BTS “changed” their BIO lol, so I imagined what could have happened

  • Jhope: GUYS LISTEN! from now on I am a chill guy
  • Jin: BRO! Chill MWAHAHA. Jimin you get it?
  • JM: I hate you Hyung
  • Suga: … 
  • Jhope: So I decided to take one “~” from our Bio on twitter
  • Rapmon: What the … what does that even have to do with you???
  • Jhope: 2 “~” make it sound like hiiiiiii but we need to only be hiii
  •  V: NO! The last time I followed Gucci you unfollowed it as soon as you found out. Jungkookah you tell him
  • Jungkook:  I don’t even use it do whatever you want
  • Suga: … 
  • Rapmon: But wait you can’t ju-
  • Jhope: OK DONE! IT IS A NEW ME 

Meanwhile ARMY: ???????????????????????????