• *Molly's flat*
  • -knocking-
  • Molly:*mock gasps* I wonder who that could be...
  • Baby Hooper:*grinning* Sherlock! *runs to the door; pulls it open*
  • Sherlock:*smiles* Hello, Wi-
  • Baby Hooper:*pulls him inside* Sherlock! Look what I can do *attempts the Vulcan salute*
  • Sherlock:*nods* Brilliant. You must take after your father *looks up at Molly standing in the doorway; smirks* whomever he may be.
  • Molly:*shrugs* A git.
  • Sherlock:*ruffles Will's hair* A handsome git.
  • Molly:*rolls her eyes* An arrogant git.
  • Sherlock:*looking at Will* All of those things. He has to be.
  • Baby Hooper:...
  • Baby Hooper:*sighs dramatically* For God's sake, Sherlock, I KNOW you're my Dad.
  • Sherlock:...
  • Molly:...
  • Baby Hooper:*blinks innocently* When's dinner?

astro blog elite

someone came in our ask box talking about elitist behavior and i just deleted it because i couldn’t understand it tbh but it reminded me of gossip girl bc they’re ~manhattan’s elite~ and i’m sitting here like…ooo….who would be ~astro tumblr’s elite~ 

  • we could have the clearly most popular astro blog that everyone marvels over and hopes to be. and they aren’t your typical shallow, there’s more depth than you’d know - the serena of the community 
  • the bossy blog that knows how to maneuver, or charge, their way through the others. meticulous in their own right and works hard to get from behind the scenes because they’re more insecure than you’d think - the blair of the community 
  • the 2pure4theworld cinnamon roll astro blog that mediates for everyone even though they have no idea what’s actually going on but their heart is always in the right place - the nate of the community 
  • a blog with a certain magnetism that demands attention because they lowkey but highkey hate solitude. they’re kind of like watching something go up in flames  - the chuck of the community 
  • the blog that wants so badly to fit in with the elites and have their bouts of passivity because of it but can hold their own quite well even if its a messy process - the jenny of the community 
  • ah yes, the underdog blog who sees everything within the elites and knows more than they lead on. similar to jenny in that they want to fit in but they are anything but obvious about it - the dan of the community 

on one hand, i am a successful adult who shouldn’t let their art be so intrinsically tied to their self worth

on the other hand, i am a human being & my brain still screams, uncaring of how old i am lmfao