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How'd did you get the scar upon the bridge of your nose?

“…You mean this? Well… it happened when I was a kid, actually…”

“I was taking a walk with my brother when some guy walked in unannounced. I didn’t know who he was. Never saw him… but he seemed to know Yone. I stood there at his side as he started talking to him.”

“ ‘Yone’ - he called out. ‘I think it is high time you paid what you owe.’ He then said. I was clueless about it all. ‘What you owe?’ I asked myself. By then I was too young, so my brother was the one to take care of us both… Still for what I can tell, it seemed money wasn’t coming as easily… and so he had to look for another alternative to buy us food and pay our debts… Yone never told me what truly happened. Still, that day was the day I learned things weren’t as they should…”

“In any case, the man’s attitude did not seem to bother Yone. He was always calm and collected. ‘I am sorry, but I don’t have your money yet…’, Yone said in return. Needless to say that debt collector wasn’t pleased. He started to blurt out a lot of shit… so much shit I, as the foolish child I was, didn’t think twice before unsheathing my blade and charging after him. I was furious by the insults he hurled at my brother…”

“Yone did not expect me to run off like that. I thought I could take him easily. My ego was so inflated by then… after all, no one among my classmates could beat me. Why would that man be any different?”

                                                  “But it seemed—”

“I was wrong. It all happened so fast… The man shoved me aside easily and before I could notice, my blade was on the ground… along with my pride. Out of spite, he cut my nose. I was talented but he was a seasoned warrior… there was no way a kid like me would be able to take him by then…”

“I was in shock as much as I was in pain. My hands trembled… I had never seen my own blood like that… As for him? He merely laughed at the sight, like the sadic bastard he was. Yone rushed to my side, concerned. I don’t even remember his reaction… my sight was blurry… both because of the pain and the tears I was fighting so much to hold back. The man however spoke again. I remember his words until today…”

“Foolish kid… so full of yourself. You thought you could take me on just because you have been pronounced as this nation’s next great hero, huh? Hah! Elders can kiss my ass - all I see is a spoiled brat who is going to get himself killed before he gets to that point. You think you don’t need to pay up your debts just because of that? You are no better than anyone else around you, kid. This scar - let that be your reminder… And for you, Yone - I can overlook this little delay for now… your little brother has provided me with enough entertainment. Just make sure next time we meet you have the money… or things can get pretty dire, you understand?”

“He then walked away, laughing while my brother turned around and carried me home…”

“…Of course some other things took place after the incident. I began helping my brother with money ever since then and we managed to pay what we owed… But this is as far as your question goes. Hope it makes for an entertaining story.”