i wonder if any of their idol friends are really engrossed in the hyyh/wings storyline. like does ken call seokjin up at 12am to be like ‘jIN??? what does boy meet ?? what does it all mean??? ARE YOU ABRAXAS. WHO R U”, or if jackson phones namjoon up like “NAMJOON. NAMJOON ARE U OKAY. DID YOU CALL TAEHYUNG BACK PLS TELL ME YOU DID. IS HE OKAY IS HE ALIVE??? NAMJOON DO YOU HEAR ME”


Can you even tell the difference????


I’ll leave the context to your imaginations (Chicon 2016)

My favorite thing about language is when the name of a place acquires a regional pronunciation. For whatever reason, a name gets pronounced a certain way in a certain region and only people from around that region say the name right and then an out-of-towner says it wrong and the natives give each other a knowing look.