out because Izaya saved them. Kuon himself couldn’t get him and his sister out of the situation. He was just a normal human with a normal reaction. Just like those humans who react predictably over the Headless Rider’s return.

So Kuon hates Izaya because Izaya loves humans - including himself whom he hates. And he probably hates Izaya even more after he disappeared not only because of that but because he can’t become like Izaya, as Nozomi says, he’s too ‘soft-hearted’. There’s the perfect opportunity to become like Izaya after Izaya disappeared and Kuon took it, to ‘test his own nature; if he could become Orihara Izaya.’ This is a great implication that Kuon knows (but may be in denial) that he isn’t like Izaya. Nature isn’t something you test. It’s something you are. 

Kuon started off with wanting to become Izaya because Nozomi mentally broke down. He said, “I will become Izaya’s replacement, so that Nee-chan can go on living.”‘ Why wouldn’t he continue being like Izaya? Nozomi needed Izaya, so Kuon became Izaya. And it presumably helped her to go on living. 

‘Neither Kuon nor I know whether this is for my sake or his anymore.’ 

Though this ambiguous statement suggests that Kuon may have started it for Nozomi but could have wanted to be like Izaya for himself, to be strong enough to accept the negative things of people, and so he continues doing so. What he doesn’t realize though that Izaya is Izaya because of the inside and not the outside, and Kuon on the inside hates humans and hates himself. 

Nozomi is pretending to be Izaya in her site for the sake of girls like her who broke down with Izaya’s disappearance. To give them hope. And maybe carry on his ‘legacy’ (in their eyes) 

‘There are many, many girls out there like me.’
“…Like you?”
‘Apparently Izaya-san created a lot of girls like me… There are plenty of them in despair now he’s gone. There was one who tried to kill herself and wound up in hospital… But these girls, they’re quick to notice our site, and that anagram.’
Realising Nozomi’s true intention, Yahiro grew ashamed of how dense he had been, thinking ‘So what?’ earlier.
‘When they realise, it’s comforting to them, you know? It’s like, “Ah, thank goodness, Izaya-san’s still around.” Or, “He’s still alive somewhere, on the internet.” Just that alone can become a reason to live; humans truly are interesting creatures.’
Nozomi, for the sake of other girls who had been ‘fanatics’ like herself, was pretending to be the ‘sect leader’’ Orihara Izaya.

I suppose if you want to imagine she could also be doing it to have Izaya in her life in some way. Just like Kuon for her. 

My mother literally so rudely was like

“why are you so affected by this? you don’t even know him”

Just because you don’t know someone doesn’t mean you can’t feel something for them.

I love Louis with my whole heart, we all do, and to know that he’s hurting so much affects us 100%.

Johannah was the most beautiful person and such a light in this world, it doesn’t take much to see that.

Please don’t feel stupid or like your pain in all of this doesn’t matter.

Though we may not know him personally, we are a massive part of his life and he loves us just as much as we love him and he voices it so often.

Point is, it’s okay to hurt. There are no rules on how to validate how you, or others feel.

Please feel free to message me if you need someone to talk to. I’m here for you.

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So, let's say that UT, US, and UF skelebros' S/O disappeared, after some searching they find the skeleton of S/O (fully clothed, though there seems to be a struggle and some rips).

So gonna go with the idea the S/O is human, with that in mind…WHY?? but i do love me some angsty stuff though so it’s not gonna be queued here you guys go~

Undertale Papyrus:

He’s distraught. Those are his date mates clothes, on a skeleton? How long had they been gone? He’s a really sad skeleton. He doesn’t even care about the rips in the clothes, he’s just really sad. 

Undertale Sans:

He’s upset to say the least. They’ve been gone that long. He honestly just thought they left him, he wouldn’t have even blamed them. He just wanted to know if they were okay. Seeing them like this though, he wishes they’d left him, and it wasn’t this. He’s gonna find the jerk that did this.

Underswap Papyrus:

He just stare at it, and approaches it. He looks the skeleton over, and sees that it had once been his S/O. He’d thought they were done with him, now he feels like crap. He’d been kind of mad that they left. But they didn’t leave him per say. He’s gonna find whoever did this and give them a pretty bad time.

Underswap Sans:

He’s frozen and mortified when he realized it was them. He actually starts to cry. It had been so long, and he was worried. Pap said they probably left him, and he was so upset about that. That wasn’t the case though.

Underfell Papyrus:

He’s silent. He was furious that they had up and left him without a single word. However that wasn’t the case, all that time he spent angry, was for nothing. He wasted his anger on them. He’s angry once more. Not at them, he couldn’t ever be mad at them again. He’s mad at their attacker. Their going to find out just how Terrible Papyrus can be.

Underfell Sans:

He doesn’t know how to feel. He spent so much time mad at them because he thought they left him. He wished they’d left him. At least if they had they’d be alive and not a skeleton. He’s on the brink of tears when he notices the rips. When he sees them those tears immediately dry up. Oh someones gonna get it. He’s gonna beat them up so bad they’ll wish they’d never been born.

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I also love Percy Weasley (both for himself and for what he represents in terms of narrative arc), and I would love to hear your reasons :-)

I’m a horrible person who says “COME TALK TO ME ABOUT THINGS” and then people do and ask for my opinions and I take forever and a day to actually give them. I am sorry. I hope the length of my rambling makes up for the fact that getting this down on paper (as it were) took four months.

Oh, Percy Weasley. Precious, precious Percy Weasley. You are so problematic, but I love you so much.

Look, does Percy always make the best choices? No. Is he a supercilious ass on frequent occasions? Yes. Would I be able to stand him if he was an actual person in my real life? Probably not. But as a fictional character, if you can’t see the reasons why you should be sympathetic toward Percy Weasley, then you’re doing it wrong, and here’s why.

It is never an easy thing to be the one who doesn’t fit in. It’s even harder when the group you don’t fit in with is your own family.

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Seriously What the Heck?!

Okay, I don’t usually do this, and never planned to, but, I really want to talk about this last episode of Sonic Boom. Like, season 2 episode 5 is now my new favorite and I need to talk about why before I explode.

Obviously, there will be tons of Spoilers for “The Biggest Fan” in this post, so, don’t read this unless you’ve seen the episode! Like, I’m serious, DON’T READ THIS UNTIL YOU SEE IT!!!

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I just talked with my mum about the new trailer and how it fucked me up that Sherlock says ‘I love you’ to Mycroft AND John and that he will probably be forced to shoot one of them. That led to the following conversation:

Mum: “Aww it’s so sad that he’s going to shoot his brother.”

Me: “Why do you think he’ll shoot Mycroft?”

Mum: *shrugs* “I just think that he said 'I love you’ to him as a kind of apology.”

Me: “Yeah, but he could mean John, too.”

Mum: *shrugs again* “Well, I don’t think he would shoot his boyfriend.”


Guys, I don’t know why everyone’s so concerned about Diego and me? He’s great? He loves me a lot and I love him. There’s nothing wrong with him or anything. Yes, he can be a bit blunt and he isn’t the most affectionate boyfriend, but he’s great. I love him a lot. He makes sure I’m always happy and working as I should be. He made the perfect concoction of StrexMeds for me to keep me happy, as long as I continue taking it. He monitors my moods and productivity to make sure I’m doing as I’m supposed to. He’s the greatest boyfriend ever.

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"I never loved you." + Seven and "I should have known you'd break my heart." + Zen (both with Seven's and Zen's reaction to a gender neutral MC saying it)

Damn, break their hearts, why don’t you? I certainly don’t mind. ;^)) -Ellis

*comes back after writing them* I’m sorry with how awful they are.


“I never loved you.”

Saeyoung’s body jolted, his eyes widening as he immediately dropped his arm. What? What do you mean you never loved him? Did these past three years mean nothing to you? They obviously didn’t if you could stand in front of him, stare right into his eyes, and utter those words.

Saeyoung’s heart ached with an emotion he knew well. God, he isn’t suppose to be so familiar with this emotion.


The gut-wrenching, teeth shattering, heartbreak that no one should be familiar with.

However, Saeyoung could easily say that he greeted this emotion with a bitter smile and tears quite often.

“W-what do you mean you never loved me?” Saeyoung hated the way his voice had trembled. Did he really get so attached to you that it was affecting him so noticeably? When you didn’t respond, he gritted his teeth. He bowed his head a bit, letting his hair cover his eyes.

“I guess I should have expected it.” He barked out a bitter laugh, letting a spiteful smile form on his face at your wince as he tried to stop the shaking of his hands. “How could anyone love a person like me?”

Saeyoung tried to ignore your pitying stare as he grabbed his laptop and walked out of the door. At least he didn’t stumble, even though his legs felt like jelly.

He was going to walk out with his head held high.


“I should have known you’d break my heart.”

Zen winced at your words, even though he knew he deserved such cruelty. Hell, he deserved worse than that.

He had been drunk.

He hadn’t meant to go home with a person that wasn’t you.

But he did and now he was paying the price.

He never deserved such an amazing person such as yourself.

His luck had been bound to run out. He was just happy that it gave him these blissfully happy years with you.

“I’m so sorry.” Zen whispered, even though he knew sorry wouldn’t cut it. He wouldn’t forgive him if he was you. He knew that what he did was wrong and even the excuse of being drunk wouldn’t lessen the pain you felt.

“If I could take it all back, I would.” He promised when you didn’t respond to his previous apology. Maybe it was losing the effects it never had. After all, repeating “I’m sorry” over and over again eventually makes it lose it’s meaning.

“Just go.” You shook your head, looking anywhere but him. “If you ever loved me, you will leave and never let me come in contact with you.”

Zen noticeably shook before slowly nodding. “As you wish, my darling.” He murmured before turning around and walking out.

He did what you wanted. He left and he made sure to never contact you, knowing that he would never gain forgiveness for what he did. And even if he did, he wouldn’t have accepted it as he never forgave himself.