Sakumoto suits in JAL Fly to 2020 Conference


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Clexa for the child thing please

  • Name: Bois 
  • Gender: Male
  • General Appearance: Clarke’s blond hair, Lexa’s green eyes, 
  • Personality: Mischievous, not afraid to speak up. A huGE troublemaker.
  • Special Talents: Raven and Monty teach him all sorts of science and tech stuff, and he picks it up REALLY quickly.
  • Who they like better: Lexa, because as long as he behaves she’ll bring him along to watch seconds train. She’s also the only one who can get him to behave other than Raven or Monty.
  • Who they take after more: Clarke; he’ll do anything to get what he wants, refuses to accept defeat. 
  • Personal Head canon: “Who brought wood wood along?”
  • Face Claim: 

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Why does nicki hate Miley?????

recently, miley had an interview where she commented on the twitter spat between nicki and taylor swift, saying 

“what i read sounded very nicki minaj, which, if you know nicki minaj, is not too kind. it’s not very polite.”

now, the feud between nicki and taylor was over nicki being upset about her anaconda music video not being nominated for video of the year (correct me if im wrong on the category for which it was nominated). nicki was trying to get across the point that it’s not fair that white performers snag a majority of the nominations, but, of course, people like miley and taylor swift don’t see it that way (and why should they, seeing as they fit into this “privileged performers” group). if you want to read more on the taylor swift/nicki feud, you can click here, which i recommend that you do

if you know nicki minaj, you know that she is not the type of person who lets shit like this fly. if she has a problem with someone, she will come out and say it, point blank. nicki is mad at miley because miley, in essence, called nicki a bitch. 

nicki minaj is a very kind and generous person, always inspiring her fans to stay in school and to get an education and be independent/not rely on a man or woman to provide for them, so when we see nicki not being “too kind” or “not very polite,” it’s for good reasons. 

i also believe that the fact miley tried to worm her way out of what she said by blaming it on the media twisting her words also added fuel to the flames

you can read the rolling stones article about the miley/nicki debacle here

My family is on fb expressing their distaste over the idea of gender neutral pronouns.

And they wonder why I spend all my time on tumblr instead of fb anymore…