Bts as things i said in my group chat

Jin: Should i take something delicious with me? Cough myself cough.
Suga: Imma kill a bitch. I’ll haunt a car and run them over.
Jhope: EVERYBODY STAY CALM!!! *Starts screaming*
Rap monster: I’m so lame i’ll let myself out
Jimin: I am very cute and alone like wtf!?
V: I will marry you in the gayest way possible!
Jungkook: I almost died for an eevee today.

What writing is actually like:

1) “I have to pee, but I need to finish this before I forget.”

2) “Holy shit, I actually wrote that many words!?”

3) “What day is it?”

4) “I wasn’t gonna do the homework anyways.”

5) “Sleep is for the weak, and those who have finished editing.”

6) “Did I remember to eat?”

7) “No laptop don’t die! This is the climax of the story!”

8) “This dialogue is hilarious. If I can do this, why do I have so little  friends?”

9) “I think I made this way too personal.”

10) “I’m a terrible writer, I haven’t put a new chapter out in weeks/months/years/ect.

11) “Is it shallow to use your own name for an original character?”

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Just Some Cancer Kids

Masterpost: {x}

Pairing: Jamilton

Summary: Basically TFIOS, you know the drill most likely

Word Count: 4,069

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A/N: So I wanted to do this because a) angst b) Jamilton c) several of my family members have died from cancer so I can relate somewhat. BY the way, I do use some actual quotes like the “it’s a metaphor” part just so you know.

Cancer. It was a six letter word that scared anyone senseless, for relatively understandable reasons. After all, an average of over half of a million people died from it a year.

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Today, you called. For the first time in 6 months, I actually heard from you. You told me you missed me an hoped to see me soon to catch up, you told me you still loved me. After all of this time, why now? I’m doing good, I have friends that love and care about me, I have a good job, a nice place, I’ve lost feelings for you. That’s what I thought. Now that you have told me your feelings, you fucked everything up. I was supposed to just go on free without you and completely forget about your existence one day. I’m not so sure if I can resist telling you that I want you back. All of the days and months I spent crying, while you were out partying, are wasted.
—  one phone call.
  • me: why do i have no friends
  • me: *remembers that i am talking to myself in the darkness while scrolling tumblr endlessly in a stalker-ish way*
  • me: oh yes now i remember

saturnprincely  asked:

why do i not have more friends i literally fall in platonic love so fast you have no idea how many songs i write about people at my own free will you know what i'm gonna write a song about you okay bye enjoy your day

it hope it’s just 5 minutes of a screaming compilation