{Reaction} Monsta X finding out you have a tongue piercing

Hii! I was wondering if you could do a Monsta X reaction to you having a tongue piercing and you can decide how they find out. Thank you and I love your account! Keep up the great work! 😊❤️💖

Note: Ahh~ this just makes me want to get my tongue pierced even more~ Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

Lee Minhyuk

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Minhyuk: “I’m telling you Kihyun, her tongue is pierced and you know, I thought she couldn’t get any more hot and then she just puts her tongue in my mouth and like - what do you mean too much information this is very important!”

Yoo Kihyun

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Kihyun: “Why are you like this? I get too many feels when I’m with you.” 

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Wonho: “I think this information is requiring me to take you to my bedroom.” *very turned on*

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

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Shownu: “You want to up your hotness level? two can play at that game Jagiya.”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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Chankyun: “Why is it that every time I think you can’t get any more attractive, you blow me away every single time.”

Chae Hyungwon

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Hyungwon: *keeps playing with it every time he kisses you.* “I’m sorry! I can’t help it, it’s just so addictive and it looks so hot.” 

Lee Jooheon

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Jooheon: “I knew there was a reason why I loved you so much.” 

anonymous asked:

Can you imagine Isak's face when he finds out about Evan's mums?Something like when Evan opened his locker in that iconic way.And maybe Evan didn't tell him, bc why it's completly normal and ok(and he's kind of bitch and loves teasing him)and when he brings him to a family dinner two sweet women rushed to hug Isak and give him kiss on cheek for greeting and Isak has that"what's happening"face( same when Evan kissed him after meeting the boy squad and "u r so hot Isak" sentence)&Evan is laughing

ok so, i lied. i made this into a (sort of?) fic. so, here’s 3k words of isak finding out even has two moms. i’m sorry.

Isak is maybe, possibly freaking out. Just a little bit. Not actual, full on anxiety that makes him feel like his heart is beating as fast as a hummingbird’s, but. He’s getting there.

Even had said it so naturally too, just what do you say we drop by tomorrow?, and he had actually looked kind of nervous, to his credit, but more about Isak’s answer than actually having him meet his fucking parents.

And of course it’s easy for Even, Isak has never once seen him uncomfortable in a social situation. Even when they were standing in the tram, stealing little glances at each other and smiling nervously, Isak too fucking shy around Even to say anything, Even had managed to smooth his way through it, awesome conversation, though. So it’s understandable he’s not nervous about hanging out with three people he loves. But Isak, he can’t even have lunch with his own parents without feeling incredibly uncomfortable, let alone his boyfriend’s. What would he even say? Hello, Mr and Mrs Næsheim, I sucked your son off in the shower the other day, congrats on the genes!

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Bts reaction to you having a restless leg:

Anon requested: Bts reacting to you having restless leg? (Like you move your leg when your in bed together or cuddling and stuff? If that makes sense) love you ❤❤

A/N: I love you too


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For the most part Jin doesn’t care like everyone has their thing. But I kinda see him quietly sighing when all he wants is peaceful sleep.


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He won’t say anything at all. In fact, Yoongi will probably find it hella cute when you both are cuddling. It’s one of those things he misses when you’re not around.


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starts getting hyperactive himself, tangling both your legs in the sheets and getting all touchy. “Why don’t you put your legs to better use and come dance with me?”

Rap Monster:

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Namjoon will ask you why you do it, like are you uncomfortable? Hot? Energetic? At first he song enjoy it distracting him, but he’ll try teaching himself to adapt with your habit


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He’s Teasing you non stop, pretending he is irritated when in reality he just wants to see you struggling with controlling your legs. It won’t last long though and he would break into a feat of giggles.

V/ Taehyung:

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Tae tae is picking upon your habits quickly. Like one day he wasn’t even aware of it, but now you’re both being so energetic that the boys would find it nerve-wracking. 


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Cute but weirded out like “what are you doing? But I don’t want you to stop” type of conflict. However, days when jungkook wants to just lay peacefully in your lap he would appreciate it if you could control your legs a little.

Adam: Now, let’s say you haven’t drunk anything for days and you’re in desperate need of a mug of hot chocolate. What do you do?
Crowley: I run over to Aziraphale and have him make me some hot chocolate.
Adam: Okay, yes. But say you can’t find Aziraphale.
Crowley: Where’s Aziraphale?
Adam: It’s not important where he is. He’s gone. He left the country.
Crowley: He left the country? Why? Is he okay?
Adam: Yes, he’s fine.
Crowley: Well, if he’s fine, I don’t see why he couldn’t make me hot chocolate.

Asexual INTP on Periods

INTP: *glaring down at abdomen* You are useless to me! Stop making me hurt! I will find a way to be rid of you! Damn the hormonal imbalance!

(Male) ISFJ: Why would you want to do that?

INTP: … tell me… if someone stabbed a hot fire poker into your abdomen once a month for four days straight… how would you feel about that person?

ISFJ: Is that… is it really that bad?

INTP: *snarls and buries further into blanket/pillow pile*

ISFJ: … So why not get rid of it? If you’re willing to go through the hormone stuff afterwards?

INTP: *grumbles lowly* Fucking Doctors won’t let girls do that until they’re older or if they- HEY! Wanna stab me?


INTP: I’ll pay you! If you damage the womb enough they’ll-


INTP: OH come on! It’ll be a bonding experience!

ISFJ: NO! I’m not going to Stab you!!!

INTP: See, this is why morals are stupid. You could easily help me out, I wouldn’t press charges and you could get me to the hospital before anything really bad happened-



ISFJ: Not that kind of help!

INTP: *glaring from under aforementioned pile*

ISFJ: … want a hot chocolate?

INTP: … that’ll have to suffice, won’t it?

ISFJ: Yes.

INTP: Fine. Be responsible then. Asshole.

ISFJ: You’ll appreciate it when you remember how much you hate hospitals.

Dating Kai Would Include:

- Him being extremely over-protective, as in no-one touches his girl in any way. It’s even worse if he finds out someone has hurt you
- Loving him for who he is
- “You don’t have to change for me Kai”
- Him being flirty any chance he gets
- Cooking together
- Being his queen
- “I feel different when I’m around you Y/N, I mean at first it was sorta annoying but now it’s kinda refreshing“
- Hot and heavy sex
- Kai loving it when he gets to teach you magic
- Being able to see a soft side to him
- “Kai, why did you do that?”….”Because your my girl Y/N, I’ll do anything for you”
- Getting mad when Kai constantly scares the crap out of you by appearing out of nowhere thanks to his cloaking spells
- The two of you being a power couple in Mystic Falls
- A lot of dirty talk
- When your mad at him he always does cute voices to get you to smile
- The Mystic Falls gang trying to convince you that Kai’s dangerous, but you always tell them that you’re sticking by your man no matter what
- Two of you being sassy, sarcastic and having lots of banter with one another
- “You should wear a suit more often, it’s kinda hot”…”I can bet you’ll find what’s underneath the suit much hotter”
- Kai teasing the fuck out of you, resulting in you then walking around the house in nothing but his shirt
- Him trusting you with his plans
- Kai smirking because he knows it turns you on
- “I’m with you Kai, I’m not going anywhere”
- Getting into heated arguments over the fact you want to help, but Kai hates the thought of you in danger
- “We make one hell of a team, don’t we?”
- Kai sharing how he feels with you
- Lazy days which include locking the doors, turning off phones and just being in each others company
- Not giving a damn about what anyone else thinks of your relationship

Things I have learned about seals today

1. The word for how they move on land is galumphing.

2. They slap their bellies as an aggression & courtship ritual. Look at my belly fat I’m super hot and also a tough strong badass so you should get with me.

3. True seals communicate via grunts and slapping the water, they ‘sing’ but do not bark.

4. Seals will do a press-up (pushup) and then drop their entire body onto the sand to make the earth vibrate. This only happens in England, not in Scotland or Canada, and no one knows why.

5. When males fight, they start with an open mouthed gesture, roll away from each other, and then engage in full-on mud wrestling.

All of these pieces of information will probably find their way into Caledonia at some point.

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Jesus Christ so my Mom, whose first language isn’t English, asked me why people on the internet comment “Nothing Me” on pics and videos of people they find hot…and I was like what do you mean, they literally say the words nothing and me? And she said “Yeah, kinda, they write it like slang. Like nuttin me or something”….she was talking about people saying “nut in me” omfg the internet was a mistake I hate everything

The Color

AU: the one where you only see color once you meet your soulmate.

Relationship: Soulmates

Fandom: Young Justice

Character: Conner


“Why are you getting a blue dress? It’s not your color.” Your friend Lizzie said, you stopped and gave her a look. “Oh, right you still can’t see color sorry.” You shook your head and put the dress back where you had got it.

“Then you find me a color that works for me since I can’t.”

“Ya ya. Why do you need a dress anyways? Hot date?” She looked at you as you gave her a smirk. “Is he hot?” Lizzie kept asking questions and you kept giving information, of course, it was totally fake. You needed a dress for a Charity Event Batman had asked you to cover since he couldn’t be there. 

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Meanwhile at the Vanguard...
  • Ikora: Zavala, do you find it unusually warm in here?
  • Zavala: Hmm, yes. Even with The Dawning behind us, it is unusually warm in here.
  • Cayde: Oh is it too hot for you guys? Sorry, that's me.
  • Ikora: Ha ha, very funny Cayde.
  • Cayde: No seriously. *lifts up shirt* I got a space heater installed in my stomach. :)
  • Zavala: And why on earth would you do that?
  • Cayde: Cause I was cold, duh.
  • Ikora: Cayde, that is ridiculous. Especially for an Exo.
  • Cayde: Ridiculous you say? Well that's cause you guys haven't felt how warm my hugs are now. Come on, bring it in.
  • Zavala/Ikora: No.

Does anyone else have certain characters they like to see whumped specifically and not others? Like, for me it can’t just be anyone, I’m somehow drawn to certain characters. And it’s not based on how hot they are, but I’m not sure what draws me to them. Like, I see that some people love killian whump, but I’m not really into it. Don’t know why. But I do find that once I’m into a certain character getting whumped, every time I see that actor in something, I want to see them whumped. Anyone else?

Reaction (Monsta X): When their crush wraps their arms around their waist and says, “Where do you think you’re going?”

Shownu: “It makes my heart happy when you do things like that.”

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Jooheon: “I guess I’m not going anywhere, if you don’t want me to.”

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Wonho: “Well I was going to find you, but I guess I found you. Hey beautiful.”

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Minhyuk: “Wherever you want me to go, beauty.”

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I.M: Crush- “What’s wrong? Why are you making that face?”

I- “Nothing. I just want you to know that you can do that again if you want.”

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Hyungwon: “Well… you’ve succeeded in making my cheeks go really red and get really hot.”

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Kihyun: “Girl, why are you playing my heart like this? Making it beat all fast and sh*t.”

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