Formal events and INFP
  • INFP:Ah, lets just find that one dress/suit that I wear even to semi-formal related events because i'm getting multiple uses out of it.
  • INFP:Blazers? wtf are blazers? why do they need shoulder pads? emphasise the 1950's workforce days, i guess I can just wear this one I somehow have that my mum got me. lol 420 blaze it.
  • INFP:wtf why are there so many forks and knifes per person on this table, this is blasphemy!
  • INFP:damn why is it so hot
  • INFP:damn why is it so cold
  • INFP:must activate formal stance to show that I know how to be formal as fuck! *awkward smiling and power posing* this is too much effort i'm just gonna be me *engages in lone sloth mode*
  • INFP:*accidentally spills food onto table* rest in piece nice table cloth, you were once gorgeous but now have been tainted by this food.
  • INFP:I don't know how I even got out on the dance floor honestly, i'm just going to pull the best mum dancing ever *mum dancing engaged*
  • INFP:I want to go home, this is too much socialisation.
  • INFP:why is it all just pop music? why can't they just blast out some Bach up in here to turn up to?
  • INFP:ah, my favourite part of the night, dessert!
  • INFP:do people ever get tired of dancing? at least i'm still wearing my shoes so that's a plus.
  • INFP:that was actually an ok night, I socialised, I danced, I ate food. Would I do this again? maybe not lol take me home pls.

ok y’all bare with me here but what iF the bi character is cisco bc he meets winn and is like WELL FUCK OKAY THAT’S WHAT WE’RE DOING NOW and it’s like a PROBLEM like he’s being embarrassing and cute like he was around laurel in season 1, and everyone notices, but ESPECIALLY barry who is like ok but what about me? does he not find me attractive? and it sends barry into a total crisis like WHY DOESN’T CISCO THINK I’M HOT (and of course it all ends w them talking it out and cisco being like dude of course i think ur attractive i just never thought i had a chance w you and barry is just !!!!!!!!!!!)

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so how can i stop fetishising gay men? i doubt most of the people who are propagating this problem are even aware that they're doing it, so how would you propose to stop it? also, after reading your post im afraid i might be an offender as well; how can i stop?

think. try to think really hard about it. just making yourself aware of the problem usually gradually makes that problem go away. from now on, when you see two male characters and want to ship them, youll start thinking more about why exactly you want them to be together. if its because they have good chemistry, then good! but then sometimes you wont find a good reason and the answer will just be “because itd be hot”. 

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Head cannon on how the Paladins would react to their s/o wearing their clothes


  • Oh my god oh my god oh my god s/o is so precious and pure I MUST PROTECT
  • (He probably cried a little bit but won’t admit to it you’re just so gosh darned CUTE)
  • Would totally be 100% on board with it and would laugh if you ended up being really small in his clothes
  • Always offers to let you wear his clothes


  • Don’t touch Pidge’s shit what the fuck
  • Might be convinced into being okay with it and sharing clothes
  • Probably is the one stealing your clothes lets be honest


  • Finds it a huge turn on honestly
  • He thinks you look really hot when you’re sitting around in his t-shirts and boxers
  • “Highly suggests” you wear his clothes (”Why? Why do I need a reason?”)
  • Just thinks you’re so damn attractive and wonderful, likes the feeling of having “claimed” you


  • Finds it a little odd but you do you
  • He has to admit you don’t look half bad in his clothes
  • Won’t say anything but might have to take a moment to hug or kiss you because seeing how much you love and adore him really brings a warmth to his heart


  • Kind of like Keith, like you do you, but thinks you’re adorable wearing his stuff
  • Loves seeing you in his shirts he thinks it’s too damn precious
  • Encourages you to wear his shirts as PJs
  • Might just start giving you clothes he no longer wears

Mundane people are always skeptical of the “supernatural” this is because they do not know how it works.  They will try to find excuses of everything; why a door slammed shut in an old building, why the room suddenly got cold or very hot, even simple things like tarot cards, the list can go on and on.  One thing I always say to skeptics that try to find excuses for everything “supernatural” is Occam’s Razors.  Occam’s Razor states “The simplest explanation for some phenomenon is more likely to be accurate than more complicated explanations.”  This is very simple principle and very effective with people who have witnessed “supernatural” events, this is because their questions have not been truly answered, the only answers have been what they have thought of.  If there is a person who does try to fight you with saying magick isn’t real and have been with you when magickal events do happen it is a sure fire way of converting them, or at least making them think about the possibility of the magick.

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why not wear appropriate work shoes instead of expensive vans you're renewing every two months?

I buy the cheapest pair of skate shoes I can find. I spend an average of fifty dollars. Why do I buy skate shoes? 1. The grip on the bottom of skate shoes makes it possible for me to be able to stand on steeper roofs without slipping. 2. When the shingles get too hot on the roof “appropriate work shoes” will scuff and wreck the integrity of the shingle. 3. I’m assuming you mean steel toed work shoes, which are hot, heavy and don’t breathe at all. 4. Spending over 100$ on work boots opposed to spending 50$ is the smarter decision when they both wear out at the same rate. And 5. Work boots don’t have the same kind of grip as skate shoes.

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you just made me ship talon and lux in a second god bless you



TALON WOULD BE SO CONFUSED AND ON EDGE and “what do you want, demacian? Missed being stabbed in the gut that bad you had to come find me?”
Or maybe she accidentally stumbled upon him and got the idea then and there like HES THE PERFECT ONE TO MAKE GAREN MAD!!!

but then… “Oh no hes hot”

“Why cant you date someone more acceptable! Like Ezreal! Hes a nice boy!” “HIM? EVERYONE THINKS I SHOULD BE WITH HIM! WHAT ABOUT WHAT I WANT? And ACCEPTABLE? YOURE WITH THAT KATARINA!”

@sabraeal - I don’t know what I’m doing. But thank you for letting me touch the thing.You are wonderful, and I apologize for this hot mess. 

The wind was howling now, rattling the doors and windows as snow ticked against the glass in a rapid, erratic pattern. The blizzard was growing even more dangerous, and Obi was glad that they had managed to find shelter in enough time to get settled in. In spite of the noise and the encroaching darkness, Obi found himself surprisingly comfortable. His back was pressed into the bear rug lain over the floor and the fire was starting to die down with each passing minute, yet he was warm. So very warm and content. He let go of a breath he’d forgotten he was holding, his muscles easing into the floor with the movement.

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Katty Perry Hot n Cold

me and @elle-is-a-freak​ has decided that this song suits Chris so very much.


Chris: I’m not ready for a relationship.
Elle: Okay, I can see why and it is very reasonable. I do find you interesting but since you have been dumped from a serious relationship and also the fact that I simply do not know you well enough to date you, I shall support you as a fellow roommate/friend. There there.
Chris: I’m falling for you hard!
Elle: What? I mean, the only romantic thing we’ve done was holding hands but… That was just for support.
Chris: I can’t do this! 

How do I reject him without making Reifai come off as heartless asshole??

also, James is basically a watered down version of my other OC, Leon, this is splendid. and Kaitlyn can be Aqua. this girl is an unstoppable force I love her. 

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Why do i find the age difference between Brian and Matt weirdly hot? Or like when they just bring up how much older he is than everyone? (Brian, Barry and SuperMega are playing No Man's Sky and it came up. I'm just like, why am I sweating, ahaha)

Okay, like, no shame that is what I like about Brian/Matt too. Also the fact that usually Matt acts pretty bratty and Brian is such a daddy they fit well together, he’d be the daddy to calm Matt down. Brian would absolutely indulge in daddy kink with Matt and really like how tiny and slender and cute Matt is. 

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1. Since the Olympics are on, which summer olympic sport do you most like to watch? Winter Olympics?: Haven’t been watching it much this year, but my preferences are gymnastics. For Winter games I enjoy the ice skating, particularly the pairs skating.

2. What is your favourite season and why?: I prefer Spring… There is so much potential.. Life and color coming forth after a long dark winter.

4. Something you find inspirational?: Single moms and dads

5. Share something you’re really looking forward to right now: Retiring. Once I sell my house this year, if things work out, I’m going to retire.

6. Do you prefer coffee or tea? How do you take it?: Tea, iced or hot after 4pm. . Coffee with lots of cream and stevia early in the morning. If i drink it at night, it has to be decaf.

7. Most exciting or memorable trip you’ve taken?: My 3 week solo trip to Europe. Rome, Florence, Venice, Sienna, San Gimigiano, Pisa, Paris, London, Dublin and Tralee. Took off the day after I turned 60 and met some amazing, people along the way. Still friends with a lady I met at dinner in Rome.

8. A song (or two) that you’re mildly embarrassed to admit you like?:   White Rabbit by the Jefferson Airplane..

9. Did you ever have any treasured stuffed animals or blankets when you were a child?: Yes, I had a stuffed lamb when I was a little girl and I named it Lamby-Pie.  My mom donated it to a charity when I was away at college. I would have liked to have kept it. 

11. Describe your favourite meal:  Home cooked chicken adobo with pancit and lumpia as an appetizer. Oh and leche flan for dessert.

12. If you could live in any era for the rest of your life, what era would it be?: I always thought I was born too late. Would have liked to have lived in the ‘30′s-’40′s. Mostly for the music and film of that era.

And now for the more questions:
1. If you could be anywhere at this moment, where would you be? : New York

2. Do you want kids?:Well, that’s a moot point at my age.. But I had four sons, so I guess my answer is, I do/did

3. Introvert or extrovert?: Extrovert in my youth, but becoming a bit of a cranky introvert since I turned 65.

4. If you could have any accent, what type of accent would it be?: Irish or British.

5. Nicknames?: Family members call me Mel.

6. Any TV shows or movies that you’ve been meaning to watch but haven’t yet? :Ray Donovan and House of Cards.

7. Where do you see yourself in 10-20 years?: Hopefully upright.

8. Something you didn’t like at first but gradually acquired a taste for (doesn’t have to be food related): Asparagus

9. Imagine you’re in the Hogwarts library. You open a book that morphs into a full biography for whoever is reading it. Would you be able to resist spoiling it for yourself?: I’d take a peak and then probably regret it.

10. What was your first fandom?: Caskett
11. What are three things on your bucket list?:  Cruise around the World, Go to Australia, and See Brendan Coyle live in a play.

Now, What I was asked:

2. What is your pet peeve?: Kids running wild because parents can’t or won’t tell them “no”. 
3. Do you think you’re more of an optimist or a pessimist?: been optimistic most of my life, but with what’s happening in the world right now, I feel the pessimist in me emerging.
4. What is a piece of clothing you like?: My Skecher’s walking shoes.
5. A song that you don’t think you’ll ever get tired of?:”Today” by the Jefferson Airplane.  (Was processional at my wedding.)
6. Describe what your room looks like or what you want it to look like: I’ve always wanted a canopy bed.. so that’s what I would like to have in my bedroom. Partial to bleached wood furniture. Contemporary
7. Science or Math?: Science (Sorry @awesomegreentie)
8. English or History?: History
9. Name a character (or 2 if you can’t choose) that most closely resembles you personality-wise. : Sophia in the Golden Girls
10. Why are you on tumblr?: Banna
11. Favourite movies?: Friendly Persuasion, The Quiet Man, Sound of Music

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